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Please Don't Fall For Me Like That...

Prompt: Reader goes horseback riding with her S/O’s and her grandpa, but it goes awry.

Paring: Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader

TW: swearing, falling off a horse, shy and self depreciating thoughts, fluff???

A/N this one’s a bit longer and there’s some horse riding jargon in there. I hope y'all enjoy it! Thank you for all of your love and support! I love you! If you want me to tag anything, let me know. I want you to feel safe when reading my work! Please enjoy!

Word Count: 4530

Early in your relationship, you had convinced the boys to go horseback riding with you. It wasn’t a Herculean task considering that they already knew how to ride horses. They were just concerned about your safety. Your boys had a bad habit of treating you like a fragile flower. You wanted to be a giant, mean cactus, not some frilly, pretty little thing.
You had called your grandpa, who owned a considerable amount of land and horses about a hundred miles away, and he offered to let you guys stay with him for a few days. Your grandpa was the dad you needed when your own father couldn’t be. Your grandpa knew about your relationship, and although he didn’t always understand how things worked, he accepted and supported you. If you were happy, so was he.
You’d grown up riding, so you knew what you were doing. You’d been riding as long as you could walk. Your grandpa was the one that taught you. When the boys and you first showed up, he already had the horses saddled and ready in the yard. You squealed as you jumped out of the car and threw yourself into your grandpa’s arms.
“Well now, did you have a nice trip?” He talked slow and low, not exactly a drawl like John had, but nowhere near the speed that your Alex spoke with.
“Of course! I’m so happy to see you! How’ve you been!” You pulled away from the hug, and he put his hands on your shoulders to calm you down.
“I’ve been doing fine. Lemme help y'all with your bags and-” he began to move forward to help unload, but you put your hand on his chest.
“No, no, it’s fine, we’ve got it,” you insisted. He wasn’t weakened by age, so you knew he could handle it. This was the same man that swung fifty pound saddles around, worked with cows at a rodeo site, and casually fell off horses he was training in his free time… but you still worried about him.
“Can I get y'all anything? Some water? Maybe some watermelon?” He began to move towards the house, and you followed him this time. “I’ve only got two spare rooms, so I hope that’s okay…” he glanced over at you, unsure, but you gave him a reassuring smile. While it wasn’t ideal, it was a first world problem, and it wasn’t a big deal.
“Can we eat some watermelon before we go?” You weren’t hungry, but you couldn’t resist an opportunity to feed the rinds to the horses. He went over to his fridge and pulled out a container of cut up watermelon. He tossed it on the table he had built himself, then put some paper plates by it.
“Y'all just go ahead and help yourself,” he added as he walked across the kitchen to his coffee maker. His cowboy boots clopped on the floor. He poured a cup of coffee and handed it to you, and you thanked him. “You’re gonna have to introduce me to these boys of yours, miss Y/N.”
You grinned at the mention of them and dragged him by the arm to the spare rooms. You’d decided on the way up that you’d take turns. The bigger bed would have Hercules in it as a permanent figure, and the smaller bed would have either Alex or John as a permanent figure. Alex and John would take turns so that they could also sleep with Herc. The first night was Herc, Laf, and you, with Alex and John together in the other room. You personally didn’t think they should be left alone together, but whatever. They were grown men, they should be able to handle themselves.
When you entered the bigger room, you saw that Herc was busy depositing some bags in the corner of the room. He turned around when he heard your grandpa’s boots.
“Papa,” you started, and Herc’s face lit up at how adorable the nickname was, “This is My boyfriend Hercules.”
Herc held out his hand, “It’s nice to meet you, sir! You can call me Herc.”
Your grandpa shook his hand, before Laf came in behind you.
“Wow, ‘Erc, ‘ave you seen the… the… carriage in the garage?” Laf was overjoyed by the fact that he saw a life size carriage.
Your grandpa laughed, “This must be the French one, uh, Laffy?”
You snickered before you corrected him, “Lafayette, but close.”
Your grandpa smiled and tipped his cowboy hat. He liked living the cowboy aesthetic. “I’ve heard a lot about you, young man. And that down there is a buggy, but thank you for the compliment.”
“It is no problem! Did you make it? C'est très grand et magnifique!” You smiled and grabbed Laf’s hand, wordlessly reminding him to speak in English.
“Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say,” your grandpa seemed flattered and shy. He was always bashful when it came to compliments.
“-LAURENS YOU KNOW I LIKE THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BED!” You heard Alex shouting from the bedroom next door, and you groaned. So much for them being grown men. You stomped over to the next room and scowled at them as they swatted at each other.
“THATS NOT WHAT YOU WERE SAYING LAST NIGHT!!!” John had shouted back before he grabbed Alex’s ponytail and yanked on it.
“You little motherfu-”
“Alex!” You scolded him before he could curse in front of your grandpa. The two stopped fighting and turned to look at you, both of them flushed. “Stop acting like children! What would Washington say?”
“Washington isn’t here-” Alex began, but John kicked him in the shin.
You turned to your grandpa, who had joined you in the hallway. “Papa, this is Alex, and this is John. They’re trouble makers.”
Your grandpa just laughed, “Farm chores are a good cure for that out here. We’ll put 'em to work!”
You grinned evilly at the two, warning them to behave. You followed your grandpa into the kitchen, and you began to eat the watermelon while he sipped his coffee. The boys joined you, and soon, you had several rinds to feed the horses.
“Well, are y'all ready to go riding?” Your grandpa asked as he placed the empty mug in the sink. You nodded and quickly slipped your boots on. You knew the drill. You went outside with the rinds you created, the spring door slamming shut behind you. Your grandpa’s dog, Buster, trotted up beside you and followed you to the post where the horses were. You approached your horse that you knew you’d be riding, and you fed him a rind. His name was Smoke, and he was a sweetheart. He nodded his head up and down as he chewed, and you laughed.
“Hey, that’s how John eats!” Alex called out as he walked towards the horses, and you laughed. “Which one is this?”
He held his hand out and let the horse smell his knuckles as a sort of introduction before he began to stroke the horse’s neck.
“This is my boy, Smoke,” you explained with a smile as you fed him another rind.
“I thought I was your boy!” Alex pouted, and you swatted his arm.
“Alex,” your grandpa called out as he joined you by his horses. “You’ll be riding this old girl, Fancy, here. She’s a stubborn one, so you’ll have to keep an eye on her. Make sure she doesn’t eat too much.”
My grandpa brushed the palomino’s neck affectionately as she rubbed her nose on the post. Alex grinned and began to feed her rinds.
“Y/N, if you wanna go ahead and get your boyfriend set up, I’m just gonna take old Dealer here out into the field and warm him up again. You know how he can be,” your grandpa said as he untied the dark red horse from the post and led him into an open lot. You did know how Dealer could be. He liked to give everyone a show of him bucking and kicking before he’d let anyone ride him for the day.
You went over by Alex and watched as he wrapped the lead rope around the saddle horn then braced his horse. He did a few hops before he pulled himself into the saddle and grinned down at you. “My lady!” He mocked as he tipped a fake hat, and you giggled.
You heard a commotion and looked over to see that Dealer had already started bucking as your grandpa made him run circles around him in the field.
“Damn,” Herc commented as he came outside and put his arm around you.
“Do you wanna ride that one?” You teased, and he smirked at you.
“I don’t know, do you think he’s as wild as you are?” You felt your cheeks turn red and shoved him away from you. He chuckled before he pulled you against him into a hug.
Your grandpa had texted you when you were planning the trip about which horses he thought which boy should ride, so you knew the plan. “Herc, if you wanna go ahead and get on, Lobo’s your horse.”
You pointed at the white horse, your original boy, and untied him from the post as Herc gave him a rind. He was quick to fix the reins and climb up, and he leaned down to give you a soft kiss to the cheek before he urged the horse towards Alex, who was already trotting Fancy across the yard.
Lafayette came out next, his hair up in a bun, and he had on a pair of riding gloves. He looked so cute! He came over to you, completely disregarding the animals, and instead pulled you into a kiss. It took you by surprise, but it was nice. He tried to deepen the kiss, but you pulled away. You didn’t want your grandpa to watch you make out so soon. He laughed as he pecked you on the lips again.
“Mon ange,” he mumbled, nuzzling your neck, and you bit your lip. Laf was the most affectionate out of all of them, and while it was endearing, sometimes it was really embarrassing. Like when he did it in front of your little, old grandpa.
Before he could make another move on you, you cleared your throat. “My grandpa wanted you to ride Frisky. She’s a little crazy, but we figured you could manage since you’ve got so much riding experience.”
“Yes, I do have a lot of bareback experience,” he growled against your neck, and you blushed furiously.
“Laf!” You scolded him, causing him to breathily laugh. “Not in front of my grandpa!”
He groaned and pulled away. You shoved him towards Frisky and turned away from him, hiding your blush. You focused on John, who had been outside for God only knows how long, petting Buster. You smiled to yourself at how adorable he was. And he was yours.
“John, come on!” You called, and the boy looked up with a full blown grin. He dashed towards you, Buster on his heels.
“Sorry! I just really love dogs!” As if to prove his point, he gave Buster another pat on the head.
“You don’t have to apologize for loving dogs,” you shook your head. He was just being way too cute!
“Don’t worry, I really love you, too,” he added before he pecked you on the cheek. He went over to the other horse that was left, the white mare, and fed her the rinds he had.
“Her name’s Pepsi,” you murmured as he stroked her mane. Pepsi was the most well mannered out of all of them, just like John had the tendency to be the sweetest. They’d make a good pair. You watched John pet huge horse; he was in no hurry to get on. He was taking time to establish a bond with Pepsi. He stroked her fur and whispered to her. You occasionally heard him say your name, but he was speaking too low for you to hear. Finally, he climbed up into the saddle and just sat there, relaxed. Your grandpa came trotting over on Dealer with a smile on his face.
“Well, come on, Y/N!” He teased, “What’s taking you so long?”
You laughed and quickly got on Smoke, the squad quickly assembling. You ran your fingers through his tangled mane as he reached down and ate the grass.
“Well, where do y'all wanna go? We can ride down the road a ways if you want,” he offered, and you nodded. He always liked to go down the road for some reason. Your grandpa urged Dealer forward, and the other horses followed. Lobo stayed right behind Dealer while Fancy was quick to fall behind. Alex clucked and urged her, but she took her sweet time. John stayed with him on Pepsi, chatting in Spanish about something. Your grandpa chatted with Hercules, probably about building stuff. He loved to talk about making things with his bare hands. He was so cute. Laf road with you for a bit, occasionally commenting about the scenery in French to you. Smoke tripped a few times, and each time he would stumble, Laf would call out a string of curses in French, but you’d always insist you were fine. Smoke had the tendency to be a klutz.
About a mile down the road, you came to a creek, and your grandpa led the path down the rock bed. You ducked beneath some limbs and laughed when you heard Alex swearing behind you. Fancy probably took him through some thorns and underbrush. You rode up beside your grandpa while the other horses blanched at the water. Yours, on the other hand, was practically a sea horse. He went out into the water and began to splash, causing you to scream in joy. You laughed and screamed, completely careless, as you pulled your feet out of the stirrups and got soaked. Your grandpa was chortling while your boys watched, laughing. Then, your sea horse decided to lie down. You screamed at the sudden movement, your legs completely submerged, and you pulled up on the reins. He stood back up while you frowned and laughed. Your boots were filled with water. Your grandpa was cackling, your boys roaring. You took off your boots as your horse kicked up more water and dumped them out. It took the entire four mile trip for your boots to dry and everyone to stop laughing.
When you made it back to the house, your grandpa led you into one of his lots across the street and gave y'all the tour. He loved to do that. He pointed out the deer stand and talked about how many deer he’d gotten out of it. Herc listened with intent, and eventually, Laf joined in. They both engaged with your grandpa while John stayed behind with Alex. Alex was having trouble with Fancy since she kept stopping to eat. You were just kind of doing your own thing, having a chill time. You and Smoke just did whatever you wanted. You rode off from the group to the pond, and he got a drink. He stopped to eat some leaves from a tree. He just had a grand old time, and you enjoyed the peace and quiet. After a while, the men came riding up to you with a soft trot, laughing and having a good time.
“If y'all wanna canter back, that’s fine. And if you don’t, that’s fine, too. Y'all can just hang back with me,” he offered, and Alex hooted.
“Race ya, John!” He called out before he urged his horse forward. Fancy, knowing she was going back to the house, moved faster than she had in years, and John was hot on her trail with Pepsi. Hercules and Laf decided to stay back with your grandpa and continue their conversations. You were impressed. All of them seemed to be doing really well, and your grandpa really seemed to like them. You decided to go ahead and try to canter before you got off since it’d been a while since you’d been able to ride in general. Smoke had a fairly decent canter once he got into it, and he’d been really soft and smooth today. The wind had picked up, and the clouds were closing in, but other than that, it had been perfect riding weather. You urged him forward slowly, and he trotted towards the gate. You kept clucking and squeezing, but he only picked up the pace of his trot until it was jerky and awkward. Finally, you urged him forward into a canter, and you felt the wind blowing through your hair. It was exhilarating. You moved your hips in the rocking chair motion with him as he moved, feeling at peace, when he jolted sideways. Something must have spooked him, and you weren’t ready. Your entire world went sideways. You’d never fallen off a horse before. You were always good at staying on. One time, you went over the side of him and hung from his neck until you managed to stop him and climb down. But this time, you couldn’t do it. You tried to keep the reins, but you realized it was only making him go sideways and hurt his mouth, so you let go, and you fell. Hard. You rolled several times before you came to a stop, face down, in the grass. You heard someone scream your name, but all you could focus on was the pain in the entire left side of your body. You had to move though. You knew that you had to get up so that they knew you weren’t dead. You slowly pushed yourself onto your hands and knees, gritting your teeth as you clenched the grass. Why wasn’t the pain going away? You held back tears and reused to cry. That would just worry them even more. You looked over to see your grandpa running his horse as fast as he could towards you, Hercules and Lafayette flanking him. You looked up by the gate and saw Alex and John coming, your horse following them. You had to stand up so they wouldn’t worry. You got up, biting your lip, and you hunched over in pain. Your hip was throbbing. Your grandpa skidded to a stop beside you and hopped off his horse.
“Y/N! Are you okay? What happened?” His hands hovered around you, wanting to help but unsure.
“I’m fine. You know me, always a huge klutz!” You tried to joke because the amount of tension was stressing you out. Lafayette was the first by your side, his arm sliding around your waist, but you flinched.
“Can you stand up straight?” He asked you, and you nodded. It hurt like a bitch, but you managed to stand up and put all of your weight on the right side of your body. You forced a smile, and you would’ve looked fine if it wasn’t for the fact that your left leg was trembling like a mofo.
“I dunno, about as straight as you, Laf,” you tried to joke again, but no one was laughing. Tough crowd. The boys had now all huddled around you, their horses eating grass behind them.
“Is anything broken?” Your grandpa asked, and you hoped not.
“No? I don’t think so? I mean, maybe my ego, but…” you grinned, but no one laughed. If they didn’t start laughing soon, you might start crying.
Your grandpa put his hand gently on your shoulder, “Let’s get you into the house, can you back on?”
Your knee jerk reaction was to resist, “No!” But then you remembered that you had to get back on or you might never find the courage to.
“Y'all stay here, and I’ll go get the truck-” he began, but you were already being a huge inconvenience.
“No, no, it’s fine. I’ll try to get back on!” You insisted, and your grandpa seemed unsure, but you stared him down.
“Okay, get on my horse,” he offered, and you nodded. You went over to the saddle and stared. How were you supposed to do this? Your grandpa came up beside you, and you put your hand on his shoulder before you shifted your weight to your left side so that you could put your right foot in the stirrup. You resisted the urge to hiss in pain, and you hopped a few times before you pulled yourself up by the saddle horn. Your grandpa boosted you, and you slid into place, instantly wincing at how much spreading your legs hurt. You slumped forward in the saddle, babying your hip.
“I’m gonna start walking him,” your grandpa warned you, and you grunted in reply. You felt the horse start to move, and you gripped his mane as you were racked with pain. The boys resaddled and followed you guys home, Alex leading Smoke behind him. They got you to the porch, where your grandpa helped you down.
“Go ahead and get inside, we’ll unsaddle,” he commanded, and you nodded. You limped your way inside, able to walk fairly well. You went into the bathroom and went pee before you washed your hands and made the split decision to hobble back out. Pain or not, you still had to help your grandpa unsaddle. You went over to the horse trailer and took the lead rope for Smoke from Alex. He didn’t say anything, he just pecked you on the cheek. With shaking fingers, you managed to undo the saddle. The only hard part was maneuvering the fifty pound, awkward shape. You struggled to do that in pristine health, let alone with a bum hip. You pulled the saddle off of Smoke and limped your way towards the trailer, but your grandpa met you and quickly took it from you.
“Miss Y/N, I thought I told you to go inside,” he called out to you from inside the trailer as he put the saddle up.
“And what? Miss all the fun? No way! I’m fine!” Why couldn’t no one believe that?
You got some treats out of the bag and took Smoke into the chorale. He nudged you a few times before you took the bridle off. He nibbled and kissed your hand, then you gave him the treats. Once he’d eaten them all, you left and put the bridle up. John met you at the trailer as the others were finishing unsaddling.
“Are you sure you’re okay? I saw the whole thing, and it looked like you hit your head,” he murmured as he brushed your cheek with his thumb.
“I’m fine, see? I’m still alive; nothing’s broken,” you insisted, and he gave you a small smile.
“You scared the hell outa me.”
You frowned, “I’m sorry, that’s not what I wanted-”
“Shh,” he put his finger to your lips, “don’t worry about upsetting us. Let us sorry about you.”
You nodded, and he put an arm around you as support. He led you back towards the house, talking about how pretty and green the grass was.
He put you on the couch and helped you lie down. Soon, the rest of them came in, and your grandpa got you some Aleve. You popped the pills and leaned back. John sat on the end of the couch with your feet propped up on him. Alex draped a blanket over you before he kissed your forehead and sat down by Alex’s feet.
After Laf helped your grandpa fix dinner, you insisted on joining them at the table. Herc carried you in and put you down in one of the comfy rolling chairs instead of on the hand crafted wooden bench, and your grandpa scooped your food. You felt bad. He had trained you, and you let him down. His heart couldn’t take scares like that.
Laf sat beside you at dinner and held your hand, occasionally squeezing when he noticed that you weren’t eating. It was one of your favorite meals that your grandpa made, but you just weren’t hungry. You felt so guilty for making everyone worry so much.
Everyone finished and began to help clear the table, but Laf scooted closer to you and stroked your chin with his thumb before he held up the fork with a bite of food.
“You need to eat more, mon ange,” he whispered sternly, and you pouted. You knew he was right, but you just didn’t feel like it. However, John did ask you to let them worry about you, so you let Laf feed you. You complained the entire time about how embarrassing it was and that you were full. Eventually, he was satisfied by the amount you ate, and he carried you back into the living room. He sat down on the couch with you in his lap, and your grandpa came in. He turned on the news and sat down in his chair. Alex sat with your feet in his lap, and Herc and John sat together on the love seat. You scrolled through Tumblr on your phone as you all enjoyed each other’s company. Laf occasionally fussed over you and kept making you drink water. When he wasn’t pouring water down your throat, he was gently tracing the lines on your face.
“Well now, it’s getting pretty late. I think I’ll turn in. You doing okay, Y/N?” Your grandpa asked as he turned down the news and handed Alex the remote.
“Yeah, I’m sorry for spooking y'all,” you replied shyly.
“You’re okay, I’ll see ya in the morning, hun. Love you,” your grandpa waved to you before he went into his bedroom and closed the door. You called “love you” after him, and turned back to Tumblr, but Laf took your phone.
“Come on, let’s get you to bed. Sleep will 'elp you 'eal faster,” he reasoned before he gently arranged you in his arms. He stood up, and you groaned in pain. Your lack of movement had allowed everything to stiffen up, and it hurt like hell.
“I’m sorry, mon ange!” He cried out, eyes raking you for a sudden injury. “Qu'est-ce c'est?”
“I’m okay,” you grunted, “just stiff.” He nodded and slowly began to walk with you to the bedroom. Herc followed, leaving John and Alex together watching the news and speaking in Spanish. Laf put you on the bed, and they joined you on either side. Herc had turned out the lights, and he gingerly wrapped an arm around your side since your back was to him. You decided it would be the least amount of pain if you slept on your right side. When you didn’t react in pain to his movement, he let his arm rest across you, and he snuggled closer, the heat relaxing your muscles. Laf snuggled into you from the other side, his hair tickling your face, and he kissed the tip of your nose.
“Go to sleep, mon ange,” he whispered to you, and you closed your eyes.
You felt Herc press a kiss into your hair as you began to drift. “We love you.”

Boyfriend Mark pt.2

for my one and only @zxtlx akksksbsjs

  • we’re such trash for mark i cant even
  • and who isnt tbh , mark lee is just wonderful
  • im about to kill myself and y'all with this post ,
  • lots of fluff coming up , dont cry im warning you
  • okay let’s start

  • like taeyong , he’d probably all you his princess/baby

  • and he treats you like one too
  • your contact name on his phone is saved as “ my jagi 💜💜💕❤ /inserts 828292 more emojis/ ”
  • and likewise , he asked you to save his as “ babe 💜💜💕❤ /emojis everywhere / ”
  • one time haechan caught him texting you ,
  • he almost puked when he saw the convo because it was too sweet and corny
  • “ princess i miss you :-( ”
  • “ babe i miss you too , how’s practice going ? ”
  • “ pretty good , but it’d be better if you were here though ”
  • /haechan starts puking at this point of time/
  • he loves you so much he set the password on his phone lockscreen to your birthday
  • and probably every other password he has too
  • he writes/sings/raps songs for you
  • and asks you for your opinions on them
  • he’s so clueless and confused all the time he often asks you stupid questions
  • “ wait why are you giving me a gift suddenly ”
  • “ it’s your birthday today … ? ”
  • “ oh really , i didn’t know ”
  • “ babe i wished you last night at 12am sharp ?? ”
  • “ you did ? im sorry i think i fell asleep during the movie ”
  • “ oh my god , mark you even replied me ”
  • “ you serious ? but thanks anyway , i love you so much ”
  • and you cant help but pinch his cheek because he’s too adorable
  • sleeptalking mark acting up
  • talking about sleeptalking he often hugs you in the middle of the night
  • and mumbles something like
  • “ i … sarang you ”
  • “ you are my jagi ”
  • “ Y/N’s so cute ”
  • and you’re just there beside him blushing and hugging him tighter because his sleeptalk is always a form as entertainment for you
  • he makes weird noises and background noises when y'all have conversations
  • be it together with the other members ,
  • or just the two of you alone
  • “ okay guys let’s meet up next week ”
  • “ alrights , im looking forward- ”
  • “ yes !!! ”
  • “ woo !!! ”
  • “ yeah … ”
  • “ mark … stop what are you doing ”
  • he’s so sweet and nice he actually got you a guitar ,
  • so he could teach you how to play it
  • and also another reason was because he wanted you to sing songs with him next time
  • he stares at you from afar when you have events/performances
  • and everytime he has that proud motherly smile on his face
  • and he’d always give you two thumbs up to cheer you on
  • one time you accidentally fell down on stage ,
  • he got right of his seat and ran forward to the stage to help you up
  • all within like 0.292993 seconds
  • he even piggybacked you down
  • and obviously the whole school saw so there were lots of cheering over mark’s actions
  • that’s how y'all became the popular couple in school
  • even the teachers are supportive of the relationship and lowkey ships the both of you
  • like how they always make the both of you to pair up to do work/projects/presentations
  • one thing he really hates though ,
  • is when you get really sad and emotional ,
  • because he feels like he isn’t doing enough to comfort you and he starts blaming himself
  • but when you tell him all you need is a hug from him ,
  • he gives you the tightest and warmest hug you ever received
  • and he also gave you a small peck on the lips after
  • he smiles a little because he’s glad he’s able to help you
  • he brings you out on food dates almost everyday
  • and instead of you , he’s always the one getting fascinated by the variety of different foods
  • he also loves sharing/complimenting you on social media
  • there would always be a long paragraph of words for his captions for every picture of you
  • and on every single one the members wuould comment and tease him
  • “ ‘jagi i love you’ why do you never say that to your hyung here ” - taeyong
  • “ lee donghyuck error 404 not found ” - haechan
  • “ mork hyung and y/n so cute !! ” - chenle
  • “ why is mark never like that to us /tags the other members/ ” - yuta “
  • on the bright side, the other members really support your relationship and are always there for the both of you
  • my mind’s blocked now so i’ll stop here im sorry
  • in conclusion , date mark lee , he’s boyfriend material af
  • also a clueless little bean
  • i hope you liked it !!
Make The Most Of It - Trent Seven (Part Two of ‘Not Another Happy Ending’)

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IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING! Little bit of angst and then MAJOR FLUFF! Y'all know I don’t write smut but it’s kinda implied, I guess. I hope it’s not too short.

Tags: @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @wrestlingnoob @alexahood21 @imnobodiesbitch @logandemico @glamlover87 @baleesi @shieldgirl95 @na-nou83 @morgancorbin @lilmisscrisis @rollinsdar @damnbuvky @blondekel77 @imaginingwwesuperstars @mandi512 @wwesmutdonedirtcheap @imagineall-the-fandoms @oreillyskyle

‘Knock, knock!’ Matt exclaimed, waltzing into the room at the back of the church where she waited. Nick followed his brother, hands stuffed into the pockets of his suit trousers.

‘You ready to do this, dear sister? It’s never too late to change your mind.’ Y/N shook her head, standing up and linking arms with the younger man. The heels on her feet killed, the dress was tacky and the veil was itchy but she put on a smile anyway. Her mother was happy, her father was happy, everybody was happy…Almost everybody.

She practically had to beg her father to let the Bucks walk her down the aisle, she nearly resorted to refusing if he didn’t allow it as they had been there through so much heartache and picked her back up again so it seemed right for them to be the ones to give her away. Pete, Tyler, Mark and Adam were all invited, of course. The music of the organ signalled the trio to start walking. All of those eyes on her, waiting for her to reach the man waiting at the end of the aisle. He was there, clad in a suit and tie and ready to marry her.

But he wasn’t Trent.

‘Matt, Nick,’ The brothers both looked at their ‘sister’, ‘Let me go. I can’t do this, tell him I said thank you. He’ll understand why.’

It wasn’t that he was a bad guy, he was lovely but he wasn’t the man she wanted to be with. Trent had always had a hold of her heart, even if he had to go away for a while. Two people who were just so right for one another, forming a bond that not many people seem to understand. She missed him, his touch and his kiss. She missed the words he would whisper to help her sleep after a particularly rough day, his arms wrapping around her waist when she would make tea and the awful, awful dancing to silly love songs on the radio. Leaving him became her biggest regret. His apologies were, at the time, meaningless. All she wanted was to spend her life with the man from Moustache Mountain, protecting one another from any storm that they may face…and she still left him.

Walking away from him was the hardest thing she’d ever had to do; the look of pure anguish and pain evident on her now former lover’s face. A few weeks later, her mother introduced her to Ashley, a mechanic whose mother worked with hers. He also happened to be coming out of a nasty breakup but of much worse circumstances. Ashley was bisexual and the parents of his ex-boyfriend, as well as his father, were extremely homophobic, the result of their prejudice being the arranged engagement between Bennie and an equally lovely young lady. Ashley hadn’t heard from Bennie in months so his mother got talking to her friends, wishing to introduce her son to possible matches.

Several months into the relationship, he proposed. She said yes but they both knew deep down that they belonged with other people. Their mothers meant well, they just wanted to see their children happy and safe. Y/N did wish, however, that she had at least been allowed to choose her wedding dress.

There was not a ‘last night of freedom’ for either of the couple. Instead, they built a stupid pillow and blanket fort in his apartment and cuddled together.

‘Tell me what he was like again?’ She grinned, looking up at the man.

‘Again? Okay. He was the best and kindest man I have ever had the privilege of loving. His eyes were the most beautiful, wonderful things I had seen in my life. We had made all these big plans; eloping to some cute little chapel far away from home, having our own place together somewhere like Amsterdam…Anyway, you never told me about your guy, not really. What was he like?’

‘His name is Trent Seven and he’s wonderful. You never really know what you’ve got until it’s gone, I realise that now. I told you he had cheated on me and I was too heartbroken to forgive him but I wish I had. He’s my soulmate.’

‘Go to him.’

‘What? Are you crazy?’

‘No, but if you’re gonna do it, do it with-’ She cut him off, giggling.

‘Flair?’ The pair burst into fits of laughter at the dumb wrestling joke. And so, they made a plan. Ashley’s father would be livid but it would be totally worth it if either one of them could be with their ‘true love’ again. Their mothers would surely be okay with it, just as long as they thought that they were doing what was best for them.

The moment she was out of the church, the heels were gone and the bouquet had been discarded into a nearby field. And she ran.

Maybe she had thought that happy endings were stupid, that the prospect of something like that being happy was ridiculous. Now, all she wanted. No, all she needed was to be with Trent again.

People in the town looked at her funny. Well, of course they did, there was a woman in a wedding dress running down the street barefoot. It was like a scene from a cheesy 90′s rom-com, especially when it started to rain.


Never had she been more thankful to climb that bloody flight of stairs that led to his apartment. The estate surrounding was almost deathly silent, a weird thing for a Saturday afternoon, and it allowed her to hear the muffled music coming from one of the homes, his home. The soft, sweet voice of Brendon Urie crooning to Death of a Bachelor was mixed with quiet, choked out sobs. God, it was a gutwrenching sound that made her feel sick to her stomach. At first, she doubted he would be able to hear the gentle tapping of her knuckles on the wooden door, having to convince herself to stay put despite how cold and soaking wet she was. A grunted response of ‘I’m coming’ nearly made her cry. It had been so long since she had heard his voice and it was almost too much to handle. Creaking hinges brought the eerily peacefulness of the quiet estate to a screeching halt, a crack of thunder rolling through the sky with almost perfect timing.

Trent looked awful, safe to say. His eyes were bloodshot and red with tears and yet, she had never seen them light up so fast before. Not a word was spoken as he reached out to touch her cheek, her entire body shaking from the emotional assault that was currently taking place in her brain. Moments later, he had pulled her into his arms, holding her tight as if she would be ripped away from him again if he were to let go. The pair slipped into the apartment, closing the door and shutting off the music. Had anyone else been there to witness the moment, they may have laughed at the sight before them; a runaway bride and a scruffy, dishevelled professional wrestler locked in a tight, loving embrace.

‘You’re here, you’re here. Here, here with me. Missed you, missed you so much, needed you. Can’t believe you’re here.’ The weight of nearly a year apart had been lifted off of their shoulders, breaking the dams that held back the tears threatening to fall. Slurred words and messy movements were enough. Neither cared if they were speaking coherently, her only thoughts were about getting out of the hideous dress and making up for all of that lost time. He was still trying to comprehend that she was back in his arms, in his bed.

Only the sounds of the wind howling outside, the movements echoed in the noises made by the cotton sheets and their whispered, breathy declarations of love were audible in the once lonely apartment. Come night-time , a sliver of moonlight shone through the curtains of the bedroom, illuminating the room just enough so that the newly reunited couple could see one another. Very little was said that night, both silently agreeing that any words that needed to be said could be said in the morning. The peaceful silence would likely be gone by morning so they elected to make the most of it, sharing kisses and pressing themselves flush against each other. For now, it was time to sleep, wrapped up in each others arms where they belonged. Yes, this was finally the beginning of their happy forever.
Je Te Pardonne-- Marquis de Lafayette

In honor of Fanfiction Writer Day (8/21) I finally got this request done (sorry it took so long!) hope y'all enjoy! Also thanks to @johnny-laurens-turtles For helping me!

Xoxo, Eliza

Request: Hi! Can i request a jealous! Fem! Reader with Laf? I’m suck a sucker A jelly reader and Laf… But the it all ends well? Dank you XD!-Alpha

Pairing: Lafayette X jealous! Reader
Triggers: swearing, jealousy, outbursts of anger, sex mentions

Word count: 1398


It was finally Friday, and Friday meant one thing for you and the guys. Game night. You and the guys have been looking forward to this for awhile, because John had to take a emergency trip down to South Carolina, thus missing the last get together. John knew y'all were upset, so he splurged and bought a new gaming system. Tonight was gonna be a wii sports tournament, which sounded exciting and terrifying simultaneously.

You headed to Laf’s dorm to pick him up before going to get Hercules, since the three of you lived on campus and only you had a car. Frankly you were relieved to know Lafayette didn’t have his license, the man was so hyper, you couldn’t imagine him behind the wheel. You shuddered at the thought.

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Pink Drunk Love (2/2); jongyu; nc-17

“I’m not sure that I’d ever be able to be in a boy band, Ms. Yamamoto. I can’t dance in the slightest.”

Jinki grins when he hears Jonghyun’s words slip through the buzz of music and conversation. He shoots Jonghyun a look and a subtle nod, just enough to remind him of the time he’d sloppily pole danced in the empty subway car when Jinki escorted him home after too many drinks.

Jonghyun smiles back at him shyly, and Jinki spends a half second to return it before turning his attention back to his own client.

“That’s Jjong, isn’t it? The other Korean boy?” She asks, glancing between them, and Jinki can see the wheels turning behind her eyes. “Are you two close?”

[part 1]

and here’s part 2! thanks for reading. ^^

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Big Reveal

Warnings: Swearing
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Charlie Bradbury, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: (Read requests at bottom)
Readers Age: 17+
Word Count: 709

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: So sorry that this one is short I’m in a rush so yeah, and I decided to combine two requests because I’ve never done that before and I actually really like how it turned out. I also had no idea what to title this so I went with this… Enjoy!

You’ve been dating Charlie for about a month now, your brothers have no idea as far as they know you’re straight. You’ve been sneaking out to see her, you can’t risk your brothers freaking out, so you take precautions.

Lately, Cas and Dean have been hounding you with questions, like where you go when you leave, you usually just say you’re hanging out with friends, but for some reason, they don’t believe you. It’s not a complete lie, Charlie is a ‘friend’ just add ‘girl’ in front of it and there you go, girlfriend.

Sam usually just leaves you be, he understands that a girl your age just needs her space, he told you that you can talk to him anytime. Which you already know, but he always says it’s just a friendly reminder.

Today Charlie is going to come over, today is the day you plan on telling everyone that you two are dating. You know that they would be accepting of your sexuality, but you’re not sure if they would be okay with you dating Charlie. She’s a family friend, she’s like another sister to them.

Charlie texted you that she was at the bunker. You got up from your bed and ran to the bunker door. You opened it up and hugged her, just hugged her even when you wanted more you had to wait.

You both walked down the stairs and into the library, “What’s up, bitches?” Charlie greeted with a smile.

“Hey, Charlie, how are you?” Sam asked as he leaned back in his chair.

“I’m good. Y/N says you may need help finding a case.” Charlie used the classic ‘You need help’ excuse.

“Uh, yeah, we could use some help,” Sam replied. You both took a seat next to each other.

“Uh, Y/N.” Dean caught your attention, at this point Cas popped in and leaned up against the wall, you looked at Dean giving him a silent cue to continue.

“You’ve been missing school an awful lot lately…” Dean pointed out, you looked at Charlie who avoided your gaze.

“And not to mention sneaking out.” Cas chimed in.

“She’s just uh, been coming to my place, y'know girl time..” Charlie awkwardly chuckled.

Dean looked at her funny, “I don’t care. It’s no excuse to be missing school.” Dean stated firmly, Sam nodded in agreement.

“Well, it’s not our problem she can’t get enough of me…” Charlie mumbled just loud enough that everyone heard, your eyes widened.

“Whoa, Charlie just stop right there, not to be rude, but Y/N is straight she’s not interested in you,” Dean replied.

“Actually, guys..” you stopped and turned to kiss Charlie on the lips, the three men were shocked. You pulled away with a small smile and looked at them, they were speechless.

“Oh…” was the only word Dean could get out.

“I knew it,” Sam replied as he typed away at his laptop.

“You did?” you asked in shocked.

“What? You think that I would just let the fact that you were missing school go without knowing why… I followed you.” Sam mumbled the last part.

“You WHAT?” you yelled.

Sam smiled, “I followed you and saw you meet up with Charlie and uh… Kissed her.” Sam replied, shockingly proud.

“This… I… I thought you were straight.” Dean said trying to wrap his head around what just happened.

“Well, I was, but now I’m not.” you replied.

“Well, Charlie just because you’re a friend doesn’t mean we still won’t kill you if you hurt her,” Dean said firmly, Charlie smiled and nodded, grabbing your hand.

“I’m glad you found someone, Y/N,” Cas commented. 

“Thanks, Cas.” you replied.

“So how long?” Dean asked.

“How long what?” you replied giving a confused look.

“How long have you’ve been dating?” Dean responded. 

“About a month.” you answered looking at Charlie to make sure, she nodded.

“Well then, cheers to a one-month anniversary,” Dean said as he raised his beer bottle, Sam did the same and you and Charlie just raised some glasses of water along with Cas.

You’re just happy your family is okay with you being gay and dating someone who’s like a sister to them, it may get weird at times but hey as long as you’re happy.

Requested by Anonymous:
“One where Charlie is hitting on 17 year old reader and the boys tell her to back off because they think y/n is straight but the reader actually makes a move on Charlie surprising everyone because she’s like really shy and they thought she only likes guys”

Requested by Anonymous:
“Will you do an imagine where Cas and Dean about the reader who’s about 15-17. And the reader comes out as gay because Cas and Dean questioned why the reader kept sneaking out at night and skipping school.”

A/N: So I didn’t have Cas and Dean adopt the reader because I don’t ship Destiel it would just be waaay too far out of my comfort zone I hope that’s okay!

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

A Thousand Natural Shocks - Chapter 2

Sorry for the long wait, everyone! College apps have taken over my life, but the good news, I spent a while writing out a basic outline for most of the fic.

This is departing wildly from @notllorstel’s Neverhuman AU in terms of fae vs whatever Stan is in here, but much of the existing comics and art still line up! I drew directly from one of the earlier Neverhuman AU comics for a certain part in here.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions y'all have about the fic and/or give hints about what’s coming.  ((Also… if this seems to be heading in a worrying direction, I did take a lot of inspiration for my version of Neverhuman!Stanley from @minty-draws-cartoons‘ Rift!Stanley AU. Maybe that’s reassuring, maybe it’s not.))



Admittedly, Stanford Pines wasn’t the best sleeper, even before the whole fiasco with Bill.  

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Scarlet Vision Headcanons

Update: Scarlet Vision is Canon and I’m dead and also don’t look up Scarlet Vision on Tumblr because 1) it’ll only strengthen your feels and 2) if you scroll through as much as I did you will discover something that will shatter your heart to bits and pieces. FOR NOW SINCE I’M NOT WRITING FOR 22 MORE DAYS HERE ARE SOME HEADCANONS Y'ALL


- Pietro coming back saying he was busy “Waking it off” (Vision helped bring him back for Wanda, but he won’t say anything)

- Peter Parker flirting with Wanda, making Vision jealous and pissing of Pietro and Clint.

- Vision going to Clint and Tony to try and figure out what he’s feeling.

- Clint giving Vision the fatherly dating talk when he finds out they like each other… a lot.

- Vision doing tons of research because he has no idea what love feels like and doesn’t know if he really loves Wanda or not.

- Vision unsure of how to tell Wanda about how he feels. He keeps trying to tell her but every time he gets nervous and chickens out

- Wanda seeing Vision staring at her and she thinks something is wrong so she looks in his mind to find that he cares for her.

- Wanda and Vision cooking together. Vision almost burns the building down.

- Wanda and Vision having a food fight, which then leads to Wanda initiating their first kiss.

- “I love you, Vis.” “I-I love you too, Wanda.”

- Pietro giving Vision the protective fatherly talk. Vision waits patiently for Piet to shut up since he’s already had this talk with Clint.

- Pietro and Clint having protectiveness wars.

- Peter still flirting with Wanda.

- Peter avoiding Vision, Pietro, and Clint after they all ganged up on him.

- Vision asking Clint for Wanda’s hand in marriage so he can stick to tradition and he doesn’t know who else to ask.

- Pietro gets pissed because Vision didn’t ask him.

- Pietro and Clint arguing over who will walk Wanda down the aisle. They eventually agree on doing it together.

- Vision doing research on weddings and proposals.

- Vision taking over two weeks just to find an engagement ring, he finally picks one with diamonds and a ruby in the center.

- Vision trying to give a heartfelt speech for his proposal, and continuously tripping over his words. He eventually sighs and spits out “Will you marry me, Wanda Maximoff?”

- Wanda crying tears of joy for the first time since she got her brother back.

- Vision practicing his speech and vows for the wedding for hours on end, even though the wedding is months away.

- Clint and Pietro arguing over who will be the best man. (Peter tries to get in on the argument, but usually fails).

- Vision introducing Wanda as his wife; Wanda, Clint, Pietro, and Peter constantly correcting him.

- Thor and Sif coming back to congratulate the couple and stay so they won’t miss the wedding. Wanda is super happy about it, Vision becoming jealous (again).

- Peter still flirting with Wanda.

- Thor helping Peter understand that it’s never gonna happen (Peter still has hope anyway).

- Peter’s new favorite point of discussion and research: divorce.

- Vision getting frustrated with Peter.

- Bruce coming back, not mentioning where he was in the first place. The team was grateful to have him back anyway.

- Tony, Clint, Thor, Bruce, Bucky, Steve, Pietro, Phil, and Nick all trying to explain bachelor parties to Vision. They all give up and agree on a simple guys night.

- Natasha, Maria, Sharon, and Sif agreeing on a girls night out instead of an elaborate bachalorette party. (Peter doesn’t seem to understand the concept of “girls night out”).

- Peter flirting with Natasha, and then has to avoid hulk for a few weeks.

- Wanda losing her ring one night and almost destroying an entire floor from having a breakdown. Nat found in Wanda’s coat. (Vision doesn’t need to know about it)

- Vision at a suit fitting, annoyed that he can’t see the Wanda in her dress until their wedding day.

- Wanda going through umteen dresses until she finds the perfect one. (It shows some clevage, which Pietro hates, but Vision won’t mind).

- The wedding having a white, red, and gold theme. Decorations include red roses and gold ribbons. (Vision took forever to finally decide).

- Wanda and the girls taking a full day to set up for the wedding and reception. (Peter helped too).

- Peter flirting with Sif. Thor pinning him on the floor with the Mjolnir.

- On the wedding day, Vision starts speaking in binary code and changing densities. Clint has to help him calm down so he can speak English and actually stay on top of the floor. (Peter makes great joke, gets slapped).

- Vision wearing a traditional suit with a red and gold tie and Wanda having a simple yet elegant white dress with a red and gold ribbon across her abdomen. (Peter still tries to convince himself there’s hope. It’s a losing battle).

- Beautiful speeches and lots and lots of tears. The most perfect wedding in history. (Clint and Pietro may have cried… which they’ll never admit. Peter cried because he finally accepted the fact that it’s never happening).

- Vision flying Wanda to the reception. She gets cold, but Vision gives her the jacket of his suit.

- Pietro and Clint watching the Vision and Wanda closely so they don’t “cross any boundaries”.

- Peter flirting with Maria. She discreetly kicks him in the shin and walls away. He ends up limping for most of the night.

- Vision gets confused when everyone starts tapping their glasses with their silverware. No one told him about it, so when Wanda leans over and kisses him, he squeals a little bit from being surprised. No one’s dropping that anytime soon.

- Toasts with as many jokes as possible because they’re the avengers who don’t take much seriously.

- “Special thanks to Tony Stank for making all this possible.” “Does everyone know about that?” (Steve winks, enjoying the fact that Tony gets a taste of his own medicine).

- Vision being confused about the whole last name deal. Once they figured it out, he enjoyed his new name. Vision Maximoff had a nice ring to it.

- Vision taking a while to get used to having Wanda next to him when we wakes.

- Peter still flirting with Wanda.

- Pre-Mission kisses.

- “Mr. Maximoff.” … “Mr. Maximoff.” “Oh, right, sorry.”

~(ahem… I apologize for the following… my finger… uh… slipped.)~

- Wanda avoiding the mission with Thanos for as long as she can.

- On said mission: “Vis, no.”

“Wanda, I must.”

“No, no, please, just wait a little longer we can find another way if you just-”

“I am sorry, but this is the only way.”

“I can’t let you do this.”


“No! I refuse to let this happen!!”

“Wanda, just listen to me-”

“Vision, I have heard enough.”

“Pietro and Peter.”

Peter binds Wanda’s hands and Pietro lifts her up, carrying her away as she screams at the top of her lungs.


"I am sorry I have to do this. I love you, Wanda Maximoff. Goodbye”

Wanda desperately spends about an hour getting out of the webbing, leaving the jet, and finding the team who had been fighting the whole time. Running at full speed, she arrives only to see Vision’s infinity stone removed, laying on the ground as the life drains out of him.

“Vision!! Vis! Look at me!! Hey!!!”


“Vision! Vision you’re going to be alright. You-You’re still alive, you’ll be fine, just hang in there.” She said in a shaky voice, lifting his head into her lap.

“I am so sorry, Wanda. I only wanted for you to be safe. This was the only way.”

“You did great. See? Not a scratch. Now come on, let’s get up, love.”


“It’s fine I can use my powers to help just-”

He placed his hand firmly on her arm.

“Wanda, my love, I can’t. My life is almost finished.”

"Vision, please-” Her words became stuck in her throat as she choked back tears.

“It’s alright. I am at peace with it. You are here. That’s all I need.” His voice began to drop to a whisper and his body started to go limp.

“I… I love you so much, Vision Maximoff.”

“And I love you more than words can describe, Wanda Maximoff. Farewell, my love.”

As tears fell from her face rapidly, she leaned down and pressed her hand to her husband’s cheek.

Farewell, love.” She whispered before leaning down to kiss him, taking his last breath.

Natasha and Steve quickly backed the team away from the two, making sure there was enough distance between them that there would be no major injuries.

She could feel the last ounce of life drift from his body, and she reluctantly pulled away. This feeling was all to familiar. He could feel her heart shred once again as an important life drifted from her world. With a mix of Vision’s last breath and the air in her own lungs, she let out an ungodly, blood-curdling scream as every last but of energy in her shot out in all directions. Anything and everything around her flew hundreds of yards away. Vision was gone. She turned her eyes to his lifeless body and collapsed beside him, and everything went black.

She awoke in the tower in Med bay, hooked up to monitors and a nurse close by. Pietro was beside her, but Vision was still gone. This recovery would take much longed than anyone could ever expect, as not only did her physical wounds have to heal, but her emotional wounds as well.

Even then, she never fully recovered.

I started making this list because it WAS our dear ERB’s birthday and I figured I would make a list of birthday head cannon for the guy who I love to BITS (sorry it’s late I’m very lazy and this was on my school laptop and I almost lost it and AHHH I should have posted it sooner anyway….)

•At his first birthday he had the traditional “Southern 1st Birthday Party”. Where his whole family came over, dressed nicely… He was in a fancy little pressed pair of shorts + shirt combo that his mom swooped him out of before singing happy birthday and placing his smash cake in front of him but he cried and they had to bathe him in the sink as he was absolutely coated in icing
•When he was three he stuck his hand into the big cake while they were singing happy birthday and it’s marked in the photo album as “Dicky’s first crime”
•One year (maybe he’s like nine or ten) all his male cousins all suggest they play football in the yard but he’s like “ohh.. Sorry y'all I already promised the girls, I would help them inside…. We’re baking cupcakes” and then suddenly ALL of his cousins are inside and baking cupcakes and Suzanne takes SO MANY pictures.
•Every year he and his mom bake their birthday cakes together.
•Moo Maw taught him how to make icing when he was barely four years old and he never forgot
•Coach gets him sports gear every year.
•Every year.
•He’s gotten very few gifts from his dad that are actually used
•He’s never thrown any of his presents away because he thanks his dad politely but when his mom offers to return them he can’t ever agree.
•In seventh grade the guys who locked him in a closet overnight tried to ruin his party but his mom took him to William’s Sonoma and made everything better
((That was the only school party he ever tried to have, every other year he just had family parties))

•given: he got there kind of late that night bc he had a game but he doesn’t have any plans for the next day so he’ll be spending Bitty’s actual birthday catering to him hand and foot
•when Jack first gets there bitty is being greeted and offered drinks like it’s nobody’s business. He’s also handing out mini pies. So when Bitty finally gets a moment with Jack it’s not a long one because suddenly it’s MIDNIGHT and Ransom & Holster have him on a keg getting him just as drunk as they did his frog year
•Bitty didn’t intend to get so drunk as he wanted to spend some SOBER time with Jack but “IT’S YOUR TWENTY FIRST BIRTHDAY.” “THIS IS LEGAL NOW.” “WHAT WERE YOU REALLY EXPECTING???”
•Jack got a lil tipsy too though so it was okay (plus he wants his boyfriend to have a good time?? So he doesn’t mind. It’s Bitty’s day not his)
•So Bitty’s dancing and he’s dancing DIRTY
•And he makes the most obvious bedroom eyes at Jack THE WHOLE TIME HE’S DANCING TO GET ME BODIED who runs upstairs faster than he would like to admit
•And Jack’s supposed to be sleeping on an air mattress but HA HA HA that’s a good one
•So you know “shenanigans” that ensue when those two get left alone
•SIDENOTE–> Bitty continues dancing upstairs to other songs by Beyoncé including but not limited to:
Crazy in Love
Halo (smooches)
XO (the last song they really listen to before they’re totally distracted by each other)
Drunk In Love (afterwards)
•Bitty totally made a playlist with those songs in case he and Jack were ever in this situation
•Bitty totally thought about being in this situation with Jack rather than doing his homework on more than one occasion
•The next morning Bitty is woken up by a loud noise via god knows who or what when his boyfriend strolls in carrying breakfast in bed, still sporting his bed head
•"There’s a bunch of people downstairs are Rans and Holster just going to start it back up or,,?“ “At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they woke up and started dancing” “Don’t put it past them eh?
He has a slight hang over but Jack brought advil and water up with him and "This boy” and he checks the time, expecting almost noon but when Bitty looks at the clock it’s still fairly early. He asks why Jack got up so early to which he replies “What? No checking practice?” and they go to Faber and skate around– AFTER Bitty eats what he says are the best batch of birthday pancakes that anyone’s ever made him (Totally not true but the smile he gets out of Jack makes the little white lie totally worth it)
•They skated around gently
•They smooched A BUNCH
•It was really cute
•So cute it put Chowder and Farmer to shame
•((((SO MANY FINES))))
Okay back to the point
•They stop by Annies on their way to the Haus where they find Ransom and Holster have kicked everyone out and just people who live there + the frogs remain
•And says it’s the best pie he’s ever eaten
•And he’s still not over it when his sweet baby chowder comes in with a framed picture of the gang from the Falconers game they all went to
•The frame itself is Falconers blue
…The water works just won’t end. There are so many tweets
•Since our sweet hockey team is all pretty tired (or “Plum tuckered out” as Bitty put while it in his state of hysteria) they just sort of chill together and promise that next year the party will last all week but for now they catch up as no ones seen Shitty or Jack in a while so they all have fun telling stories that the others couldn’t get the full effect of via skype.

Now you’re asking yourself what did JACK get him?
Jack who bought him an oven when they were just friends, what did he get his BOYFRIEND when their anniversary soon approaches?
I’ll tell you.
Jack did not get Bitty one large gift this year oh no…. He got him 21 “small” gifts:
•HE GETS HIM FLOWERS YOU CAN FIGHT ME (He gets his favorites). Twenty of them being a certain color & then one being a different
•A new pair of Ray Bans (Bitty scratched them on the bus as he got too excited when he heard someone say something about the Falconers game from the previous week)
•A bottle of his favorite champagne, because Jack knows that Bitty prefers mimosas to bourbon
•As a sort of joke gift he wraps a bottle of lube + condoms; bitty swats at him and blushes a bunch as he puts them away in his drawer
•Expensive cold brew tea
•Tons of coffee… like four different flavors for the Keurig
•A bottle of the Cologne that jack likes on him
•A gift card to Annie’s
•Another falconers JERSEY, signed by most of the falconers… Originally just Jack but then Tater saw, and then everyone had to sign it.
•A baby falconers T-shirt for Senor Bunny (signed duh)
•A new spatula (bitty offhandedly mentioned that he wanted one)
•An apron– it has a Maple Leaf on it

Back on track again

•A copy of his photography portfolio from his senior year
•A little card that he drew with the Samwell and Falconers logo
•A signed Beyonce poster
•For Valentine’s Day Jack gave him a signed CD, flowers, and baked him a pie
•Bitty still isn’t over it.
•He’s getting them concert tickets for their anniversary
•A documentary on the history of baking in America
•By the end of it Bitty is crying and telling Jack he can’t do this every year Bitty won’t live through it
•That’s when Jack pulls out the box his dad sent; Jack doesn’t even know what’s inside
•Bitty laughs really hard and has happy weepy eyes and he’s like “You Zimmermanns… I swear”
•He opens the box– he reads the card first he’s a polite man he knows how this goes. The card congratulates him on making captain and says that he can call him if he ever wants/needs advice on ANYTHING– ANYTHING AT ALL.
Then towards the bottom “Maybe you should even consider a visit this summer so we can discuss…. Things :)”
Bitty laughs and is like “ha ha He thinks I should go to Montreal.” and Jack blushes because he wants that a lot too but now isn’t the time to offer
•There’s a bag of Maple Leaf shaped maple flavored candies
•A small Canadian flag
•A t-shirt with a big maple leaf
And Bitty’s baffled, Mr. and Mrs. Zimmermann only found out about him and Jack recently. He’s assuming this is a sort of joke gift but he’s got a longer envelope at the bottom of the box
Bity opens it
It’s a plane ticket
To Montreal
From Providence
He makes a loud gaspy noise and slaps Jack’s arm
He realizes later that between Jack, Bad Bob, and HIS OWN MOTHER, they had picked a week that Bitty could visit
He’s speechless

•Jack gives him the tickets to the Bey concert on the 18th
•Bitty cries harder than he did over the oven
•He’s in hysterics
•He doesn’t remember how to form words that aren’t “thank you” “I love you” or “my QUEEN”
•He gives Jack the best thank you sex after the concert
•He considers the concert the best night of his life

The Next Chapter #4 - MMFD Fanfic

I’d first like to thank you for reading this. Ya’ll are awesome. I am very open to feedback, so type away. Also, if you can’t tell, I’m from the United States, so my wording is a lot off. I try to keep a bit of lingo, but it;s really lost on me even though I love it. Sorry :( Anyways I hope you enjoy. I’ve tried to tag everyone who’s asked. I’ve also set up a link on the blog with the rest of the chapters. It’s under “My Writing” Anyways, enjoy. This one took an emotional toll on me.

As Rae pulled on the blue Blur shirt that Finn had given her, she realized two things.

One, Finn still kept clothing in her drawer for her. She couldn’t help but wonder the reasoning behind it. Did he just not want to throw it out, was he saving it for her? Did he take it out and think of her? Did he sleep with her shirt, like she did his?

Two, the old tattered shirt and pants were both a little bit too large on her, which made her feel a sense of pride. She hadn’t been trying to lose any weight, but she also hadn’t binged eaten junk since her first night at Bristol. She had gotten more than a few compliments even if she couldn’t really see the difference.

Rae had come to accept her curves, and maybe even loved them a little bit. If Finn, the man of her dreams could love them, shouldn’t she be able to as well? She had wasted so much time with Finn, by being scared to be naked and if she had any regrets, that would be near the top of the list.

Shaking the thoughts from her mind, Rae stood up and for the first time since leaving Stamford, took a good look around Finn’s room. She wasn’t looking for anything specific, but it had been so long since she’d been here that she expected it to look totally different. It didn’t. There was a new night stand on the side of his bed, his comforter was new, and he had a lamp that looked a little worse for wear.

Looking around her eyes fixated on a small photo frame she hadn’t noticed before sitting face down on the open window ledge. Curiosity got the better of her and she walked over to pick it up. Flipping it over she saw a photo of herself she had never seen before. She was sitting in a booth at the leavers ball watching Archie sing a song to her and the gang. An escaped tear rolled down her cheek and she wiped it away before she set the photo back down, just as she had found it.

That night was one of the best and worst of her life. It was the last night that all six of her mates were together in one place. The night that she and Finn ended their relationship for good.

Just when Rae didn’t think it were possible for her to go through any more emotions, here she was yet again, crying for the third time today. This day just needed to end.

Climbing out the window and escaping what was awaiting her in the other room sounded like a great idea, but she knew it wasn’t an option she had or was willing to take. She had to fix things with Archie tonight even if that meant facing Chop, Izzy and Finn, who she was sure were wondering what the hell was taking her soo long.

They were all sat on the couch when she walked into the living room. When Izzy saw her, she jumped up and was in Raes arms in an instant.

She knew that Chop was going to be dying to take the piss out of her, but was hoping that with Izzy there, she might get away scotch free. The effect that girl had on her man was amazing. The love they shared was something really special.

“I’ve missed you so much Rae, how have you been” she beamed letting Rae go and taking a step back to get a good look at her. “You look really good, and I’m loving the hair”

God Rae loved Izzy. With her firey red hair, the girl had just enough spunk to handle chop, but was always there saying the right thing when it needed to be said.

“I’ve been real good Izzy, and I’ve missed you as well.” Rae was so happy to see her that she didn’t even notice the evil glare she was getting from Chop. It wasn’t until he opened his mouth and broke the spell that she remembered he was here and he wasn’t going to let her forget what he just saw.

“Yeah Raemundo, by how we found ya a few moments ago, I don’t think Izzy’s the only ones who thinks you look good” he joked which earned him a slap on the back of the head from both Izzy and Finn.

“Why you both always gotta smack me, I need the brain cells I got thank you very much” Chop protested. I guess some things never do change. Chop liked to pretend he wasn’t intelligent, but we all knew how smart he really was.  “How ya doing there Arnold, I heard you and Izzy had some news y'all wanted to share?”

Hopefully putting the focus on them would take the focus off her and relieve some of the tension that had built up in the last few minutes between her and Finn. Without meeting his eye, she could feel his glare. What the hell is he on about now? 

With a smile so large it looked as if it belonged to someone else, Chop wasn’t letting her off the hook that easy. “Right, we do mate, but first lets hear how we come to find you in Finn’s bed after not hearing a word from ya all year”

Like many times in the past, Rae imaging choking the life out of him, right then and there. He always knew how to bring out the homicidal tendencies in her.

“Oh, I’ve missed you Chop” Rae said being one hundred percent truthful. Yes she may want to strangle him from time to time, but he would always be her Chop, the first guy to really welcome her into their club, the guy that never judged her and always treated her with respect, well for the most part.

“Don’t think being all mushy is gonna get you off the hook there mate,  you got some explaining to do, dontcha.” he flashed a grin, pulling her into a hug, that was tight enough to make her want to pass out.

“I know” she replied, recovering from his death grip. “ And, I’d love to sit here and explain to you all about my love life, but right now I really need to know where Archie went?”

By the looks on Chop and Izzy’s faces, she knew the answer wasn’t good.

“Well Rae, when Chloe called mine to tell me and Izzy that you were back in town and had gone to find Finn, we thought she was joking. She told us to phone Archie and let him know you were back in town, but he was already at our flat and before we knew what was happening we were on our way over here to find ya.” Chop grimaced and shrugged “He kept mubling something about how there was no way you were back and that you had some nerve not even bothering to call him.”

Izzy chimed in, “Yeah we just came along for the ride because we were sure that Finn had sent you packing” she turned to Finn “Sorry Finn, but it’s the truth.” he nodded his chin as if to say it were true and Rae’s head wanted to explode. Izzy turned back to Rae and finished “So we were just gonna come to make sure Finn was okay and then bam, there you were with Finn in bed and well, Archie just grumbled and left.” she shrugged.

“Well, he must not have gotten off too far, because he left the keys” Chop said pointing to a pair of keys that sat on the table.

Rae, hopeful that he couldn’t have gotten too far, headed for the door.

“I’m gonna go find him and have a quick chat, can we all meet up at the pub in like half an hour. I’ll just grab my car and Archie and meet you there? Call Chloe and tell her too” She added, avoiding meeting Finns eyes.

How can so much have happened between them and she still be afraid to look at him right now. Deep down she knew that nothing between them was fixed.

That them getting hot and heavy was just a way to avoid talking about the shit they needed too and that there was still so much that they both needed to say. She just hoped that she fixed it enough for them to enjoy the first night the whole gang was back at the pub. Fingers crossed.


As Rae bounded down the stairs and out the door, she knew she was just leaving one mess to fix another. She was doing the best she could. Couldn’t anybody see that?

She looked right and didn’t see Archie, but was pleasantly surprised when she turned left and he was leaning against the wall just outside Finn’s door with a cig in hand.

“When did you start smoking Archie?” she asked. Rae was never really good at approaching awkward situations. She somehow always said the first thing on her mind, which usually wasn’t the best.

“Oh, I don’t know Rae, sometimes I just smoke when I feel a bit stressed” he didn’t sound as angry as she thought he would. In fact he sounded really calm. Maybe those cigarettes really did relieve stress.

“I’ve been a really shit mate, Archie” because when all else fails, start with the truth, especially with the one person you knew would give it to you right back.  “Ive really messed up, haven’t I?"  

"Well, yeah Rae, you really have.” he said tossing the cigarette on the ground and stepping it out with his shoe. She smiled at him, and cocked her head to the side waiting for the shit storm to arrive, but it didn’t come. Instead her first crush, her first kiss, her gay best friend leaned in and whispered, “But, I’m just glad that your okay.”

Damn it to hell. She was ready for a fight, she was ready for him to be well pissed, she was ready for him to tell her what a shit she’s been. She wasn’t ready for him to be so relieved that she was alright. She had never even considered that he thought she wouldn’t be.

“Oh, Archie. I’m alright, I swear it. I just needed some time.” she said hooking her arm through his. “Will you walk me to my car, so we can catch up?”

And without another word, she had her Archie back. And for the first time today, she didn’t feel like she was fighting a battle, she didn’t feel like she had to explain herself, she didn’t feel like she had to apologize. She just felt like she could be herself, and it felt glorious.

“How was your first year at Uni, are you still dating Daniel? I remember last we spoke, he was taking you on your first real date.” she had missed so much, and was frankly so tired of talking about herself today it was easier to just focus on Archie and how his life had been. Plus she really cared about him and thought about him often. Wondering how he was doing was never far from her mind.

“Yeah, he is actually coming here in a few weeks after he goes and visits his family in London. I hope you will be here Rae, because you are really going to love him. Guess what his favorite band is? Oasis.” He answered not even giving her a chance to guess. “He was even at Knebworth, can you imagine that. We actually started our own little band.” Archie smiled and just like that their friendship was back on track.

Sure, they had so much they still needed to say, but that could wait. Because tonight, the entire gang was back together. Tonight, it didn’t matter what happened last year, six months, three weeks or even a day ago. Tonight was all that mattered and for the first time in forever, Rae wasn’t worried about tomorrow.

When Rae and Archie reached Kareem’s car, they had spoken about Archie’s first year at Uni, his music, his history classes, his boyfriend and everything in between. He seemed so happy that she was so sad she missed the last five months.

“Are we going to the pub?” he asked climbing into the passengers seat.

“Yeah, were going to meet the entire gang there.” Rae sighed, eager and apprehensive all at once.

“I have a million questions for you, but I think tonight we should celebrate the fact that we are all here” Archie stated. This is why Archie and Rae were such good friends. It was like he knew what she was thinking and she didn’t even need to say a word.

“My thoughts exactly” she said, happy that they were on the same page.

“I do have one question I don’t think can wait, and I apologize if it is a bit rude, but what is going on with you and Finn?”

Rae took a deep breath and reminded herself who she was talking to. If there was anyone who would understand, who would not judge, who would lend a helping hand, it was Archie. Plus he was Finn;s best mate. Or at least he used to be. Maybe he had some insight into how Rae can get through to him.

“I’m still in love with him, Archie. And after today and after the fight we just had, I don’t think he feels the same way.” She was trying her best not to cry, but just saying the words out loud, felt like someone had knocked the wind out of her.

“It looked like you two had made up to me back there” Archie said, without a hint of humor or sarcasm in his voice. He was worried. Worried about Rae, worried about Finn.

“I think it was just pent up aggression on his part. Like he had so much he wanted to say, but couldn’t. Like he had yelled so much, and then in a brief moment of quiet I made him laugh and he dropped all the barriers and we were back to a year ago and then you all walked in and he was right back to being angry with me. I don’t know that I can fix things, because I don’t think I’m strong enough to not break when he looks at me the way he does. I can’t explain it. It’s a mix of angry and frustration and hate and love. It rips my heart out.”

Archie gave Rae a look that told her she was not only being stupid, but being a bit unfair, “You two have been through a lot, especially in the few months before you left for Bristol. I think you owe it to yourselves to fix your friendship before you worry about anything else.” he sighed wiping the tear the Rae hadn’t realized fell down her cheek. “He loves you Rae, that you can be sure. But, he shut down when you didn’t call. I tried to explain to him that you just needed time, but I think he took it really personal. Like he was good with you going away as long as he still had some sort of connection to you. I came back every weekend I could, because I’m not too far away but most times, he refused to even see me. He would say he was busy, or that he had a date, or he would make up some bullshit about needing to take care of his dad. Truth was, I think I reminded him of you. We all did. Every time we were together it was a reminder that a piece was missing. You weren’t there”

Rae sat stone faced, tears rolling down her cheeks, listing to what Archie had to say. She didn’t know how to feel, and when Archie placed a hand on her shoulder she turned to him and said “What can I do”

With a nervous smile he said, “I can’t tell you what you should do, but I can tell you what I know, that you don’t. I know that Finn blamed himself every time you pushed him away. When he saw that you hurt yourself, he truly felt it was his fault. We all knew what you were dealing with, but he felt personally responsible. So when you decided to go to Bristol, he was a lot more relived than he was sad. He felt like he was giving you the best gift he could, by letting you go.”

Rae gasped in shock. How could he blame himself for her fucked up issues. He was her savior. It was in the moments of pain, that she saw him. It was in the moments when she wanted to hurt herself that she thought of him. He saved her from herself, didn’t he know that?

“I will deny I told you this, but I think it is important that you know.” Archie continued, “Finn didn’t kiss Katie Springer that day that you went to him. Katie had come over telling Finn that she saw you two argue outside the pub and was worried about you. He explained to her that you two had broken up and she tried to kiss him. He pushed her away and then before he knew it, you were there. He wanted to explain, but after hearing everything you had to say, he knew telling you he kissed Katie, was the only thing to make you go away. But, not because he wanted you to, but because he knew you needed to.” Archie sighed, “Finn is a lot of things Rae, but you can never accuse him of not being loyal.”

The tears were flowing freely now and while deep down inside her, Rae knew most of those things to be true, she hadn’t thought it would hurt so much to know that they were. Poor Finn. He was more broken than she could have imagine.

When she was so down on herself and pushing him away thinking he was too good for her, he was hanging on for dear life. How had she not seen that?

“I love you Archie.” Rae said, not thinking she had ever told him before. How she hadn’t she doesn’t know. He was always there for her when she needed him. Yeah they had their spats, but didn’t all best mates?

“Uncle Archie loves you too Rae” he said, causing her to laugh through her tears. “Now come on and lets go to the pub. I have a feeling you need a drink just about as much as I do. Plus I have a few choice words for Finn. That wanker has been ignoring me for days and you come back into town and all of a sudden, he is down for the pub. Asshole”

Rae chuckled a bit, but was still lost in her thoughts. Finn never cheated on her. He pushed her away like she had done so many times to him. They both had a lot of explaining to do, but first she needed some liquid courage.

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