also thanks tumblr for tagging my posts that really helps

unbothered-and-bored  asked:

Do you have any links or anything about witches that work with weed and alcohol? Really itching to look into this but I don't really know how to look for it on tumblr. Thanks for reading this, I love your blog! 💜

I’ve reblogged a couple posts about using marijuana in witchcraft but they aren’t tagged so you’d just have to look through my archive 😅. There are also definitely correspondences for specific kinds of alcohols and offerings but I have to admit I have never worked with them. Sorry to not be more helpful, but there are definitely ways to incorporate them into your practice! And if you come up with anything yourself post about! I’d love to hear how you work with them!

mapletreegirl  asked:

Hello ^^ I just started a study blog myself (studyonthestairs) and I wanted to ask you, if it'd be okay that I tag you in my posts? And since you have such a successful blog, I also wanted to know if you can give me any advise? Thank you!

Sure, that would be completely fine! I’m absolutely nowhere near as successful as other blogs, but here are some things that can help you out. 

+ Find a nice theme for your studyblr on your computer - sometimes, themes are really what attract me to reading more of other studyblrs’posts and pages. Make sure that both your mobile theme and desktop theme look nice. I go more on Tumblr on my phone, but I do also use my laptop often to look at other blogs.

+ Post original content often and tag big studyblrs or use the generic “studying”, “study”, “studyspo” tags. My own blog got much bigger because my posts were reblogged by more popular studyblrs! :)

+ Make a masterpost or advice post on studying! When I see these on my dashboard, I almost always reblog them to my studyblr - they’re so helpful!

+ Use filters and edit your photos - I know the studyblr community is now becoming more supportive and inclusive with people who show that “real studying” vibe with no edits to their photos and messy desks, but the sad truth is that edited photos get more popularity. Turn up the contrast and highlights, lower the temperature and shadows and you’ve got a decent picture. I’ll probably make an advice post on taking pictures and editing them for studyblrs soon :)))

+ Interact with other studyblrs! When one of your favorite bloggers reblogs a “send me anask” post, ask them a few questions :)

I hope you enjoy this community! Feel free to send in an ask if you need more help anytime :)