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Hey guys, this is GRACE (dearmyjimin), your resident Jungkook and Jimin stan. My blog has just hit it’s first-year anniversary and I wanted to start a series of yearly follow forever posts that serve as both a personal compilation of some fav graphics of my own (so that I can track how much I’ve grown as a designer), as well as to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another. Each and every creation was made possible because of all the support I received. I wish to thank those who follow and support me, my lovely mutuals and friends who encourage me and all the blogs I follow for decorating my dash with amazing content. I am proud to be an ARMY and to stan 7 Kings who are the sources of inspiration behind my creations ♡

my mutuals - bolded
♡ - personal message under the cut

# - F

@97x95  | @acaracahehe ♡ | @aishjimin | @apgujeon | @artofennun | @ask-bts-stuff | @ask-joonie | @bangtannoonas@bang-tan | @baobwi@beui | @beuits@bloominflowers@booptae | @bwibelle | @bwink ♡@bwipsul | @bwiyomi | @chimcheroo | @chimchams | @chimchins | @chimilkeu | @comeherejimin | @cowjimin | @cyyphr | @deartaetae | @exolutelyx​ ♡ | @fhawn | @forjimin

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I’m opening commissions! 

Other info

  • Alternate style only available for bust.
  • €5 per Character added. 
  • I will draw any fandom or OC as long as I’m given reference pictures.  
  • Things I won’t draw include; complicated Armour, mechs, furry (animal traits like ears/tails is okay tho), nsfw, romantic drawings of things I don’t ship  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  • Payment is only accepted through paypal invoices.
  • contact me through tumblr messenger on either this account or @toffeearts .
  •  You can also contact me by email me through the address (put commission as subject)
  • I dont really do detailed backgrounds but we can discuss it :).
  • as always feel free to contact me with questions!!

Even if you can’t afford to commission me reblogging this post really helps!! thank you <3.

(beware my tacky edition skills) 

i hit 250 followers the other day and honestly i am just overwhelmed by the love and attention this little blog of mine got, that’s why i decided to do a follow forever♡

special thanks

@sixshotsofgigglewater: honestly if it wasn’t for you not only i wouldn’t have gotten into harry potter as a fandom but i would not be here typing this right now. everyone should follow you to see how witty and hilarious you are, and so full of knowledge, you’re my personal pottermore! thank you for hyping me up in my best and my worst, and per cent anni♡  

@maud-eration: you’re one of the first people i got to talk in this site and i love to see your posts in my dash!!! i feel like we have very similar thoughts about several things and i could talk with you about credence for hours too

@potthr: i remember talking to you about tips for blogs and you suggested this username to me, and i cannot be more glad! i will always remember that♡

@nacrissablack: you were one of my first followers too and you’re always tagging me in personal posts and i am just so thankful for all the likes and interacting i get from you! so i hope we talk more

@pctter: your blog is GOALS and you’ve been so supportive to me that i cannot help to feel blessed and thankful, really! i do hope we can talk more as well

@burkesandborgin: you’re also one of the people i first talked to, you asked me about skincare and it made me so happy! making the tumblr awards was so fun too and i just feel so thankful to have you around

@ff-sunset-oasis: we started to talk so recently and to follow each other but i am just so happy to have found someone i can hype myself up about blaise and theo like djgdsg your fics are goals and i am just so glad i found your blog!

and to the amazing blogs i follow (mutuals are bold)

a to d: @abrcxasmalfoy @acciolunalovegood @alicelongbottom @aliciavspinnet @asktheboywholived @astohria @aurorpercival @blacksiruis @blacksistrs @burkesandborgin @chocolatetoads @cho-chang @clbuspotter @dailyprophet @deatheatcr  @dracolucivs @drerry

e to h: @emilyscartoons @episkys @evanrsiers @fantastlcbeasts @ff-sunset-oasis @findfyre  @fleuvrdelacour @flintwoods @flintxwood @flurishandblotts @foreverjily @gcnnyweasleys @ginevraparkinson @ginnyweasleu @goldstein-sisters @goldstelns @gryffinndor @gryffndrs @harryjawes @hermionesmenacinglook @herowyn @hispadfoot @howlingremus @huffelpuff @hyppogriff @hwfflpuff

i to o: @jamespottuh @jilys @johnsremus @kapitan5o @leekycauldron @lilyevians @lilygrabharryandrun @littlenifflers @luxiusmalfoy @maraudre @maud-eration @mcgonnagal @meraudurs @mlafoy @mvlfxy @mxlfoydraco @mxrcusflint @nacrissablack @njmphadora @nottxbones @nymphvdora @ohgeorgie @oliverswood

p to r: @padfootd @padmapatil @padmapatilz @pansyparkinscn @pansyparquinson @parvatpatil @parvati-patil @pctter @prcfessorlupin @peppermintparvati @pondsamelia @potthr @provocative-envy @qveersirius @puveblood @ravenneclaws @regulusblach @regulusblackss @remusluvpin @remushlupin @remuz @residentpotter @ronahld @ronweaselyz @ronweascly @rowle @rronaldbiliusweasley @rubeushagriid @rvenaravenclaw 

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(edit: tumblr is acting like an asshole and some of my mutuals don’t appear in bold so i am sorry about that and any potential names i might have missed T_T)


Hello Everyone, It is me again with my now corrected prices for Commissions. Alot of you probably know by now that I am homeless and unable to work and I really need commissions to like…. survive.

Those up there are my prices. If something’s not listed there, feel free to ask me about it. I’ll draw almost anything, furry, partial nudity, romantic/pda art. I won’t draw nsfw things and I won’t draw mecha (I don’t know how) I also won’t draw hateful or disturbing things either.

Payment is via paypal. Please email me at if you’re interested. Thank you for considering me and I would really appreciate it if you reblogged this post!



Since my handwriting isn’t the best I’ll write out all the prices and include little things and details I couldn’t fit in I suppose!

- Sketches range from $5-$10 depending on size, and it’ll be +$3 per extra character!
- Lineart will be +$4 from sketch prices, so $9 for a bust, $11 for a bust, and $14 for a fullbody! (same +$3 per extra character rule applies)
- Flat Colors (with a simple background) will range $15-$25 depending on size, and it’ll be +$5 per extra character, and +$10 for a complicated background.
- Shaded Colors (with a simple background) will range $35-$45 depending on size, and it’ll be +$10 per extra character, and +$5 for a complicated background.
- Talksprites will be $15! you can see some examples of those here!

You can find more examples of my art in my art tag!

I WILL DRAW: fanart, ships, self-inserts, ocs, anthros, animals, and some gore.

I WON’T DRAW: nsfw, incest, or mecha.

Payment will be accepted through paypal, and it’s the same email listed below.

Also please make sure when you send money through paypal, to send it as if you’re sending it to a friend, thank you!

You can contact me at or send me a message through tumblr!

Also even if you can’t commission me, reblogging this post would really help me out! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to share how you go about outlining your stories? I just started posting my writing on tumblr and now that it's out there, I've realized how amateur sounding and boring everything is because I simply just write what's in my mind at the moment and don't structure a plot at all. I'm really embarrassed about my writing and want to improve so badly, so any help at all would be so amazing. Thank you xx

Jokes on you, anon. I’m out here wildin.

But also you can check my tag #writing advice for more information about how I slap words on a page with fingers crossed

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I remember reading a post you made a while ago about some of your fav. phrases from your fics and I somehow lost it in my stupidity _(:3」∠)_ I tried searching it on your blog but no avail, is there anyway you could send it to me / know if it was tagged? Really want to send it to a friend! Thank you, I love your writing <3

is it this one: ?

if not, it might probably be under my ‘asks’ tag since I think it was part of an ask game I was doing, I can also try and recreate the post if you remember some of the fics I was quoting haha

hope that helps!

anonymous asked:

hey! so, my friend is really into phan, and i want send her some posts so hopefully she'll realise like.. it aint cool?? do you have any posts that sort of explain why its bad?? thanks

unfortunately we don’t have anything on phan specifically but a quick search of “rpf” on our blog brought this really good post:
also going through our rpf tag deeper should help. good luck.
-mod r

anonymous asked:

I read through your whoooole smut tag, and it's really cool to see your progress. Also you are a great writer! But now I am at a lack of smut.. Do you have any recs and/or accounts on tumblr that post generally short smutty smut, no need for plot, really.. Thanks! And again; LOVE your writing!

Hi! Wow, thank you so much! Always looking to improve my smut skills. Unfortunately, I don’t know any specifically smut-oriented accounts. I wish I could be more helpful on this!!

BUT if you are seeking more smut feel free to shoot me an ask as I will be happy to write that. This is open to anyone! If you have a scenario in mind you can send it to me and, if I’m comfortable with it, I’ll write it as soon as I can! :) 

are-you-cereal-right-now  asked:

I have a serious question for you. Do you use any plugin to help tag your posts? I also exhaustively tag all my posts but it gets really tiring after a while. If you do, may I have the name? If you type them all in manually, thank you for actually putting in the effort. Most tumblr-ites never put in the effort and it annoys me.

I unfortunately do it all by hand. It’s important to me that people are able to search for the content even outside of the blog. I hate it when I see something funny and I look for it and I can’t find it again because some asshole didn’t tag it.


hi! my drivers license is getting expensive and i need money, so i am opening commissions!!

here is what i’m offering:

Bust - 25 € examples (x) (x)
Waist-up - 30 € examples (x) (x)
Fullbody - 40 € examples (x) (x) (x)
+ 10 if you want me to design an elaborate outfit

here is my art tag if you need further references

i will draw any character from any fandom, oc’s are more than welcome, including non fandom ones!

things i won’t draw
- nsfw (some nudity is okay but nothing explicit/sexual)
- gore
- large amounts of fur
- elaborate backgrounds

Payment is through Paypal in Euros, after i finished it

if you are interested send me an email at with references, ideas if existing, outfit inspiration if you want a design and your tumblr username!! 

thank you for reading this, if you don’t want to commission me a signalboost would be really helpful as well!! :>


Alright guys, so, my dash needs a serious overhaul, meaning I’m going to be in following a lot of blogs that I currently follow.
Which also means I need more blogs to follow, preferably blogs with little to no shipping.
So, if you post a lot of Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, LOTR/The Hobbit, or Marvel, and either don’t post many shipping posts or you tag your posts, then please inbox me or reblog this post, that way I know to check out your blog to possibly follow it!
Thanks everyone, hoping that this will help my enjoy tumblr more!

200 Followers! Thanks to the following people

This isn’t really a follow forever, because I follow way more blogs, but these are people who have liked or reblogged, befriended, and/or followed me the most and you’re awesome! (If I forget anyone I might cry) I tried to remember/get your first names, because I don’t know, it seems more personal and heartfelt that way. And I like referring to people by their names instead of a tumblr username.

First of all thank you to the friends I’ve made on here, you people are awesome! I adore your blogs! (These are mostly people That have been declared friends by asking or tagging friends or whatnot or being quite active on my blog) they’ve sent me asks, or tagged me, and we’ve kind of had conversations over tumblr. :)
Jordan// officialmaxonschreave
Tainah// maspen
Mary// manon-and-abraxos
Sarah// maxon-my-dear
Erin// yourroyalbooknerd
Quinn// maxericaisbaemaxerica-eadrik
Ellie// aelin-ashryver-westfall
Olivia// america-darling
Ivana// brunettebookwyrmalexmari051983 (she’s not on tumblr anymore but such a sweet girl)
Marie// girlonfire64fuckyeahmaxericaamerica-singer-is-baecaptaincarswellthorneinmyside
Ann-Kathrin// lovecakeandmore
Abby// abbyilleathisisnthappilyeverafterkeadlyntrash
Therese// eadlynschreaveofillea
Hannah// eadlyns-tiaras
Also thanks to these friends I’ve had little chats with, or mutual tagging in tags, I also consider you my friends, and I’d really like to chat more with you! You guys are really nice and some of you comment on my posts and send me some stuff and you’re really helpful.
Emma// eadlyns-asparaguskilewooclworkselectingamericasingertheselectionmousefangirl-en-pointefyeahahrenschreave
Aisha// schreavetiara
Lauren// gardensofilleamaxonmydeearfangirl-en-pointe
Courtney// nooneismorepowerful
Jana// thenewsomelibrary
Savannah// keadlynsbooks-are-my-aus
Shay// aspenlleger
Myriam// maxericaruleilleathebookworm3940just-another-fangirl0
Rose// milkisgoodforbooks (I don’t know if she’s still on here with a username change or what)
Laura// loveisbeautifulfear
You guys have great drawing blogs:
Andrea// andiree
J// wisegirldraws

Also a thank you to some big blogs I saw here! I’m glad some of you are my friends! Your blogs are so great and you are so big on here, plus you have really tumblry posts.
celesteschreave erikandeadlyn etc.