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We haven't had a Drawing Challenge i wanted to make one! This is also my first time making a challenge so ;w;

                           This is the MCL COTD Drawing Challenge !

COTD (Candy of the Decade) will mainly focus on you drawing your Candy and yourself in different era’s fashion ! Like the 90′s, 80′s, Victorian era, ect.

It does not matter what era you choose! You can also do multiple eras!

You’ll be able to tag it into MCL COTD Challenge! I really would love to see everyone’s take on this!

About Mika

So, there’s something i’ve been thingking for a while, and it’s about our lovely Mika and his personality….I would like to share it with you guys.

There is what i think: 

Ever sinse he was a child he has always shown that he give everything for his family, to the people he loves…to the point of not caring about himself.
We all know that he exchanged his blood for food to give it to his family…

In the drama cd there’s a part where Mika and Yuu talk about their favorite meals, Yuu says he likes curry…so, what did Mika do? He went to Ferid and exchange his blood for curry ingredients…That’s kind of sad cuz he give all for his family but what about him? …And as a teenager the only thing he want is save his lovely princessYuu-chan and runaway! (Even if it cost him his life)

He is the most altruistic character i’ve ever seen in anime, and in some way (and i hope not be the only one) i feel very identified with him.

Mika, you’re such an amazing character <3 I lova ya.

ataraxiansmile  asked:

The art of Mika winking in your header image is amazing oh my gosh

wow thank you /)////(\ I really appreciate it! 

I got the idea from this video: [ONS-MMD] Mika - CircusI was drawing smth about it, but chickened out at the end…