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hello! i really really LOVE your blog and art >w< it's also amazing cuz we share otps! have a nice and amazing day!! uwu

Thank you so much! I’m glad we have the same otps <3 And sorry the answer is too late, I’m always like this omg. 

                       I REACHED 1200 FOLLOWERS HERE! 

I’m so happy, thank yall, you are the best and I know its not much but I am proud anyway! I love you guys, really. 

Part 2 of this thing [X] :3c also inspired by Yamato’s pose~

Also I just realized that I reached over 2100 followers, thank you guys!! I have no idea why you follow this trash blog but I glad you do UwU here have this Laz

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hi do you have any tips on drawing heads/jaw lines?? I wanna try a different style and I love your art a lot uwu

Hello and thank you ;v;
Okay so … I guess it all depends on how you are drawing already.
I used to ignore jaw lines until I started to try to make characters look more masculine, years ago. So the shape of face and jaw line strongly depends on how old a character is and how they’re build.
What I did here was just quickly doodle some heads and then added the colours in an effort to try to understand what I’m doing lol. These sketches are only rough and also not 100% anatomical correct.
As you can see the lines always follow a certain pattern.
What’s most helpful is probably the placement of the ears. They mark the upper line of the eyes and more or less the mouth.
The spots where the yellow line overlaps the ear should actually be erased, I never do that in my sketches though, cause it marks the place where the earlobe should be.
Regarding the peach coloured triangle underneath the chin … I always mark a shadow line. And I noticed that it always kinda makes the same angled triangle. So I decided to just mark it and leave it there, I have no idea if it’s helpful, really ….
Otherwise there’s one more important thing to say about jaw lines: they’re NOT = chin. As you can see in the drawings where the person slightly lifts their head, the jaw line goes up, too, while the rest of the chin stays low. (this is also why ppl get double chins when lowering their heads).
Okay now … I hope this was … at least a bit useful.
Please let me know if you have other or more specific questions <3

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I have to ask! Do you think you are squishy? Cause' i think that! Aaaaaand~ i love your draw style, honestly, i wanna draw like you, senpoi uwu any advice or it's just practice? (Sorry if i said something wrong, you have a follower who just talk spanish~) (´。• ω •。`)

At first, thank you so much friend!;)

and maybe i think my drawings are squishy too~

some people told me that, they also said wanna touch~!XD

well…some advices…hmm…….

ok, i try to show my way how to draw!  but mine is not detail-oriented…

also i’m not good at explain. X(

…anyway, here you are~

eventually your draw style will be completed by your practices!

you can do it! Keep your determination~!♡


To celebrate 500+ Followers this blog got, I think it’s fitting to give a tribute to the comic that practically sealed my deal in Underfell AU ((because I assume most of you guys get here by my underfell doodles ))

Underfell : The Dare by @nyublackneko (It’s just so good it makes me goes yup that’s it I’m not leaving this AU any moment now this thing is gonna be my muse for days)

This comic is loosely based on it, also one of my first fanarts for this underfell… which I never finish until now ahahaha I have too much wip


I never thought this blog would get so much followers so quick! Never thought soo many people likes to see my rough doodles and all /w\

Thank you so much!! I hope you guys will enjoy your stay UwU)/~

Crime and Punishment II

This is a follow up to Crime and Punishment Meta (I suggest you read it first if you want to proceed ) 

I had an interesting convo (well, every convo with you is interesting, thank you for sharing ideas with me UwU)  with AnonLearnsToWrite last night and I also wanted to share it with you. 

In this meta, we talked about the possibility that Fyodor’s ability can only work against non-ability users. However, we also consider that maybe it works on two ways. The effects of his ability varies depending on his victim: 

Non ability user = instant death (like what happened to Topaz and the Policeman)

Ability user = mind manipulation/memory wipe

best example? here:

Hawthorne is by far the only ability user that we know who has a connection with Fyodor that turned out like this. Safe to assume that his memory was wiped and we still don’t know who did that, supposedly we should know it by now since the Rats arc almost ended and as of now, there is only one person I could think of who caused this and it is non other than Fyodor. Also, yes I am aware of what he did to Ivan’s brain but then again, Ivan’s head have bandages while Hawthorne’s head is okay so my point is, he didn’t perform a surgery on him. 

Anyway IDK but this is like my 5th? Crime and Punishment meta? xD 


Ahh I’ve reached 500 followers?! That is so cool! Thank you guys so much!!

My heart literally swell when I think that so many people enjoy my blog!

This is a little spring-ish apron I designed a couple of days ago. There’s some flaws on the side of the skirt but i didn’t really have the patience to fix it…

Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and once again thank you!

Please do not claim as yours! Also I’d love it if you tagged me if your using it so I can see your cute photos!  uwu ♥ 

Also available in green!

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I don't know what ninjago is, but omg because of u I already love it! Is it a game or something?

It’s a show~ uwu and hhhhv- thank uuu♡♡♡ I’m so glad u like it!! U can watch the show, they’re so good I promise u won’t regret it~ they r also a group band called The Fold who makes some songs for Ninjago u can watch them too, it’s awesome •w•` I just hhhhv- I’m getting emotional, bleh-.. This somehow really cheered me up, because it makes me happy that people would love to start watching Ninjago for what I do qwq I’m glad u guys still follow my contents despite the fandoms~ thank u ;w;

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Hello! First thing first, I love your answers! I recently started following you, and I haven't bit disappointed one bit! Now, for the reaction request! Could I have a "damsel in distress" situation with the companions? But for minor things like.. Danse having his foot stuck in some wireing and can't get free because of giant suit, or killing a spider because someone is afraid! Just small, cute, and fluffy gestures uwu Love you!!

Of course you can anon and thank you so much I’m so glad you enjoy them! Love you too anon! ^-^ 

This is also the 1000 celebration post! A bit of fluff for this one :D

Cait: Cait was having trouble with a particularly tricky bottle that refused to open and almost broke it in frustration. Sole came in to the rescue and wrapped their hands around hers which were subsequently round the bottle. As Sole popped off the top with a gentle nod to indicate a job well done, Cait gave a them quick peck on the cheek to show her gratitude, followed by a playful punch to the arm and a goofy face, she was already smiling again.

Codsworth: Codsy was trying to keep the house clean when he struck a paint can that engaged a domino effect that led to the whole shelf rack falling down. Codsworth was the only thing stopping it from collapsing entirely. Sole rushed in to scout out the commotion and couldn’t help but giggle a little at the sight of Codsworth almost trying to juggle all of these miscellaneous objects. “Uhh Sir/Mum… a little assistance? Please?” Sole gladly helped Codsworth and to make him feel better broke out the polish and buffer. They made Codsworth look as good as new again.

Curie:  She was not used to feeling pain so when she pricked her thumb on a thorn, while out picking flowers, she was certain she was going to die. Sole came running to the sound of screams to find Curie curled up in a ball holding her thumb and whimpering, Sole rolled their eyes with a gentle smile and picked up their big baby Curie. Sole patched her up and gave her thumb a little kiss to make it better. Later on Sole returned with the flowers, except now all tied into a bunch with a little ribbon and presented it, with a big cheese-ball smile, to Curie. She blushed and on her tippy toes she gave sole a quick but loving kiss to Sole’s lips, showing her love for her gift

Danse: In his bulky power armour Danse had gotten himself caught on some torn barbed wire ;). Danse riggled his leg feverishly to get himself free but alas could not. When Sole walked over with thier “Danse what the fuck are you doing? look” Danse in despair replied to Sole’s expression “It’s hopeless soldier… I’m… I’m done for… I’m stuck and cannot get free… go on without me and complete the mission” Sole was in such a trauma from Danse’s dumb ass antics, they sighed all the way over to him and sighed even more when the say it was a stray, ragged strand of old wire that inhibited him. They pulled away and held it to his face, with their own look of “Really Danse?” Danse had gone an unusual bright red “Well, er…. L-lets er…carry on” Sole just thinking to themselves “Big doofus…”

Deacon: “SHIT, WHERE ARE MY GLASSES?!?!” Deacon ran scrambling about trying to find them, Sole simply sat with their head in their hands as Deacon ran about relentlessy “I CAN’T DO MY DISGUISE WITHOUT THEM!” Sole walked over and stopped Deacon in his tracks, holding him as he panted from his frantic searching. Like with Danse Sole donned a “Really Deacon?” look on their face as they reached up to Deacon’s pompadour, then pulled back shading his eyes. Deacon sheepishly reached out to his face, “Ah, er… there they are… err…” They were on his head the whole time…Deacon had turned a bright red from his senior moment.

Dogmeat: Whimpering an awful lot and struggling to walk, Dogmeat eventually curled up in his bed with his head hidden. Sole came over as the sight of Dogmeat in pain weighed heavy on them. Sole gave him the once over and found it was actually a thorn that had stabbed into Dogmeat’s paw. With a quick jolt the thorn was gone and Dogmeat was full of life again, thanking Sole with a barrage of wet dog kisses to the face.

Hancock: He’d got wasted the night before, barely knew what was going on when he tried to get dressed, tripping over as he did so. Suddenly everything was dark. No sound, void of light. Hancock cried out for Sole “HELP! HELP ME LOVE! I CAN’T SEE!” Sole footsteps were heard shooting up the stairs, but they couldn’t see Hancock? They heard his cries coming from the other side of a door, upon opening and flooding Hancock’s eyes with light he flopped out on the floor “Thank god you came… I… I was in some place…. darkness all around me…” “Hancock” Sole replied sternly but with a laugh starting to creep through “You were in the closet…” Sole internally dying at Hancock’s drunken antics, they thought to themselves “For christs sake Hancock” trying not to laugh out loud as they did so.

MacCready: The night before he had a couple nightmares about getting hurt in combat and when he woke in a cold sweat the fear became very real. There was no sensation on his legs?!? “Oh my god… Oh my god… OH MY GOD I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS!!!” Sole woke in a flustered haze, muttering “Huh… wha..” When Mac explained in tears to Sole that he couldn’t feel his legs, Sole looked down in horror. Then looked at Mac, then back at his legs, then back at Mac. “Mac… you do know right that… those are my legs…” “Oh er… really? oh thank god…” He replied, Sole flopping back down onto their pillow, exhausted from the day and from the mad antics that had just taken place.

Nick: Nick and Sole were exploring an old department store when Sole accidentally set off something. A horrifying whaling filled the room and made Nick jump out of his synthetic, falling apart, skin. “IT’S THE INSTITUTE! THEY’RE HERE!” Nick almost started to unload his revolver at moving shadows when Sole flicked on the lights. “Nick… it was a hair dryer, calm your synthetic ass down metal man :3″ Sole stood by the light switch, watching Nick fumble as he tried to compose himself “Could’ve been the Institute you know…” Nick’s voice turned a little sheepish after his outburst at a wild imagination.

Piper: Sole could hear her screaming and immediately bolted to her aid, when they got out they saw Piper covered in ink trying to stop the printer from squirting more all over the place. As it quickly stopped mere seconds later, Pipers frustration almost brought on slight tears. Luckily Blue was there to help, they took Piper in their arms and handed her a towel to wipe away the ink and creeping tears. Sole quickly left and then returned as quick as they’d gone, they sent Piper up for a hot bath and to relax her trembling anxiety. About an hour or so later Piper came down with a towel wrapped around her precariously. She was in complete shock “Blue… you… you… the printer? It’s fixed!” Sole had scrapped an old set of power armour, used it to fix and rebuild Piper’s printer, fully loaded with ink and polished to a high shine. Piper’s world had lit up as she jumped at Blue to thank them with a rapid succession of kisses all over their surprised face. 

Preston: While traversing the wealth, Preston felt his coat get grabbed by something. In his mind “OH God…. they got me… I’m already dead I know it” Whereas out loud “GENERAL… H-HELP ME!!!” Sole sprinted to assist but when they got their, they just simply put their hand to their face following a sighed laugh. A certain “Preston pls” look as they strolled to Preston’s coat. “Preston… no one’s got you” They said reassuringly “Your coat is snagged on this branch ya big doofus” Preston’s cheeks grew a warm red, as the blood rushed to his face, he felt a tiny bit stupid about the whole thing. He gave his general a quick peck on the cheek as a thank you.

Strong: Somehow Strong had managed to get his head wedged in an old cat flap after chasing one of the strays that sometimes passed through sanctuary hills. With Sole’s handy work and a trusty screwdriver Strong was free of the door in no time, although the flap was still stuck. Strong considered it a gift from Sole “Strong thank human for… helping strong with stuck head. Human never saw did they?” To humour Strong, Sole of course played along, they still think of it every time they strong, or any household pet.

X6-88: Like Curie X6 was new to pain, being so highly skilled in combat meant he never got hit. When X6 caught himself of a shard of glass and saw the blood come fourth “Sir/ma’am… I think… I think I might be dying. Yes… I’m sure I’m dying” Sole gave him a bit of a puzzled look at X6′s dramatics and carried on to wrap his cut in a bandage. Giving X6 a soft jab to his arm to show Sole both cared and thought he was a tiny bit dramatic. When X6′s cut got a little better it graduated to a hug for the big synth cinnamon hunk.

A special fluff post for breaking 1000 followers, I wanted to get this one done to celebrate and it is a very late 2 am here xD. But thank you guys so much for everything, this blog would be nothing without your support so thank you! I love all you guys <3 ^-^

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with all the due compliments you received mine won't surely make the difference yet i can't help it but!! ah!! i just love your art so much?? gosh you have such a great style, really cute and colourful and expressive! and you're such an adorable person!! i hope you'll have amazing christmas holidays dear 🌸 (also is it really okay for you to be followed? please honey don't feel forced to!!)

I can’t put into words how happy I am! Your compliments are just asdfghjkl!!! QwQ Thank you so much!! I hope you’ll have amazing christmas holidays as well!!! ( anddd don’t worry!!!! I am pretty fine about that!!! uwu💕) Have a wonderful day/night QwQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oisuga weekend: day three: costumes / promises

a follow up to this…! which in turn is a follow up to my hc that suga ended up giving oikawa the milk bread (but not before scoffing the entire first packet in front of him with kageyama) and his number :3c

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pls help do you know of any transatlantic long distance wolfstar fics? i know this is weirdly specific but i'm angsty also i love you you're my favorite blogger in the world my lord and savior uwu

Nooooo I wish I had a better answer for you. The only fic I can think of that has a long distance relationship is Long Distance by irrationalmoony and LadyAmina, but it’s unfinished. :( Unless my followers know of more?

look… far we’ve come…….

600+ followers!?!?!?!? WHOAA im so happy i got all these people to like my blog 

having you all here makes me feel really great!!! ill work harder from now on!! (ive already worked too hard on this blog tho my wrist is starting to hurt hahaha)

here’s todoroki in zuko’s outfit since that ask is getting popular lately hehehe

[[♥ Reverse Meme Call ♥]]

I’m going out to garden, but give this a like if you would like me to dig through your memes and prompts and send you something when I get back.

Even if we’ve never written together - I’ve gotten a few new followers lately, and I’d like to interact with you a little bit. uwu

♥ Rabbit