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Weekly update #2


I FORGOT TO POST LAST SUNDAY, so I’m just gonna post now instead.


Multiplayer fun with Jack, Ken and Mark! This game is even more fun with more people. I love doing multiplayer videos, because its not so much trying to be entertaining, its just us having fun playing.



BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: ME PLAYING WITH THE HTC VIVE. The reaction to this video from you bros was very unexpected to be honest.It’s either “THIS VIDEO IS THE FUNNIEST SHIT” or “WTF, THIS IS SO WEIRD I CANT ENJOY IT”.Personally I think its “THIS IS THE FUNNIEST SHIT”, ya’ll should know to expect this channel is weird by now…




Quantum break is fucking cool, you bros should definitely check out this series. It’s probably the best xbox title we have seen so far.

Scare PewDiePie ends with episode 10. I was actually legit pissed when I realized it wasnt a party because there was so much drama in the show and I just wanted to chill with all the people I filmed with. Either way, I had the time of my life filming this show and just wanna say HUGE thanks to everyone who supported this show!But even bigger thanks to everyone who worked on it!

Also uploaded Dark Souls Part 3, it might seem like a throw away since I uploaded 3 episodes, but I put so much fucking time on editing this. People always say for some reason “I’m only motivated by money”. But these type of videos takes 20x times more to make rather then say…. the quantum break episode. But the quantum break episode still gives me 2x as much ad revenue. I love Dark Souls and I love editing them and I love sharing these episodes with you bros; please watch them!

THURSDAY:, this is the kinda game I knew it was gonna get popular on YouTube. Aaaaaand what do you know? - Everyone is playing it now!I love the edits in this video, some say the Paul Walker part was offensive. To me it was just about me and Vin Diesel, but either way its a great video in my opinion.



So anyway, I also uploaded another Quantum break episode, ARE YOU WATCHING THIS SHIT YET?


I died.The video is very “clickbaity”, but its also very funny so.. win-win? SUNDAY:This is the weirdest fucking video Ive ever uploaded.

I didnt realize it was so weird until I watched it.I dont know why I thought: “hey making a video where I just try out facemasks, thats a great idea, right?"It actually turned out very funny, but I think most people are still freaked out by the body suit I wore. FUNNY STORY TIME. I bought that suit in Japan, it wasnt actually for sale it was just displayed on a manikin. I had to ask for it and they first said no, but I managed to somehow convince them despite the language barrier. LOL And hey! Another quantum break!

– Im writing these post so you bros get an idea how much thought and time goes into making videos each week. Not to pry on it, but also because Im proud of the work and I want you bros to watch it with a bit of perspective I guess.


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How did you get a following? I'm really into the doll trend but I can't seem to pick up a following on my YouTube or Twitter, what should I do?

I’m not sure how I got them :0♥

I don’t think that it has anything to do with the doll trend in general :o just be yourself and never give up!♥ Continue to upload your content and just do what you like to do♥ It’s not about how many followers you have or you get!

You have to do it because you like to record videos and because you enjoy it♥

Wish you the best for your YouTube ♥

Btw: I’m really thankful of anyone who is following and supporting me ♥ Thank u very much !^-^ And you can also message me anytime♥ I want to spend a great time with everyone here ^-^♥

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Ever wondered what’s in my backpack? Well now you can find out! Thank you to everyone who requested this video; it was a blast to film. I hope you guys enjoy going through my backpack and it gets you excited to be going back to school soon! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! (Also has closed captioning for anyone who wants it.)

P.S. Also check out my new vlog channel where I’ll be uploading vlogs of my time at college :) 

Thank you all!!

Okay, so, first off, I want to thank each and everyone for following me and for messaging me (those who do, that is) and I want to just say that, I got to 1000 (+3) followers. That might not seem like much to people who have more followers than me but, I honestly didn’t think I’d ever get this far.

Not on Tumblr or on Wattpad. Thank you.

I made a video that I posed on my YouTube because for some reason, I couldn’t upload it on here so, here’s the link. I hope you like it.

Also, I want to mention a few people that make me happy and these people have done an impact on me even if they don’t realize it themselves.

@fankakm @graphrofberk @tarched @fanwriter02
@leffie-draws-fanart @lutavero

Yeah. I’m sorry if I’ve ever talk to you and I didn’t mention you. Thanks to everyone who followed me, who messaged me, asked me questions and just…become my friend.

Thank you.

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Hi, I'm here to appreciate you and your work, you are a beautiful person. OK bye //

Gosh :D thank you for your message :> I tried to pose McCree to convey what my face looked like when I read it xD
Also to everyone else who left lovely comments and tags on my recent video upload I would like to thank you :D I’ll try my best to push forward and complete this project for you all :>

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Press conference upon return from GPF Marseille (13 Dec 2016)

(my translation of some parts only):

Yuzuru:  This season, the period that I could not skate was very long (due to injury), so with regards to skating, I feel very happy when I am skating and I also did a lot of re-thinking about it.  Both my programmes are changed for this season, so I want to put in my thoughts/feelings for every single point of expression.

Q: You said in an interview (in Marseille) that your kanji for the year is 「長」(long) and together with last year’s kanji 「成」, it becomes the word for growth 「成長」. So can we say that this 4th victory is the result of the growth of these 2 years?

Yuzu:  This 4th consecutive victory is not just the result of these 2 years. It includes that Cup of China performance which I did after getting injured (t/n. in a collision with another skater) and it was the centre of a lot of attention;  it includes the GPF victory in Japan during the Sochi Olympics season;  it includes all these things, so in a sense, I do feel like I’m being rewarded for all the things I have done in my skating life up to now.

Q: How do you plan to grow further?

Yuzu: I still can’t do my free skate with no mistakes, and my short programme as well.  I will practise hard towards jumping 4 quads in my layout.  There are also many areas that I am not satisfied with, so I will work hard on all these issues each day.

Q: You talked about a quad axel at the press conference in Marseille. What are your plans on this?

Yuzu: It was something that I said right after the competition. Now that I think about it, the next competition is rather close at hand, so I would rather focus on preparing for that. That’s what I’m thinking now.  [smile]

Q:  Your fans have all sorts of things to cheer for you (“support goods”). Are there any that catch your eye?

Yuzu: People who hold banners with my name…. it makes me very happy to see them doing that for me.  Also people who call my name and clap for me and wave to me, I really feel the support very concretely.

Q: As you are evolving, do you feel that the “support goods” of your fans are also evolving?

Yuzu: I can see that the support banners have increased and there are things that match the season. Like some of the Pooh-bears that are thrown down, they wear costumes, and many other things that change with each season….. so in that sense, I think everyone is also evolving. ^^

–my partial translation, video thanks to uploader.

Good news everyone!

You can catch my latest coffee painting timelapse video of Garnet in less than 12 hours time! Please reblog this to share and save it as a reminder for yourself so you can enjoy watching it later, your future self will thank you! I don’t normally upload more than 1 coffee painting video per week but this is a special occassion so it had to be done! Also thank you thank you so much to those who reblobbed my videos, it makes a tremendous amount of difference to the analytics when I see them from the Creators Studio side of Youtube, you folks have no idea how much this means to me!

This is what I can show you so far, this is the video thumbnail of it.

Click here to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you’ll be notified as soon as the video is published, aw yuss link me like it’s the ‘90s!

Thanks so much, I’m going to get some heavily neglected chores and errands done now, have a good one!

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There's a facebook page that published your video without even mentioning you. It's called "The Wall of Comedy" ( it's also a verified page) how does that make you feel? I'd be pissed as fuck.

My recent videos have been watched in total around 50 million times on facebook/instagram/twitter uploaded by people who haven’t tagged me or given me any cred. It’s ok though, I don’t really care too much about it. I’m just happy to see people enjoying my garbage. And my face is in the videos so at least people recognize me in the future. I might start adding a small watermark to my coming videos, who knows. Thank you (and everyone else) for caring about me.


» anakin & padme | and it hurts like hell; 2k+ 

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YAY a new Anidala video! I’m so sorry it’s taken me awhile to get one uploaded, I’ve just been really inspired by TFA lately;D I wanted to thank everyone because I just hit 2k followers a few days ago, which not even a month ago I hit my first 1k and now it’s at over 2k and I’m honestly so happy I could cry! :’D Thank you so much everyone who has subscribed to me! You guys truly keep me inspired! :’D I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
I also want to thank the lovely anon who sent me this song on tumblr a few days ago because this song is PERFECT for Anidala and gave me a lot of inspiration, so thank you so much, you are amazing! :D 

So I really was excited to video this song for Anidala because I could really picture it in my head and that always makes me vid faster:) I also can’t believe the amount of support and lovely comment I have gotten recently. This fandom is growing every single day and it makes me so happy to see so many new Anidala shippers and general SW fans! :D So anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the video! Please let me know what you think, I love feedback! :D

Dedication: I want to dedicate this video to the lovely: beautiful-kind-but-sad, she has become one of my best friends on tumblr and I really love our silly conversations and SHE IS MY BESTIE! ;D So this one is for you, sweetie! I hope you like it! ILYSM╰( ♥ ヮ ♥ )╯


THE LINKS FOR SMTM3 ARE UPDATED! Thanks to Afrah who had the videos, I just put the mega link for everyone. Please please please don’t re-upload without permission :/ If I see people are re-uploading, I will take all those links down…

Also, we’re currently missing the subs for episode 10 of SMTM3. If anybody has it, I would really appreciate it if you could send it to:!

Clock Crest Story @ 2nd in Oricon Daily Rankings (041916)

Mafumafu: “With 36337 copies sold on the first week, the album “Clock Crest Story” has placed 2nd on the Oricon Weekly ranking. To be able to receive such an outcome, I feel that it is thanks to everyone who has been earnestly supporting us. Thank you so much!! Without missing a day of study from here on as well, I want to be able to create even better music…!!”


Soraru: “2nd place on the Oricon Weekly Ranking!!!!!!!!!! 36,337 copies sold on the first week!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! What joyous news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did it――――――― This is thanks to everyone thank you―――――――――――――!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Soraru: “Compared to Mafumafu’s tweet, my tweet sounds too idiotic, it’s terrible”

Soraru: “When I uploaded my first video, it didn’t even reach 100 views ( ^ω^) But even still, I was happy that there were people who commented and (creating videos) became fun, and as I continued without losing interest in it, 8 years had already passed. It wasn’t filled with only good things but by walking forward without shrinking back, these sort of happy events also occur. This sort of life is quite worth living!”  


Soramafu’s Statements on Resellers (081115)

Mafumafu: “In regards to the Soramafu album, I will be saying an announcement so important that it will take up 3 tweets. If possible, I would be very happy if you could spread them around. Please give me your regards.”

Mafumafu: “[Important Announcement ①] The album “Pre-rhythm Arch” is being sold “inclusive of Soraru & Mafumafu’s photographs” on Amazon, and is marked at a price much higher than the original listing. We have contacted the seller multiple times, but have not received a response. (It’s at the point where the phone will connect, but is silently cut off)”

Mafumafu: “[Important Announcement ②] In the case that photographs are really sold, there is a fear that it will be an infringement of our rights to photography consent, and there is also a possibility of it being unauthorized reproduction of art. As it seems that there are many who give up if we place them in such a situation, we have decided to consult attorneys & administration related to the law, and will take legal action.”

Mafumafu: “[Important Announcement ③] In addition, it has been stated that the company’s location is in Nagoya, but when we investigated it at the regional legal affairs bureau before going there directly, it came to light that “a company does not exist in that place”. There is no mistake that this is a harmful resale, so please definitely do not purchase from it.”

Soraru: “In regards to the Amazon sales, it may end up being a little later, but we have plans to do online CD orders for the overseas fans who are unable to buy from Animate & Lagoa! As such, instead of purchasing from resales, please buy from us (online) instead~”

Mafumafu: “Every human being has rights, and is protected by the law. In the case that they still insist on selling against our wills, I believe we will use legal means to respond. Recently I’ve been thinking that those who make light of rights to photography consent & privacy are conspicuous, but now that we’ve been hit, I’m glad that we have made precautions to countermeasure them.”

Mafumafu: “Everyone, thank you very much for cooperating! Thanks also to the video uploaders who have spread (the information)… It’s dissatisfying to know that it’ll take time for a variety of reasons, but I think it’d be nice if these sort of situations decreased as a result of this. Since the lawyers are also cooperating with us, we’ll try our best without losing ~(`-ω-´)”

Fan: “Mafu-kun, Soraru-san, I just searched these up right now, but this is also (unauthorized) reproduction right??”

Soraru: “This is also the same! It pisses me off! Don’t buy it ok!”

Soraru: “If there were people that mistook these as official & bought it for 3 times the price, it’d be awful”

♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪

I know most people may have already seen my earlier summary on this situation, but please spread these more accurate translations as well!! >< As the post before contained much of my own anger & opinion, it may not have been as true to what Soramafu wanted to convey. 

Thank you for reading & reblogging, and please support them when they release an international purchasing option! 

RE: 'Tonight'

I would like to start this post positively (as it may not stay that way) by saying thank you to everyone who has been so helpful to me over these past 24ish hours (and more). I’m sure you can imagine how nervous I was when uploading this video (trembling occurred) and the reaction that I received has made me feel wholly supported, and that is something I am truly grateful for.

Firstly, I would like to address Jason’s video. Something that may have been overlooked by people is the fact that this video is unlisted. He also tweeted it only to me, meaning it would not have appeared in the timelines of people who don’t follow us both. ie, people who are still in their happy fantasies of Jason being a quirky 20 year old continue to reside there.  On top of this, according to Jason ‘i have tried, and will continue to try to contact Ania to apologise’. I have no experience of this. 

These are the parts of the video I feel like I should address personally. The excuses Jason makes have all been commented on very intelligently and articulately in the comments, so I will not go over these. My incredibly good friend George made a video covering some of these as well:

The video was addressed to me. Since I uploaded my video, I have had many other people come forward to me, and some have agreed to allow me to post screenshots of their experiences. Please realise that what Jason did was not a ‘one-off’ thing. And it was not during a ‘bad phase’.  These events did not all happen around the same time; there have been reports of recent cases and some from years ago (some of these overlap with the period in which he apparently ‘changed’).   

First message:

Second Message: 

Third message: 

Anonymous tumblr posts about it:

Finally, what 20 year old bring condoms when going to meet up with a 15 year old? A 20 year old with the intention of having sex. Not because it was ‘awkward’.

At the moment this is all I would like to say, other than thank you, again.





As you all know, Dane’s birthday is coming soon. February 6th is not far from today, so please read information on how we plan to celebrate this day, and participate today!  The idea originally comes from amazing Dane fandom members:Sam (frostydehaan) and Max (eyebagdehaan). I am helping to spread this information, and make the congratulation happen. Perhaps we will be able to send it to Dane on twitter. I will also make sure to have all your submissions online on this website, so that it stays online as a special gift from Dane’s special fans :)

Below you can read the original post of frostydehaan which has all the explanations and directions:

it is Dane’s birthday (!!!!) so I thought of something really incredible to do for him! I would be making a video compilation of greetings/artworks/drawings made by us, the fans, for him from all over the world.

you could either send:
-video/s of yourself (or with a group of people so it would be more fun!) greeting, singing or dancing for dane. (If doing it by groups please include where you’re from, like “hello dane we’re your fans from *insert country/place* greeting you a happy birthday!!!” Or something like that)
-fan art/doodles
-anything you want (make sure appropriate)
-and of course, love for dane

You can send them to on or before 3rd of February. Make sure to include your name, tumblr URL/twitter and where you’re from.

I will be sending the link via the email you used to send me your output once I’ve uploaded the video or I could just post the link here so make sure you’re tracking #ddehaanproject (or follow me). If you have any questions, my ask box is always open.

It would be really great if we could get fans from all over the world so dane could acknowledge each and everyone! And for us, Dane’s fandom, to have more friends all over the world!

(also, thanks to my friend eyebagdehaan who made this project possible!!!)

IN 2 DAYS (February 6th) it is Dane’s birthday (!!!!) so I thought of something really incredible to do for him! I would be making a video compilation of greetings/artworks/drawings made by us, the fans, for him from all over the world.

you could either send:
-video/s of yourself (or with a group of people so it would be more fun!) greeting, singing or dancing for dane. (If doing it by groups please include where you’re from, like “hello dane we’re your fans from *insert country/place* greeting you a happy birthday!!!” Or something like that)
-fan art/doodles
-anything you want (make sure appropriate)
-and of course, love for dane

You can send them to on or before 5th of February*. Make sure to include your name, tumblr URL/twitter and where you’re from.

I will be sending the link via the email you used to send me your output once I’ve uploaded the video or I could just post the link here so make sure you’re tracking #ddehaanproject (or follow me). If you have any questions, my ask box is always open.

It would be really great if we could get fans from all over the world so dane could acknowledge each and everyone! And for us, Dane’s fandom, to have more friends all over the world!

(also, thanks to my friend eyebagdehaan who made this project possible!!!)

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I finally got one screen capture program that works and now I’ll be able to post a bit of my process for you to see :) this is a thing I’ve been working on lately <3 after this I’ll make a couple more of the requests that I haven’t finished yet, and maybe also upload of its process on my youtube chanel!

also, a HUGE thank you all for everyone who sent me asks and emails answering my question! MY PROJECT WAS APPROVED thanks to you all!! so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! YOU’RE ALL AWESOME!