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101 Ways to Seduce a Moose (#4)

Title: 101 Ways to Seduce a Moose 

Sub-Title: #4: How to Entertain a Moose

Summary: Gabriel has been in hiding for five years, watching the Winchesters from the background, finally ready to come out of hiding after the darkness is dealt with.  In his time of hiding, he has come to the realization…he is in love with the youngest Winchester.  Sam isn’t exactly thrilled to have the trickster back, remembering all too well the Nutcracker incident, but don’t worry…Gabriel has a plan to make him change his mind.  And you know Gabriel, he isn’t one to back down from a challenge. 

Warnings: none? 

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  ***AUTHORS NOTE: I plan to make this a long running story, with 101 chapters of Gabriel seducing Sam.  There will be a plot (Gabriel and Sam’s relationship developing), and I am so excited to get started.  However, I will need your help with some ideas (101 ideas is a lot to ask of anyone) of what he could do to try to seduce Sam!  They can be in the short term or for a later chapter, but if you have an idea you would like contribute, send me an ask! ^^  I will try to include as many as possible in the actual story arc and tag you if yours is used! ^^  I hope you all like it! 

 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

“Are we there yet?”  Gabriel whined as Dean drove down the road.  They had only been in the car for about hour, but to Gabriel it felt like eternity.  When he agreed to the trial hunt, he thought it would be an easy in and out.  He swore to the boys, well…to Sam, that he would do things their way, wouldn’t use his grace or trickster ways to make anything different, unless absolutely neccessary.  

It was a good idea to start out, but now Gabriel was bored out of his skull.  Castiel was sitting next to him, simply staring out the window.  How did the damn angel do it?  How was he not going stir crazy?  Gabriel shifted, trying to get comfortable in the backseat as Dean threw a comment over his shoulder.

“No…now stop freaking asking!”  

This car ride had to be a test, Gabriel thought to himself.  It is a test in patience and abstinence from using his grace to get what he wants.  He was sure of it.  He was sure that the Winchesters and Castiel, the traitor, sat down in their motel room before they left and thought up the worst possible thing to torture Gabriel, to test him, to see if he would break the rules.

The joke was on them, though, Gabriel added in his mind.  Because he wasn’t going to break the rules.  He was going to sit here, like a good little Trickster, and prove to his Sammich that he was worthy of being a part of the team, and then maybe prove that he was worthy of Sam’s trust…  It was still bothering Gabriel that he didn’t have Sam’s trust.  It seemed like every day Sam’s words would rattle in his brain, but it only strengthened his resolve to want to prove himself.  He loved Sam, and he was going to get that tall drink of hunter to love him back, damnit!  

Speaking of Sam…Gabriel let his eyes wander to the front seat, watching the back of Sam’s head. The only good thing that came out of this stupid car ride was that Gabriel got to be a bit closer to him. But even that didn’t seem to be enough. He watched as Sam shifted in his seat, trying to stretch out his legs and shift to a more comfortable position.  

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Tale as Old as Time

Went to an elementary school play last night, and was inspired to write about Hot Single Dad Derek Hale and Drama Club Teacher Stiles:

Derek has been sitting in his car for 30 minutes.  He glances at the clock again. Make that 31 minutes.

He peers out the window at the Elementary School’s front doors and still sees no movement.  Aggravated, he opens his car door and gets out, slamming the door shut behind him.

He can feel the judgmental stares coming from the other parents who are sitting in the line of cars behind him. Unlike him, they, apparently, are content to sit in their car for endless amounts of time.

He swings the doors to the school open and walks swiftly down the hall until he gets to the auditorium.  He can hear the high-pitched noises of children singing even before he enters.

One he’s inside, he scans the auditorium, eyes flitting across the kids gathered on the stage, until he finds what he’s looking for.  'Mr. Stiles!’ as his daughter Tara calls him.

Mr. Stiles is sitting at a piano in front of the stage, playing an obnoxiously loud version of “Be Our Guest.”  From behind all Derek can see is dark hair, pale skin, and rolled up sleeves on a button down shirt. 

Derek walks quickly down the aisle between the rows of seats. Strong, veined arms come into view the closer he gets to to the piano.

When he reaches it, he waits until Mr. Stiles stops playing before speaking up.

“Mr. Stiles?” he calls out angrily.

Mr. Stiles jumps up from his seat and whirls around.  “Holy sh…amrocks!” he exclaims, clutching a hand to his chest.  “You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

Mr. Stiles pushes a pair of black framed glasses back up from where they’ve slid down his nose and takes a real look at Derek. “Okay, there’s a second heart attack.”

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hearts beat as one | a tessa/scott mix {listen}

1. together - the xx 2. never tear us apart - paloma faith 3. two of the lucky ones - the droge & summers blend 4. burn - ellie goulding 5. falling without knowing - tilly and the wall 6. i feel you - depeche mode 7. rainbow - oh land 8. where i sleep - emeli sandé 9. only love - ben howard 10. cheek to cheek - peggy lee