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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 22K FOLLOWERS. That’s nuts! I don’t think I deserve any of this. I have only been here for almost 3 years and you guys are being so nice! Thank you for reblogging, liking or just following my blog. It means so much to me!

Also, thank you for accepting me into the markiplier community, jse community and crankgameplays community. I am really having fun with you guys and I hope my blog keeps you happy or maybe cheered you up! All I want to do is to give you joy into your lives. Thank you for also motivating me to make gifs, edits, etc because I love doing them so much!

So here’s a FOLLOW FOREVER (I’m sorry if I missed any of you, i love you all a lot ♥)

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Usamamo & Zutara parallels

I dont know if it has been ever discussed, since I’ve only joined to the ATLA fandom about a couple months ago (despite being a fan of the show since it’s aired), but recently I’ve noticed some interesting similarities which these two couples have in common:

Past lives - the classic Romeo & Juliet scenario w some magic: 
(their recent lives also brought them some struggle)

Alter egos - enhancing their hidden sides: 

Moon Spirits - as Queen Serenity & Yue reborn:

Moon power - drawing energy from Earth’s celestial companion:

Forehead moons - also their hairdos w locks/hairloopies, the choker necklace w a medallion symbolizing the moon, & also having a kind of moonface

And if mention the appearance, then now let’s check it out…

The Prince - dark hair, elongated/triangle face, both had a journey to get back what they lost (Mamoru for his memories, Zuko for his honor), & find out who they are & where they belong to: 

Lost parent/s - Serenity’s mom sacrificed herself to save all the souls who fell in the war, just like Katara’s & Zuko’s mother did to protect their children; Mamoru lost his parents in a car crash - in a way, Zuko w banishment also lost his father, so both parents: 

Saving her from falling ceiling:

Being trapped by the enemy - despite they not fond of each other, he’s able to open up to her, & she understands him (also all the greens & blues):

On the Dark Side - both guys’ been manipulated to turn against who was kind to them:

Taking a deadly shot - to save her life: 

Healing him - using her special power to save his life:

This embrace - a kinda thank you for love/accept me as who I am

I don’t know if the ATLA team influenced or not by ‘Sailor Moon’ in any extent, but I still find these parallels fascinating. Also can give the chance some of them maybe used intentionally a couple of these to hint something. Coz we all know what future Usagi & Mamoru have got… & what Zuko & Katara.

Oh, & you’ve guessed it: 

Chakras - “Selfless duty calls you to sacrifice your own spiritual needs and do whatever it takes to protect the World” 

(Also this is a quick list what I could think of atm, so if there are other similarities, please share it :) 

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Dear Rhett and Link,

As a kingdom of Mythical Beasts, we (particularly your LGBTQQIA fans and allies) wanted to thank you for choosing the Trevor Project for Gifticality this month. So several of us have written to let you know what it means to see you supporting LGBTQ people. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi guys, I just recently discovered your channel and I just wanted to tell you guys how awesome you are! All your videos are amazing and I've had a good laugh or fangirl moment with every single one. I also wanted to mention that because of you guys, I've become a lot more accepting of being gay. I'm growing up in a family that doesn't believe in being gay, and I hear a lot of shit about it. But love's chaotic and complicated, and I'm starting to think maybe my parents were wrong about it. (1)

(2) So, I wanted to say thanks, because it’s you guys and a couple other tumblr people that made me rethink it. Keep doing what you do, and Mischief Managed.

This is the exact reason why seeing diverse representation in media is so important. It’s really difficult to accept what we aren’t exposed to. We cannot understand experiences we aren’t allowed to experience, and we end up resenting people who don’t fit into the mold of what media has taught us the world “should” be like.

This applies to those who struggle with their own identity as much as it goes for those who need to learn about other life-experiences than their own. The experiences that are unique to lgbtqai+/non-white/disabled people are perfectly normal human experiences, but not seeing those stories, or constantly seeing only one type of storyarc (also known as “tropes”) for those people has real consequences in that we believe that that is what the lives of those groups of people will always be like.

We need diverse representstion in our fictional universes, because so many of us gain our knowledge of how the world “works” (or appears to work) from fictional universes, which directly affect how we believe the real world works. As long as we aren’t taught to sympathise with a wider variety of people in fiction, how can we learn to do the same when meeting the same variation in real life?



Fuck…6 more weeks til I’m 18… stop unfollowing pls
Also just wanted to say honestly you guys really help me through all the death threats, bullying, screaming bad things down the hallway at me, laughing, and accepting things I can’t change. It’s hard to tell people what’s really going on in life when they all have other problems so thanks for being there guys. Since I’ve started this blog getting your mail has helped me a lot and gives me a literal reason to live. I don’t know where I would be without supernatural and all of you. Thank you.
Ps. To the people who unfollowed

Hey guys! Just dropping by to tell you that this Saturday I’m graduating high school! I also going to have my acceptance exams on Monday and Tuesday so I got some really important times ahead me right now. 

Thank you all for the support you offered me during my high school times. Thank you all for being here for me. Let’s hope I’ll get to my next study place and that this summer would be good for me. THANK U ALL ! <3


Holy shit why do you all like me so much it confuses me. I mean you’re all amazing people, but I’m surprised you guys like me this much. You are so amazing,kind ,accepting I got to meet so many wonderful people it’s great honestly to be here. @jay-does-art , @jazminerodriguez0813 , @jcpearsall18 , @weird-lil-cloud , @undertalefan1111 , @xxpurplesketchxx and so many others that I don’t have the time to tag but ,thank you you all do really make my day whenever. I come on rp , chat or post art ,here and there so yeah thanks to you all for being my friends and such kind people! Also second picture belongs to my good friend @jay-does-art her character Sy (used it for my main reaction lol) Now time to hide in my corner and be flustered and confused on why so many like me and I had to put this in while I have a tiny bit of spare time.

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I need to say that I’m proud as fuck of the shadowhunters fandom cause not only many of you, guys, accepted gracefully raphael’s asexuality but also fought those who were being mean about it
The majority of this fandom accepts him as lgbt+ member, accepts his asexuality as part of it and that’s just so important to all of us out there. It’s important for ace/aro kids to feel represented, accepted and to know that we can find it in this fandom is making me emo, sorry.
Thank you for being amazing, guys

Can You Keep A Secret - Sehun feat. a BTS member (Part 11)

Originally posted by daenso

A/N: I MISSED THIS STORY SO MUCH OMG hah, since almost all my college nightmare is over, I had to get back to this, and the blog of course, if you didn’t notice, I’m posting something everyday , I had to read my story all over again so I could remember all I had in mind for it hah, i’m so sorry for abandoning ya, but it was one hell of a crazy year and now i’m totally back so yay

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 /Part 4/ Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10

You had convinced yourself not to go to the stupid party Sehun’s family is throwing but maybe curiosity was getting the best of you , and maybe you saw that as an  opportunity to put Sehun in his place after he just disappeared and then came back thinking he could just make things right when he was an ally to his criminal parents who kidnapped you a month ago.

So you decided to go to the party , but with someone , more specifically a guy , he was new to your school and to the city , he was pretty quiet but you’ve been chatting on your art classes , the guy was pretty talented , you could admit, he also told you he liked singing , that plus being cute , seemed perfect. 

It’s not like you were only using him, since you would really appreciate the company , so you shyly asked him if he would go with you and after a long time thinking he said ;

“Isn’t this party the one hosted by the guy who you were screaming with the other day downstairs ?“ 

"Oh , so you caught that” , you said feeling slightly embarrassed.

“I was going to ask you if everything was alright since you seemed pretty troubled but then he approached you and well, you looked angrier than ever, so, I asked someone and apparently this guy is like your on and off boyfriend isn’t he?”

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Imagine Being Soulmates To Steve And Tony

For My People

You’re quite lucky.

“Happy birthday (Y/N)” you father cheers when you get home from school.

“And happy end of the school year honey!” your mother adds.

“I’m so glad to be done with school! And I’m eighteen now! Mom dad look while I was at school I got my marks! I haven’t looked till now can you see them” you ask and roll up your sleeves showing the names to your parents. You close you eyes while your mom looks at them.

“Well honey they say”

“Steven Marcus Rogers” a deep voice says.

“And Anthony Edward Stark” another unfamiliar deep voice says. Your eyes fly open to see Captain America and Tony Stark?

“Uh what the hell are they doing here?” you question looking at your parents. You are so close to screaming and squealing because you’ve been crushing on these guys for years but you hold back. Your mom bites her lip and your father rolls his eyes.

“We’re your soulmates and we have been waiting for you to be eighteen for a quite a while” they both say. You promptly choke on air and look down at your arms. There clear as day are Steven Grant Rogers and Anthony Edward Stark.

“Oh my” you mumble then pass out. Before darkness fully enclosed two pairs of arms catch you.

When you wake a pair of blue eyes and a pair of brown ones are staring at you.

“Oh my it wasn’t a dream. Oh my oh my” you murmur and sit up holding your head.

“Are you upset you’re our soulmate?” Tony asks.

“Are we too old?” Steve presses. They wear matching worried looks and you sigh deeply.

“No no I’m not upset. I just you’re superheroes! I’m just some girl from Iowa. I mean why are you here? Why do you want me?” you ask hopelessly. “I just don’t understand.”

“Well we have both had your soulmark for eighteen years so since the day you were born. Since it was your name we found you pretty easily.”

“We contacted your parents and conveyed what we wanted” Steve continues for Tony.

“They made us wait until you were eighteen so here we are” Tony finishes. You stare at these two twenty possibly thirty something heroes absolutely shocked. These guys have been watching over you for all those years. Suddenly the situation in which a hundred roses and thousands of dollars appearing in your hospital room to you after your appendicitis makes a whole lot more sense.

“We just wanted to meet you. You aren’t obligated to come back to New York with us or date us or anything” Steve elaborates nervously. Tony reaches over and grabs his hand in a comforting manner. It’s a sweet gesture and you blush a maddening red thinking about being smushed between them or doing the smushing with one of them.

“I was accepted into Stark University in New York City hopefully no thanks to you” you say slowly giving Tony the eye.

“You had the academics so no nudging from me just maybe a little more of an exciting sounding acceptance letter” Tony replies.

“Good. I hate living in dorms and I have been crushing on you guys for years now. Also with your professions death is a risk all the time so I couldn’t give a shit about age” you declare.

“Is that a yes to giving us a shot then?” they both question leaning forward.

“It’s not a yes…it’s a hell yes!”

You three started out slow.

You move into the tower and meet the Avengers your first year at Stark University.

The Avengers take turns taking you to classes and helping you study.

Steve and Tony take you on dates ever Friday, Saturday, and Monday. And just hang with you at the tower when you’re not doing homeowner or in class and when they’re not on missions or saving the world.

Once you’re comfortable with the avengers Steve and Tony you let your crazy out and keep them on their toes all the time.

The tabloids have a field day when you’re revealed to be Iron Man and Captain Americas soulmate.

You have a field day when they propose.

You really fell head over heels for those two superheroes.

In that moment everything was perfect.

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Hi. Can I request scenario where Iwaizumi and Oikawa are already dating but both also have feeling for their female childhood friend (who return them) so they are trying to ask her about being in poly relationship with them?

//internally screaming bc I’m so excited to write this

- Natsu (temp admin helper person) who is a big iwaoi trash

“Are you sure this is okay, Iwa-chan?” Oikawa asked his boyfriend, and seeks comfort by hugging him. “I’m kind of nervous about this.”

“We’ve already decided, didn’t we?” Iwaizumi replied, wrapping Oikawa in an embrace and placing a kiss on Oikawa’s forehead. “We’re gonna try together, alright?”

The two men huffed their chests, and rang your doorbell.

Silence enveloped the living room as you stared at your two childhood friends, who sat nervously in front of you.

“Uh… so, yeah…” Oikawa tried to break the silence by summarizing the whole story he just told you about 1 minute ago. “Iwa-chan and I are dating.”

Your eyes widened, and so is the smile that bloomed on your face! “Really! I’m so happy for you two!” you said happily. “Since when?”

“Since a month ago,” Iwaizumi answered.

“What?!” How dare these two keep this secret from you! You three had been the best of friends since you were in kindergarten, and you’re only just finding out about this huge secret a month later? “Why didn’t you guys tell me earlier?”

Oikawa bit his lip. “I guess we were scared about not being accepted by you.”

You couldn’t argue back and you wouldn’t try. If you were in their position, you’re sure that you’d also think about if your friends will still accept you. “Of course, I will accept you two! We’ve been together for so long that I don’t even know what I’d do without you two in my life!”

“Thank you, (f/n)-chan!!” Oikawa showed a relieved smile, and came up to hug you. “Actually, there’s another reason why we’re here today!”

Without a warning, Oikawa has cupped your cheeks and kisses you. Your eyes widened, and you watch as his eyes gently closed, easing into the kiss. This also made you melt into the kiss.

Iwaizumi gets up from his seat, surprised. “Hey! You didn’t tell me you’re gonna do that!” 

“Come on, Iwa-chan!” Oikawa beckoned for him to come closer. “You kiss her too!”

Your eyes darted from the blushing Iwaizumi to the excitable Oikawa.“HUH?” 

Oikawa pushes you into Iwaizumi, who shyly places his hands around your waist. “The thing is… um… I’m in love with you.”

You were confused. “Wait a minute! I thought you’re in love with Oikawa?”

“(f/n)-chan, we’re both in love with you,” Oikawa confesses for the both of them, his face tinged pink. “We’re in love with each other, but we’re also in love with you.”

You blushed furiously, eliciting a smile from both boys. “Wa-wa–You two? In love with me? Are you two okay?”

“We thought about this long and hard,” Iwaizumi said, pressing a kiss on your forehead, and you were so sure you’re going to melt in a puddle any time now. “We had been through so many things together, and we honestly can’t think of a life without you. We’ve already agreed to this, and we really hope you’ll become our girl.”

It has always been hard for you to hide that you were secretly in love with your two best friends, and you can’t even count how many times you’ve beaten yourself over and over because 1) they’re your best friends for the longest time that they trust you with anything, even their lives, and 2) you’re in love with two people at the same time! You confessed to neither because you felt you wouldn’t be truly happy because the other half of your heart would be hurting. 

But this? You can’t even believe if this is a dream or reality! Your two best friends, whom you’re in love with, are dating but they’re also saying that they’re in love with you!! If this is a dream, oh my god, this is a good one!

You couldn’t believe your ears. “A-Are you serious?”

Iwaizumi’s intense stare shoots into the depths of your heart, making it clench. He slowly decreased the distance between your faces, and kisses you gently. His lips–the lips you yearned for–melted into yours with a strong passion, and slowly switches to capturing your upper lip. There it is. You’ve always known that Iwaizumi is a man of few words so his action speak for him, and you can really feel that this is him telling you how much he loves you.

After pulling away, he breathed, “Please think about it.”

You shook your head. “I don’t need to think about it anymore. I’m also in love with the two of you for years.”


Hey guys, I just wanted to say hi and that today is actually my blog’s three year anniversary! Hooray! Thank you for being here for me, everyone I’ve met along the way. I may not be a big blog (in fact I’m a small potato whoops) but I’ve come to accept that the friendships I’ve gained are way more important and amazing. I know I don’t always keep in touch with y'all but know that I keep you in my heart 💜
Also @jxdyhxpps has a Tumblr Awards going on so go vote if you can! Lots of lovely blogs deserve support 💕

crazy-tall-girl  asked:

Hi! I don't know you, but I happened to stumble across your post about needing a 15 hour hug, so here's one: *hug* (15 hours is probably long enough to make things very awkward, but if you need one, I'll do it 💪). If you need someone to ramble to or get your mind of things, promise you'll message me! 💙

hey darling, thank you so much!!!
if I remember correctly, that was an old post but today my mental health is a real bitch so yeah, I would gratefully accept your hug anyway :’)

Also yeah, 15 hours is a pretty long, awkward time.
I’m imagining both of us really uncomfortable and me being like “hey I really appreciate that I feel better now you can maybe sto-” and you “NO I GOTTA STAY CONSISTENT” and I’m laughing bye

Anyways I promise, and please know that same goes for me. I’ll never thank you guys enough, this community is so full of caring and loving people that it’s still unbelievable for me. Mark would be proud of every one of you- wait, no, no. My bad, he already is.

you all make me always so happy and glad I opened this blog, really.

‘Falling’ For You

A/N: the title’s a pun, just accept it. (This is so bad, but oh well) Also thanks for 1K FOLLOWERS HOLY SHIT GUYS ASDFGHJKL

Dan: (based off of true events, please don’t judge me, my pride is already damaged from this event happening. Ugh I hate my life)

It was a warm summers day, and you and Dan had a date planned. You had no idea what it was, or where it was, the fact that it was a mystery was somewhat annoying, because being out if the loop is of what is happening is annoying, and dreadful.

You and Dan walked to the destination, and you were making a mental note of your surroundings and what direction you were heading off into, to give you some kind of clue of where you could be going. And then you saw it, the sun reflecting off of the water.

“Dan, what are we doing at the lake?” You asked curiously. Why would he bring you to a lake? Why would he want to spend time with you, at a lake?

“We are going paddle boating” He answered your question. And you almost laughed. Dan and paddle boating? He does know that contains physical….. strength of some sort, right?

“You do know that paddle boating contains some sort of exercise, right Howell?” You asked and he shushed you, telling you not to ruin paddle boating for him.

After about 20 minutes on the paddle boats, Dan being Dan got lazy and stopped paddling and left you, to paddle by yourself. You were basically contemplating how you were gonna push him off this boat. But other than Dan being a twat and not helping you paddle, you had a great time talking to him. Dan had been a good friend for a while, and you both undeniably had some feelings for each other, so you decided to give the dating thing a go.

Your time was almost up on the paddle boat, so you decided to head back to the dock, which was actually a mission and a half, but you got there. All seemed well, UNTIL it was time to get off the boat. Dan got off first, only because you were thinking of an easy strategy of how to get off, without falling over, which proved to not work, because moments after Dan got off, you stood up too quickly making the boat rock and tip, which sent you into the water.

“Oh my god, (Y/N) are you okay?” Dan asked between laughs.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just falling for you” you said with a wink at the end, Dan just rolled his eyes at you and tried to help you get out of the water.


You were doing a bit of cleaning around your boyfriend Phil’s, and his roommate Dan’s flat, blasting some of your favourite songs on Spotify to help with passing the time. You were rocking out to all sorts of songs.

But then a slow song came on and you completely lost it. This was one of your favourite songs, and you were excited to belt it out, despite how slow it was. Falling For You by The 1975 was the song.

“You said someday we might, when I’m closer to your height

Til then, we’ll knock around and see.
You’re all I need. Don’t you see me now?
I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.
Don’t you need me now?
I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.
And on this night, in this light.
I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.
Maybe you’ll change your mind.
I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.”

And you belted that song out like you were in a Broadway show. You put the song on repeat and you were cleaning the flat while completely rocking out to this ballad type song, when your boyfriend and his roommate walked in. You couldn’t hear them walking in, considering the music was on full blast. So they just walk into the lounge, confused as to why there is loud music blasting from the speakers, and they just see you twirling around, with a broom. When the chorus came up again, you belted it out, just to look up and lock eyes with Phil. You got such a big fright that you lost you balance and fell over.

But did Dan and Phil care? Nooooooo, they just laughed and made a stupid pun.

“Oh (Y/N), you are literally falling for me.” was Phil’s reaction to you falling over.

what i know from the haikyuu fandom

· volleyball can be cool

· a lot of people love kageyama as much as i do

· every character is good

· people hating on ushijima for no reason

· dateko and a shit ton of schools are underrated af

· the character actually looked like high schoolers (compared to pot…konomi why)

· shipping a rarepair means that you’re shitty

· calling a rarepair “cancerous” is acceptable but calling a popular ship that is unacceptable

· every single haikyuu editor either ships kagehina, daisuga or iwaoi

· there is only one kagesuga amv on vine (two if you count mine)

· kurotsuki and ushioi are most people’s notps and they shit on that a lot

· also hetero ships are being shitted on a lot idk why

· haikyuu fandom is generally good and chill so i kinda liked it

· except that kagesuga is my otp and no one agrees with me istg

iamanemotionaltimebomb  asked:

Genji with a big crush and Zenyatta is like ??? 'Just tell them'

Okay so

  • Zenyatta understands that it’s perfectly natural to be nervous around someone you are romantically interested in but. Boy. You are 10x more stressed like this please
  • But Genji’s got it bad, and a lot of old insecurities are rising -he wouldn’t think twice about approaching crush in his old body, but now? So few people even see him as human.
  • Even meditating isn’t working as much as it should because he’s either mooning over crush or being insecure over crush
  • So Zenyatta has no clue how to be a wingman but apparently it’s either learn fast or suffer second-hand embarrassment for his pupil for the rest of their lives
  • Cue him encouraging crush to hang out with Genji, maybe suggesting that they could learn some fighting tricks from each other?? One of the most wonderful things about working in a team is the opportunity to learn from each other, Zenyatta says sagely as he shoves them both into a training room and closes the door
  • Leaves them alone at every possible opportunity. Genji is sort of grateful for the sentiment but sensei please this is totally unnecessary and also very embarrassing 
  • Eventually is just like ‘screw it’ and floats up to crush. “What are your intentions towards my pupil”
  • And Genji is so freaking embarrassed because like, listen, it’s fine, he’s accepted his fate, but then Zenyatta’s like ‘no they told me they like you’ and it’s all very middle school like c’mon guys you’re heroes in an international organisation this is absurd
  • Is nearby when Genji eventually confesses and gives him a thumbs up from behind crush
  • Genji thanks Zenyatta for his assistance and is very grateful. So does crush because Zenyatta really wasn’t being subtle
  • Zenyatta is very happy for them!!!
A Music Affair - Chapter 2

Here it is, guys! But, first let me say a few thank you’s. First of all, I am SO happy you all liked the first chapter of this new fic of mine, I was kind of scared that you wouldn’t like the AU theme, but I’ve received so many good feedbacks, it really inspires me to write more, so thanks a lot! I’m accepting constructive cristicism too, guys, just let me know what you’d like to see in this fic. Also, I’d like to thank @jordan202 for being such an amazing help with this, she convinced me to write it and constantly gives me tips when I’m having some difficulty with the story. And last but not least, thank you so much to @jia911 for proof reading this fic and giving me some amazing feedback as well! Anyway, enough with the talk, enjoy the chapter!

Link to Chapter 1

Owen spent the entire day distraught, thinking about what was waiting for him when he got to the hotel. His friends from the band and crew kept calling his attention to the most beautiful views in the city. He loved Chicago, he just couldn’t get that woman out of his head.

After taking pictures with fans in front of the hotel, Owen rushed to his room and tidied things up before he heard a knock on the door.

Amelia was wearing a simple black top and jeans ripped at the knees with some black flats on her feet and her hair up in a messy bun. A casual outfit, but still gorgeous, no need to get fully dressed since they were about to take their clothes off anyway.

“Hey! You look…”

“Enough with the chit chat” Amelia pulled him by the back of his neck and kissed him hard on the lips, closing the door behind her.

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Neck Kisses by Cody Simpson - Michael Clifford (Imagine)

Requested: no i just kind of felt like writing this

Rated: PG-13, its not smutty

Pairing: Michael/Reader

Word Count: 1011


Also: I’m dedicating this imagine to Tanner Maloney (@tannerisnotok on twitter) bc SHE IS MY QUEEN OKAY AND SHE TOLD ME TO DEDICATE THIS TO HER ON ASK SO I DID BC I LOVE HER ILYSM TANNER. ((tysm to my homie paige for helping me edit this)).

“Baby, you look absolutely amazing” Michael said from the edge of the bed as you stood in front of the mirror in your bedroom and finished applying a final layer of mascara.

Tonight the boys were attending an award show and Michael invited you as his date. You have been dating for about two years and this is the first time Michael was taking you to one of these things.

You were wearing a tight fitting red dress with cream colored pumps that were red on the underneath.

Michael got up from the bed and walked over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and setting his head on your shoulder. He could feel that you were tense, shaking a bit.

“What’s wrong, babe?” He asked, rubbing small circles on your hips.

“Nothing really, Mikey. I’m just a bit nervous. I’ve never done one of these things before. What if I mess something up?”

Michael turned you around so that you were facing him.

“Aw, Y/N, you’ll be fine. I promise. Just follow my lead!” He reassured, pecking you on the cheek.

You both got your things together and when the rest of the boys got to your place, you all left together.

When you arrived at the award show, they shuffled you all together to get the line for the red carpet moving. You had stayed behind while Michael and the guys went to do some interviews about the band’s new music that was coming out and about what song they were performing tonight.

As the boys talked to the interviewer, all you could do was stare at your amazing boyfriend. He was wearing black skinnies, like usual, a Blink-182 t-shirt that had been really distressed, and a leather jacket that drove you insane.

They finished up their interviews and started to walk down the carpet. Michael kept his arm around you the whole time, always making sure to hold your hand so you both wouldn’t get mixed up in the huge crowd.

When the two of you finally got inside, Michael took your hand and led you to your seats. You could tell that he was nervous for the rest of the night because of his abnormally sweaty palms.

All throughout the show, Michael just felt shaky and nervous. He kept fidgeting in his seat and whispering uncomfortably to you, until they announced that 5sos had won the band of year award. Michael, as well as the rest of the guys, was ecstatic. The fans had voted so much for them and they deserved this award a lot. Michael turned to you, cupping your face and pulling you close to him. He planted a long, passionate kiss on your lips. You smiled against his lips. You were so proud of him.

You watched as him and the guys made their way to the stage to accept the award.

Michael took to the microphone first saying, “I just want to thank all of our awesome fans. You guys are the whole reason why we do what we do and you’re all like a family to us. THANK YOU! And I also want to thank my wonderful girlfriend for not getting annoyed with me for being so freaking nervous about this award! I love you so much, Y/N!”

After the show the guys decided to go out and celebrate. You all went out to a club and had some drinks and danced a little. There was a small balcony in the back of the club that led out to a small lake.

“Look at how beautiful the stars are, baby.” Michael whispered to you, holding you close to him with a firm grip on your waist.

He began to leave soft, slow kisses on your neck. You sighed as his warm lips met your cold skin under the moonlight.

“I love you, Michael.” You whispered as he brought his lips back up to meet yours and pressed them together.

“I love you too. Maybe we should leave and go celebrate privately back at home.” Michael suggested.


You took a cab back home after saying goodbye to the guys and as soon as you got in the door Michael connected his lips to yours. You put your hands on the back of Michael’s head and ran your fingers through his soft, colorful locks. He smiled into the kiss, running his hands down your body, finally stopping at your ass. He gave it a little squeeze and you pulled away from him, chuckling. You stood there with your arms around his neck and stared at him, studying his features intently. You never really took into account how beautiful his eyes looked at night when they were full of love and desire.

“There’s a little surprise waiting for you in the bedroom, Y/N.” Michael said, smirking at you.

“What are you talking about, Clifford?” You smirked back, kissing him once more.

He led you down the hallway and opened the door to the bedroom the two of you shared. Inside there was a trail of rose petals leading to the bed with a fresh bottle of champagne laying in the middle of the two pillows.

“Michael…” you started to say, shocked by what was in front of you. You had no idea how he even managed to do that.

“Where did this come from?” You asked, smiling at him with wide eyes.

“I had help from a friend.” Was all he said before kissing you again, this time more passionately than ever, trailing from your lips to your jaw, down your neck where he stopped to suck in a few tender places. He moved down to your collarbone before looking back up at you.

“I love you so much.” He said as he began to unzip your dress and you wiggled out of it.

He removed his jacket and his shirt, then his pants, leaving you both in just underwear.

What followed was a night of passionate love-making that may or may not have left you sore in the morning.

Couple Moments

Aaron Carpenter: There was no reason to be laughing. Nothing was funny at all. It was just one of those nights, 3 o'clock in the morning and everything seemed funny. The two of you were laying in bed, trying your hardest to sleep, but you were too built up on adrenaline. “Teletubbies are weird.” You whispered before the two of you burst into another fit of laughter. You knew you were going to be regretting this in three hours when you had to get up.

Cameron Dallas: “You’re doing that wrong. You have to go in one direction.” You stated with a sigh, rubbing the back of your hand on your forehead. You were painting Cameron’s living room with him, but it was the first time he has ever done something like this. “I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter if I go in more than one direction.” He stated with a smile, continuing his sloppy work. “Okay then, it’s your apartment.” You stated. Though, you knew that when the paint dried you’d see the different patterns in the paint, so as Cameron went across the wall with his paint brush, you rolled over his paint job to make sure it was perfect.

Carter Reynolds: You handed the cashier your money with a grateful smile and took the bag full of clothes into your hand, only to have it taken away from you. Carter leaned down and kissed your cheek quickly before leading you out of the store, carrying your other three bags from other stores in his hands. “Thank you.” You told him, linking pinkies with him and swinging your arms inbetween the two of you as you walked around the mall. “No problem at all, baby doll.” He winked at you, laughing at himself quietly because of his little rhyme.

Hayes Grier: The sun shone above you, bright and warm, reflecting off of the water. You barreled through the sand, heading straight for the water with Hayes trailing after you. It was the first time you had ever been to a beach, and it made you extremely happy that you were sharing this moment with Hayes. You stopped suddenly by the edge of the water, where it barely trailed over your toes. “You make the first move.” He stated, appearing by your side. Grinning, you stepped further into the ocean, until the water was up to your knees and the waves made it go up to your hips. You giggled lightly right before Hayes shoved you forward, making you lose your balance. Then the battle was on.

Jack Gilinsky: “I’m gonna love ya, I’m gonna love ya, gonna love ya like a black widow baby!” You and Gilinsky belted the lyrics to this obnoxious song in the car. He drove with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the center console, locked with in yours. “It’s your part, go go go.” He exclaimed, glancing over at you. You went in, trying to rap Iggy’s part. You got the first half, but messed up on the second, causing both you and Jack to burst out laughing. The car came up to a stop at a stop light, and Jack turned to you, kissing you fiercely before going back to wait for the light to turn green.

Jack Johnson: As your name was called, you moved one heel covered foot in front of the other across the stage to receive your diploma. You could hear people cheering for you, but the only one that mattered was your boyfriend sitting in the front row, standing up and yelling loudly for you. After the ceremony, he came rushing up to you, gripping your waist and lifting you up. “You are officially out of high school.” He told you, setting you back on the ground lightly. “Now I’m going right off to college.” You huffed, blowing a piece of hair out of your face. “So that you can fulfill your dreams. It won’t be too bad.” He assured you before pressing his lips to yours.

Jacob Whitesides: “Um, no, Krystal, we aren’t going to break up any time soon.” Jacob chuckled, pulling you closer to his side. You were doing a YouNow with him, and so far it wasn’t going very well. Everyone watching kept asking inappropriate questions and being rude. Finally, Jacob had enough of it and sighed. “Guys, I love you all and I want you guys to be happy, but I know that also you want me to be happy. I’m happy right now with Y/N, and you all need to accept that.” You smiled softly and thanked him before changing the subject to something fun and lighthearted, which meant telling everybody the embarrassing thing Jacob had done last weekend.

Matthew Espinosa: The pool in your backyard was fairly big, big enough to have more than 30 people over for a pool party. Right now, though, it was just you and Matthew lounging in the water under the dimming sky. “I bet you can’t do a front flip.” You spoke up suddenly, looking over at Matt. He looked at you with wide eyes, unable to turn down a challenge. “I bet you I can.” He stood up, climbed out of the pool and went around to the deep end of the pool. Effortlessly, he jumped up into the air and did one whole flip and half of another one before he hit the water, landing flat on his back. You held in a laugh and swam over to him as he swam to the surface with his face scrunched. “I told you I could.” He forced out in pain, making you laugh.

Nash Grier: “Are you ready, Y/N?” Nash asked, pointing the camera at you. You nodded and watched as he pressed a button on the camera to turn it on. “This is the first episode of Yeet Squad. Tell us a little bit about yourself.” He stated. You rolled your eyes at the name he gave the two of you. “Can we actually do something interesting? Nobody wants to hear about me.” You stated. “I want to hear about you.” Nash told you. “You already know about me.” “Oh my gosh, can we just film this video? I’ve been working on the idea forever.” You sighed, shaking your head. “Fine.”

Shawn Mendes: His hands rested on your hips and yours went around his shoulders. You rested your forhead against his as the two of you swayed to the music in your heads. Your day was really stressful today, and Shawn understood. “I’m sorry your day sucked.” he muttered, moving you across the room in slow, swaying movements. “It doesn’t suck as much now.” You smiled. “Oh? And why is that?” He questioned. “Because I have a wonderful boyfriend to make everything better.”

Taylor Caniff: The only sound that you could hear was the pounding of your feet against the pavement and your heavy breathing. Beside you Taylor was laughing wildly, and you could feel your smile growing. Alone, the two of you were little devils, but now that you were dating, you were even more devious. That’s how you found yourself running away from the security guards while he was on the sunsation tour. “How much farther do you think we can get before they catch up?” You questioned, stopping by a building to catch your breath. “Oh, they won’t catch up.” He assured, turning to you with a large grin. He grabbed the back of your neck and kissed you hard. “We make the best team.”