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Imagine Gabriel thinking you’re hot when you’re angry

Word count: 418

Warnings: Suggested smut

A/N: Hey guys, I haven’t had many requests recently for fanfictions so if you’re wanting one, I’m here (I do SPN fics and also Negan ones). Oh and also, if you have sent a request for a fic and I haven’t done it, please can you re send the request so I can write it down because recently I have been super duper ill and I’ve forgotten all of the stuff I need to get dome. Thanks guys <3

“And another thing!” You screamed at Sam and Dean as you paced back and forth in the kitchen, your face red with anger, “If I have to do one more second of researching I’m going to go physically insane.”

The Winchester brothers sat with their heads hung low as if they had just been caught stealing cookies out of the cookie jar knowing that what they had done was wrong and that they had pushed you over the edge.

The silent room, apart from your heavy breathing, was disrupted by the sound of flapping wings causing you to quickly spin around screaming ‘what now?!’.

A shocked looking Gabriel roamed his eyes over your body, and took in your irritated stance.

“Woah sugar, I just wanted to see my girlfriend. You know, the calm one about yay high, doesn’t talk much but is really adorable. She doesn’t seem to be here right now though,” Gabriel joked whilst trying to wrap his arms around your waist which you quickly shrugged off.

“Not now Gabe, I’m currently scolding the Winchesters.”

Gabriel looked over your shoulders to see both Sam and Dean with looks of regret and pure terror on their faces before looking back at you, his golden, whisky eyes staring directly into yours.

“You can scold me later too if you like.” His eyebrows wiggled suggestively causing you to scoff loudly and turn your attention back to the Winchesters.

“If you ever do anything like that again I promise you two, you will severely regret it.”

Sam murmured a slight ‘Sorry Y/N’ where as Dean just looked up at Gabriel and mouthed ‘help me’.

“Sorry Deano, as much as cute and adorable Y/N is… Well, cute and adorable… I’m liking this hot, sexy, dominant Y/N a little too much.”

And with that, Gabriel snapped his fingers and the two brothers had disappeared. You looked over at your boyfriend with a questioning look.

“As much as I love seeing you take control,” Gabe began to speak with a deep growl in the tone of his voice. “I’d much rather you be hot and commanding with me when the Winchesters aren’t around.”

His arms made their way to your waist, this time you let them lay there instead of shrugging them away, and he quickly, in one swoop, pushed everything off of the table and lifted you up onto the kitchen counter.

“I should get angry more often,” you joked making Gabriel release a slight chuckle before he roughly attacked your neck.

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When learning Chinese, what is one important tip you would give to a newbie, also I ❤️ ur blog and ur always so sweet when u reply, ur dedication to languages is admirable!!

Thank you so much! ❤️

(Someone asked a similar question on so I just copied & pasted)

If you’re learning by yourself (without receiving any lessons) you need to learn pinyin first. It’s useful when you need to look up words in the dictionary, you need it when you type out Chinese characters, it also improves your listening and pronunciation. 

Pinyin (with audio):

I’m currently studying a course called teaching Chinese as a foreign language and teachers suggested ‘Discover China Student Book’, they say it’s quite useful for foreign learners, I haven’t bought the book so I don’t know what the book is like. They also suggested ‘Step by Step’. Those two books are used in the Unis they teach in.

Materials, apps: (for flashcards) (a collection of sentences and translations) (this one is quite popular but it’s not free)
I’ve mentioned some websites in this post:

You need to put in the time to learn Mandarin, if you don’t have a textbook to study with. I’d suggest:
1. Learn Pinyin, listen to a lot of audio files whether it’s podcast, music, drama, listen to anything you can find.
2. Learn all the types of strokes and practice the stroke order.;
3. Learn vocabulary by categories e.g: learn words related to ‘weather’ for one week and then learn 'clothes’ for another week.
4. Learn radicals by writing it out. And list out characters in a table that has a specific radical and you add the new characters in the table as you progress, e.g: radical亻- 优, 亿, 体 etc. You could do this in Excel if you want.
5. Learn grammar:
6. Find a language exchange partner or someone who is willing to practice with you. If you can’t find anyone, you can try to talk to yourself (I do this all the time cuz I have no friends lmao) for example when you’re thirsty and you want to drink water: 我口渴了, 我想喝水.
7. Once you’ve learnt some characters, vocabularies, you can start reading stories, manhua, articles etc in Chinese. You need to read as much you can.
8. Try to write as much as you can in Chinese, write diaries in Chinese or tweet in Chinese, write whatever you want whether it’s just a short sentence or a paragraph. You need to practice a lot and get someone to check your writing.

This is just a suggestion, obviously you don’t have to follow these steps because I didn’t learn Chinese, this is just an idea coming from a native speaker lol I think it’s easy this way if you’re learning without a textbook. But I would never learn a language WITHOUT a textbook :)

*I forgot to mention that you need to constantly review the things you’ve already learnt, otherwise you will forget it after a while. 

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HECK if you wanna read a drunk marriage fic, i HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest empty spaces between stars by astudyinrose - it's pretty new but it already has 3 chapters and it's just SO GOOD. The pining. THE PINING.

empty spaces between stars by astudyinrose


Victor gets just as drunk as Yuuri at the Sochi Banquet, and they disappear together after the dance-offs. They wake up the morning after with rings on their fingers, and pictures of them kissing after getting married the night before are all over the tabloids… but neither of them remembers a thing. They decide to stay married for a while for the sake of Victor’s sponsorships, and in exchange, Victor coaches Yuuri through nationals…

o m g thank you!!! i don’t have time to read this rn but i skimmed the beginning and it looks great!! 

[waves around a cow bell] we need more accidentally married fics 

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I saw your ask to Jade and I just thought that I'd let you know that a good thing to do when you are a minimal cc or minimal b/b is to only download EA mesh edits and add-ons. It's more than 10 pieces but it allows you to get similar items to things already in the game! I'm minimal b/b and that is what I do and I've found that the game is just a lot more fun that way.

oooh hi!! thank you! this is what i’m already doing, and you’re right, it’s way more fun. :) also makes decorating and building so much easier! thank you for the suggestion, you’re lovely!
Time to Tussle! | Sakura Angels - Part 8
It's not a visual novel without some pretty anime girls battling it out! Check Marisol out! Twitter: Tumblr: futuremrscabell...

A bunch of pretty girls fighting each other?? AND they’re doing it to protect a guy instead of the other way around???? WE ARE SO DOWN!!! The plot is thickening and we’re really enjoying it so it would mean a lot to us if y’all hopped on YouTube and checked out this video for us! Also, be sure to give us FEEDBACK! You can easily give us feedback by commenting on the video or liking the video after watching it, directly messaging the channel blog or one of us (@kbumblebee96, @mystery-on-mars​, or @yvonne9999) or even subscribing to the channel on YouTube! Subscribing is definitely the best feedback, it shows us you really like the content we’re putting out! Also, if you ever have any game suggestions for us to play in the future (any console), please let us know! Thank you all so much for the support you’ve shown us so far and have a wonderful evening!!!

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Wow I was not expecting that survivor. I was expecting Sato because of the whole Fuyu, Peko and Mahiru thing. I don't know much about this character, so I'm curious as to how he'll help the story. Also, thanks for murdering my feelings. >.<

(Haha you’re welcome ! ;D

Well I thought about Sato but once the Fuyu/Peko/Mahiru thing would have been settled I don’t know what I could have done with her character and since I admit that I don’t really like her ideas would have been a bit hard to find.

Matsuda is a really interesting character ! If you want to know more about him but don’t want to read the whole novel I suggest that you read his wikia here, it explains a lot of things about him :)

-mod lili)

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Hi! Do you have any advice for making gifs? I assume from your About that you use photoshop, but what do you use to capture the footage in the first place? Most of the websites I've seen add a watermark or seriously decrease image quality, or give something that crashes PS for me (I've got CS2, which also doesn't save gifs very high quality anyway). Anyway, thanks for the time, and your sidebar is absolutely gorgeous!

if you’re looking for some tips for making gifs i’d suggest checking this ask!

i totally feel you, screen capture programs definitely decrease the quality of the image and they sometimes even lag and most of the time i avoid using them. If there is one screen recorder that i truly like, it’s Bandicam. the free version leaves a watermark at the top of the screen, unfortunately, so i usually capture not only the video i want to gif but also the area slightly above it, so that the watermark is not directly on the video i want to gif :’D

but like i said, i don’t use screen captures all that often! i prefer to download videos from youtube and i use Youtube Video and Audio Downloader [plugin for Mozilla Firefox] for that

but, hands down, the best plugin for downloading videos is Video DownloadHelper [also for Firefox], and this one lets you download videos from ANY site in the highest quality! [i use it a lot for downloading content from Rooster Teeth site, took me a while to find sth that’d work on their site, but this plugin is fantastic and actually works!]
A Sleepover?? | Sakura Angels - Part 9
These girls take camping to a whole new level... Check Marisol out! Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:...

Did somebody say SLEEPOVER??? Honestly, these girls do NOT understand camping or sleepovers… Stuff is getting interesting and we’re really enjoying it so it would mean a lot to us if y’all hopped on YouTube and checked out this video for us! Also, be sure to give us FEEDBACK! You can easily give us feedback by commenting on the video or liking the video after watching it, directly messaging the channel blog or one of us (@kbumblebee96​, @mystery-on-mars​​, or @yvonne9999​) or even subscribing to the channel on YouTube! Subscribing is definitely the best feedback, it shows us you really like the content we’re putting out! Also, if you ever have any game suggestions for us to play in the future (any console), please let us know! Thank you all so much for the support you’ve shown us so far and have a wonderful evening!!!


i didn’t really get a chance to make a post about this before but!!! holy shit!!!!! thank you so much!!!!

i was barely even sure if i would make it to 500 after that promo, but… 524? damn!!!!

so now for the question: is there anything y’all would like me to do to celebrate this milestone? should i do some writing? more singing? should i host some stream or event? should i create some discord server or something? i’m taking suggestions in asks or replies!! ^^

thank you again, i love y’all! <3


Minhyuk reacting to Bongsoon

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hey thomas, you and dodie's cover of new york new york was so great! your voices blend together in a really neat way and i thought the style of the song really suited both of your voices. also, those harmonies were kickass! how long did the overall process of the song take (arranging, rehearsing, recording etc)?

Thank you!!!! She works BRILLIANTLY fast. I suggested the song THAT DAY, and she went to work learning the chords, figuring out the harmonies, the parts each of us would sing… and then the recording of it took maybe… 40 minutes?? And then she literally went STRAIGHT to the laptop and started editing. After that, it just took a few trips around the city to get the footage of the city life. I mean… that girl is amazing. Absolutely blown away.

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for mermay, a rainbow one? or perhaps a day and night pair?

I’m still planning to do a finished version but here are some sketches for a rainbow merm : )

[Ruby Mermaid] ♡ [Yang Mermaid]

Ayo! I’m back with another RWBY merm! Thank you everyone for your support with this little series, and now I’m almost done with just one RWBY girl left!

For Weiss I decided to very faintly base her design off a jellyfish with some transparent fins. I thought it’d be fitting to have this tsundere be able to actually zap those that get too close. I also imagined that Weiss would be quite well known for charming sailors with her singing voice.

Also feel free to leave me any suggestions you may have for Blake’s Mermaid form!