also thank you for 700 followers i really appreciate it!!

Yo this is so sick?? i never thought i’d get even 50 followers forget 700 man…

i don’t even know who to thank like everyone really so i’ll tag a few people that i really appreciate and thank also low-key probs are too cool for me to talk to

@sillyminter @duckslikedodieclarktoo @sidemen-basic @line-sidemen @sdmntokyo @sydneyxix @fuckmeminter @sidewomanxix @wroetominter @wroetohood @ohsidemen @sidemenbase @mayolajidebt @jiddleybehz @youtuber-melts  @basically-sidemen @dtfminiminter @fangirling-saved-me @helmet-girl-origins @kingminiminter @miniminnter @sdmnandfriends @wroetotrash and yeah a lot more sorry if i forgot you!! but honestly thANK YOU SO MUCH

Hello, I’ve hit 700 followers and have officially been on tumblr 3-4 months. Thank you all for making my tumblr experience so wonderful~ This is my first follow forever and also my first edit. *cries* But yes, since I actually haven’t been here this long, the blogs I put on my ‘follow forever’ are the blogs I regularly stalk. I probably have never talked to you, but I really want to show my appreciation for you being here. ouo

Italics are my kawaii tomadachi *weebface*

agapi-san . aimaisaakiiseru . astroemia . baka-satan . b0wl of-rice . boxneko . chunchuun . contracttodevil . dai-suki-da-yo . d-delusions . delicate-marionette . derikisu . dissembled-dreams . docilona . fallen-kira . hanae-ichihara . k-eikou . kinkeu . kono-yaro-baka-yaro . kuronanashi . lonachu . mangasenpai . morino-ryoushi . nephilium . oarou .   paralian-s . peeeeeeeeeeh . phoeix . planetary–suicide . psycho-chi . relcreatesrue .  s-eramic . shoujuu . sketchdream . steamed-bun . tamaeki . tsubasafairy . urayamashii-princess . yamaken-chi

All these blogs are gorgeous~ all the best for 2014 <3