also thank you all for your lovely messages and things yes

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annyeong! sorry for randomly messaging you but I always adore your tags and I just saw your tags about loving the way baek talks and I was thinking the same thing. And it's not just his mouth movements, it's the way he moves his whole upper body when he talks. he bops his head around to emphasize things and j'adore (ps I reblog from you like A TON it's just from my sideblog elfieyeol *makes finger hearts*)

RIGHT????? like he has all these adorable quirks and mannerisms that are just purely endearing it makes my heart go !!! whenever i see him :(( i especially love it when he smiles shyly, like his mochi cheeks protrude adorably and i see the heaven’s gates opening yes ;; byun baek is really a joy and a blessing i cant believe :((

         Neal Cassidy/Baelfire Appreciation Week
So. I hella love Neal Cassidy. A lot of you also hella love Neal Cassidy. Let’s have an appreciation week to fill our tags with graphics/edits/meta/fanfic/whatever other lovely things you talented damn precious treasures can come up with!

  • Day 1: Favorite Arc
  • Day 2: Favorite Episode
  • Day 3: Favorite Scene
  • Day 4: Favorite Quote
  • Day 5: Favorite Relationship
  • Day 6: Favorite Happy Moment
  • Day 7: Free Day/AU
The official week will be March 29 - April 4, but if you post things on later/earlier days, or even do the whole week later, no worries, Neal love isn’t limited to a week!  Be sure to use #nealcassidyweek on your posts, so everyone can find them easily! (and, of course, the regular/appropriate neal/bae/ship tags!) If anyone has any questions, feel free to send me a message!

I may be a lousy person in many areas but I do have parts of me that are good enough. Those parts, I owe to my mother. Ma, thank you for always showing me that a person can be kind, loving and giving. Thank you for being a great provider and trying to fight through it all without showing us that you are near breaking point. Thank you for teaching me that I need to look after people, too- like you and lola even though I hate a lot of people. I know that we do not really talk deep; however, what your voice can’t and don’t say, you show instead. Thank you for teaching me that silence can also mean love. And yes, sorry for being the way I am, and I will continue to screw up in lots of things and in a lot of ways.. But know that I am trying because part of that is you. Thanks ma.