also thank god for not having school on fridays


CRUSH (EXO-K) // he gets a little jealous/upset when you ask for advice on a boy from school //

can I just say, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. I’m so done with this week I really need to take a day off to relax. of course I still have to study because finals are coming up soon & I have even more tests on top of those but that also means it’s all over soon! I hope the end of all of your school years was good/will be good if it hasn’t come for you yet!

Prayer Request!

Hi everyone! School has really been taking up a lot of my time. It’s a lot of work and I’m trying really hard to do well and that means I’m spending a lot of time at school and doing school work. I have another midterm this week, on Friday and it is math and math is truly the hardest subject for me and I’m really concerned about how this will go. I just ask that you guys can pray for me and that I can just study hard, do a lot of practice and trust God through it all. I also want to say that I have started going to counselling! That’s a big step and I just ask for prayers throughout that as well! Thank you so much! God bless!!