also testing this coloring

a restful home.

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Neither of them thought a grand western wedding was their style, but somehow they ended up having one with matching lavender tuxedos and a big cake. Reigen ended up getting blackout-drunk from the welcoming toast, and instead of going through the original plan, their first dance was just slow-dancing with Serizawa holding Reigen upright. When others tried to tease Reigen about it afterwards, Serizawa shut them down uncharacteristically bluntly. He had been listening to the hiccup-y, giggly sobs of “I can’t believe I won’t be lonely anymore, Katsu” and “Who’d think I’d deserve to feel this kind of happiness” through the whole dance. 

yuppp still working through all of these in serirei, this time with a more muted color experiment

this one is ♦: Slow dancing as requested by @6oys


Doodled a crap ton of Noogles over the past couple of days and had these on my phone so I thought “why not post them?” So ye here have them xD

Doodles at midnight (on the day before state testing, good job elizabeth). More of the Beauty and the Beast AU, except this time it’s Alfred and he’s the Beast (you’ll NEVER guess who Belle is ;3) and this was really odd because i generally stay away from drawing anything even remotely similar to an animal (humans excluded). And Arthurs and a dragon because why not? I really want to draw more, but yeah i might wanna at least try and get some sleep lmao.