also testing this coloring

a restful home.


I love playing with my overdramatic friend.
Having a pocket lucio is not the same as a mercy or an ana…

Mama!Korra “wearing” her baby in a sling because I’m sure she would be the type to carry her baby around EVERYWHERE (imagine in a meeting with the world leaders and the baby starts to cry and people goes “it’s not a place for a child” and Korra’s don’t give two fucks because it’s her FREAKING KID AND YOU GOTTA DEAL WITH IT! lol  

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Neither of them thought a grand western wedding was their style, but somehow they ended up having one with matching lavender tuxedos and a big cake. Reigen ended up getting blackout-drunk from the welcoming toast, and instead of going through the original plan, their first dance was just slow-dancing with Serizawa holding Reigen upright. When others tried to tease Reigen about it afterwards, Serizawa shut them down uncharacteristically bluntly. He had been listening to the hiccup-y, giggly sobs of “I can’t believe I won’t be lonely anymore, Katsu” and “Who’d think I’d deserve to feel this kind of happiness” through the whole dance. 

yuppp still working through all of these in serirei, this time with a more muted color experiment

this one is ♦: Slow dancing as requested by @6oys


Doodled a crap ton of Noogles over the past couple of days and had these on my phone so I thought “why not post them?” So ye here have them xD


J: “Cooking is legitimately the only skill I have that’s be useful in life. I always helped my mother when I was younger and after she left I took up the responsibility of cooking.”

J: “…I don’t cook as often anymore though. Microwavable food is a lifesaver!”