also taylor swift has a version of this

Close your eyes

Summary: Dean made a deal to save Sam once again, as if he hasn’t learned about making deals enough already. This time things were different though. Things were harder and who knew how they were going to solve this.

Words: 1290

Pairing: Dean x Reader

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Warning: ANGST, character deaths

A/N: So I got this idea before I got to bed when I listened to Safe&Sound by Taylor Swift (that’s a pitched version, just go on spotify to find the original one!), which will also have some action in this oneshot. You’ll see that I took some inspiration from a scene that happened in SPN as well just with other characters. I hope you’ll enjoy this!

Also if anyone notices one line(of SPN) I changed a little, props to you ;P

When Sam died, you were in a tough hunt. You were ran over demons, too many too handle them and Sam didn’t make it out. It has been months since that happened. Dean locked himself up for hours and would only come out to eat, but slowly you reached through to your boyfriend, distracted him. You had to since you were his only hope. Castiel lost his grace and had to take care a lot of himself. He had to survive someone and that also without your and Dean’s help.

But as you saw Sam standing in the bunker, your anger flicked through you.

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Why is she still around?? She damn well know that Niall's promo is 10000x better than H's. And people started the point out this. So this is why she is trying to shit on Niall and his team. Also Niall and being manipulative lmfaoo. Honey you are stanning the male version of Taylor Swift lol. Let's see what disgusting posts she is going to write about Louis's promo... She literally hates Louis.

not only is she pissed about niall’s promo, she’s pissed at how receptive niall has been vs. harry 🤷‍♀️


When you read that, you thought of something. You could have thought of a person, a house, a dream. But let me tell you one thing I’m sure is certain; none of you thought of the same thing. Sure I’m sure a lot of you though “Taylor Swift” (cuz I mean she is) but none of you thought of her perfection in the same way. Each of us has a different way we idealize things in our head; celebrities, houses, boyfriends/girlfriends, bodies etc. THIS exact reason is why I urge you to stop reaching for any form of perfection. Even when you reach your version of “perfect” (no matter what it may be) there will always be something else to start working towards being “perfect.” Also, like I’ve said many times before, your idea of perfect is completely different from somebody else’s. And honestly, life is so much easier if you spend your life enjoying things as they are instead of fighting to make them “perfect.” The idea of a perfect anything does not exist in reality, but that’s what I love about it. Things don’t go as planned and your makeup gets messed up. No matter how hard you work on your body, you’ll always find someone else new who has the new “trendy body.” No matter how great you do your wing today, maybe your contour is just a little off. And that’s okay. Just be. Just be you. Just let things be as they are. Life is so beautiful when you take a step back and appreciate the beauty of what is.

xo Megster

Taylor Swift cries, screams, stabs in crazy 'Blank Space' music video

Taylor Swift transforms into a jealous lover in her video for “Blank Space.” Upon seeing her man texting during a picnic date, enraged Swift tosses his phone in a fountain, yells at him in their mansion’s library and sheds mascara-coated tears alone near the fireplace.

That’s what fans saw on Monday when the video leaked on Yahoo, one day before the Joseph Kahn-directed piece was set to officially premiere on Good Morning America. It has since been taken down and will go live again Tuesday morning.

Supermodel Sean O’Pry plays Swift’s love interest in the video, and Kahn told Mashable that Swift “specifically asked for him by name — she had a vision.”

“She’s highly aware of one particular thing that’s happening right now — the idea that if you date her and you break up with her, she’s going to write a song about you,” explained Kahn, who said Swift is one of the smartest people he’s worked with in his 20 years of making acclaimed music videos. “She’s aware of this. She’s not an idiot. Taylor wanted to make a video addressing this concept of, if she has so many boys breaking up with her maybe the problem isn’t the boy, maybe the problem is her.”

At one point in the video, Swift maniacally wields a golf club. Kahn said Tiger Woods’ 2009 cheating scandal, in which his wife allegedly chased him out of the house with a golf club after learning about his infidelity, inspired that part of “Blank Space.”

“We wanted to make a very funny version of this, that Taylor is the nightmare,” said Kahn, who has directed videos for Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson, among others. “She was very thorough: She came up with concepts, imagery and references. … When you have an artists wanting to test her imaging, it’s always great territory to be in.”

It’s a fitting video for the pop song, which though is admittedly cheeky (“got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane,” Swift sings) is also introspective and self-aware.

“You know what’s funny? When she called me I was watching A Clockwork Orange,” Kahn said. “Not that this is [Stanley] Kubrick or anything like that, but there’s a lot of symmetry and symmetrical framing in here — like, for instance, there’s a shot of two horses at the beginning and that’s a very Kubrick shot.”

Near the end, Swift bites O’Pry’s lip, stabs a heart-shaped cake, takes an ax to a tree bearing their names and slices up O’Pry’s clothing in a fit of rage.

“Blank Space” is the follow-up single to “Shake It Off” from Swift’s 1989, her fifth studio album that sold 1.287 million copies in its debut week amid controversy of her removing all of her music from Spotify.

Swift explained that she feels Spotify is a “grand experiment.”

“I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment that I don’t feel fairly compensates the writers, producers, artists, and creators of this music,” she said. “I just don’t agree with perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free.” (x)

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Why is ADC is considered a dork?

Oh, where do I even begin with that.

Just to be sure, you’re asking me why this human being making faces like this is considered dorky?

Well alright, let’s see…

  • There’s the stuff Marny Kennedy tweeted about her before she had twitter
  • and of course the conversations after she gets it, showing us that she’s obsessed with squids and that her friends are making fun of her because of it
  • besides being obsessed with squids she’s also a space nerd (1:00) 
  • her Zombie Defense Squad would consist of Bear Grylls, Louis C.K., Jamie Oliver and Taylor Swift 
  • The way she’s talking to a birdie in Eliza’s video. #Waytokeen
  • and the way she explains that there’s a reason (0:50) she failed her driver’s license test three times

(And that’s just some things that came to my mind spontaneously while thinking about that incredible cute dork)

Pitchfork: The Year In Music 2014 ,The 100 Best Tracks

Taylor Swift

“Out of the Woods”



Though “Shake It Off” had been uncoiled weeks earlier and cemented Taylor Swift’s somewhat vague “‘80s-pop” agenda, the release of “Out of the Woods” was the moment where it all snapped into place. Working with Jack Antonoff of Bleachers and Fun., Swift creates a chant-along that’s Taylor-made for a Reagan-era flick, though I can’t imagine Harry Styles standing on any lawns in Nashville anytime soon. (I feel like Harry Styles doesn’t raise his arms for anyone. For more Harry Styles fanfic, please visit my Tumblr.) On “Out of the Woods”, Swift and Antonoff build a monster chorus worth the price of admission, but in the glorious last minute, they deploy all their weapons—from the shuttering drums to the cascading perfection that is Swift’s vocal performance—for 2014’s Best Breakdown. —Corban Goble

Taylor Swift




Dating back to her earliest records, Taylor Swift’s songs have navigated the familiar tropes of Western romance: Romeo and Juliet, cheerleader versus geek, the shy girl who falls for the rebellious boy, Prince Charming and his white horse. On her shapeshifting new album 1989, “Style” is perhaps one last look at the version of Swift who sees herself in broadly drawn characters—in this instance, a “classic” girl wearing red lipstick who has fallen for a slick-haired, white-teed guy with the “James Dean look” in his eye. But where those early songs were often parables, this one is more of an allegory: Swift dredges up iconic imagery of the American '50s as a way of framing an on-again, off-again relationship so intense that its essence feels infinite.

But “Style” also seems like a distilled look at a future version of Taylor Swift. Though it is structured like so many of her previous tracks, it’s not her meticulous songwriting that throws you into a headrush. Instead it’s her vocals, tense and restrained, misting emotion in cascading sighs and implied ellipses. But more so it’s the instrumentation from Max Martin and Shellback, which traces a line from Jan Hammer to “Teenage Dream”. Swift delivers wallops in small moments, so her producers bust out the heartstoppers: a pre-chorus riff that’s like a car screeching short, then undulating waves of keyboards underneath the hook that feel like the wind blowing through your hair. Most stunning of all is a guitar figure that scribbles its own story of indefinite lust across the night sky. —Jordan Sargent

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Hey I'm new in the fandom. I know this is gonna be a little weird, but what are the most important things a harmonizer should know and never forget about the girl, or things that have happened and you'll never ever forget. Help me out

Ok hi so this is the second time I had to do this because my computer crashed the first time… alright so I’m going to cover the basics.

1. Fifth Harmony was a band put together on the X Factor. They were originally called the Lylas, later changed to 1432, and then finally to Fifth Harmony. Here is all there X Factor performances. 

Here are the girls auditions 

2. The girls were on a Mall Tour for awhile.

3. The girls use to play a game in the elevator. Video here. It use to be a HUGE fandom mystery and we still joke about it.

4. Camren 

5. Ally and Big Rob (there current security guard, also Jonas Brothers old security guard) is my BROTP

6. Ally’s obsession with Waffle House. Video here 

7. The girls have a little youtube mini series! It’s about there lives basically just gives you an little look into what there up to! Totally worth watching if you want to get to know them better. You can find that playlist here.

 8. Normani was just in Sean Bankhead’s music video “Don’t Disturb Me” it is amazing and she is an amazing dancer. Video here.

9. Normani and Dinah are obsessed with Beyonce.

10. Lauren is a huge fan of Lana Del Rey and is a hipster at heart.

11. Camila is good friends with Taylor Swift. Taylor even threw her an 18th birthday party, Hayley Williams was also there and I like cried

12. Ally has this cute little thing for Justin Timberlake

13. The girls are loved by everyone they meet 

13. If you want to read fanfiction about the girls you can find that here

14. The girls won a VMA 

15. The girls have 5 versions of their EP ‘Better Together’. (these are all spotify link btw)

Better Together

Better Together - Acoustic


Juntos - Acoustic

16. Also the girls now have a full length album out ‘Reflection’ it’s amazing


Worth it in Spanish

17. Also the girls did a bunch of covers after they got out of X Factor (they lost in 3rd place) you can find the covers in a nice little play list there > This is a youtube link now fyi

There is so many things I am missing about these wonderful Ladies, honestly they are smart and intelligent and funny and UGH! These girls are wonderful! They are seriously going to slay the world. I hope this helped a little bit. I’m know I’m missing inside jokes and fandom jokes, but you’ll find them along the way. If you get confused you can always ask me! I’ll have an answer!

taylor, look at these super cool people!!

hi taylor, i’ve decided to compile a list of people who either have posts they want you to see or want you to follow them. i would mean everything to me, more importantly them, if you would take some time to look at them. before i start the list though, i’d just like to say how much i appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to reach out and bond with us. i can’t even find the words to say how grateful we are. thank you :)

here are some people that have post they’d like you to see!

plzleavemestranded (who may i add does not have a follow) wote this nice letter to you

apolaroidofus  has a follow, but made a video of shake it off - flute version! it’s really nice. 

swiftproof (who also lacks a follow) has a great letter, and a video of her reading a poem. it’s really beautiful. 

and here are some people that would really like a follow from you! (i’m sure they have some posts, too)

withanastyscars (sam is super rad, she’s been with me since the beginning)


causesparksfly (erin has been super great cheering me up about this blog)










ANNDDD shorthairedlorde who is a real life friend (even know she never asked to be on this list haha)

Who's Taylor Swift Anyway?

There seems to be a lot of confusion in the fandom to certain things and I think everyone could benefit from this kind of breakdown, so I thought I should probably write it down instead of just ranting and explaining to invisible people in my bedroom.  

Ok, so first we have to understand that Taylor Swift can mean multiple things, and we have to break it down.  I like to think of it in four main parts.  First, there's Taylor Swift the person.  This is the actual living breathing thinking speaking human being behind the entire everything.  This is the one who dates people and gets her heart broken and loves and hates and feels.  She loves her family, her friends, her fans, her significant others whoever they might be.  She’s a real human being.  She gets her feelings hurt when someone says something hurtful and she learns how to deal.  Then there's Taylor Swift the artist.  This is how Taylor Swift the person has learned to deal with her emotions and feelings.  Channeling them into the artist.  Like any other artist, she goes through phases.  Things that feel more artistically interesting or fun.  Things she wants to try and things she wants to stay away from.  Currently, Taylor Swift the artist is in a really polished synth pop phase.  Before, she’s been in the country phase, and the “IDEC LET’S TRY ALL THE STYLES” phase.  Each album has a theme and a feel to it, and that theme and feel is what the artist is exploring at the time the album is being made.  

Now we have to get into the parts of this equation that involve the public.  The person and the artist are personal.  The public is not included in that. Taylor Swift the public figure, on the other hand, we are included in.  This is the version of Taylor that is specifically for the public.  It’s her demeanor in interviews, her diction, her style.  The things she will publicly comment on and the things she won’t publicly comment on.  A good way I’ve found to separate the person from the public figure is the fact that she curses in private but not in public.  Because Taylor Swift the public figure doesn’t curse, even though Taylor Swift the person does.  This ties into Taylor Swift the brand.  Taylor Swift the brand is all the things that Taylor Swift the public figure represents.  The brand is where the public’s thoughts and opinions will go to directly.  Note here by “the public,” I don’t mean the fans, I mean the general public.  Like Joe Average on the street.  Currently we’re in a phase of rebranding, which means that everything is shifting deliberately so that the public will have a different opinion and that the public figure will represent different ideas.  The public figure is the brand’s representative in the world.

The rest of this is under a cut for length, I wanted the initial part to be out in the open.  

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Reasons to love RED

1. State of grace.
2. RED.
3. Treacherous.
4. I knew you were trouble.
6. 22
7. I almost do.
8. We are never ever getting back together.
9. Stay stay stay.
10. The last time.
11. Holy ground.
12. Sad beautiful tragic.
13. The lucky one.
14. Everything has changed.
15. Starlight.

17. The moment I knew.
18. Come back…be here.
19. Girl at home.

20. treacherous (original demo recording)
21. RED ( original demo recording)
22. State of grace (acoustic version)

Do you need more reasons? I don’t think so.
You are welcome :)