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yes hello i just wanted to remind u all that allura is amazing and i love her


…how about both? :D;; i didn’t mean for this to be so involved but it kinda turned into a rival CEO-type AU… i just went with it. thanks for the request!! <3

[insert your own joke about a longstanding merger]

Yvonne vs. The Predator

BOOM! goes the dynamite!

Yvonne Strahovski Joins Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’

“Strahovski will play the mother to Tremblay, a troubled boy who is accidentally drawn into the conflict with the fierce alien creatures by her ex-husband, played by Holbrook. 

Strahovski, who has had runs on Dexter and 24: Live Another Day, next co-stars in Hulu’s buzzy Margaret Atwood adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale with Elizabeth Moss and Joseph Fiennes. She also has two movies in the can: Dennis Iliadis-directed He’s Out There and the Marc Forster-directed drama All I See is You, the latter with Blake Lively.“ [x]

so apparently someone made a survey of favourite destiel fic authors (that someone being @unforth-ninawaters​), and somehow i’m ranked as 5th favourite????!?! thaNK YOU people who put my name down????? my mother is gonna be thrilled (and then ask why i’m not #1)

on another note, i’ve spent the last two days of my life painting my room purple after literally 8 years (and i mean literally, not figuratively, or exaggeratively), trying get my health up enough that i could paint a hecking wall. it. is. done. THE WALLS ARE PURPLE


AND DEAR GOD I AM EXHAUSTED IT’S 3AM everything hurts i’m dying i need to sleep

k bye

links to all 65 of my destiel fics on ao3, because of reasons

some favourites:

and my newest fic (which i’m changing the summary for right now because nobody knows what it’s meant to be):

my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet

i actually dont even mind the music taste as much, in fact fuck it youre right he does listen to sad heartbreak songs and whatever this is- i dont like the idea that yall or anyone for that matter thinks sherlock would actually be like “no, of course there wont be any ”“"beyonce”“” on my playlist" like ??????? rude & wrong

What Papyrus Knows

This is a short little drabble for “A Father for a Son”. It’s basically Papyrus’ point of view on things in this storyline, mostly focused on how he sees his father and how he’s changed since Sans entered the Void. I think Papyrus’ POV is the most interesting since he has no memories of his brother and has no idea he even has a brother. I thought this would be interesting not only for myself, but also for all of you, so you can get to know the characters better. I will probably also do this for Gaster and Sans. 

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Memos in the Citadel (13/?)

To: All Kingsglaive, All Crownsguard

From: Clarus Amiticia

CC: Cor Leonis, Captain Titus Drautos

Subject: Rules and Legislation update.

Due to recent events I have been asked to ammend article 53 of the Crownsguard handbook.

Any and all mentioning of Ru Paul’s Drag Race is hereby banned within the Citadel walls.

Please do not reply to this.

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There’s nothin’ wrong about shipping muses. As long as you can act like responsible adults, ( whether u ship it or not / whatever have at it. Let anons talk all they want. They aren’t man enough to talk to you without it, you owe them nothing. You don’t even owe them your time. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground. Don’t feel obligated to be polite to anons either if they’re mistreating you. Put them in their place if necessary or ignore altogether.

listen… i probably wouldn’t be hyping up ‘call me by your name’ so much if you guys acknowledged straight couples in movies like ‘dirty dancing’ and ‘scott pilgrim’ that have pretty much the same age difference or movies like ‘copenhagen’ where a flirtation between a 28 year old man and a 14 year old girl is presented as romantic.