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Altar boy finds a stranger in the church sometime before sundown

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How did you get noticed !?

This is kind of a tricky question tbh. I’ve answered a similar question here .

But I also wanna add that..I think what helped me get noticed is my change of style. I’ve deleted most of my old posts but if you’ve followed me for a while you’d know that back then I used to focus more on art skills and making very detailed art. Which wasn’t a bad thing obviously,but there’s a ton of skilled artists out there,most of which have better skills than I have. And I was very unhappy with my art because in my eyes it was nothing special and it just didn’t look the way I wanted. I wanted to learn how to make simpler art.

I then decided to just focus more on having a consistent art style and showing more of what I like (fashion and plants) . My linearts are as detailed as they used to be but my coloring got much simpler. If you look at my art now it’s a lot easier to recognize,like you can tell that it’s all made by the same artist. I think having an art style that people like does help you get noticed.

But please don’t quote me on that. This is what worked for me (I think?) but it may not work for everyone. So really just pay attention to your followers and how people react to your content but at the same time,don’t make art just for the attention or to please others. Remember to make art because it makes you happy and to make art that you like :)

I’m not dead just ridiculously busy with moving and whatnot!! I haven’t had the chance to draw in months and it almost started to physically hurt not to be able to draw so my resolution: to use the time i could be sleeping to animate 8,D

Got dem Sailor Moon feels back from marathoning all the newest musicals and crying at the beauty that is Yuuga Yamato as Mamoru Chiba.

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hi, just wondering if you had made your online shop yet?

Hello there! Not yet,I have the account ready but I just need to upload stuff. I wanna make 10 more sticker sets,some cute notebooks for stationery lovers and more t-shirts and hoodies. 

I know it’s taking a while but please be patient. I swear I’m working really really hard to give you guys tons of options to choose from :D

can i just say i fucking love how the teensy, tiny flasks on the Statesman belt buckles are actually functional

idk if whiskey is the only one who actually uses it (he’s the only one we see drinking from it if i remember correctly) but man whoever designed that really went hard


lately my favourite hobby has been thinking up incorrect quotes for the p5 cast

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Help me here, what are the best Vettel interviews? Looking to get into F1 after being a casual spectator for years. Thank you!

WOOOOW ok I’m a bit surprised because I’m feeling so #blessed honored you asked me about this (but if I start thinking about all the Seb stuff I post here I’m not so surprised 😂😂😂). So thank you! 😇

But it’s kinda hard because Seb does like thousands of interviews and he always says the same during f1 weekends…(sorry Seb, you know I love you more than my life but it’s the truth…honestly). But we all know Seb is a very intelligent and wise person who has very insteresting and also remarkable thoughts and this is one reason why I (and many) look up to him.

So here are some of the best imo:

Title of the interview is “Typical Vettel” which says a lot. The first part when he’s talking about not being on social media is very impressive. Especially what he says about some “fans”…

It’s more lighter but thank god it feels endless and he’s talking a lot of different things about his life in a personal and a professional way as well. Many jokes, honesty, complaining etc. - typical Seb 😂

Ok it’s just funny because Seb likes to talk for hours and this time he was not allowed to. He had some interesting answers. (These Dutch reporters are weeeiiiiirrrdddd)

Short questions, short answers, you can easily get to know him.

5. first part (the title is wrong trust me)
second part:

The way he talks about his car and the smileys made this interview really great. (with English subtitles)

And now you should get ready because here comes the funny ones:

The famous Kimi imitation. I’m pretty sure every single real Seb fan knows this.

7. first part:
second part:
Old but gold, the Top Gear apperiance. Shame the full version can’t be found anymore because this is hilarious.

The second part with the funny customs story and “big balls” is one of my favourites.

Another famous press stuff from Seb - the SEAGULLS story aka “How to crash the winner’s serious post race interview.” It’s long but definitely worth to watch.

And he didn’t run out of jokes after that hilarious seagulls interview. Whereof one of my favourite quotes from him comes: Everybody’s a Ferrari fan!

Wow, so I’ve just made a top 10. I’m absolutely sure I haven’t put all of the bests because it’s impossible but these cannot be left out if you want to get to know this awesome person. 😊

(Also you should check out my previous post about my top 5 Seb press confs, there are some interview moments as well)

Thank you again for making me do this because you recalled me how much I love this man and I have million reasons why, these are only a few of them. 😍❤️

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You guys it happened, I hit 1k?!? I’m so humbled you all think I deserve a follow. Honestly you guys are some of the nicest people I’ve met on the internet and this fandom feels like my extended family. I wanted to do so much more to celebrate but this milestone hit just as I’m moving house so I’ve decided to do a few small things to thank you all so much! ♥

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Eased some anxiety and finally did my hair. Probably gonna ease some more anxiety and do my makeup just cus. It’s soothing.

Family is wild, man. I feel like the glue to mines sometimes, and I don’t always have enough spoons for it.