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[fic; 1/9] when i'm looking up at you

title:  when i’m looking up at you
rating: teen+
main characters: steve rogers, bucky barnes, natasha romanoff, tony stark, sam wilson
ships: stucky, background pepperony, background samnat
triggers:  PTSD, suicidal thoughts, dependency issues, identity issues, brainwashing, murder

And so Captain America may be the one who leads the raid on the compound and bravely battles the Red Skull to a desperate end, but Bucky Barnes is the one who flies the plane into the Arctic ocean, finally longing for the cold.

Or alternately: Someone who is not named Steve Rogers stands in the middle of Times Square and screams.

A/N:  This is, at its core, an AU where Steve Rogers falls from the train and Bucky Barnes takes his place as Captain America. Deals extensively with Bucky’s POV as he struggles to reconcile himself as a person separate of the man he knew as Steve Rogers. Reads through the end of CATFA through CATWS.

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Just saw a video of Brian Barczyk antagonizing a baby blood, how dare he, he doesn’t even know how to handle the adults, he can’t even handle the babies right, he’s stressing the baby out, antagonizing it to strike over and over, I want to scream, I want to grab his shirt collar and shake him until he understands. Why are you purchasing animals you can’t even handle, my blood is boiling, I know how he treats his animals and seeing him doing this to a baby blood makes me so angry! As if people need to see a stressed out baby blood, people are scared of them, we don’t need a baby blood freaking out because you’re stressing it JFC. It’s not like he got rid of his other short tails cause hahaha he couldn’t handle him, so he buys babies? Are you kidding me? GKIEWHKEF.

Don’t ever EVER buy short tails from him. Don’t buy ANYTHING from him. I am in a blind rage right now.

So, I wanted to talk about a short, but very important, scene in “In A Gadda Da Leela” that occurs between Fry and Bender and is pretty heavy with Body Language and I think does a good job of showing a large aspect of who they are as as people.

For context: Fry and Bender are hanging out in the kitchen of the Planet Express Delivery building and Fry is verbalizing his worries about Leela because she’s yet to return from a mission her and Zapp Brannigan went on and its been a while. 

Rest of the scene analysis is under the ‘Read More!’

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EARLY MUNDAYS ARE ACCEPTABLE when you’ve had a long day but you feel pretty after getting your hair cut and washed right? 

tbh i should make a hc post abt how religion and culture sorta ended up working in rowans family cus theyre a big mismash of heritages ( and where the hunters were concerned, races ).  like penelo’s father was a casteless dwarf,  had likely dabbled in illegal business either with the carta or independently,  and came to the surface ~8:60 blessed.  he still practiced and believed in the stone, though not as devoutly as his sisters ( one whom he has no recollection of, and the other who joined the legion of the dead and became a legionnaire );  given nevarra’s proclivities for creating vast crypts for their dead,  i have a feeling he’d feel p. nostalgic and somewhat comforted in the first few years he was on the surface w.o his family.  penelo’s mother was lowkey andrastian; she was a city elf like her daughter, of course, was, but a touch more devout.  as a result, penelo was this sort of…nexus of cultural background, and that’s without factoring in the alcamene hunters and their influence. 

as ive said many times, talitha was dalish, though she left her clan after falling in love w. penelo. she was pretty tight with the rest of the hunters, but she never came to accept their religious beliefs ( or lack thereof );  she was like…a firm believer in the elvhen pantheon and wound up teaching jules ( ro’s lil bro ) quite a bit about that part of his heritage. penelo wasn’t all too devout, but she liked to try and straddle both her andrastian upbringing and her father’s belief in the stone as best she could?  which often came off like she didn’t care too much about religion,  but on the contrary she found it very close to her heart and upbringing.

the hunters were sort of fragmented across nevarra, but their family’s ‘faction’ operated chiefly in cumberland, sometimes running the roads up to nevarra city and the tevinter border. ANYWAY, each faction functions differently, but the one that penelo and her ma and pa were involved with was really, really close - knit: like, ‘you’re my literal brother’ / ‘the blood of the covenant’s thicker than the water of the womb’ kinda close. they were primarily made up of surface dwarves, very poor city elves, and a select few vashoth ( very very few tho ), but no humans. SO WHEN ROWAN was born he actually didn’t know, like, where the ‘blood’ family ties ended:  he knew his grandfather for quite a few years before he passed away, but was under the tutelage of a dwarf called zigni “the smuggler” carltan ( who he regarded as his ‘uncle’ ) for a relatively long time.  as a result, rowan never really learned much about the dalish ‘old ways’ or w/e and was probably more attuned to dwarven culture over anything else, with slight andrastian touches. 😬

talitha didn’t ‘favour’ jules over rowan, but because they were both mages, they sort of had an unspoken bond that rowan couldn’t achieve, and knew that he couldn’t achieve. there was a little bit of distance there, and as a result, a little bit of distance between he and whatever ‘right’ to dalish culture he might’ve known otherwise. and a distance he sort of … opted to maintain a lot of the time.  he was taught quite a bit about the elvhen pantheon, but due to years of having fallen out of practice,  he’s forgotten almost everything that talitha taught him,  and doesn’t exactly care to learn it again. AND MOREOVER, while in court rowan generally tends to feign serious devotion to andraste and the chantry fjaieofjwo

It’s Friday, so I’m allowed to pat myself on the back for making it to the gym three times this week. Also, I got in the shower at 9:33 and was sitting at my desk in full makeup (full makeup for me lol) at 10:12. IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS OKAY?

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