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If you like Reylo

You’ll probably like the kdrama “Scarlet Heart Ryeo”. 

  • It’s very similar to reylo, especially the main male lead Wangso, who is very much like the Kylo of this story. 
  • His character is outcasted by society. His family sees him as an animal and he’s often depicted as this blood thirsty monster.
  •  He’s also a prince, the 4th of many (good looking) sons of the King. 
  • In actuality WangSo is very misunderstood, never having affection as a child due to - get this - a single scar across his face!!! which he covers wITH A MASK!! (KYLO ANYONE?!?)
  • Like he’s a literal puppy?!?!?! SO CUTE?! SO PRECIOUS!??
  • The main female lead, Haesoo, is actually from present day, but is transported to Goryeo Era Korea. 
  • She is sunshine and rainbows and the Sun to WangSo’s Moon.
  • She is the only one who truly understands WangSo!!!!! (my heart)
  • Despite initially disliking each other, the two leads soon form a strong friendship and eventually, WangSo devELOPES ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR HER.
  • However, Haesoo is romantically involved with the 8th prince (second male lead).
  • This show depicts romance, redemption, jealousy, betrayal, war, etc. All important elements of a good fairytale, much like Star Wars.
  • Stunning visuals, plot, and music.
  • The episodes are currently airing Mondays and Tuesdays. There are 11 episodes out so far.
  • You can watch them on

Also just look at the main leads. thats one sexy cast.


“sharp work, samurai.”
S a m u r a i

So this is where it came from? Well I mean I knew people were talking about it but I don’t know it was r e a l.

That’s such a cute nickname though??? Like yeah, as a klance shipper of course. But in general this is actually really cute???
I wanna see more nicknames of the other paladin’s ok.

Barisi Episode Tag, 18x01

(6K. Inspired by that eye roll, by Sonny’s pronunciation of ‘spanakopita,’ and by everything the premiere left unresolved. Fluffy fluff.)


Kiss the Cook


“Here again, Carisi?”

Carisi smiles and gently closes the door.

It’s almost eight o’clock.

He doesn’t look tired.

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it’s your favourite dorks ♡೫̥͙*: ⃛*

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How I flirt: makes vague posts about how much I’d cherish and care for u and all the sappy romantic things I’d do for you to make you feel special

Anyway, that interview with Kara and Arryn where Kara talked about changing a particular word Weiss says in volume 4 had me theorizing. 

The word that Kara changed was “bajillion” because she knew Weiss would never say that made-up word. 

But the fact that whoever-the-writers-are didn’t think twice about Weiss saying that particular, rather goofy word speaks a bit to whom she might’ve been talking to. Obviously the writers didn’t think it was an issue for Weiss to be saying that word to whomever she was talking to, and she’d never say “a bajillion” to her father or someone higher-up than her. 

Which leads me to believe she might’ve perhaps been saying it to someone on her own level where she can be less formal and more comfortable with her speech. Perhaps a friend or teammate? Of course it could just be Winter too, but even that’s good, because at least it means Winter is still checking up on Weiss and looking out for her.


Peach Puff

So since I figured since so many people asked about how I edit my photos, I’d just make an action out of it cuz I change it all the time.

This action included a hard light, no light, and soft light (theres only the slightest difference in all of them)

My only rules are don’t be a dick and claim this as your own 

EDIT: I should probably mention that you need topaz clean and denoise

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Human Errorberry Fanfiction

Okay so I did it. I fricken did it and it’s not very good or super fluffy cute shippy or nothing. But it’s kind of like???… I dunno?! Practice writing? A filler story? I kind of might want to write more things but I’ll do it later. For now you can read this and maybe this will help explain some of the story a little better? 

Like you can see how they interact with each other and how some things are done. Maybe this answers a few of your guys’s asks too? I? Don’t? Know? 

Okay sorry now. But here it is. It’s 5970 words so it’s sort’v a long read just warning ya. Uh yeah. Read undercut if you want.

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Describe yourself in 3 fictional characters

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When you’re all alone contributing to a long-time-dead character tag but love them too much to quit.
I'm Crazy But I'm Not Wrong: Stranger Things and Mental Illness
Spoilers for Stranger Things and Hannibal follow; trigger warnings for gaslighting, medical abuse, and narratively satisfying vivisection. ...

Let me tell you, suspicion becomes a survival mechanism, but it also becomes an inroad to horror. There’s nothing quite like prodding for context until the point where a psychologist admits that if you answer her questions in a particular way she’ll have you hospitalized, regardless, apparently, of your preferences. I remember standing on ice in winter and hearing it crack in slow motion under my feet. It’s like that. It’s just like that.

I’m not usually a horror person. Not gory body horror, not creepy societal and bureaucratic horror, even psychological horror can freak me out, with Hannibal being a rare exception (honestly, I think its the cannibalism and the sheer style). For me, SciFi horror is especially bad (really shouldn’t have watched Alien as a kid) and worse when combined with any of the above. There’s several reasons I’ve avoided watching Stranger Things and only some of that is just how prevalent its become on tumblr. The other part is the title screen that just screams HORROR GENRE at me, and my general avoidance of such things.

Now let me tell you why this article made me look past all of this and start watching.

I love @stormingtheivory. Their writing is consistently interesting, sometimes is fantastically funny, and is near-always deeply thought-provoking. These are also, incidentally, reasons why I back them on Patreon despite how careful I otherwise try to be with money. In addition to all this, Sam has a really interesting lens through which they see the world, and its this lens which fucking shines in this article.

Want to see the more gothic horror aspects of Stranger Things? Read this article. Want to see how some of the psychological and societal horror aspects of Stranger Things tie into our real world? Read this article. Want to see why treating people as things is so very awful a thing and why its so much more prevalent than we think and why it can cause so many issues in people? Read this fucking article.

This article’s been out for a few days or so now and I’ve held off posting it because usually Sam’d post a link themself and I’d reblog once I’d read it. However, they haven’t posted a link so I went and asked if I could post it instead and got permission. Here’s hoping you all find this article as interesting as I do.

Special @’ing to @notyourexrotic and @ababelofprose, because I feel like you’d both each find interesting things in this article.