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#feminine wiles work on superheroes too

Omega has residential areas, like apartments and stores and stuff where people can live. people live on Omega. and its implied that there are like families on Omega and people grow up there. are there schools on Omega?? or do people try their best to homeschool kids on a space station where there are literally no laws (except for one, but i dont think children are gonna be fucking with Aria) like???? i wanna know more about Omega


Sorry I can’t take selfies, but I thought I should add this mess of mediocrity to Trans Day of Visibility! Thanks to all the fantastically gorgeous people that showed up on my dash, you are so amazing.


I feel like I haven’t taken selfies in a long time and also think this webcam on my newer computer is somehow shittier than my first one, but my hair has been cleaned today and dried all nice and wavy. I thought it was a good chance to take some.

I may be really out of it but my hair is fabulous rn.

Kuvira in lingerie prompted by makomaragi. Now excuse me while I drive straight to hell.

Huge polarbear puppy Korra being jealous over Asami, for no reason whatsoever… 

English Translation: 

Asami: What’s wrong with you? 
Korra: Just me, all of you for me!!! 

Or something like that…

Sometimes I do this with my gf… I just get a sudden “jealousy moment” 
it’s mostly me being a huge baby over her.