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I literally can’t stop thinking about how The Bright Sessions took the high school football jock and made him an empath, so he’s not only attentive to and in touch with his own emotions but also with the emotions of all the people around him, 

and then (particularly with Adam’s “The guy who kisses me the way that you do, who holds me the way that you do, the guy who makes me laugh the way you make me laugh”) they gave him what is easily the most tender and genuine m/m relationships I’ve ever seen in media.

Caleb Michaels is approximately twenty Really Good Character Decisions rolled into a seventeen year old boy who drinks herbal tea out of a flask. 

lowkey wanna share that godawful country song that literally says “we’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the american way” on fb tomorrow (i think it’s called the angry american?? lmfao) but i think i might actually have some family and friends on facebook who would think i’m sharing it unironically. like. it is literally the most over the top ridiculous “patriotic” song holy shit. it cracks me up just thinking about it. but i think it was meant to be taken seriously and i just. i just wanna post it ironically but i don’t know if people would get it.

things that always get me:

  • the pram pushed against the wall that was probably never used because they weren’t allowed to go out
  • ‘james potter fell like a marionette whose strings were cut…’
  • lily screaming, not only because she knew voldemort was after her and harry, but also because she heard james fall and she knew that meant he was dead
  • ‘she dropped like her husband’
  • baby harry thinking it was just his parents playing a game
  • ‘his father… making more pretty lights’
  • ‘his mother would pop up any moment, laughing—’

Anonymous asked:

Hi. Sometimes when I’m writing dialogue I have a hard time coming up with the in-between actions/beats between dialogue. For instance, I tend to fall back on things like… He shrugged. She grinned. He laughed. Any tips for improving that aspect of writing dialogue?

Make sure you’re not over tagging. It can be tempting to tag every line of dialogue with an action, but most of the time it isn’t necessary. Generally, you want a nice balance between people tags (he said, Bob said), action tags (he said with a shrug), action beats (Clara looked out the window. “Yes, it’s still raining.”), and no tag at all.

Also, I think it’s really important to use things like “smiled,” “grinned,” and “laughed” appropriately. A lot of writers will say things like, “Absolutely!” he smiled. But how do you “smile” a word? “Smile” is not a speech verb, so it’s a little like saying, “Absolutely!” he walked. It doesn’t make any sense. Instead, you can change it up by saying something like, A smile spread across his face. “Absolutely!” This kind of action beat isn’t going to get old as fast as “he smiled.”

I know I recommend these two books constantly, but I really can’t stress enough how helpful the books The Emotion Thesaurus and Master Lists for Writers are for stuff like this. Bryn Donovan’s Master Lists for Writers, especially, because it has lists dedicated to actions and other ways to put them.

Also, if you can get to my main site to look at my post master list, there’s a whole section on dialogue with posts that go into more detail about tagging issues. :)
Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: portrayal of diverse characters, portrayal of emotions, specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), “how to portray/describe,” asking for tropes/cliches, asking for resources; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

Favorite Ships Tag Game Okay, let’s start a game! Write 10 (or less) of your favorite ships and include a picture or gif of each one. Then tag 10 people who (and whose ships) you’d like to get to know better. Have fun!

This sounds fun, and it’s been a while since I’ve attempted something like this. I bet I’ll leave something important out but here goes. Not in a particular order because that would break my brain. 

Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth: The MY HEART IT SO INVESTED ITS GONNA BURST ship.
The impact they have had on each other so far is so powerful, so moving, so beautiful. I don’t know where it’s going, exactly but all my heart wants, wants SO bad is at least one sliver of them acknowledging what they mean to one another, and at least one moment of stolen happiness, even if it ends horribly because GRRM. 

Han Solo/Leia Organa: My sexual awakening ship. I can still recall the first time I saw them kiss. I was a teenager, watching ESB for the first time and I SWEAR my stomach did a 360 FLIP inside me. It was a profound moment. I like him because he’s a scoundrel. I like the ship because they are so volatile, so strong, equals who drive each other crazy but fall head over heals anyway. I love their sass, their chemistry, their tenderness. They are so compelling to watch. 

Stormpilot- Poe Dameron/Finn: The current obsession. They are too pure, too sweet, too lovable. They bring sunshine into the world and I need them together. 

Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger: My oldest ship on the list, my first major ship. Realized at 12, with some help from the passionate essays of the internet, that they were meant to be for a million different reasons. I still believe it and I always will. 

Ben Wyatt/Leslie Knope: My THIS IS WHAT I WANT ship. Seriously, their relationship is basically perfect. So kind, so loving, so unendingly supportive, full of humor and fun, a willingness to make mistakes right and forgive them of one another, GOSH I WISH THEY WERE REAL AND RUNNING THIS COUNTRY

Harry Lockhart/Perry Van Shrike- My obscure ship. If you’ve never seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I cannot recommend it enough. It is hilarious and charming, just like this weird amazing not-quite-couple who had sizzling chemistry and so many moments for a shipper to cling to.  

Lee Adama/Kara Thrace: The Hurts My Heart Ship. I know that Sam was good for her. I know there are a lot of reasons why they didn’t work out, and that maybe that was good. And yet, I really did long for them to find happiness together. The love between them is insanely strong, even if they never could get it right. The loyalty between them, the passion and care, the knowledge of each other’s deep flaws that doesn’t stop them from caring…it’s too beautiful, and I will never stop dreaming of a world where they could have worked it out.

PS Is this not a painfully symbolic image of them? There is love and concern but also BARRIERS and too many challenging feelings and ugh, but even with how sad and deep and tough it is, there’s still humor in this scene. SO CLOSE AND YET SO FAR IT KILLS ME

Dr. Alan Grant/Dr. Ellie Sattler: I can’t think of a title for them. I guess technically they might even beat out Ron and Hermione as my favorite ship, since I started watching this movie when I was 5. Another case of lovely intellectual equals who don’t always agree, but always support each other. I love their relationship, and Jurassic Park III never happened ok bye

Lyra Belacqua/Will Parry These two have such a prominent place in my heart. I don’t know how Mr. Pullman gave us two kids who were TWELVE years old and made me believe in their universe-shattering love with every part of my heart, but he did, and I thank him for that. READ THESE BOOKS, PEOPLE.

Remus Lupin/ Nymphadora Tonks I have recently jumped about the wolfstar ship (really late sailor there, I know) and enjoy it a lot, but I also ADORE these two. Basically Remus is my favorite character along with Ron, and I just to think about him being happy so much. I also love this one because I TOTALLY CALLED IT after OotP and my best friend laughed and judged me BUT I WAS RIGHT AHHAHAHAH

Anyhoo I won’t tag ten people because I am super sleepy, but let’s go with a few @trippyvulcan @timesforgotten @catofthecanals289 @majorgenerally

Get to know Zury ♥

This is for your candy. Fill with what your candy could answer.

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Full name: Zury Phoenix Salvatore

Gender: Female

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Crush (and why): Castiel, because he is not as cold as most of the people think, he is a caring friend and boyfriend. I really like that side of him <3 He never fails to make laugh as well. He has a dog you know? A DOG, I LOVE DOGGIES, that’s a plus for him. Also I love singing (which only Zed and Cas knows, cause I’m a shy lil tomato when it comes to sing in front of people) and he has a band with Lys where he plays electro guitar. Have you ever seen him playing that? He is so passionate about it and I love watching him and singing while he plays it >< +I love his wardrobe

Favorite Color: Black, khaki, pink, blue, burgundy

Favorite band/singer: Get Scared

Favorite Food: Pizza, potatoes and everything includes chocolate

Last movie watched: The Woman In Black w/Luna, we got scared to death :’>

Describes yourself in five words: Friendly, sarcastic (friends only), loyal, tomato and childish

First Kiss:  Ehm… it was with my first boyfriend who is also brother of my bestie, Luna. So I got a message from Lucien (which turned out that Luna was the one who send that message) at night, that he was waiting me at beach. I was suprised but changed my clothes and went to see him. I waited for about 20 mins there but he didnt come so I decided to go back to home. When I stand up and turned my back, there was a shadow running against me. Then I realized that it was him. He was panting (and actually looking so cute haha) when he stopped by my side. He was directly looking into my eyes and was slowly turning into red. While I was about to ask why he wanted me to come here at this hour, I felt something soft and warm on my lips which stopped me. I didnt understand what was happening for a sec, then I realized that he was kissing me. I was shocked and instantly turned into red.

Make a Wish just for yourself: I hope all those days I trained hard for championship will worth it at the end

Today’s clothes:

Still in Easter outfits~

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Which is your fav Lexa and Clexa fanart? I know there are a lot to choose from but which one stands out for you or you're emotionally attached to?

My favorite Lexa fan art hands down this one (it’s been my phone background for almost a year now) it is by @papurrcat :

As for Clexa…this is so hard, but the one that stands out the most to me that gives me feels is this one by @sheep-in-clouds  : 

But like there are SO MANY I love in this fandom. This fandom is full of so many incredible artists that bless us. Like @immochiball with their Lexacoon/LionClarke that gives me ALL SORTS of feels. Then we have the incredible @critter-of-habit that is so talented and has created amazing scenes with her artwork, like Raven giving Clarke a necklace for the Flame. Then we have @waitingforshow whose comics crack me up and I’m still laughing about Lexa’s obsession with the Pokemon candle. @terra-7 has also created beautiful fan art of Clexa hugging and comforting one another. And I already mentioned papurrcat and sheep-in-clouds, who are beyond talented and have created so many masterpieces. And I KNOW I have forgotten a lot of people. I think we all know how blessed we are to have such talented people in our fandom that create beautiful, funny, moving artwork of Lexa and Clexa.

Basically, I love going into my ‘the 100 fan art’ tag because there are such talented people in this fandom that create incredible artwork. 


I have a folder labled ‘ESO Sass’ for moments like this. 

Between Abnur being a sassy piece of shit and Lyris’ rebuttals, I couldn’t resist taking a screenshot. 

I think most things Abnur says are some of the best lines in the game, but that third one makes me laugh everytime. 

The definition of home (1/2)

AN: Like I said - part one (and the smaller part) of this two-shot for Mari’s birthday. Probably going to finish this tomorrow.
Also, no beta - there might be some mistakes.

Pairing: KanaMari (Were you really expecting anything else?)


Mari wakes up to someone gently calling her name and poking her cheek. But she isn’t ready to leave dreamland just yet, so Mari turns around, dragging the sheets with her to hide under them.

“Come on, Mari.” The person giggles. Mari feels a tug on her blanket. Gripping it tight, Mari tries to fight off the attack. But once her ‘opponent’ decides to play unfair by tickling her, she has no chance of winning.

“No! St- Stop it!” She rolls over onto her back to escape. The second she feels the mattress dip though, she knows that that strategy is bound to be a failure. “Kanan!”

The tickling stops and two strong hands wrap around her wrists, effectively pinning her down and holding her in place.

“Kanan, please!”

Mari is still laughing but stops when a pair of lips touch hers ever so gently. But as sudden as the kiss happened it ends again.

Opening her eyes, Mari is met with the most beautiful purple eyes she can imagine, looking down at her with so much love that she thinks she might still be dreaming. The shy smile that accompanies them makes the picture even more perfect and for a second Mari forgets how to breathe.

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What would people think about a sort of monthly challange tumblr for fishblr.

For example the first one would be something like “fishblr photography”

With also some weekly smaller things, which i would think of later.

It would also have things like, care sheets, tips, and general things about fish care that can help both a beginner and an advanced fish keeper.(mostly rebloged from other blogs)

I would also need maybe 3 or 4 people to help me moderate the account, because I’m not the most experienced (i have had several fish before)

I’m tagging some people just to get the word out


I just think this would be a good idea to keep people interested in fish tanks, draw the community together and generally have a laugh!

okay given the fact that this post has 100+ notes and no one has suggested a definitive trackable tag for ???%
and with…. recent…. developments im sure people are going to want to talk about…. (rip manga….)

i think its time for us to come up with a trackable tag mb??? Good suggestions have been;

> Identity Unknown / Unknown Identity (which I personally like since it was called that in the manga and still maintains the mysterious cryptid status)
> fumei-chan 
> and Bob

Guys, I’m writing a very long meta explaining how Mon-El’s path to Valor is meeting all the steps of the Hero Journey as described by Joseph Campbell, that was mentioned in the Supergirl season 2 finale.

I’m pointing at examples with scenes dialogues. It is being fun to write.

And I must say, it is beautiful seeing his progression so clearly. He is so obviously in the middle that is laughing that some people think that his journey has ended (it is so clear that the best part is ahead of us).

Also the remaining steps of path give us clues about what may be ahead for his journey to a fully developed hero in season 3. And it is going to be EPIC.

Let me know if you want to be tagged whenever I finish.

#mon-el #valor #joseph-campbell #hero-journey #supergirl #karamel #supervalor

warning: this is quite long lmao

I have decided that I’m gonna stop, like, taking screenshots of people on aj and then posting it on here. Cuz yanno what we’re doing by doing this? We’re being bullies. I guess, like, we’re just having a bit of fun, but if you really think about it, we’re making fun of these kids and we’re laughing at them. They’re just tryna have fun, and so are we, but I think we’re being really mean. But I mean, there’s a difference between laughing with someone, and laughing at them. 

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  • SO LIKE I'm new to the hetalia fandom, like maybe soon a month and would like to follow some people that post hetalia.
  • Also if you want to talk about hetalia that would've been nice ;v;
  • Also also also cosplay because I would love to get some cosplay friendsss-
  • thank you ♪

im always mobile so i haven’t had the time to do all of this yet. how do yall have time to do these things???? i just learned what byf meant while reading this tag fam. i feel so behind on these acronym trends.

i am k, or kit. in my mid-20s from az and i like to travel and sleep. i write comics (two are coming! #blessed). i’m the self-proclaimed sheriff in this evan fan club i have a badge that tells me so. idk man, i like vampires but also not really and the idea of fitness sounds amazing but the execution is another thing. i also think im v funny and people laugh at my jokes so like… i’m funny, right??               

5 good things about me tag :)

5 good things about me tag :)
Thanks for the tag @ilovefusion :D haha I never actually do these but like oh well:

1) I can make people laugh easily I think? Well you tell me.. BUT I FEEL LIKE I CAN LMFAO JUST BECAUSE my mood is a constant joke. 🌚

2) um.. I think I’m a pretty caring friend like maybe it’s just because I worry about everyone too much, sometimes my best friends refer to me as the Motherly One lol, and also like if someone hurts one of my friends I will literally beat you up so…🌚💃🏻✨

3) Come at me with any cheesy Bollywood song AND I WILL DANCE THE FUCK OUT. 🌚🌚💯

4) I think I can be classed as the Sanaya Irani encyclopaedia tbh like ask me any fact about Queen and I will answer straight away. 👍🏼👍🏼

5) lastly… I think I’m pretty non-judgemental just because a lot of people have shared some very personal things with me, also I’m that friend who announces to the world when they are on their period so I’m in no mood to judge anyone LMFAO. 😭😂

Okaayyy and the people I tag to carry this on are: @daisho-u @churros-for-days @aaya-ranjha-mera @puranijeans @what-the-pyaar

(this conversation actually happened like a month ago)
  • mom:
  • mom: You MONSTERS. [three crying laughing emojis]
  • me: i knew abt fashion, focus groups, vacations but also work, and golf, but we killed soap?
  • mom: And breakfast, lunch, and dinner, apparently.
  • me: "WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE EVEN EATING" i think we're mostly not
  • me: wait no except we are bc we instagram all our food
  • mom: If you scroll down, someone mentions an extension that replaces "millennials" with "snake people" in all articles.
  • me: and we actually spend way too _much_ on food, which is definitely not bc nice food at restaurants and/or fast things to make at home w minimal time/effort are expensive but one of the only expenses we can usually afford/justify
  • me: oh i have that extension
  • me: i also use it to replace "political correctness" w "treating people w respect"
  • mom: At least they can't call yours the slacker generation (like mine) because you are a murderous army of destruction.
  • mom: I mean you've obviously been busy
  • mom: of course it's all pro bono
  • me: no but haven't you heard we're all super lazy and refuse to work overtime w/o the legally required OT pay
  • mom: Yes but you are easily distracted by participation trophies
  • mom: and also you have no jobs and live in your parents' basements
  • mom: (I'm always wondering who are all these people with furnished basements??)
  • me: oh of course, and those participation trophies definitely meant anything to _us_ and didn't give us all issues w accepting praise unless it comes w criticism bc otherwise it is meaningless and just meant to make us and/or our parents feel good abt ourselves despite having done nothing to deserve it
  • me: (okay yes this?? i know basements are more of a thing in other parts of the country but ?????? and like even if they're furnished, i remember our old basement and the walls were mostly concrete and it was always chilly? it just sounds so unpleasant)
  • me: anyway i did know we'd killed marriage and dating both
  • me: also buying houses and cars
  • [thirty seconds later]
  • me: wait wait wait so i thought we killed marriage bc we were choosing to stay unmarried longer-term, even when living together with romantic partners, but also were killing dating by not actually having monogamous romantic relationships in favor of no-strings-attached hookups
  • me: but so _also_ we're not actually sleeping with anyone?
  • me: that's… an impressive combination of achievements
  • me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the more you know
Tech Guru #4

(Gif credit to the owner)

(Y/N) Johnson, was the best computer specialist within SHIELD, now is the best computer specialist working for the Avengers. All her life she wanted to live the edgy, dangerous life, finally gets that but it’s still viewing from the outside- well computer screen,  she makes missions run smoothly. She’s like the human Jarvis but for the other Avengers, always in their ear but they’ve never seen her, till she saves a supersoldier’s life.

A small series about an unnamed OC I have been working on, I picked Rebel as face claim, cause I wanted to write something on a “plus size” character. I’ve made it |reader insert| cause it’s more fun that way, I hope you enjoy this small drabble series, the character is closely based upon “Fat Amy” the best character, I believe, to be written. - Ro

“I can’t do this,” you sighed out in front of the base, the thumping music could be heard from the outside, “what am I even doing here?” 

“Well, free booze for a start plus guys, also Steve Rogers AKA Captain Sexy America personally requested you to show up,” Olivia smiled, you gave her a scowl. 

“This is a mistake, I don’t attend these things and I certainly don’t socialise with Captain America, I should just go home; I look ridiculous, what am I trying to prove?” you sighed, Olivia somehow weaving you through the crowds and to the bar still.

You both sat at the bar, ordering fruity cocktails as the music blared, various types of people were settled in the massive party room; veterans- Steve’s friends, billionaires and assassins, it was a variety of people. Olivia waved, smiled and mingled with many people, as you remained settled at the bar.

“Okay, do not freak out,” Olivia rushed over, her slender figure tripping in her high heels, you tried not to chuckle at her tipsy behaviour “but to the left by the pool table.” 

Your eyes drifted over to the left, at the back was a pool table, a few people watching a game was clearly going on; all holding drinks. Then you notice what she was pointing out.

Originally posted by enochianess

“I could be the ham in that man sandwich,” you tell Olivia, who nods in agreement, both of you sipping on your cocktails watching as Steve interacted with his best friend.

“We should go over and talk to them,” Olivia suggested with a wide grin, you shake your head in refusal “c’mon, Steve wants to see you and damn, that hottie beside him deserves a lil’lovin” Olivia giggled, you wanted to laugh but the fear of going over there was too high.

“No way but you go have fun, I’m not ready to make a bigger fool of myself in front Steve,” Olivia shrugged with a small sigh, walking over anyway, you sighed and left the bar also and found the food table.

It was small foods, who puts small foods as the food for a party like this? Clearly, Stark doesn’t know how to put food out for a party, it’s stupid; he throws these like every month, almost weekly, yet this is the food he presents? 

“I’ve never known someone to glare at food the way you do,” you jumped and faced Steve “it’s a skill obviously, what did the mini crab cakes do?”

“They’re mini that’s the problem,” he chuckled “I mean, if I knew this was the food, I would have a second lunch” you joked but it was true, you’d end up shovelling ice cream once you are home but that’s standard when being around; tall, beautiful, skinny women. 

“Yeah, I didn’t know they made hamburgers that small,” he said eyeing the mini hamburgers with suspicion, making you laugh loudly.

“Everything comes in bitesize; it’s like they don’t know what bitesize is, it’s like thirty times that” Steve was laughing uncontrollably at that, “I mean, really? Hamster size is accurate.” 

“You’re funny,” Steve chuckled lightly and you shrugged, you were always the funny one or the clever one. 

You caught eyes at a few women looking at Steve and yourself as if your confidence wasn’t already low, they were talking about you and probably, laughing also. Yep, definitely laughing at you. You swallowed down the embarrassment and looked at Steve.

“Well, I gotta go, early shift tomorrow, it was nice seeing you again Steve. See ya.” You walked away before he could say anything, at least this way, those girls can talk to Steve without you being in the way or talk about you without you seeing them.

(Hope you like this. Let me know what you think about it, hopefully, everyone is liking this cause I love writing this tbh. - Rosalee)

Alternate “You”niverse 

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hey i love your tag for like your own text posts it makes me laugh every single time just thought i'd let you know

lmao tysm! i picked it bc whenever i make a personal post i just imagine a trashcan with a lid moving

(and also reading this ask made me think “hm what even do i make personal posts about” and i scrolled through the #hark! the trashcan speaks tag to posts that date around my 700 followers mark haha)