also syn i said right there that there were only a few people

ladyfassbender said:asdjkflj sounds like an awesome night! i’m really hoping they release a DVD of this like they did with the Hamlet version with David Tennant in it.

I was hoping Jamie was going to come out - I was going to ask him if they were considering recording it, but no one else but James came out (I was really disappointed, I REALLY wanted to meet Claire).

david8shead said: !!!!!!! MAX !!!!! YOU DID GOOD MAX YOU DID GOOD

My mother was very proud of me for not freaking out and punching him

pangeasplits said: aahhhh I’m glad you got to meet him!! extreme second hand excitement for you! but omg the poor guy. I also hope you don’t get too sick haha

I’ve got a really shitty immune system so I get sick a lot, but it’s alright. I bet it was him that spread it to the others though because he spends a majority of the play spitting everywhere. At least twice he had a massive blob of spit stuck to his beard. He was a very spitty Macbeth.

shayzgirletc said: That sounds fantastic, Max. And hey, you actually cared enough to ask and that’s fab in my book. /high-fives for you.

Well once a person coughs in your face I feel it’s your duty to ask them if they are alright. Also, I’m really sorry, but I couldn’t get extra autographs. He was so exhausted (and so was I, to be honest, after a day of travelling) that I didn’t want to ask, especially after he was held up for so long by the two girls in front of me.

david-8 said: JAMES MCAVOY INFECTED YOU AND I’M SO JEALOUS (also yes, good story! so happy for you!)

Why would you be jealous of that he may be an actor but he coughed in my face