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tearing up a package with your teeth is not a good idea…unless you are Haechan😂

If during the 90 minutes on Thursday Robert doesn’t have at least one small breakdown over losing his husband the day after their wedding for 12 months when he was so sure it wouldn’t be that long then me and Emmerdale are having words. I want tears. I want pain. I want devastation.

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can we learn more about dolia and raeus' kids??? i'm so,, enamored with them already??

i havent even thought much for them but i can give u the general stuff i have!

on the left is Erin(Erinaceus) and the right is Odora. Both named after mushrooms because Dolia loves them LMAO. Both are half werewolf half witch and attend a school where they learn more about their powers and such.

Odora is the older sibling by 1 year and shes more in tune with her werewolf side. She wears both her wolf ears and tail out more publicly and will transform into an actual wolf pretty often. Her knowledge of magic is pretty weak but she can easily create fire. Overall shes super easy going and likes to laze around. Shes gets along really well with her dad. Shes very blunt when talking to people. Shes also strong ;)

Erin is much more reserved compared to his sister. He is in his room a lot practicing magic. Does not like being a werewolf, it comes out when hes mad though. The scar on his face was from a fight at school( hes very hard headed). His magic is highly focused on potions and necromancy( a lot like his mom!). Honestly hes more of the joke to me and just in general. He gets made fun of a lot( and i forget about him too). He holds a lot of feelings in and puts a lot of that into his magic. Hes kinda a loose cannon

Erin is demi and Odora is ace. Both have partners and those characters belong to friends ;;;

heres odoras boyfriend tho! his name is vinny

nico di angelo headcanons

• cute lil italian accent!! but also pretty strong, especially when he gets mad • short, he is my smol son only 5'4 5'5
• he loves the beach & the sun & everything warm, hates winter
• can dance!! teach him a dance & he’ll do it better than you in a matter of minutes
• he has pretty eyes, caramel brown & flecks of orange i die
• loves dogs & kids (not a fan of cats)
• sometimes he shadow travels to italy & just kinda strolls & stops at a cafe & eats some food & orders in perfect italian & kinda feels like he’s truly at home
• loves new york though he loves the city vibes
• dark dark black hair, but sometimes in the right light it shines bluish • aesthetic qween lmfao his room is minimalistic & all whites & greys & random splashes of yellows & his tumblr (bc he so has a tumblr) is bomb af
• loves rap, soft rap, hard rap, all of it & r&b is his shit (kendrick lamar, childish gambino, & j cole are his faves)
• he doesn’t get mad often?? just frustrated?? good at controlling emotions
•really likes greek food
• wants kids & wants to love them & keep them safe forever
• a chicken nugget


“The only thing we are allowed to believe is that we won’t regret the choice we made.” -Levi

I wanted a journal for my transition journey that would be inspirational and personal and thus this was made.

I feel that Levi is a great character for ftm trans guys, like myself, especially the short guys that are always stressing that their height will make them ‘un-passable’ or unattractive. Then there’s this guy that is small af but also strong, respected, idolized and lusted after. Aside from that I see myself in his personality, his damage and his colourful vocabulary so he became a favorite of mine that I look to for strength when I’m feeling shitty about passing/being alright.


one of my favorite scenes in Moana is when Moana like gives up hope and tells the ocean to take the heart back and she’s crying then Moana’s Grandmother appears to support her and Moana starts singing about who she is and her ancestor’s spirits appear and that entire scene is so beautiful oh my fuck 

the only solace i find in this dreadful kara/monhell story is the knowledge that they wouldn’t get the protagonist into an endgame relationship in the second season, especially knowing they get a third season, and that there is still a possibility that they will go the way of the comics and shoot him back off into space in the finale

i mean, it would give kara’s story more drama without technically killing anyone off and the only character “dying” that would actually make sense this season is him. his story seems like it can be easily wrapped up and next season they might finally focus on something else

and if i’m wrong, i’ll fling myself into space instead and take all of supergirl except mon-hell with me (also knowing is a strong word, kara is a woman so maybe they would get her with some shitty endgame love interest in season 2)

Victorian Femlock thoughts

-Watson constantly saying “it’s doctor, not miss” and yelling at everyone who says “do you mean nurse?”
-Holmes refusing to wear dresses during a case.
-Watson and Holmes going out of their way to attend suffragette advents.
-Watson playing with Holmes’ hair
-Holmes constantly trying to figure out the best solutions to periods.
-Watson having a really strong arm. Also she’s great and arm wrestling.
-Mycroft (who’s still male) using his power to help Holmes do thinks most Victorian women weren’t able to (opening a bank account, etc)


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We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?