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The Littlest Henchie

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful~”

Eddie sang along with the radio, adjusting one of the lights on the Christmas tree so it was just so along with all the others.

“…and since we’ve no place to go~”

A sudden knock on the door interrupted him and he blinked, feeling a slight surge of panic.

“Company!” he exclaimed to himself and glanced across the spotless living-room. “Clean…is it clean? Looks clean…not clean enough…I should-”

Another knock.

“Oh, well, I’m sure whoever it is won’t mind…”

With that, he opened the door.

Two huge men in green sweaters and gray pants stood at the door, grinning.

Eddie clasped his hands together and grinned back immediately. “Franky! Bo! Oh, how wonderful to see you…you’re early! Oh, but that’s just fine. Come in, come in!”

“It’s great to see you, Boss!”

“Yeah! We have someone you should meet!”

Eddie cocked his head to one side. “Oh? Well, who is it?" 

Without further ado, the two men stepped to the side, revealing a third person.

The young man was obviously not much more than eighteen and stood with his head down, long auburn hair obscuring any slight view of his face.

Eddie looked at him, then at his henchies, concerned.

"Boys…where did you find him?”

Franky shifted. “Down by the docks.”

“He’s homeless.” Bo added. “We’ve been taking care of him since last week. He was…in a bad way when we found him.”

Franky nodded, cutting in again. “He’s okay now, though! We fixed him all up just like you did with us, Boss!”

Eddie smiled adoringly at him and nodded. “I’m sure you did.” he turned his attentions back to the boy and asked, gently, “Hi, there…What’s your name?”

Slowly, with a bit of encouragement from the two men flanking him, the youth raised his head, revealing hazel eyes.

A slightly raised scar ran down the side of his neck.

He looked at Eddie for a moment, as though taking him in, then said in a quiet voice, “My name is Taffy.”