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Misdialed Call (Part One)

Summary: After an overall bad day, you call your best friend to rant and to vent. But when you accidentally misdial, you end up talking to a complete stranger. What you don’t know is that this stranger may not be a stranger at all. He may even be the world’s first superhero. (Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: Hey guys. I’m back from my hiatus. I’ve miss you guys so much. I hope to continue writing for a while now that midterms are over and done with. I hope you guys enjoy this series and thank you for everything!
Also, special thanks to Combat Anon for the idea of this series!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 934

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I woke up on my couch this morning after a long Netflix binge session. Naturally, the first thing I do is turn on my phone to check the time, and there in my notifications bar was something so outlandish that I could hardly believe my eyes. 460 notes. I blinked a bunch, pretty sure that I was seeing things, and then screamed out loud when I realized that I indeed had gone up 200 followers overnight. 200 FOLLOWERS. I love you guys so much, you have no idea how much this means to me. Also, special thanks to @fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment for posting my submission, because that is probably how I obtained so many followers in the first place.

… and January, and February!

After over 6 months of work, the #VoltronSS2k16 is finally ready to close!

Although it was quite difficult to manage at times, even with two people involved, we can honestly say that we had a blast. Everybody did some absolutely stunning pieces of work, and we are very happy that you all dedicated so much time and effort and good spirit to our crazy project! We would also like to give a very special thanks to all of our backup gifters: you guys are the real MVPs. Thank you so much, everyone!

Some people were interested in numbers, so here’s the info they’ve been waiting for for months:

  • Exactly 515 gifts were created for the event;
  • We’re not sure about the true amount of participants (we don’t have the time or energy to count them, for many different reasons) but we approximate it to a little over 200 people. For reference, 563 people signed up to the event. In the end we also had about 5 people (including ourselves) who didn’t sign up to the main event, but created backup gifts.

Finally, remember that we’re holding a survey about the event! The information collected from your responses could help us a lot in case that we decide to run the Secret Santa again this year.

Again, thank you so much!! We wish you a great year with lots of success and happiness ❤

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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!


January 23 2017 // Day 9 of 30 // a photo of your desk in use

I’ve been pretty busy for the past two weeks and its been a while since I’ve posted anything. Finally found some time to relax today and decided to make some changes to my study space, I guess I’m going for an autumn black/gold/white theme? ( special thanks to @emmastudies for the wall art!) 

I also really like this page of my hobonichi..I’ve been using it as a bullet journal/planner/sketchbook/journal and so far it’s been working out pretty well!


(( OOC: Alrighty, here it is! :P 

I’d just like to say a big THANK YOU for all of the enthusiam, kind words, dedication and support you guys have shown for the past year! I love cosplaying and RP-ing, and it means so much to me that you guys enjoy my nonsense too! 

So, here’s a little Wolfstar/Marauders video thingy for you guys. Hope you all like it! XD *sweats* )) 


give these to ur special someone and u have a 99.99999% chance of courting them I swear @penguinz-can-fly

sarahurieFarewell, Mr. President. Among much gratitude, I’d also like to thank you for this truly special night 3 years ago at @kennedycenter. We will never forget and forever cherish being in your presence that evening and always. ❤️🇺🇸 #farewellobama #thanksforthememories


Did somebody ask for a SVTFOE Dating Sim? No? Well here’s one anyway!

Hi @atomicmangos, it’s me VGMdude! I was your Secret Santa for the event that @star-vs-secrets created! I really hope you like this little svtfoe dating sim mockup I made. I also want to thank you for always making my day even better with your amazing art and wonderful streams and I love the entire mango fam that has emerged from all the streaming that you’ve done. Here’s to a New Year and I hope you have a great day today! (also special thanks to @star-vs-secrets for making this wonderful event! you are awesome for making this!)


1D Hiatus: Day 403

* Liam changes his profile and cover pictures on Facebook and Twitter

* Louis and Steve do radio promo for ‘Just Hold On’

* Louis finally reveals what his ass tattoo is during one of the interviews (it’s a penguin wearing headphones)

* Louis gets papped out in LA

* Louis appears on Steve’s Snapchat and Instagram stories

* An article by Dan Wootton about Louis and Danielle’s relationship being over is released by The Sun

* #LounielleIsOverParty trends on Twitter

* Liam does a small Facebook livestream

* Niall wins a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Breakout Star, thanks everybody who’s voted via Twitter

It’s Jan 19th, 2017.


I’m late to the Fantastic Beasts party but I arrived on time to crank out a comic for Valentine’s Day. Queenie drags Tina to a certain bakery to court a certain baker and give her sister a special surprise…

I kept thinking about the last shred of Credence escaping and materializing elsewhere in NY, without his memory and into the arms of people who love him and would never take advantage of him. I also really need for Tina to know that Credence is okay.

Special thanks to @exhibit-no-restraint for being the best cheerleader and a tolerant friend as I wailed about sad boys

Ghosts AU

In this AU, Buster’s theatre is inhabited by ghosts. All the spirits live in the building because they died nearby or their properties are here. Basically Buster tries to convince his friend, Eddie, that something is haunting his property.

Johnny kills himself and Meena in the car accident nearby the theatre. He was driving a getaway car for his dad’s gang and was just about to hit Meena’s mom, when she pushed her away. Both can be perfectly invisible, even for other ghosts.
Ash was killed by her boyfriend, who was cheating on her. Died in her home, but Buster bought her guitar from a pawn shop as a prop. Mike was chased down the parking lot behind the theater by the bears and got murdered by them. Both of them look more terrifying than other ghosts.
Rosita lost conconsciousness because of the stress while washing dishes. She didn’t see when something electrical fell into the water and she got electrocuted. Since she loved the theatre, her kids left her bracelet under the seats, so part of her would always be there. Gunter died overseas after falling off a stage during a performance. His red sparkly leotard thing ended up at the theater used as a costume.
Buster’s father died of old age. Because he lived a great life and doesn’t have any unfinished business, his spirit is kind of weak, so he doesn’t appear too much.