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Road Rage//Scott McCall Imagine

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Author: @celestial-writing

Warnings: Angst (what is new), some gory stuff if you don’t like that, fluff (mostly angst)

Paring: Scott McCall/Reader

Words: 3,185 (It’s long because I love angst)

Request: No

A/N: Hey guys! I’m so so so so so sorry that I haven’t posted! Life happened but here is the Scott fic I promised! It’s real and not a fake promise and sorry for posting so late but it was really the only time I could post! Just thank you to @dumbass-stilinski as always for supporting me and helping through a lot of shit! Also thank you @mf-despair-queen for helping me edit! This wouldn't be anywhere without you! 

Summary: Being Stiles Stilinski’s twin sister sucks when your brother is the most overprotective person you kow who has sworn off all dating for you. How is he going to react if he finds out about you and his best friend, Scott McCall’s four month relationship?




The sound of little pebbles being pelted against your window woke you up slowly. You opened your eyes to see your phone lighting up in a message from Scott, which caused you to smile.

Scott ~ Hey babygirl, I’m here.

Scott~ Did you forget i’m coming over?

Scott ~ Hey, I may be pelting pebbles at your window

You opened the window to see a pebble flying towards. You dodged it before it could hit its unintentional target.

“Scott!” You whispered yelled.

“Sorry, (Y/N)!” He gave a sheepish smile and climbed up the tree like he always did when we met on nights like this.

“Hi baby.” He whispered and kissed you softly, his arms wrapping around your waist as you threaded your hand into his hair.

“Hi Scott…since you already woke me up from my beauty sleep, are you going to make up for it?” You smirked, pulling away slightly and he let out a soft laugh.

“You bet, princess.” He smirked, his hands slowly traveling down your back and grabbing your ass, squeezing it to make you let out a small moan. You grabbed the back of his neck and pressed your lips to his feverishly. You traced the seam of his lips with your tongue and he gladly opened. Your tongues battled for dominance as you slowly walked backwards, but you hit the back of your desk, causing the lamp sitting on the edge to fall off it.

You pulled away to see Scott’s shifted yellow eyes and took a breath of fear. You knew Stiles heard. It was a heavy ass lamp and it must’ve sounded like a broken window.

“He’s up..” Scott mumbled, his eyes slowly turning back into the beautiful chocolate brown you were accustomed to.

“Into my closet. Now..” You demanded, pushing your boyfriend into the closet and shut the door quickly behind him.

Stiles opened the door quickly with his bat in hand, wearing only his small Star Wars boxer briefs, ready to attack the non-existent intruders. He looked down to see the broken lamp and gave a sigh of relief, dropping his bat.

“Oh thank god. I thought someone broke in and you got kidnapped or something. I was ready to call Dad and Scott.” He said quickly and jumped over the bed to give you a hug.

“Yeah. It’s fine Stiles… I just woke up and I accidently hit the table and the damn lamp fell.” You lied to him, thanking to god he couldn’t see through your lies.

“You’re lucky dad isn’t here or the whole police squadron would have been here. Let me get a broom so we can clean this up.” He let go, giving a smile and went back to get a broom but a noise came out of the closet and Stiles poked his head back into the room, his whiskey colored eyes matching yours.

“What was that?” He asked suspicious, grabbing his bat for protection again.

You looked at him and gave him a cheeky smile. “Nothing Stiles, probably just Landon messing around in there.”

“O-okay.” He said questionably and left to get a broom. You opened the door to see a smirking Scott holding your black cat, cocking his head slightly.

“Scott! You almost got us caught again!” You whispered yelled at him.

“Maybe I want that to happen.” He looked at you, his gaze unwavering from your own.

“Do you remember what happened freshman year with-” You whispered, your arms crossing over each other until you got cut off.

“Yes. I remember…” He mumbled, his eyes downcasting to the floor.

“Just stay in here a little longer please…then we can cuddle and talk about lacrosse.” You pleaded, giving him your signature puppy dog eyes.

“Okay…” You gave him a kiss on the nose and shut the door before Stiles came in with a broom and dustpan.

“Cat?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, he was messing with my shoes again.” You smiled and helped him the big pieces, throwing them away in the trash.

You finished after fifteen minutes of cleaning up. Stiles constantly looked at the closet door and you bit your lip, hoping Stiles didn’t think anything about it.

“Night (Y/N). Turn the light on when your going around your room next time.” He smiled, the comment joking and heading back to his room.

You loved Stiles. He was your twin brother and was always the person that was there for you but, some of the negatives of being Stiles Stilinski’s twin sister is that he is the most overprotective person you know. You don’t take it a bad way, but when you’re trying to have a good night with your boyfriend, it ruins the mood.

Fifteen minutes passed and you let Scott out of the closet. He let out a long sigh, giving you a longing look.

“Why don’t you want to tell him about us?” Scott whispered.

“We have been over this Scott.” You mumbled, getting into your bed.

“(Y/N), we have been dating for over four months. I’m done hiding from your brother. He’s my best friend, (Y/N).” He didn’t crawl in the bed and you looked at him with a pout.

“But you know what ha-”

“With Jackson at homecoming and then with the “date”. Yeah. That happened two years ago, freshman year and Stiles hit his Porsche with a cruiser. I know. He told me. He told me that no boy is allowed to date you until you’re 90 but I’m in love with you, (Y/N). I don’t care if Stiles gets mad at me and doesn’t want to talk to me…I want to be with you…” He looked like a lost puppy and slowly walked towards you.

“Scott…I’m not ready to tell him. Okay…just maybe soon…” You mumbled. “Can we just cuddle…?”


“Scott, he will run you over with Roscoe. C-can we please just drop it, okay?” You let out a shaky breath and he took your hand, rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand.

“Fine…let’s just go to sleep..” he pressed a soft kiss to your hair and your body relished in the feeling and he finally crawled into the bed, wrapping his hands around your waist and pulling your body flush against his back.

“I love you so much, (Y/N).” He whispered in your ear and nestled his face into your neck.

“I love you too, Scott. I always will.” You mumbled back and fell into a dreamless sleep, the deep sounds coming from Scott’s chest lulling you into sleep.

The bed was cold and empty in the morning, void of him. He always left before Stiles got up, but of course that meant Scott left when you were asleep and it was awful. You hated hiding away but it was needed. Anytime you mentioned a boy you liked, Stiles would shut you down about it, investigate the kid and make some crazy theory that he was out to kill us.

Stiles never let you go out to parties unless it was Lydia’s and even then, he always made sure either he or Scott was by your side. No miniskirts, no crop tops, nothing revealing to get boys to hit on his baby sister (it was by two minutes, by the way). The only good thing was that you were always with Scott because Stiles trusted him. Lucky enough, you had the biggest crush on Scott and he had the same for you. It started with secret kisses in janitor closets, to hiding away for hours at Lydia’s parties, and now spending the night at your house. You wanted to tell Stiles. You wanted to be open, be able to hold hands, and call him your boyfriend, but you were just scared of the repercussions.

Your phone went off. You grabbed it to see the handsome face of Scott McCall holding a puppy at the shelter.

Scott ~ Morning baby, sorry I left earlier than normal. I heard your dad come in so I left.

Scott ~ Hey, I got something for you at school I need to tell you about.

Scott ~ I love you.

There was a small knock on your door so you couldn’t respond to Scott like you wanted to. Opening the door, there stood your dad, holding a small coffee in his hand with his kind smile.

“Hey kiddo. Stiles told me you broke your lamp last night.” He let out a low chuckle.

“He’s up already?” You rubbed your eyes, taking the coffee from his hand.

“No. Texted me last night.” You nodded and took a sip of the burning hot liquid that, just by the smell, woke you up.

“Yeah…sorry dad. I heard a bird hit my window and I accidently hit the lamp.” You mumbled, leaving the door open and putting down the coffee to find a shirt in your closet.

“Could that bird be named Scott McCall?” Your mouth dropped open and dropped the shirt in your hand. You looked back at him and shook your head sputtering.

“I-I don’t know what you mean dad…” you sputtered, your skin starting to turn hot.

“It’s okay…I won’t tell Stiles. I promise. Just be careful next time.” He shook his head, giving you a small smile.

“You knew?” You asked in bewilderment.

“Sweetheart, I am the sheriff. I know almost everything that goes around here.” He opened the door and was about to shut it until he pointed to the XL condoms he left on the desk.

“Also, don’t forget, there will be no little Stilinski’s and McCall’s running around.” Your dad shut the door and you grabbed the condoms, quickly hiding them away before letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

Stiles knocked on the bathroom so loudly and profusely that you dropped the curling iron in your hand but luckily, you didn’t burn yourself.

“Stiles! What the hell do you need!” Grabbing the curling iron and putting it back on the counter and opening the door to see your brother with a pissed off look.

“It’s my time for the shower, (Y/N)! Y-what the fuck are you wearing?” He said, looking you up and down with disgust and you rolled your eyes. You’re wearing your shortest shorts that didn’t leave much to the imagination and a tight top with a low neckline.

“I’m wearing clothes, Stiles.” You shook your head and walked back to brush out your hair.

“No. You’re not walking out of the house like that. Go change.” He demanded, crossing his arms as he glared at my outfit.

“Stiles, you’re not dad, and he likes the outfit.” You pushed past him and sashayed to your room, grabbing the stuff you needed for school and left the house without a word from you. You knew Stiles was mad and that was exactly what you needed now.

Scott’s POV

Scott waited at your locker before school everyday. It kind of looked like he was waiting for Stiles, since your lockers were next to each other, so your cover was kept.

It was your idea to keep the relationship a secret and Scott, of course, went with it. He loved you so much and he never wanted you to feel uncomfortable doing anything. It was just awful when he could hear other guys talk about you, like you weren’t his…which technically, in their eyes, you weren’t. It hurt that he couldn’t hold your hand in public, and kiss you before class, and see you in the stands wearing his lacrosse jersey.

It was all Jackson’s fault for hurting you. It was Jackson’s fault for tricking you into a “date” and leaving you in the pouring rain, crying your eyes out. Stiles and him picked you up that night, and he remembered holding you in his arms and he never thought you looked more beautiful than at that moment in time. That was also the time Stiles swore off any guy ever being with his baby sister, and Stiles never forgot that promise.

Scott heard the small sounds of footsteps behind him, shaking him away from the small memory. He grinned slightly knowing it was you, hearing your steady heart beat that always calmed him. He looked behind him, but frowned seeing your sour expression.

“Hey (Y/N), what’s wrong?” He asked softly.

“I don’t know. How about you tell me how my dad knows we are dating?”As you opened up your locker angrily.  

He took a double take, shaking his head. “(Y/N), I-I have no idea. I have always been careful-”

“Well you clearly haven’t, Scott!” You looked at him and his head was staring at the ground.

“You know what? I try, but it’s goddamn hard when your own girlfriend doesn’t even want your own best friend knowing they are together. Or anyone for that matter!” He yelled at you and that made you step back from him. Turning, you slammed your locker and walked away, shaking your head and heading to class.

Scott was pissed at you. All he wanted was you and now he was going to get what he wanted and of course, he thought without thinking and ran right to the baby blue jeep owned by Stiles Stilinski.

“Stiles!” Scott yelled and a head popped out of the hood the jeep, hitting it in the process, which was also followed by a string of curses.

“Yeah, Scotty. What do you need?” Stiles asked, closing the hood and walking over to his best friend, who kept fidgeting with his hands. Scott shuffled in place, staring directly into his best friend’s eyes.

“I’m dating your sister. I have been for a while. I sneak through her window at night, we make out under the bleachers. Hell, I’ve fucked her into oblivion a few times! But she wanted to keep it a secret, which isn’t fair to me. To us. I want everyone to know I’m fucking your sister and that I’m so in love with her, it hurts!“ He stopped as quickly as he started, knowing what he did was a mistake. He closed his mouth and looked for Stiles expression but saw nothing but heard his heartbeat rise.

“I-I’ll talk to you later Scott…” Stiles grumbled and walked away into the school. He let out a frustrated groan and hit the car next to Stiles’, which put a large crater into it. The first bell rang and Scott reluctantly went to class, overthinking what he did. Stiles could be fine with it, he didn’t look that upset but, also, Stiles could just be waiting to get off school grounds to get enough wolfsbane to kill him.


You looked for Scott during lunch, your anger subsiding from earlier and the feeling of guilt hitting you. You couldn’t find him anywhere and you kept sending him texts.

Baby ~ Scott? Where are you?

Baby ~ Scott? I’m sorry.

Baby ~ Please talk to me.

You went outside but to only be confronted by Scott sitting on the benches, staring at his bike. His knee was bouncing wildly as he was lost in thought.

“Scott? Hey, you okay?” You asked softly and he jumped as your touched his arm and he relaxed under your touch.

“Y-yeah…i’m fine.” He mumbled looking down like puppy who got yelled at.

“Hey, what happened?” You sat next to him, hooking your fingers under his chin and pulling it up to make him look into your eyes.

“I told him, (Y/N). I don’t know what got into me but I told him.” He looked down ashamed and felt my heart dropped.

“You told Stiles…what the fuck, Scott! You promised this would be a secret.” You got up slowly, hurt filling you that he went against your own wishes.

“I didn’t know what go into me, I was just so mad that you are so scared to be with me, scared of Stiles-” he rambled but you cut him off.

“I’m not scared of Stiles.” You said, crossing your arms.

“Yes you are! You hid our relationship for months, you even hid it from Lydia for a while because you were scared Stiles was going to find out from her! Your own best friend.” He looked at you and just felt so frustrated.

“That didn’t give you the right to go behind my back and tell him Scott.” You let out a breath to calm yourself from breaking down right there.

Scott didn’t say anything back to you as he just bouncing his knee and that made you even more mad. You got up from your spot and looked down at him, glaring at the boy who had just broke your heart.

“I can’t do this, Scott.” You mumbled. “I can’t be with someone I can’t trust.”

“(Y/N), no. Please don’t walk away. Don’t fucking walk away from me.” He said as you started to head towards your car.

The one thing you didn’t hear was the old Jeep start up and roll towards Scott as he entered the road.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry…please I lov-”

The blue jeep hit Scott at quite a fast pace, causing Scott to be thrown against the pavement and the Jeep to come to a stuttering halt. Scott let out a howl of pain, causing people around you to notice the scene of your brother running over your boyfriend. Scott started to bleed profusely, his skin turning red but also healing at the same time. You tried to move towards him but the pure shock took over you and it felt like your feet were stuck in cement. You finally felt like you were free and ran over to him quickly, grabbing his hand. Tears falling freely from your cheeks as you whimpered, seeing the damage.

“S-Scott…” you said frantically and he didn’t say anything back.

“Scott…wake up…please..” You heard the car door open and Stiles stepping out, walking up slowly behind you.

“(Y/N)..” he whispered softly, looking away from you and Scott.

“Call Dad, Stiles.” You looked at him brokenly, your heart breaking as your didn’t see your brother but more of a monster, as you slowly felt Scott wake up in your arms. You wiped your tears and caressed his hair.

“(Y-Y/N), you don’t know what he s-”

“I don’t give a fuck Stiles! You ran over you’re fucking best friend! Call dad…” you yelled and saw the pack come out of the high school.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know what was happening.” He whispered.

“Don’t talk to me Stiles…I hate you.” You looked at him numbly as Isaac quickly ran over to gently  grab Scott and help you get him in your car and race him to the hospital. You left Stiles in that parking lot, wallowing in the guilt that he had potentially just lost his best friend and little sister and wondering if he was not better than the Nogitsune that had possessed him months before.

What's in my pencil case? ・ 310816
Woke up late today and didn’t have much to do since I’ve packed my korean textbooks into my suitcases;;; So I decided to test out the new pages app (it’s technically not new it’s been ages) because I’ve finally got the chance to try it with the new laptop! I’m not experienced with photoshop or illustrator so I’ll just freshen up my skills on the pages app hehe. (you can actually get a lot done with it!)

My pencil cases are also EXTREMELY boring because I’m extremely boring I’m so sorry… I actually have a few more things in my second pencil case but it’s just a USB and some memos so~

Song of the day: I Like That - Sistar
Foxy ( p.2 ) // Sirius Black // requested

Request could you do a young!sirius where the reader is american and transfering to hogwarts and he sees her in the train and basically becomes infatuated with her?? maybe you can do a part 2 where they reunite after Azkaban or something too?? + can you do a jealous sirius ?!?

Two requests that turned into something more. 

<< Part One        Part Three >>

Idk if anyone noticed, but each part is like a time span over weeks… Like it’s not going to be one day bc then this will go on forever. This is set the day after the first part and then it ends at the beginning of November. 

Requests are closed. xx 

Pairing : Young!Sirius Black x Fem. American Reader

Word Count : 7461 ( give or take a hundred lmao, no one can judge me )

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“What is she doing in our room?” 

“Nevermind that, how did she get into the house?” 

“Padfoot has his ways.”

“I bet that git used my cloak to get her in. He woke me up at an ungodly hour last night to retrieve it.” 

As much as I would love to continue listening in on this ever so fascinating conversation, my neck began to feel sore. I could tell I slept on it the wrong way. I sat up, and stretched, rotating my neck to try and get the crick out. 

“Good morning Foxy. Have fun last night?” James’ teasing voice filled my ears. 

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Dear Connor Murphy,

I’m so sorry! I woke up late and then I got really anxious so I’m not at school and I’m not going to school, but that’s not really your problem, sorry. Of course you can stay at my house, that’s what friends are for right?

Also it’s fine to just email I’ll try really hard to make sure your sister doesn’t find out I’m sorry she found the letters. 

Can you tell me why you tell me why you got kicked out. I mean obviously you don’t have to it’s just like we’re friends and sometimes it’s nice to talk about things. 

I guess I’ll see you after school.


Evan Hansen

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Raise Hell - (Negan Fic) Chapter 7: Beg

Previous Chapters: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6

Summary: Danny disappears and Doveport frantically searches for him.

Characters: Negan x Elle (it’s a slow burn)

Word Count: 3,709

Warnings: Swearing

Author’s Note: I have been so excited to get this chapter out to you guys. It’s pretty intense. I just love this series so much and I feel like things are finally happening, you know? I am sorry this is a bit late. I spent the weekend staring at JDM. I can die happy now. 

You can also read this fic on AO3.

Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime!

THANK YOU to @ashzombie13 and @my-achilles–heel for being my beta readers!

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Owe You One (Bucky Barnes x Reader, Sister!Natasha Romanoff x Reader)

Request: Could you write a reader x Bucky, where Natasha is protective over the reader?

Requested By: @mp938368

Word Count: I don’t know I wrote part of this on my phone and I’m not about to sit here and count. I’m guessing about 1,000. I will probably come back later and give the exact count.

Warnings: Slight swearing, Violence

A/N: Here you go! So sorry it took me so long to update, and sorry if this sucks to be honest. I wasn’t sure on how I wanted to end it. Well, I hope you enjoy nonetheless! Also, I made the reader Nat’s sister in this.

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Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!

You think, sprinting through the halls of the facility.This just had to be the day that you woke up late. Rounding a corner, you continue to run as you make your way to the conference room. Pushing open the double doors, everyone’s eyes look up at you. Seeing Fury’s annoyed look, you slip into the nearest chair open, which was next to your sister, Natasha. 

“Okay, now that everyone is here,” Fury grumbles, giving you a pointed look. “We can continue.”

Breathing out a sigh, you slouch into the chair as Fury begins to debrief you on your next mission. Barely paying attention, your eyes begin to wander the room, looking at your teammates. Your eyes fall on Bucky and stay there as you begin to admire him. You’ve had a crush on him for a while now and whenever the two of you were in a room together your eyes just naturally go to him. 

You are brought out of your staring when you feel your sister pinch your arm. Jumping slightly, you send a glare her way. You see her eyes flick towards the space on the table between you two, realizing that she wants to talk through Morse code. Sighing, you nod, and she taps out the first message.

“Why were you late today?” She taps out, eyes still focused on Fury.

Sighing, you type out your own message, “Slept in, why?”

“Just wondering. You’d think that an extremely trained spy wouldn’t sleep in,” She responds. You send a pointed glare her way before rolling your eyes.

“Spies can sleep in every once and a while. Besides, you never answered my question.”

“Dammit, knew you caught that,”

“I am an extremely trained spy,” You retort, tapping out your message as you watch Fury.

“Okay, the reason why I asked was because Barnes walked in late today as well and I wanted to make sure you weren’t with him,” She responds. As you decode her answer, your eyes flit up to the man with shoulder length brown hair before looking at your red-headed sister. Scowling at her, you are about to tap out an answer when Fury looks at the two of you.

“Y’know, I’d like to think that my best spies were listening to what I had to say, seeing as it pertains to them, but it doesn’t seem so,” He says through his teeth, causing everyone to look back at the two of you. Mumbling your apologies, you begin to frantically tap out a message as Fury begins to assign partners to the mission.

“Why do you care if Barnes and I were together?” You ask, as Fury partnered up Sam and Steve together.

“Because I know you like him and I don’t trust him. He was brainwashed, you know,” She replies as Fury called out Tony and Rhodey’s name together. 

Fuming at this accusation, you tap out your next message. “Just in case you haven’t noticed, he isn’t brainwashed anymore. Also, he understands what it was like to follow orders you didn’t want to do, seeing as he came from the agency that controlled the Red Room. So, sorry for wanting to have someone else who understands besides you. ” 

Glancing at her, you see her flinch at the mention of the place that you were trained. Feeling a bit bad because of the low blow, you turn to look at Fury as he calls out the rest of the teams.

“Natasha, you’re with Clint,” He calls out. “(Y/N), you’re with Barnes.” 

Shocked, you look between Nat and Bucky. You were always your sister’s partner on missions if you were both on it. Everyone else looked at Fury in shock too.

“Fury, are you sure you want to separate the ‘Spider Sisters?’” Tony asks, using the annoying call sign that he invented. Everyone nods along with his statement, but Fury cuts them all off.

“Black Widow and Red Widow need to be separated in this mission, seeing as their specialties are needed in two separate areas. Natasha will be using her specialties with Clint as they capture enemies and interrogate them, and (Y/N) will be using her specialties with Bucky as they infiltrate the enemy compound undetected. (Y/N) could do this on her own, but she will need Bucky there as she will need backup. Everyone understand?” Fury finishes, glancing at everyone. Seeing as everyone nods, he dismisses everyone to suit up. 

Standing up from your chair, you glance at Bucky and he gives you a small smile. Smiling back, you exit the room to suit up.

“Quinjet five to HQ, we will be approaching the landing site in ten minutes, copy?” Clint calls out over the radio. Receiving the okay, Clint begins to descend as everyone else double checks their supplies. 

Strapping a gun to your thigh, you see your sister do the same thing as she carefully watches Bucky. Rolling your eyes, you stand up and make your way towards Bucky, 

“Ready, partner?” You ask with a smile. Bucky was just strapping a knife onto his thigh when you asked him.

“Ready,” He replies, smiling at you. Nodding your head, you look over your red catsuit, making sure that you have everything that you need. Fixing the small black hourglass sign over the center over your stomach, you nod to yourself, feeling prepared. 

“Lookin’ good, (Y/N),” Tony says with a smirk as he stepped into his Iron Man suit. Rolling your eyes at him, you walk over to your sister who does not look happy at all.

“I don’t like that we are separated,” She grumbles out, attaching knives to her Black Widow suit. 

“I don’t like it either, but we’ll be okay,” You reassure, placing a hand on her shoulder. Pulling you into a hug, you feel your sister’s grip tighten on you.

“Be careful with him. You may trust him, but I don’t,” She whispers into your ear. Pulling back, you glare at her a bit. “Yet,” She adds, giving you a small smile. 

“Okay, lets go,” Steve calls out, as everyone exits the quinjet, heading towards their separate destinations. 

Sneaking through the seemingly abandoned compound, you hold a gun, ready to shoot when needed. Crouched down lower to the ground, Bucky follows you as he also holds his gun, ready when the time comes. Peeking around the corner, you see a set of doors.

“There,” You whisper to Bucky, slightly standing up. His eyes flick towards the doors and then back to yours. 

“Lets do this,” He responds. Walking slowly towards the door, you nudge it open. Peeking your head in, you find it empty.

“Stand guard, yeah?” You ask as you move towards the computer. Plugging in the flash drive, you start to download all the important files. 

“(Y/N), we’ve got company,” Bucky hurriedly whispers. Cussing silently, you download the last of the files as you unplug the flash drive. 

“Files acquired, heading out now. Agents coming, headed towards quinjet,” You hurriedly speak into your earpiece. Placing your gun back in its holster, you click on you widow’s stings. Soon you see the familiar trace of electricity as your suit lights up. 

Looking back at you, Bucky’s eyes widen as he sees that you put your gun away. “Why the hell would you put that away?” He asks as you slip out into the corridor.

“More fun,” You say with a smirk. Just as the agents round the corner, you drop low to the ground as Bucky fires his gun over you. Quickly moving towards the guards, you jump onto them while shocking them, before they even realize what is happening. Watching them fall to the ground, you grab Bucky’s hand.

“C’mon, lets go,” You call out. Soon the two of you are sprinting out of the compound. Right when you reach the outside, you find a couple oblivious agents standing around. Smirking to yourself, you and Bucky quickly knock out the agents. All seemed well until you heard the deafening alarm go off. Eyes wide, you look at Bucky.

“Quick! They’ll be here any minute!” He shouts to you. Nodding your head, the two of you start to sprint in the direction that the quinjet is in. Just as you were about to reach the forest where the quinjet was concealed, agents started to surround you. Eyes wide, you pull out your gun as Bucky shouted something into his ear piece. Firing your gun, you slowly start to take down the ever approaching agents.

“We need to get to cover!” You shouted to Bucky, dodging bullet after bullet. Just as you see a guard aim for you, your eyes widen as you realize that you were going to get shot. Before you could even step away, you saw Bucky move in front of you, holding up his metal arm to deflect the bullet. Still in shock a bit, you watch Bucky take down the remaining two agents that surround you.

“Thanks,” You breathed out, looking at Bucky. Turning towards you, he just gives you a smile and takes your hand.

“C'mon, they’ll be on us soon,” Bucky replied as he began dragging you through the deep green forest. Only pausing for short breaks when you thought you heard something, you eventually make your way back to the quinjet.

Hitting the button that opens the door, you and Bucky walk in to find everyone waiting for you.

“Where were you?!” Nat shouted, immediately running up to you as she begins to look for injuries. As she notices that there are none on you, she pulls back slightly.

“Guards caught up to us,” You replied as you picked a leaf from the forest. “They surrounded us and I was almost taken out if Bucky hadn’t stepped in and saved me.”

Looking at Bucky, you give him a grateful smile as Nat’s eyes flickered towards him.

“You saved her?” She mumbled out, a bit of shock on her face.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” Bucky questioned, slightly moving towards you. Feeling his arm wrap around your waist, you smiled to yourself.

“I just- I don’t know,” Nat responds, looking between the two of you. Eyes falling on you, she paused before saying: “Fine. You have my blessing.”

Breaking out into a smile, you turned towards Bucky, beaming.

“Thank you, really, for saving my life, Buck. I owe you one.”

Grinning at you, you feel his grip on you tighten. “Was my pleasure, Doll. And I think you can repay me by going on a date with me tomorrow.”

Smiling even more now, you pecked Bucky on the cheek.

“Sure thing, Sarge,” You reply as you see a faint blush creep onto his cheeks at the nickname.

Just as Bucky was about to respond, the quinjet’s doors opened once more, revealing a very frazzled Sam.

Halting in his step, Sam notices Bucky’s arm around your waist. Looking back up at the group, Sam sighs.

“I don’t even want to know,” Sam grumbled out as he moved towards the cockpit where Clint was at.

As the quinjet began its acsent, with all eight passengers on board, you took a seat next to Bucky. As you leaned your head on his shoulder, you began to drift off for some shut-eye before reaching the facility with one thought in your head: it was a good day.

Forever (Draco Malfoy)

Requested: Yes

Summary: Draco and the reader are worried about the war

Warnings: Reader has anxiety, mentions of death

A/N: Hope you enjoy :) Also, sorry I’ve been so inactive lately, school just started for me and I had no time to do anything, but I hope this makes up for it!


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Song Mino #60 “You still want to marry me?” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

You always thought that your relationship with him was going to be unbreakable and that you’ll have love each other forever… 

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

Unfortunately the word love has a lot of meanings behind it, a lot of phases… and a lot of obstacles to get over it. 

Isn’t as simple as in the books or as romantic as a movie… after all, love is about two people being willing to stay together, and sometimes loving each other is not enough, sometimes the differences, not only about the personality but also in the way of think, can mean the end of your journey together and not necessarily the end of love.

You were sleeping when a pair of arms woke you up. “Hey babe” Mino says as he puts himself really close to you, molding his body with yours.

You didn’t answer.

“How was your day?” he asked, closing his eyes, and smelling the scent of your hair.

Again, you didn’t answer.

“Are you mad?” he opens his eyes.

Just the sound of silence came from you.

He stopped hugging you, and turns his body facing the ceiling “Sorry I came this late, it’s just that…” he guessed that was the reason for your anger.

“Can you let me sleep?” you said as cold as ice, covering your head with the quilt.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mino lifts his body and sits on the bed, looking at you or, better say, looking at the lump in bed beside him.


He knows that, whenever you answer with a “nothing”, shit is about to get real. Especially because of the tone of your voice “Can we act like mature people for once and talk about whatever is bothering you now?”

“No…” you don’t want to fight, not again “… I want to sleep”

“And I want to fix things but like always…” he was getting mad “… we will do what YOU want”

“I simply don’t want to fight” you explained.

You heard him laughing bitterly.

“To me, this is already a fight, so, can I least know the reason why?” Mino says all frustrated. 

But again, you didn’t say anything.

“Whatever” he says, standing up. He had enough of your bullshit.

You started to cry almost immediately as soon as you feel him leaving your side “This is all we do lately” you said without thinking about it.

“That’s why you need to start to talk to me…” he says before passing the door.

“Or maybe you should start to act like you care for this” you can feel the tears in your eyes.

“Excuse me?!” he says shocked.

“… nothing”

A few seconds later, you felt how Mino pulled the quilt, exposing you to the cold.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you said, sitting on the bed angrier than before.

“I’M SICK OF THIS!…” he approaches to you, leaving the quilt on the floor “…IF YOU WANT TO SAY SOMETHING JUST SAY IT! I HATE WHEN I ASK YOU SOMETHING AND YOU JUST ANSWER ME WITH A NOTHING!” you can tell how frustrated he is.

“Whatever” you rolled your eyes, wiping off your tears.

“WHY AREN’T YOU LISTEN TO ME?!” the frustration on his face was slowly fading away to let his anger shows on it now.

“WHY ARE YOU SO WILLING TO FIGHT?!” you stood up, walking towards the safeness of the bathroom.

“I don’t…” he took your arm, stooping you and putting himself in your way “… I just want to talk”

“About what?” you moved your arm away from his grip.

“Oh, I don’t know, why not about the fact that lately you don’t want to tell me what’s going on?” Mino was losing his patience, and you know that, you know that tone in his voice.

You just look down avoiding his gaze.

“Y/N please tell me what’s wrong” he got closer to you, trying to reach you to hug you but he stopped as soon as you stepped back rejecting him.

You two stayed quiet for a couple of seconds before Mino finally broke that awful and awkward silence “How do you expect me to fix things if I don’t know what I need to fix in the first place?” you can clearly hear in his voice that he is about to cry, just like you right now.

You wiped your tears, and then you said “I’m too tired to do this right now”

Mino let go a small and bitter laugh before turning around and walking out of the room.

Wiping your tears a few seconds ago was a completely waste of time, cause now, new ones were falling down to your cheeks.

You entered the bathroom and took some toilet paper to blow your nose as you were watching at yourself in the mirror.

You were still mad. Mino totally forgot about your meeting today with the guy who will make the wedding invitations, and it’s not the first time that he forgets something related to the weeding. That’s why you are so mad, and disappointed. That’s why you feel like he doesn’t care about this anymore, about your relationship and about this big step you two are about to take, just in a few months.

You walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later and you noticed that he still wasn’t in the room. You walked to the door and from there, you saw Mino lying on the couch.

You walked to the bed now, lifting the quilt from the floor, and burying yourself with it on the bed…

The minutes turn out into hours and you still can’t sleep. Even when you are mad, you can’t take him out of your mind. It’s awful.

It was almost three in the morning when you stood up, took a blanket, walking out of the room. Mino was sleeping, and his arms were wrapped around his body… it was a cold night. You can tell he is cold. 

You took the blanket and you put it over him, covering him with it.

“Thanks” he says, almost with no emotion in his voice and still with his eyes closed. He couldn’t sleep either.

“Mino…” you started to cry again.

Now he was the one not talking at all.

“… please don’t ignore me” you asked him breaking into tears. You feel so bad, you feel like your relationship is breaking apart little by little, and you don’t want that, you love him with all your heart.

Mino opens his eyes and he looks at you. He has never been able to manage seeing you crying. “Come here” he lifts his body and sits on the couch.

You did, you sat beside him and he started to comfort you.

“Maybe we should take some time before get married…” you started to say. All your problems started since you and him got engaged.

“No…” Mino interrupted you without hesitation “… I want to marry you, I want to be yours and you to be mine” he let his heart to speak for him. “But…”

Mino hugs you “I love you, and being with you it’s all I ever want”

“But we keep fighting all the time”

“I know…” Mino says “… but that doesn’t worries me”

You stopped the hug and look at him “What do you mean?”

Mino smiles “I’ll be worry the day we don’t fight anymore, cause that will mean that we seriously dont care anymore”

You smiled too, but you’re still sad.

“You still want to marry me, right?” he asked, a little bit scared of the answer.

You nodded, looking down. Mino´s hand took you by the chin and lifts your head to meet his lips. “Good, cause I wasn’t going to take a no as an answer”

You drew him into a hug, and he clung to you, pressing your bodies tighter than ever. Like if your relationship depended of that hug.

When you two stopped the hug, he wipes your tears with his thumbs, holding your face with his hands “What did I do now?”

“… our invitations”

As soon as you said that, he remembered the meeting “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I keep forgetting things”

You didn’t answer.

“I don’t do it on purpose, I swear. It’s just that… you know, work has been hard this days”

“Let’s sleep we can talk about this tomorrow” you said after a while.

“Ok, but… can I go to bed with you?” he asked.

You looked at him and your gazes meet.

“No” you smiled and kissed his cheek, then you stood up, and walked to the room again. “Are you serious?” he says, laughing.

You turn around and then you smiled again, nodding.

“Oh, I see…” he laughed “… you don’t trust yourself…” he smirks “…I get it, I’m too handsome to be ignored in bed”

“No babe, I trust myself… but I don’t trust you” you winked, entering your room.

anonymous asked:

quick question for the mod lol, do you have any advice on how to get noticed as an ask blog in a "bigger" fandom like bmc? :v

//if I’m being honest I don’t really know!! I guess an idea I could give is have an au for your ask blog if you want? Since there are already so many ask blogs based on just one or two characters! Not bashing those bc they are also awesome aaa!
Getting a following and getting questions can be hard if you’re starting out small and your main is also… Very small (talking on experience here pff) but there’s no shame in going @ your friends ‘hey ask me something on my ask blog pls and thx’ bc I bothered my friend A LOT so that she’d send an ask, remember that to get noticed it’s not usually the first post that always does it you gotta provide stuff to the tag so that people get a taste of what you do!
Also don’t be discouraged if you don’t any asks at first!! It took me a while to get my first ask, so good luck to you anon! And this is probably not good advice and it’s a bit of a mess but I hope even some of it could help :’)

Five More Minutes

Idol: Chaeyeon (ioi & DIA)

Prompt: Can you do a domestic life with DIA/I.O.I Chaeyeon? In which it’s morning and Chaeyeon is waking up and goes out to see her s/o is cooking breakfast for them and it’s all fluffy and stuff? 😊

Writer: Admin Kiwi

A/N: I’m so sorry for not posting much lately, my two jobs are killing me. Also, I know everywhere eats different things for breakfast but I just wrote about the breakfast I serve where I work because I’m the most familiar with it. It’s a little short and sweet, but I hope you all enjoy.

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When a King is Really a Queen 4/4

Oliver Queen writes romantic suspense novels under the name Olivia King on his way to reveal his true identity he meets one of Olivia King’s biggest fans, Felicity Smoak, and she is not very happy.

This is based on the Hallmark Movie “A Novel Romance.”  I’m writing as a bit of a love letter to all the amazing romance writers that bring me happy. I so hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to read this story! I greatly appreciate. I hope you all enjoy the conclusion! Also available on AO3.

Thanks especially to @almondblossomme for proofing, supporting and suggesting!

                                                      Chapter 4

Felicity woke up the next morning to her phone buzzing. She grabbed it and groaned “I’m not ready to talk yet Oliver.”

“Oliver? Who’s Oliver? This sounds very promising!” Donna could barely keep the excitement out of her voice.

“Mom! Sorry…I was….dreaming. What time is it?” Felicity turned to look at her alarm clock and jumped. “Oh my God Mom! I’m totally late! I forgot to set my alarm.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I called then.”

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Slept in last nights clothes (Luke hemmings)

Request: Can you do one where Luke has a girl friend that’s cheats on him and you comfort him?
{A/N} There’s smut and I’m going to hell for writing it

Word count: 2053

If there was one thing you knew well, it would be a sleepless night. If you weren’t tossing and turning one night then you’d been calling the pharmacy to see how much melatonin was too much melatonin; you suffered from insomnia.
So it was 3 o'clock in the morning and while everyone else was sleeping, you were eating a bowl of captain crunch wrapped in a snuggie as you watched Parks and Recreation.
You had gotten at least half way through your episode when your phone began to light up and play your ring tone from the room so you got up, shuffling your feet across the cold kitchen tile; reacting negatively as you began shivering.

You picked up your phone and squinted your eyes so you could see who was calling.

“Luke” it read in big bold letters, you gave a loud yawn before answering.

“Hello?” You asked groggily, sleep lacing your voice like a red silk ribbon through a corset.

“(Y/N)?” He asked. “You sound sleepy. I didn’t wake you did I?”
You let out another loud yawn before replying.

“No. I was just eating some cereal.” You spoke honestly. If you had actually been one hundred percent woke you wouldn’t have been this calm. Throughout the years you had known Luke you discovered that you had a crush on him, but, he had a girlfriend so there was nothing you could do.
“What are you doing woke this hour?” You asked him, and he let out a low raspy laugh.
“Well to make a long story short, I found out that Mary was cheating on me. Well not really, she was sexting some guy but still.”
It was in that moment, that you woke up enough to notice the sadness dripping from his voice, and you felt bad for not realizing it before.
“Oh Luke, I’m so sorry.” You said with kindness. You had honestly never liked the bitch, and no, it wasn’t because you liked Luke.
“Eh, I don’t think we really had feelings for each other. It was more just to pass the time… I did love her but. I also liked someone else.”
He spoke, and you were surprised. “Hey I know it’s late but, can I come over? I don’t really wanna stay with her and I seriously don’t wanna bother any of the guys this late.”

“Sure.” You yawned. “But if I’m asleep don’t say I didn’t warn you.” You joked, and he laughed through the other line.
“Okay. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.” He spoke before the line died.

It couldn’t have been more than thirty minutes before you heard a knock on your door.
“Just a second.” You called out as you peeled yourself from the small love seat that sat in your living room.
You went to the door and checked through the peep hole before swinging it open to be faced with Luke. He looked just as tired as you felt.
“Hi.” He spoke, obviously trying to sound happy.
“Hey there.” You hummed back.
You signaled for him to come in and as you shut the door behind him.
“Take your dirty shoes off.” You spoke. Gaining another laugh from him.
“Yes ma'am.” He replied sarcastically.
“Might I add that your attire for this evening is simply beautiful?”
You looked down at your outfit slowly.
You were wearing a tight white tank top some shorts and large flannel to cover it; you were knew it was his but it was comfortable.
“I swear I thought I gave this back.” You spoke, obviously lying.

“Yeah?” He challenged, taking a step closer to you.
“I think you knew it was here…. Do you know how long I’ve been searching for this?” He asked, and you just smirked.
“Hmmm, a day maybe?” You replied, and he laughed at you.
“Your the worse liar I know.” He spoke as you fell back and plopped down onto the couch; he then followed your actions.
“Is this parks and rec?” He asked as you laid your head on his shoulder.
“Yeah. I fucking love this show.” You spoke.

He just nodded as he watched the screen intently, but you knew something was still eating him up, so you lifted your head off his shoulder and paused the show.
“Okay. What’s wrong Luke? Your never this quite.” You asked, and the smile that you had seen on him earlier was gone.
“I’m fine.” He replied nonchalantly, But that’s not what you wanted to hear.
“Luke. You know you can talk to me.” You edged one and placed a light hand on his wrist.
He looked down at you with caution, like he was about to do something he wasn’t sure about.
“(Y/N). I really want to kiss you.” He spoke randomly and you could have swore you saw his sad eyes being replaced with lust.
But you knew it wasn’t real. You knew he just needed to feel what he his felt with Mary.

“Luke..” You drew out. You knew he didn’t love you, he loved Mary
“You don’t mean that Luke. Your just confused.” You reminded him.
“God (Y/N) you don’t know the half if it. I-I thought I loved Mary, but every time I see you, or we talk on the phone, I can’t help but feel this- this connection. It’s like web that I can’t get out of, no matter how hard I try.. it just leads me back to you.” He spoke, never once taking his eyes off you.
You just sat there. Trying to figure out what to say.
“It’s like Mary and I were two different pieces in the same puzzle we call a world, but we didn’t fit. But (Y/N), I feel the exact opposite when I’m with you. I-I feel like we belong together.”
You had now lost all ability to form words, your mouth wouldn’t allow it.
But without hesitation you pulled his face to yours, crashing your lips to his.

He seemed taken back by the kiss, but in no time your lips were melting together like nothing you’d ever experienced.
He pulled you over top of him so you were stratling his lap.
“God I want you.” He moaned throughout the kiss, and you took that as an opportunity to take control.
You began to rock your hips back and forth onto him, providing a sense of relief for the both of you.
Luke threw his head back, as a low growl escaped through his plump lips.

“Your such a fucking tease.” He spoke as his hand traveled down your back and rested on your bum.
Luke’s moans suddenly heightened to whimpers, and the pleasure he was currently feeling was not not enough.
In need of more friction, Luke began lightly thrusting upwards, causing you to let out a high pitched moan.
You ran your tongue against his and began placing sloppy, open mouthed kisses on his neck, bitting the skin once and a while.
To say that Luke was a mess underneath you wouldn’t be saying enough; he was hysterical.
His normally tossed blonde hair was not matted down onto his face. And for the life of him he couldn’t help but rest his hand on your bum.

You brung your hands down onto his buckle as you neared the bulge forming in his pants, but he grabbed your wrists. Not enough to hurt though, to to stall you.
“You don’t have to do that.” He spoke, looking at you as he panted heavily.
“I know I don’t have to, but I want to.” You smile before pushing him back into the couch.
You removed the belt quickly then undid his pants, dragging his pants down to his ankles to reveal the black Calvin Klein’s.
You had only given one blow job in your entire life and that was with your ex. So you weren’t very ‘experienced’ in the matter.
“Luke.” You spoke softly. “Y-Yes baby.”
He stuttered rapidly.
“I’ve never really given a blow job before…” You admitted shyly. “I still want to give you one, I’m not sure what to do. Can you help me?”
“Mhhh.” He moaned. He lifted his hand and placed it over top of yours, guiding it to cover his length.
“Just. Move your hand up and down.” He spoke, and you nodded.
You did as you were told and placed your small hand over his shaft and began rubbing him through his boxers; watching him intently as you did.
His face was red and his mouth was slightly agape.
“Like this?” You asked
“Yes, oh fuck just like that (Y/N).” He moaned.
You could tell he was feeling pleasure, but you knew his boxers and to come off sooner or later.
“Can I take them off?” You asked. And he nodded wildly.
You slid them down with ease, his shaft springing from them immediately.

You looked down at his length, he was obviously a lot larger than your ex was, and you began to get nervous; Luke noticed that.
“(Y/N) you don’t have to… suck me off if you don’t want to. I know you’ve never done it before.” You smiled at Luke’s kindness, but you still wanted to do it.
Instead of asking Luke for help, you took matters into your own hands.
You got up onto your knees and placed your hand on his bare length and began running your thumb over his swollen red tip.
“Use your spit darling.” He said helpfully.
And you did as he had requested. You spit in your hand, using it as a lubricant.
“Fuck that’s feels so good.” He spoke through a long low moan.
After a few moments of that you had worked up the courage to use your mouth, and began slowly licking a long stripe up the bottom his shaft.
He jolted back a little and bit his bottom lip, trying to suppress any moans.
Without warning you took him in your mouth, sucking what would fit and rubbing the rest.
“Oh my god.” He let out, throwing his head back and he grabbed your hair and pulled it into a makeshift pony tail.

“(Y/N).” He panted. “I’m not-not gonna last much longer.”
You heard him say so you sped up a little. You could feel Luke writhing under you, trying to give himself more pleasure.
In a matter of moments you could feel Luke twitch in your mouth, but you kept going.
You felt Luke pull on your hair to raise you, but you didn’t budge.
“No (Y/N) stop, I don’t wanna co-” His sentence was interrupted by his climax, his head fell back father into the couch and his eyes slammed shut. A string of curse words mixed with your name left his lips and you felt him raise his hips and released in your mouth you didn’t know what to do.
Not even seconds after he immediately pulled your mouth off him, regret in his eyes as he looked at you.
“Did you swallow that?” He asked, and you shook your head.
He pulled his boxers back on and helped you up from the floor.
“Let’s get you cleaned up, yeah?” He spoke, walking you to the bathroom.
Once you got there you spat into the toilet before sitting on the counter.
“I.. Im sorry about that. I didn’t mean to…”
“It’s okay.” You smiled, and he kissed you.
“I think it’s my turn to repay the favor.” He added, kissing your neck lightly.
You pushed him back a little and shook your head.
“I’m really tired Luke.” You spoke, with a smile.
“Can we pick this back up tomorrow?” You asked. And he nodded.
“Yes. We can.” He laughed.
“Hey.” He asked. “Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked shyly.
“Eh… I’m more of a 'One time fling’” girl you joked, and he frowned.
“Of course I’ll be your girlfriend Luke.” You laughed, hugging him tightly.
“Oh thank god.” He spoke. “Come on let get you to bed.


Hey guys I’m so sorry for the late replies. My notifications kind of automatically disabled themselves? Lol at first I was so scared because there were no comments and likes when I woke up and I was like “Nooooo they hated it.” but apparently that wasn’t the case haha.

➡️So I guess today I’m asking you who you think was in the board on the laptop?

➡️And also I’ve just considered this: everyone ‘accuses’ Yixing and Jongin for being possessive but no one blames Sehun for being that way, how come? (well literally only a few of you have)

-please don’t be horrible to anyone in the comment section about their opinion. Let’s not fight each other over a fanfic. You guys are too cool for that haha. Don’t read the comments if you’ve not caught up with the story either it may spoil it for you.
Once again thanks for reading guys 😊


Summery: based on the storyline of Peter, Juliet, and Mark in the film Love Actually.
Word Count: 1400+
Triggers: angst, unrequited love, Christmas, (my undying love for Love Actually)
A/N: I watched Love Actually 4 times in 2 weeks and I’m not even sorry. Also I wrote this v late on my phone coz I’m at my grandmothers so if there’s any grammar or spelling mistakes please let me know.
Key: italics is Bucky’s thoughts.
@helllaellla @bovaria@marvel-ash@marvelfanfichq@givebuckyhisplums2k16@starstar1012@fairy-frills@emilypkuzu@annadier@buckystories@shamvictoria11@feelmyroarrrr@totheendofthelinepal@thelazyorange@creatorofwritings@callingmrsbarnes@whotheeffisbucky@palaiasaurus64@likochkah@professional-fandoms@james-bionic-barnes

Originally posted by ariesw1493

Originally posted by thezealotsblindfold

When Steve first woke up you were the first person to explain to him what had happened. It wasn’t your job or anything, he just asked you to explain technology to him. Of course he had been given quick history lessons, main event he missed, but nothing about real life in the 21st century. That’s where you came in. You taught him how to live in the 21st century, about music and films and culture. It started with technology, since a black and white tv was rare when he was younger having a tiny computer fit in your pocket was understandably confusing.

‘Hey, Y/N?’, you were in the lab, working on your latest crazy task. Steve always said that your ambition was one of your best qualities.

‘Hey Steve’, you looked up briefly to acknowledge him. You wanted to drop everything and run over to him to give him a hug but your work contained you.

‘Remember that band you really liked from that list you gave me’ You hummed in reply, occupied by your work. ‘They’re playing in a concert and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me, there. Tonight?’

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anonymous asked:

that squid ward meme omg! when in dan's live show did he confirm that do u know lol its okay if u don't

Anonymous said:

wait when did dan say they share a bedroom what

no dan never outright said that he and phil share a bedroom but he did a little bedroom tour in his liveshow yesterday and showed us some bits and pieces in there (the moon mirror, the moon chair etc.) and you could see phil’s white mirror from his old bedroom was there and also just the size difference of their current rooms like phil’s one is a literal closet with no space at all and it’s basically just his exact old background with nothing new added in while dan’s one is all huge and fancy with a ton of space and new items and decorations also the floor in phil’s centipede tweet doesn’t match the floor in his bedroom even though he said in the tweet that it went “under his bed” and you know which floor it matches? that’s right the one in dan’s moon bedroom so yeah it wasn’t actually #confirmed but when you put all the evidence together like this it’s kinda obvious

anonymous asked:

pls, RFA waking up 2 MC's singing in an early bubble bath thank u fam. just somethin sleepy n sweet bc im cryin over zen & im a huge hopeless romantic woops

awww this is my fave request that I’ve gotten so far! im a hopeless romantic too anon I feel you

(y'all I slipped in a lot of Grease references in seven’s I just couldn’t help myself if you don’t know what that is im so sorry-)


- he wakes up early to use the bathroom
- when he walks in it takes him like 10 seconds to process that you’re in the bath
- turns bright red and quickly zips his pants back up
- before you can tell him that it’s ok he dashes out
- 5 mins later he softly knocks on the door
- “…your voice is really pretty, you should sing a little louder- okimsosorrybye”
- such a little shy dork, you love him
- when you get out he bashfully tells you you looked really beautiful
- “but- but don’t take that the wrong way or anything!! I’m not trying to be a perv-”
- he just loves you so much and he wants to let you to know


- the first thing he hears when he wakes up is you
- he slowly walks in and smiles at you, singing along
- ends up getting in the bath with you and it’s super cute
- he makes a bubble bath beard and kisses u getting soap in ur mouth
- he doesn’t care he just wants to make you smile
- and you do, a lot
- he tells you about a new play he’s going to be starring in and you tell him about how you feel today
- he’s a really good listener and he just can’t stop looking at you while you talk
- what are you looking at, dork?
- he sleepily gazes at all of your body and your face and smiles
- “a real life angel”
- you laugh and blush and tell him he’s so silly
- doesn’t care if he’s being super cheesy, he really just wants every single part of you to feel loved
- you’re both hazy because it’s only 5 am but it just makes it all the more lovely, neither of you have a filter at this time
- you two just share your lazy love story moment together
- he thinks you are all of the stars in the sky and he never wants the day to come
- well, the sun is also a star, so maybe he’ll just eagerly wait for your sunrise


- she woke up to take a shower herself but she doesn’t mind seeing you there instead
- “ah, sorry for intruding, mc”
- you tell her it’s perfectly fine and ask her to join you
- she’s reluctant because she doesn’t want to be late but she really can’t resist your smile
- you two wash each other’s hair and she tells you about the new skin care products she’s been using
- “hot water really opens your pores, so it’s best to use it in the bath”
- just mindless conversation but it’s really nice and sweet
- “i really like that song you were singing, you sounded very graceful”


- doesn’t want to intrude but also is obsessed with you so he finds a healthy medium
- he sits outside the door and listens to you sing
- when you get out and open the door to see him you almost scream
- you scared me oh my gosh what are you doing???
- “listening”
- you blush because you were singing really stupid things and splashing around like a baby
- but he clears up all of your self conscious thoughts almost immediately just by opening his mouth
- “I’m so glad you’re mine, mc,”
- he stands up and kisses you gently
- “breakfast is in the kitchen~”

- you were singing some song from a movie (im imagining grease here but if you don’t know what that is imagine any funny cliche song)
- he barges in and starts screaming the song with you
- you burst out laughing and keep singing
- this ends up with you dancing with him in a towel
- finally you two wear each other out and sit down on the floor laughing
- he grins at you
- “mc. you’re such a babe”
- you snort and punch his shoulder playfully
- how romantic. i’m a BABE
- he laughs and then looks at you with a gentle smile
- “really. you’re a babe, you’re a goddess, you’re a princess, you’re my sweetie, you’re every single cheesy pet name I can think of.”
- you smile at him and feel your cheeks turning pink
- i’d rather you just call me yours
- he kisses you and it’s sweet and romantic until he starts humming the song again
- saeyoung I have to get dressed stop hanging on me already
- “mc I’m out of my head”
- okay you little wiener but I need to brush my hair now so get off


Yesterday me and Sav were at Nottingham Pride volunteering and fundraising and raising awareness and spreading the love! We had a picture with a rainbow moo, went and had some collage pictures in a photo booth and shamelessly used my lungs as an excuse for something. And today I had to pretend that I am a mermaid at Lush, but alas I woke up late cause I’m knackered and in my failed attempt of being a mermaid I just stuck some shells on my face, used my mermaid coloured eyeliner as lipstick and failed miserably using netting to make scales xD
Also, I’ve now not had a cigarette for nearly a month!! :D go team.
Sorry for the rant. Now I’ll probably disappear off the face of the earth again until next time I have a spare minute xD

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Hendrik wasn’t in a good state of mind. He had just woken up from one of his ‘episodes.’ When he woke up from it, he had a cut down his arm from the inside of his elbow to his wrist. He sighed deeply, grabbing some supplies. He turned on some music, loud music, and began to stitch his arm up. It was painful for sure, but sadly, he had done this many times before. He didn’t know why or how, but sometimes he just, blacked out. No one else knew about it but him, and he didnt expect anyone to come into his office at this time. Anyone couldve heard the music playing from outside his office. The current song was 'Dollhouse’ by Melanie Martinez. He winced in pain as he started stitching, luckily no one would hear him since the music was so loud. He was halfway done stitching when he heard a knock on his office door, which flung him into a panic.