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Ok so where "do I find the ENXP crowd"? Preferred habitat? Likes? Mating rituals? What to do if I spot one? Do they bite?

Haha, okay, I’m glad you asked because I’ve been procrastinating on making a post like this for awhile and now I gotta. So here goes. Also guys, I’m dividing this male/female so I’m sorry if it doesn’t apply to you, but I don’t have time for any more descriptions (this is gonna be long)

As written by a female ENTP who knows many ENXPs…

How to find ENTPs


  • Male ENTPs look like the rest of the typical dudes around at first glance. But on closer inspection, they probably have a haircut that is supposed to be trendy but isn’t well-maintained and they also probably have crazy socks, or a crazy scarf, or are making some sort of stupid joke as you observe them
  • They joke all the time. Like there is not a time when you’re talking to them and they’re not thinking or talking about jokes. Could be memes, funny animals, slogans or advertisements…really just anything humorous. And they spew it.
  • They’re the annoying ones in the room. ENTPs are called “class clowns” but honestly I don’t find that to be a super accurate description of us since we’re pretty darn ambiverted. So it’ll be the guy in your class or office that’s really annoying yet funny and has outrageous philosophical or political views. Or has a crazy backstory/family life. Something crazy, I promise
  • Can be pretty shy or socially awkward, many ENTPs have Asperger’s
  • They are very silly and tacky. They wear comical shirts, have smirky expressions all the time, and are actual super softies. Like we’re talking hopeless romantic softie if they’re not super unhealthy. The stereotype is that ENTPs are “bouncy” with relationships and go from partner to partner, but that is largely untrue for both sexes. We may have a lot of partners, but we typically go into the relationship at least trying to make it work long term. It’s only that we break up with people a lot based on the fact that we feel like there’s a lot of stagnancy/we get bored/think that our partner is incompatible with us since we’re “hiding” our true selves, etc.
  • Really bad at using social media 
    • Most guys only have a few pictures on their pages, if they have a social media page at all (this is personal experience, not true for all of them, just seems to be a trend)
  • Wide variety of skills/ineterests/hobbies
    • ENTP friend loves skiing, lifting, exercising…and then is unhealthily obsessed with pug puppies and memes
  • Are usually friends with the STP crowd or the NF crowd, either or
    • Does usually have another NTP friend that’s pretty close to them

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Second Chances

Words: 10.1k

Genre: Fluff / Soulmate AU

Warnings: slight description of a panic attack, swearing

Description:  Soulmate AU in which you get to see colours when you kiss your soulmate. Dan has a particularity.

Read on AO3 / @florallylester made a moodboard for this and I’m crying

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Hi! Can you write fluffy headcanons with jealous RFA and Vanderwood (he's cool)? Perhaps someone was flirting with MC?

sorry this took so long to write! and also, please look at my rules before requesting. I don’t know how to add a link in my description, but I did say to look at my hashtag RULES. please do so in the future. -Green


-you two were out together just window shopping 

-eventually you made it in a comic shop and you had accidentally split up because of your different interests 

-which Yoosung was okay with because it was a small shop and you were really just an isle or two away

-while he was looking at LOLOL merch, he found a small figurine that he remembers is from one of your favorite shows! 

-he knows he can’t buy it, but he wants to show it to you!! 

-so he grabs the box with the figure in it and looks around for you 

-he sees you with a big book in your hands, trying to read (or just ignore without being too rude) while a tall man loomed over you and continued to talk to you 

-his cheeks get really red and he literally starts to pout 

-before he solves the issue, he walks over and buys the item 

-he wasn’t before but GOD he needs some leverage so he does 

-yoosung takes the figure out and then jogs over to you, proudly holding it in the air

-”MC!! look!!! :DD” 

-you look up from the book and you squeal at what he’s holding 

-”Yoosung!! Oh my gosh, did you buy that??”

-yes of course, he replies, bc u r the best gf ever 

-he gives it to you and gives you a kiss on the cheek, then looks at the book you have

-it’s an LOLOL guide that shows concept art and how to get all the special armor 

-”awww!! we had the same idea!” 

-honestly you two just start being really cute right in front of this dude. 

-yoosung just slowly and surely. shoves this guy away 

-you totally notice but don’t say anything until later 

-by saying something you give him a big ol kiss on the lips 

-he giggles


-both of you are out at the park 

-because nothing is better than the park!!! 

-they’re perfect for Saeyoung

-he’s chasing you around the playground, and you’re screaming and giggling 

-it’s honestly really cute and he can’t help but lag in his running because he could ANNIHILATE YOU if he wanted but you’re too cute he just wants to keep hear you laughing

-eventually he ducks under the slide so you can’t see him and waits until you’ve stopped running so he can. SNEAk ATTACK 

-everything was going according to plan. your back turned toward him, looking around, you’re on the tips of ur toes, and ur a giggling mess 

-except. he. was not a part of his plan?

-honestly who hits on people at a park 

-when he sees this dude come up and just start flirting right away he’s like MC RUN AWAY???

-but you’re too out of it to notice so you just kind of dismiss it while looking for Saeyoung

-so he continues with his plan and sneaks up on you

-picks you up from behind and spins u!!! 

-you are YELLING 

-this dude is also yelling

-saeyoung is LAUGhiNG,,, it’s so f u nn y??/

-eventually he’ll put you down and then just kiss you all over your face 

-then turn to the guy and be like “oh who r u” 

-the dude just walks away. 

-mission accomplished 


-you convinced Jumin to go on. a normal date

-where you both weren’t super dressed up and eating 100$ meals 

-instead you got him into some casual clothes, and you brought him into town 

-he was totally out of his element and super weirded out by the commoners 

-so he’s stuck to you like glue. you are his only light in this mess. 

-but he won’t complain because you’re having a lot of fun so he tries to relax and enjoy everything like you are

-while it’s not to the same extent, he does start having some fun 

-but fun drops all the way when he sees how. rude??? all the dudes are ?

-he swears that he saw someone slap your ass but you keep denying it 

-he don’t believe u.,,,

-now you two are together just looking at the city lights and walking hand in hand

-not as many people are out and it’s not a shady place, so Jumin is actually pretty relaxed 

-but then.

-t h e  nn,,,,

-a man comes up and like. slaps your ass

-but like. really fucking hard guys

-you stumble in your place 

- OH  H E LL N O

-jumin doesn’t even think about it he grabs this guy and SHOVES HIM INTO THE BUILDING NEAR U GUYS

-starts chewing this guy out. doesn’t punch him or anything just yells at him and venting about how commoners are the worst people to exist 

-and guys jumin is really intimidating so this guy looks like he’s going to cry 

-you start to feel bad because he looks so scared so you have to drag Jumin back and tell the rude asshole to scram 

-and then jumin. oh my god guys 

-once this guy leaves, Jumin slaps him SO HARD ON THE ASS THAT YOU Can HEAR IT and the guy runs the FUCk away


-it’s the best night of your LIFE 


-mmm coffee dates!! 

-the best

-you both treat yourselves to this really expensive coffee house and Jaehee looks like she’s in heaven 

-it’s been 10 minutes and she still can’t decide what drink she wants

-so you left her and explored the shop a bit 

-it’s really a cute place! and they got a little library! 

-you read a little, when someone walks up to you

-you think it’s Jaehee so you’re about to greet her with a smile when you see it’s actually a dude

-o h,,

-woops. you apologize and he laughs 

-why he laughing?? 

-you’re super awkward so you can’t bring yourself to leave as this dude tries to charm and get to know you 

-eventually Jaehee knows what she wants and looks around at her spot for you

-sees you and the dude

-but she really doesn’t want to make a scene so she calls your name

-”MC!! Honey, I know what I want now! I miss you dearly so come here so I can give you a kiss??”

-that is SO EMBARRASSING for her to say… but she can’t help it she just wants the dude to get the hint and leave u alone

-he does, thank god

-and you take that offer Jaehee gave you, gladly ;0


-you’re at his play!! 

-unfortunately you’re sitting alone, but you’re so happy to see him play!

-but since you’re alone, this guy next to you is totally chatting up during the whole play and you have no way to escape

-during intermission, you quickly leave with the excuse you have to use the bathroom

-oops, when u come out there’s the dude

-was he waiting for you to come out?

-you’re seriously getting creeped out so you text Zen to come out of backstage

-he does as fast as he can, even tho he isn’t allowed to but he loves you so he doesn’t care

-as soon as he sees this dude and how uncomfortable Zen totally is like. OK. i know what i must do

-quickly swipes up next to you and places an arm around your waist. 

-he tries to keep himself together but on the inside he is suffering while he shakes this guys hand

-”you called me over, is something wrong babe?” he asks you and purposefully kisses u on the cheek so this guy knows you are taken 

-”he.. well, he followed and waited for me to come out of the bathroom..” 

-long story short: the dude is kicked out for harassment 

-you think it’s a little bit of a stretch… but seeing Zen so flustered and worked up makes it totally worth it. 

It Always Starts As Friends: A Kol Mikaelson Imagine

Request from Anon: Hello love could you possibly do one with kol where you’re best friends and get jealous when he starts to hang out with davina a lot. Maybe the reader and kol end up together or something just a whole bunch of angst and fluff please? sorry if it’s really descriptive.

I’m so sorry that this has taken so long, but I hope you like it. Also for the purpose of this imagine in relation to the gif, just imagine the reader is Davina (it was the best one I could find and Kolvina is too perfect). Enjoy x 

There was only one word for what you were feeling. It was not a word you often used, nor was it one that you particularly liked. It also meant that you had the potential to be a cliche, which was something you most definitely did not to be. 

It started to bubble up when your best friend, Kol Mikaelson, started hanging around with Davina Claire. They were laughing and smiling at the young witch’s failed attempt to perform a simple spell that Kol was trying to teach her. 

It started to overheat when you saw the way Davina looked at him. It was the way you had seen many girls look at him before, with awe and admiration, like he was the only thing that mattered. However, it had never bothered you this much before. 


A voice came from behind you, snapping you out of your thoughts. Turning, you saw Niklaus, his own signature smirk, which was very different from Kol’s, prominent on his face. 

“I’m sorry?”

“Jealousy. I believe that’s what you call what you’re feeling right now, Y/N. And I must tell you, you definitely do not suit it.”

“What are you talking about? I’m not jealous.”

Klaus rolled his eyes.

“Are you sure about that love? It just seems to me that if you keep staring at Davina Claire in that way, you’re probably going to burn a hole in her head. And before you start protesting that my little brother is your purely platonic best friend, I’ll remind you that you’re not the first to fall for my brother, nor will you be the last. No-one’s going to blame you for feeling that way.”

Klaus walked away, leaving you to chew on his words. 

It was true that ever since Kol had come back from the dead, you had felt a stronger bond with him. One that was much stronger than the string that was friendship. 

It wasn’t until Davina kissed Kol on the cheek before leaving that you truly accepted it. 

You were in love with Kol Mikaelson. 

“Told you.”

“Oh shut up, Klaus. Just tell me what to do.”

Klaus’ advice was far from helpful when you told him that he was right. He seemed more focused in bathing in the glory of being right than actually tackling the problem. 

Leaving him to his own devices, you decided to think it over in your room. It had been two days since you’d given into your feelings for your best friend, and as a result had tried to avoid him at every cost. 

It was torture. 

It was torture not seeing his flawless face, not ruffling that silky hair, not looking into those beautiful brown eyes. It was torture not seeing his smile, his smirk, his smug expression whenever he was right. It was torture not hearing his laugh, the noise that was music to your ears. 

It was torture not being near him. 

Elijah had told you that Kol had been spending more and more time with Davina, her affections for him clearly growing each day as he taught her magic. 

Sighing, you fiddled with the bracelet on your wrist. It was one Kol had given you on your birthday so many years ago, your birthstone dangling from it, refracting any light that shined off it. 

“Why did I have to fall in love with you, Kol Mikaelson?”

“You love me?”

Eyes widening at the sound of Kol’s voice, you looked up at him standing in the doorway. The look of shock on his face matched yours. He had clearly heard. 

“Um, what are you doing here?”

“You’ve been avoiding me, I came to see what’s wrong. But never mind that, I think we should discuss what you just said.”

You struggled for words, backing away towards the head of the bed as Kol sat on the edge of it, staring at you intently. 


“Love me.”

“Um, yes. Although you weren’t supposed to hear that. I mean, you were supposed to hear that, just not yet. I mean,-”

Your words were cut off when Kol placed his lips on yours. The kiss was sudden, passionate, everything you had imagined and more. He pulled you closer to him, his hands on the small of your back as he set your heart on fire. 

When both of you pulled apart for air, and the fire in your chest extinguished, he tucked a lonely piece of hair behind your ear, smiling at you. 

“What was that for?”

He looked down, his nose gently knocking against yours. You shivered, the feeling of his skin on yours enough to make you think you were dreaming. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say that, Y/N,” as he spoke, he began to fiddle with that bracelet on your wrist, before taking your hand and drawing patterns on your palm. 

“When you’ve been alive for a thousand years, there’s always the possibility that at some point you’re going to become a character in a story. A generic story where the guy gets the girl and everything’s happy-go-lucky. Everything’s easy. Even us Mikaelsons, who constantly put people in danger, who have trouble following them around like a bloody lost puppy, get it sometimes. Klaus with Hope, and then again with Cami. Elijah with Hayley. I guess it was only a matter of time before I got it too.”

You cupped his cheek, not quite understanding where he was going with this. 

“What are you talking about, Kol?”

This time, as he spoke, the patterns on your palm ceased to exist, and his brown eyes set sight on you. 

“I’m talking about the fact that in these generic stories, it always starts as friends. And to be honest, I was hoping it would be you. I guess what I’m saying is, I love you Y/N Y/L/N. Always have, always will.”

You kissed him again, throwing yourself into the hurricane that would become the story of Y/N Y/L/N and Kol Mikaelson. 

Private Lives Chapter Eleven

Title: Private Lives Chapter Eleven

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  Female (Y/N Hastings)

Word Count: 1889

Series Summary: Jensen Ackles is an incredible actor. You’re taking a break from being a doctor to figure out what to do with your life. When your worlds crash together, what secrets will be revealed?

Warnings:   This fic will have feels, okay? It’s going to be a drama.

Chapter Warnings: Little bit of blood, nothing too descriptive, bullying

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A/N: OMG FINALLY. I am so sorry to everyone for how long this took and also I’m sorry it’s a tad short. I ran into some writer’s block that has finally seemed to have cleared up. I hope you like this chapter. The wait was soooooo long. I’m so excited with it’s following and where it’s going. I just hope you all don’t kill me for it. Enjoy!! 

Character: Jensen Ackles

Tags:  @deans-princess-crybaby  @space-cats-in-purgatory  @bloodysideofhell  @thing-you-do-with-that-thing    @mrswhozeewhatsis  @mamaimpala  @timewoundsallheals1210  @the-mrs-deanwinchester  @aprofoundbondwithdean  @queenofhellisafangirl  @anastasiarosez  @ackleholic96  @mama-impala  @mamapeterson  @redlittlefox  @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki  @beautiful-disaster143  @sleepywinchester  @adaisinwonderland  @theweirdymcweirderson  @mysaintsasinner  @oh-jesus-sammy  @jencharlan  @blacktithe7  @winchesterforever12  @iamflanneltrash  @blushingsamgirl  @deandoesthingstome  @mrsjohnsmith  @samtomydeanwinchester  @sis-tafics  @ackleslaugh  @fangirling-instead-of-working  @eyes-of-a-disney-princess  @for-the-love-of-dean  @lipstickandwhiskey  @skybinx-blog  @loveitsallineed @purgatoan  @shipping-people-writing-things  @spectaculacular-sammy  @superbluhoo2  @winchesterswoonathon  @iwantthedean  @crzcorgi  @ilostmyshoe-79  @torn-and-frayed  @supernatural-jackles  @impalapossible  @jotink78  @hillface89  @kittenofdoomage  @nichelle-my-belle  @percywinchester27  @whit85-blog  @rizlow1  @bringmesomepie56  @atc74  @cici0507  @gemini75eeyore  @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish  @kristaparadowski  @mayasmedberg   @prncss-nefelibata  @smoothdogsgirl  @beachy2014  @freaksforthewin  @jensen-gal  @theoriginalvicki  @missieb76  @vougebandit  @raeganr99  @your-not-invisible-to-me  @vaisabu  @bakabozza  @britt-spn  @fernandasvaldi  @silver-and-green  @yaya-snowflakes  @imnotalosechester  @motleymoose  @ruprecht0420  @iamnotsaneatall  @gecko9596  @anokhi07  @tiffanycaruso  @spnolivia  @the-jette  @boredoutofmymindstuff  @lovin-ackles  @dancingalone21  @laurenw1025  @tas898 @extreme-supernatural-lover  @jayankles  @supernatural-fan-123   @moonstonemystyk  @perpetualabsurdity  @frenchybell  @allthatsupernaturallife  @irishdoll80  @walkercauff  @nerdwholikesword  @supernatural508  @ledzeppelinrules  @rattyretro-blog-blog  @fandomsneverdie14  @anxuanpham  @mysteriouslyme81  @felly-pepper  @sleep-silent-angel  @caityrice  @ezauraemmaline  @steampunkd16  @fullmetalkassie  @sandlee44  @cemmia  @wwecrazed2010  @winchesterhunters67  @symphony25  @oceanblue-and-forestgreen  @dorky-and-i-know-it  @trustnobodyshootfirst  @ria132love  @grace-for-sale


“Well, what do you think about the house that Marta showed Y/N?” Jared asked, sipping his beer.

“Oh, I don’t know, it’s not a huge house, but the yard is big and the neighborhood is great. I think I’ll make an offer tomorrow,” I said back, taking a drink from my beer.

“Oh, good, Y/N still on the fence about it?”

“A little,” I replied, pondering. Y/N was worried she wouldn’t be around enough for Gen if she lived with me, but I had assured her multiple times that everything would work itself out.

My phone began to ring from the coffee table. As I reached forward to silence it, I saw that it was Y/N. She was at work at the moment, which meant it must have been important for her to be calling during her shift. I answered the phone instead.

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Please write Iwaoi where Iwaizumi overworks himself

First of all, I adore this blog, your writings are great! And second, could you write a sick (sorry I know I didn’t spell it correctly) Iwazumi denying he’s sick and a worried Oikawa taking care of him? Thanks in advance!

sorry this took me so long to write for you, anon1!  whenever i get excited about prompts i put too much pressure on myself to write them perfectly, which is pretty frickin’ unfortunate/ironic X’D  combining it with this second prompt helped me narrow it down a bit.  anyway, it turned out really long and i hope you like it!

also, thank you for the kind words, anon2, i really appreciate it!!! <333

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below the cut

“I’m fine, Oikawa, leave me alone,” Iwaizumi brushed Oikawa’s concerned hand from his shoulder, but took the hint and sat on Oikawa’s bed.  “Now tell me what your nightmare was about so I can go back to sleep.”

Oikawa frowned.  He’d called Iwaizumi over to his house in the middle of the night, as he’d done many nights before, complaining of a scary dream, and Iwaizumi had come, but something was wrong.  Iwaizumi’s face was pale and sweaty, but he would shiver every so often as if he was cold.

In short, Oikawa’s suspicions were validated, though for once he wished he’d been wrong.  The thing is, Oikawa hadn’t had a nightmare tonight.  He’d had trouble sleeping, sure, but the main reason he’d called Iwaizumi over was because he’d noticed that his friend’s bedroom light was on at three am for the third night in a row and he was worried.

Of course, he hadn’t known it would be this bad.  He crossed his arms.  “Iwa-chan, your light was on before I called, and I know you can’t sleep unless it’s dark.”  Iwaizumi scowled and avoided making eye contact.  Oikawa sighed.  “I’m sorry.”

Iwaizumi’s head snapped up.  “For what?”

“For making you come here so late on Monday,” he replied, sincerely.  On Monday, Oikawa had actually had a nightmare, and a really bad one at that; he normally made a point not to call Iwaizumi after one in the morning, but this one had been particularly bad.  He’d tried to calm himself for two hours before relenting and phoning his friend at four am, and he worried that it had messed with Iwaizumi’s sleep schedule.  But Iwaizumi was shaking his head.

“I don’t mind that; never apologize for your nightmares,” he said, sternly as ever.  “I’m always here for you if you need me.”

Oikawa nodded, then turned to Iwaizumi with a stern expression of his own.  “I know.”  He put a hand, gentle but unyieldingly firm, to Iwaizumi’s cheek, forcing him to keep eye-contact.  “Iwa-chan, you’re my best friend, and you worry about me all the time, and I trust you enough to tell you when I’m not okay because of that.  I’m asking you to return that trust now, if you can.”

“Oikawa…” Iwaizumi’s expression was unreadable, though it was clear from his frown that he was somewhat perplexed.  Then he punched Oikawa in the arm.

“Ow!”  Oikawa explained, looking to inspect the injury, but also noting that the jab had been less forceful than usual.  “Iwa-chan, why-“

When he looked back at his friend, Oikawa’s breath was immediately stolen.  There were tears in Iwaizumi’s eyes, and even as he laughed he sounded like he was crying.

“When did you become a poet, huh, Shittykawa?”  Iwaizumi sniffled, voice rough as his mouth worked in vain to maintain a transparent and watery smile.  For once, Oikawa, didn’t know what to say.  So instead of trying to find the non-existent perfect words for this situation, he opened his arms wide and offered a kind smile.

That seemed to do the trick, because in a heartbreaking moment, Iwaizumi let out a strangled noise and fell onto Oikawa’s chest with a deep sob.  Oikawa held his friend tight and petted his hair gently, wondering what could have possibly led to all of this.

“Oh, Iwa-chan,” he sighed.

They stayed like that for a long while, until Iwaizumi’s sobs finally tapered off into hiccups, and his breathing fell back into a regular, though still shaky, rhythm.  Oikawa shifted so that he could lie down beside the other boy.  He wiped the lingering tears from Iwaizumi’s red eyes and squeezed his hand.

“Do you want to talk about it?  Is there anything I can do to help?”  He asked quietly.  Iwaizumi shrugged, his face now looking as though his emotions had all left along with his tears.  Maybe he was just drained, but Oikawa feared it was an indication of the return of Iwaizumi’s old acquaintance, Depression.

“Can you try to tell me?”

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Zombies in Riverdale!

Description: It’s literally what the title says, man.

Requested?: Kinda?? 

Word count: 1111 (it was actually 1119 but I edited it to get it to 1111)

A/N: That title sucks I’m sorry I can’t think of anything right now. So, I made this post a while ago and I finally wrote it! Sorry it took so long! Also, this doesn’t tie in with the show at all. It’s just the characters plopped in a zombie-esque Riverdale.

Ships: You’ll find out soon enough  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Archie was in the bathroom when it happened. He was washing his hands when he heard the familiar crackle over the intercom followed by Principal Weatherbee’s voice, asking all the students to report to the gym.

Archie furrowed his eye brows and slung his bag further up his shoulder before stepping into the hallway. It was extremely crowded, every student looking as confused as Archie felt. It wasn’t usual for them to be called for a school-wide assembly during class hours.

The human torrent of students slowly moved into the gym and Archie immediately noticed Betty and Veronica standing near the back of the room. They waved at him as he made his way over to them.

“Do you guys know what’s going on?” Archie asked, leaning against the wall.

“No, but something’s definitely wrong.” Betty said. “My mom just sent me this.” She held her phone out and Archie leaned over to read the text.

Stay where you are. I’m coming to get you.  


Archie frowned. “What do you think is going on?” He asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s some political thing.” Veronica said. “My mom sent me this.” She mimicked Betty’s actions from before, holding her phone out.

Ronnie, please be careful. I’m trying to get to your school but they’re everywhere. Please hang on, Mija, I’ll be there as soon as I can.

Archie inhaled sharply. “Woah.”

Veronica slipped the phone back into her pocket, biting her lip. It was obvious she was internally freaking out. Betty slipped an arm around her shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay, Ronnie. It’s probably nothing.” Betty reassured her. “Don’t worry.”

Veronica nodded shakily in response.

Archie pulled his own phone out and his heart began to pound when he saw that he had five missed calls and two texts from his dad. He swallowed the lump in his throat before opening them.

Archie, I don’t think I’m gonna make it, son.


I love you. Be safe.


“Guys, look.” He showedthem the messages and the expression on their faces reflected his worry. Betty took a deep breath. “Okay, I know it looks like something is really wrong but we just need to remain calm, okay?” She tried for a smile but it was clear she was scared too.

Archie looked around at everyone in the gym. They all wore the same expressions, mirroring what Archie was feeling.





Kevin ran up to them a while later, a frenzied look on his face. “Guys, something happened!”

But before he could elaborate, there was a massive screech of the microphone and Weatherbee’s voice boomed out. “Okay, now, settle down, kids. Settle down. I know you’re all curious but chattering about it isn’t going to help.”

Jughead walked over to where the rest of them stood, just as a hush fell over the room.

Principal Weatherbee cleared his throat before he spoke. “Okay, so, some of you probably got some texts or calls from your parents. I know you’re all confused or scared but there’s no need to be. You’re safe in here.”

“Excuse me, Principal Weatherbee.” The lilting voice of Cheryl Blossom interrupted him. “Are you trying to tell us it’s not safe out there?”

“I—that isn’t what I was going to say—“ Principal Weatherbee looked flustered, which wasn’t something that happened often.

“Well, it doesn’t matter what you were going to say!” It was Kevin who interrupted him this time. “It isn’t safe out there!”

“Kev, what are you talking about?” Archie asked him as everyone turned to stare.

“My dad told me what’s going on outside.” Kevin said, walking over to take the mic out of Weatherbee’s hands as everyone watched with wide eyes.

“There was an incident at the Riverdale Central Hospital.” Kevin began. “They don’t know exactly what happened there yet—but that’s where it began.”

Archie was surprised that Weatherbee hadn’t yanked the mic out of Kevin’s hands and told him to shut up yet. In fact, he seemed just as intrigued as the rest of them.

He doesn’t know the whole story either, Archie thought and the realization made him uncomfortable. If the person in charge doesn’t know what was going on, how exactly is it safe in here?

“There’s something happening around town.” Kevin was now reading off of his phone. “The police got reports of aggressive and violent attacks occurring at and around the hospital late last night—around 3 am—and the officers that went to check it out didn’t come back. When I—uh, my dad—and a couple of other officers went to check it out this morning, they found something that could only be described as gory. There were barely any people at the hospital. The only things left were…” Kevin’s voice wavered. “Blood and corpses.”  

There were more than a few gasps at that, including Archie’s.

Blood and corpses? What is this, a horror movie?

“And then they came. A group of eight, four patients, two doctors and two policemen. The ones that went to investigate last night. There was something not quite right about them. It’s hard to describe. They were, in short, zombies.” As soon as Kevin uttered those words, there was a shout of laughter.

“C’mon, man! Stop messing with us!” Some kid yelled but his joking tone seemed to be covering a layer of fear.

“I’m not messing with you.” Kevin snapped and held up his phone. “That’s what my dad told me.”

“And what? Your dad just had the time to fire out a huge, extremely detailed text when he was running from zombies?” A girl yelled. There were murmurs of agreement in the crowd.

“Look, I’m just telling you what I know, okay? And the reason my dad texted me everything is because…” Kevin paused, swallowed. “He got bit. And we’ve all seen enough zombie movies to know what comes next.”

The silence filled the room again as Kevin shut his eyes and turned his head down. Archie could see his shoulder shaking, his hand tightening around his phone. After a few moments, Kevin seemed to compose himself. When he looked up again, Archie saw an intensity in his eyes he’d never seen before.

“I don’t know what happened to my dad. But I do know that he thought he was going to die. And he told me what was going on to help me survive whatever the hell is going on. So, that’s what I’m going to do. There’s not much else we can do.” He said.

“Kevin…” Jughead started. “If there were only eight people in the hospital, does that mean…?”

Kevin gave a grim nod. “They’re outside.”  

A/N: PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT ABOUT IT!! You can tell me in the replies or in asks or pm me or anything! Also nag me to update pls I’m a chronic procrastinator. Thanks for reading!~


wow, that’s a lot of stuff!!

BTS Recation to you laughing at everything

Request: BTS reaction if their gf is someone WHO laughs at Everything(llike bullshit) and can’t stop laughing ?

Another one requested a month ago

AN: This request is actually an accurate description of me tho. Kind of shorter so I’m sorry but the next request will be long i swear!! Hopefully two more updates between the next two days; a reaction and a scenario. I’ll reopen requests after I finish a couple more! ALSO PLEASE TELL ME WHICH MEMBER YOU’D LIKE TO SEE FIRST FOR THE FUCKBOY GOT7 AU.

SEOKJIN: He probably loves the fact that you laugh so much. He’d think that your laugh is the most amazing thing and would make it his goal (a very achievable goal) to make you laugh. Expect a lot more dad jokes and awkward dancing than usual. He probably has a folder on his phone of videos he’s taken of you laughing at random shit.

                                                    “Look at this!!”

Originally posted by jeonheart

YOONGI: He probably low key gets annoyed when you start laughing randomly, not because you’re actually annoying him, but because he doesn’t understand what you thought was funny. He’ll probably just stare at you with a look of pure confusion and ask you why you were laughing so hard. Despite this, he probably remembers the things that make you laugh the most, for days when you’re sad.

                                    “I don’t get it! What’s the joke???”

Originally posted by exoticmaknae

HOSEOK: He’s the type of person to laugh along with you, regardless of whether he knows why your laughing. He just wants to share the positivity! Honestly, he would probably love the fact that he found someone that laughed as much or more than he does. You guys are most definitely known as the “humor couple”

                                              “THAT’S HILARIOUS”

Originally posted by jhope-ah

NAMJOON: He probably feels like the luckiest man on earth whenever you burst out in laughter, especially when at something he says or does. He would see your laugh as the most beautiful thing in existence and would feel special whenever he was the cause of it. It probably boosts his ego too whoops. Like Yoongi, Namjoon would probably remember what makes you laugh the most, but rather than use this information on days when you’re sad, he’ll use them in almost every situation, just to hear you laugh again.

                                    “Your laugh could cure illnesses”

Originally posted by minniesuga

JIMIN: Whenever you start to laugh he probably has to mentally prepare himself because “again really?”. He’ll tell you to stop but that only lasts a few seconds because soon enough he’s laughing along with you. You guys are two peas in a pod - “humor couple” 2.0. Probably just salty because he thinks your laugh makes you cuter than him.

                                                “Here we go again”

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

TAEHYUNG: Tae would undoubtedly love your laugh. Whenever you start laughing he’d stare at you lovingly, wondering how he was so lucky to have someone as cute as you.

   “I love you best when you’re laughing… So I love you best all the time!”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

JUNGKOOK: I feel like throughout your entire relationship, your constant laughter will confuse him. Despite not knowing why he’ll probably laugh along with you awkwardly just for support. You can 100 percent tell when his laughter isn’t genuine, but it’s the thought that counts! Like Tae, Jin, and Namjoon, Jungkook would treasure your laugh. 


Originally posted by jibeom

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe do a kuroken one where Kenma is a 3rd year and is missing Kuroo a lot. And they're skyping and kuroo notices kenma is really sick? The rest is up to you :) Thanks ^.^

i went with gender neutral pronouns for kenma here because that’s what the last anon asker used for kenma and i kind of like the idea of a gender fluid kitten!  hope that’s okay with you!

also, sorry this took so very long!!!  thank you for this ask, i really enjoyed filling it even though it took a while!  hope you like the result!

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below the cut

“So, do you miss me yet?”  Kuroo started all of their Skype calls in the same joking way, but today it wasn’t funny, because the answer was not no or yes, it was “absolutely, more than anything.”  The question itself my Kenma’s stomach ache.  All they wanted was for their best friend and boyfriend to come back home.  But they couldn’t just say that, so instead they shrugged, face impassive, as usual.

On the other end of the line, as typical as this exchange was, Kuroo was worried.  It was hard to tell through the screens and distance that separated them, but their face seemed somehow strained and maybe paler than normal, and Kuroo wondered if it was possible for Kenma to miss him as much as he missed Kenma.  He wanted to brush off the thought, but the more he thought about it, the more he wondered if it was true.

“Hey,” Kuroo said tentatively.  “I’m not that far away.  A 50 minute drive, more or less.  If you need me to come home for a night or a weekend, I’ll be there.”  He says needs because Kuroo himself is feeling a need to see Kenma right now, but he won’t go see him of his own accord.  He promised himself he wouldn’t at the beginning of the school year, two and a half months ago now, because he knew that if he allowed himself free reign, he would never spend any time at school.

Of course, Kenma knew all of this, and they knew how much Kuroo wanted to feel at home at college, and they also knew that Kuroo would be by their side in a second if Kenma so much as hinted that they were lonely.  Which, apparently, they had already done, so they needed to try extra hard to convince Kuroo that they were fine.

The problem is, Kenma has never been good at trying hard, and, in all honesty, they weren’t fine.

Kenma was starting to suspect that their stomachache was caused by something other than just sadness over missing Kuroo.  They suspected that they had a fever, considering the way their body was shivering uncontrollably, and the nausea, which came in intense waves, was getting worse by the minute.  Kenma could barely keep their lunch where it belonged, let alone hold a coherent conversation.

Kuroo waved a hand in front of the camera to get Kenma’s attention.  “Kenma, hey, what’s on?  You keep zoning out.”

“Nothing,” Kenma tried to say, but they were caught off by a queasy hiccup and couldn’t resist making a small moan.  Kuroo was immediately on high alert, posture straightening even as he squinted at the screen.

“Kenma.  Are you… sick?”  Always perceptive, Kuroo hit the nail on the head immediately.

“I’m - hic! - fine,” Kenma mumbled, but they knew it was a lost cause even before they spoke.  Kuroo stood and stepped back from the camera on his computer so that Kenma couldn’t even see his face.

“Hey, Kenma, I’m on my way over, just hang in there, okay?”

“Kuro, you don’t need-“  But Kuroo had already closed his computer and the call ended abruptly.  Kenma sighed, but, in contrast to the nausea, something happy in their stomach fluttered happily at the thought of seeing Kuroo.

By the time Kuroo arrived 40 minutes later, Kenma was in such an awful state that they couldn’t even get up to answer the door.  Curled up in a ball on his bed, when Kuroo knocked, Kenma just sent him a text telling him the door was unlocked and he should just let himself in.

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Taming the Rogue

Request: by @random-fandom-fangirl2112​: I was wondering if you could do a smut were the reader is a rogue wolf and has been since she was 5 and everyone thinks she’s an alpha but she’s really a beta? And one day Scott and Stiles encounter her and they’re all nervous and Derek senses their distress and shows up? You can finish it how ever you want just make it smutty please? Sorry this was so long!!!

Word count: 3068

Author’s note: I tried to depict the wolf side of the werewolves authentically, including being instinctual and the such. I hope I managed! c: I also hope you will be satisfied with how your request turned out, @random-fandom-fangirl2112​! Thank you for the amazing request ❤️

Warnings: language, smut, soft description of wounding someone

I’m running in the woods.

I can feel as the fresh, cold morning air fills my lungs with each inhale, the dry leafs and thin twigs cracking and breaking under my bare, soft paws, claws sinking into the loose earth, Sun is just barely bargaining on the horizon, painting the inky sky a pale purple. The forest is quiet, save for the few morning birds that are chirping. The taste of blood of my latest prey is seeping into my mouth.

This day is going to be the same as the others; I hunt, travel from state to state, maybe shift back to being a human like I do a couple times a year, then change back to my wolf self as soon as possible. I will watch the sunset, then sleep and repeat – as always.

By twilight, I arrive to a town which, according to the city road sign, is called Beacon Hills. I pass through the trees of the preserve in a slow, lazy strut, allowing myself to give in to the predatory instincts within me. I feel my muscles starting to buzz with renewed energy gradually, in sync with the air getting darker and darker.

I find a quiet spot in the woods and sit to allow my body to regain control over itself. After the past few days that I spent in a hustle and bustle, I crave silence and calmness around me. An owl flies to a branch of a tree near me, it creaking a little as the bird settles itself. A moment later, it begins its low humming song.

It’s nearly a full moon. The pale celestial body casts everything in a silver shade, while repressing the lights of the smaller stars surrounding it. My eyes fall closed as I give in to the serenity that engulfs me, but it’s soon destroyed by two males in the distance.

Irresponsible fury takes over me, muzzle opening on a sinister snarl, the animal side of me demanding bloodlust and carnage.

Without a second thought, I take off towards the source of the voices, paws barely making a noise in the fallen leaves as I’m approaching. I come to a halt behind a bush, ducking down, fur on my hunches straining up, that snarl still on my lips, a growl rumbling in my chest, eyes glued to the two boys. One of them suddenly puts his hand up in front of the other’s chest in order to stop him. He looks attentive, wary.

I flex my claws against the moist earth. I get ready to attack.

“Did you hear that?” he asks.

“What was I supposed to hear?” replies his friend, glancing around carelessly. He moves his flashlight along with his gaze.

“Rustling,” comes the answer. “I could have sworn I heard something.”

“Well, Scotty,” says the guy in a chatty tone. “Seems like your same ol’ senses aren’t as good as they used to be. They are playing a trick on you.”

“Stiles, this isn’t funny,” Scott chides him. “My ears have never mislead me yet.”

“It’s probably just Derek lurking around somewhere. He promised to be here soon after all.”

He still doesn’t seem to be affected by his friend’s warning. I decide it was enough of inspecting them, and now it’s time to take action – my nose scrunches up in a loud snarl before launching at them.

They both yell loudly.

“Stiles, watch out!” Scott shouts, grabbing Stiles by the arm and hauling him away from me. He nudges Stiles behind himself so that he’s the one facing me now.

“Holy Hell!” he exclaims. “I thought besides you guys there were no wolves in California any more!”

“I did, too,” Scott assures, exchanging a threatening look with me. He extends his claws, ready to protect Stiles if necessary – and who am I to let him down when he’s expecting a fight? I scoff at him, still driven by that visceral rage that took over me not long ago, then attack him.

Due to the wolf in me, I instinctively go for the ankles to try and grab him by his joint, so that I can get to his neck then, but I have to realize he has fine reflexes and swift moves, making it so much harder for me to take him down.

My wrath wells up, extends and takes control over my actions, supplying me with enough power to manage to tear at Scott’s arms, leaving deep wounds in his skin, dark blood erupting. He yelps in pain and stumbles backwards by a few steps, his eyes flashing golden and fangs elongating.

I jump towards him again, but I’m tossed to the side mid-air. I immediately roll from my side to my feet, turning around to see who prevented me from continuing the combat we’ve started.

I snarl at him, to which his response is to howl right back at me.

The sound shakes my bones, my fibres, my cells, my mind – my entire being. I tremble with the urge to give in and to just obey, but I try to ground myself in my human side so that I could maybe overcome the stupor I’m in and keep up with what I’ve gotten myself into.

However, as soon as the man realizes my intentions, noticing how my muscles are flexing under my fur, ready to attack, his eyes glow an imperative ruby red and he howls at me authoritatively with all he’s worth.

My brain goes blank, and the only thing that registers is that a weak whine dies on my lips before I collapse to the ground helplessly, dry leaves enveloping my bare skin. My bare human skin.

I’m trembling. I’m human. I’m weak. I’m vulnerable. I’m exposed. I’m helpless against the hunters. I’m ruined.

I’m human.

The next thing I know is that something warm covers me.

“She’s a werewolf?” asks Stiles, shell-shocked. “I totally thought she was an actual wolf!”

“Technically, she was,” retorts a low voice above me, tone just this side of sarcastic. Hands touch my arms through the material that wraps around my body, attempting to guide me and help me up.

“Is she an Alpha?” asks Scott.

“No,” replies the newcomer. “She wouldn’t have changed back otherwise when I roared at her.”

I allow him to move me, his palms resting on my upper arms through the leather jacket he put on me, only for me to break out of his hold abruptly, fangs and claws extending immediately.

“Leave me alone,” I snarl. My vision goes black and red, letting me know that my eyes are now glowing in their vivid icy blue colour. The two teenagers take a tentative step back, whereas the man snorts.

“Sweetheart,” he starts mockingly kindly, infuriating me more. “I don’t think you grasp the concept of who has the upper hand here.”

“Usually cocky bastards like you can do nothing besides showing off their non-existing power,” I spit out, disdain seeping into my words. He angers me with his bare presence – he angers me because he forced me to change back. A smirk appears on his face.

“Wanna test it out?”

I don’t even spare time for a verbal response – instead, I go straight for the kill, attempting to sink my claws into his chest where his important bundle of muscles is relaxing and contracting, pumping blood to provide his system.

Just before I could lay a finger on him, he vanishes from my sight. Then apart from a sharp pain at the back of my head, there is nothing but black void pulling me down into a dark abyss.

. o O o .

I wake up several hours later. I can hear soft noises filtering through the ajar door that leads to the bedroom I’m laying in. I notice that I was dressed at some point while I was unconscious – now I’m wearing an oversized T-shirt and a thong. I’m not used to being dressed any more, having spent the majority of my years in wolf shape.

I creep out of the bed and start a mute beeline for the front door to leave. I sneak out through the door, finding myself on an aisle. It’s dark, but my vision is perfect during nighttime as well, so it isn’t an obstacle for me.

I sneak towards the stairs and descend them, but before I could land a bare foot on those that lead to the heavy-looking metal entrance, a voice startles me.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Fuck you,” I shoot back, not even turning around. I choose to ignore the guy – he’s not a freaking royalty offspring, dammit –, and walk up to the door to escape, but I’m yanked back down from the second step. He turns me around harshly, aggressively hauling my body as though I were a doll that he can play around with as he pleases.

“I was expecting at least an attempt to kill me by way of thanking me for dressing you up,” he grits out through his teeth, looking positively fuming.

“I didn’t ask for it,” I point out, trying to wriggle my wrist free with no success; his fingers are as good as metal vises curling firmly around me. “Let go.”

“I’m not letting you go,” he says sternly. “I’m not going to allow you to go on a killing spree on my territory.”

“Oh, how protective of you,” I roll my eyes mockingly.

“Clearly you have behavioural issues,” he assesses. “You Omega have no idea how to show respect to an Alpha.”

“I see someone isn’t used to being ignored,” I singsong with a wicked smirk.

To wipe it off of my face, he shoves me into the wall. I yelp as the harsh collision knocks my breath out of me, and I find myself face to face with his scarlet glowing eyes. I flash mine at him in return.

“Won’t you ever learn your manners?” he growls at me.

“Not for you,” I whisper, kicking his legs to toss him off-balance and then pushing him away from me with my free hand. I manage to drive my foot into his side before he could catch up to me. The next time, however, he catches my leg and shoves it to the side. Instead of falling to my back, I make a somersault backwards, pushing myself up with my arms to stand again.

He immediately makes an attempt to sink his claws into my sides, but I get away from him by twirling a couple times, getting behind him and granting myself a clear shot of his vulnerable neck. I grab him, making sure the tips of my claws are biting his skin, only to throw him to the ground. Without missing a beat, I step on his chest to keep him plastered to the floor.

I smirk down at him, arching a brow, hands on my hips.

“Are you giving up yet?” I ask, rubbing my toe to his shirt in a cocky tease.

“Never,” he replies, taking a hold of my ankle and pulling at it, making me fall down onto his body. Instantly, I position myself to be sure I’m still the one being in charge – which means I’m straddling his pelvis. When his palms find my hips, a fuzzy hotness starts coiling up in my belly, urging me to unconsciously bite at my lower lip.

That, and the sudden spike in my scent inevitably chases out a reaction from him; his hands start rubbing at my skin, massaging it tantalizingly slowly, inviting my pelvis to dance along with them – and it does as I set up a slow roll with it, bracing myself against strong shoulders under me.

Our breathing is elevating, sighs coming out gradually louder, hearts starting to beat faster. I can almost hear as his blood is rushing through his veins, flowing south rapidly. I can’t help the small noise that leaves my lips as I grind down against him, feeling his developing erection nudging me.

“Holy –” he mumbles, voice barely above a whisper. Partially out of being turned on, partially out of craving payback, I allow my claws to sink into his sculpted shoulders, earning myself a hiss of pain from him. Dark stains of blood spread crawling in his shirt in a deformed circle around my fingertips, but he doesn’t care about it, just growls at me before tearing the material over his head.

“As obnoxious as you are, I gotta admit you’re hot as fuck,” I compliment, making a slow drag with my middle against his. He groans at the feeling, claws elongating, too.

“You have a pretty nice body yourself,” he says in return, a smug smirk playing on his lips.

“And what if you don’t get to see it again, baby?” I breathe into his mouth, just barely touching his pink flesh with mine. As soon as he tries to catch my lips in a kiss, I draw my head back, smiling down at him wickedly. I arch a brow. “Did you honestly think I’m that easy to seduce?”

“Stop teasing me, or I’ll have to take the initiative,” he says.

“Oh? You sound like I’d actually let you do that,” I comment, dragging my index finger down in a slow tease in the valley in the middle of his upper body which is dividing his pectorals and abs, going dangerously low. His jeans are riding low, granting me a clear shot of his black boxer briefs he’s wearing underneath. The two veins leading into his underwear are prominent and impossible not to notice. He makes a needy noise in the back of his throat.

I reach under myself, cupping his rapidly hardening erection in my hand through his pants, to which his response is to buck against my hand.

“Holy freaking shit, just –” he rasps. I lean down to whisper into his ear seductively, fingers flexing on him, “What, baby? What do you want me to do?”

Out of the blue, his eyes seep into their illuminated scarlet colour, his fangs elongating as he flips us over in a sudden surge of renewed power. I make a surprised noise as my body is moved – but he’s still not satisfied with having me under him; he also twirls me around to lay me on my belly.

When I turn my head to make a comment or two at the change in position, he murmurs, “Shut up” into my skin, even before I could get one sound out, leaving biting kisses and stinging nips all over my jaw, neck, and cheek, chasing out a whine from me. My inner wolf is loving this treatment.

On raw instinct, to try and seduce the male on me, I push my ass up to rub it against his bulge, letting my claws out and dragging them down along the floor under me, leaving ten lines there.

The next moment, I can feel him fumbling with his jeans, quickly ridding himself of them, pulling me flush to him with a palm spread over my lower belly. His hand starts inching up on my stomach, taking the T-shirt with it, soon finding my breast and kneading the soft flesh, making me whine wantonly. His length is poking me, only the thong and his briefs dividing our skins from the desired contact.

He begins rutting against me, his groans, pants and faltering breaths all directed into my ear, hotness spreading my insides.

Do it, dammit, or I swear to God I’m going to claw your eyes out,” I growl, need taking over me. He snickers against my shoulder, still covered by the tee he put on me, before shoving his briefs down and away, doing the same with my thong.

“See, you can submit, you just gotta be tamed accordingly,” he husks into my ear. I snarl at him, but it ends up morphing into a needy moan instead of a threat when he fills me in one swift, hard thrust.

He cages my body; my chest is squeezed to the ground, ass raised, claws digging into the floor as I can do nothing but fucking take it, meeting all his punishing pushes, back arching, his voice in my ear asking, “Will you submit to me now?” to which my response is to bare my neck involuntarily, signing submission.

His teeth sink into my flesh, sucking a massive lovebite into the surface, making me cry out in a high-pitched tone. His arms are bracketing me on both sides, his hot exhales lavishing over my back, burning me as though lava were licking over my nerves.

“Say my name,” he grunts in a low tone. “I want you to say my name as you cum.” My lips part to tease him, but he finishes with, “Derek. Say it when you come.”

Derek reaches down to rub tight circles around my clit, multiplying my pleasure. I shake violently as my orgasm hits me abruptly and intensely, crying out his name like he wished for, pulling him right in with me to white oblivion when I clamp around him, his fingers entwining with mine as both of our nails leave marks in the ground.

He drags his tongue up on the side of my neck, rolling his hips against mine a couple more times, making me bite my lip at the sensation, eyes fluttering closed. Derek then pulls out of me as soon as we’ve ridden out our highs, only to carry me over to his bed where he lays me down and scoots in next to me, covering us with the blanket. I don’t understand why he does this, but I let him – I merely want to wait until he’s asleep so that I can sneak away.

The fact that he has a strong arm wrapped around me is a factor that makes my plan a tad harder to implement, but I’m determined to carry it out anyway.

As soon as Derek’s breathing is slow and evened out, I squirm out of his hold. I take off the T-shirt he gave me, then I tiptoe my way over to the metal door, sliding it open carefully, trying to make the least amount of noises awhile.

I barely shut it behind me before my body morphs back into that of a wolf’s and I take off into the night.

Klance Rec List: Multichapter Fics #1

What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair by Remember_Me (Completed) Words:55773 Chapters:12/12
VERY good post-episode 11 fic. Lance gets heavily hurt and Keith gets affected by this a lot more than he thought.

The Message
by shipstiel (Ongoing) Words:91858 Chapters:40/45
A lovely “wrong number”-type of AU, with Lance being the trashy memelord he is and Keith being his dry (sarcastic) logical counterpart.

Watercast by Fishwrites (Ongoing) Words:48169 Chapters:6/?
Very popular, it has avian Keith and merman Lance, do I have to say more?

I Swear To God the Devil Made Me Do It by innoguilty (Ongoing) Words:17729 Chapters:4/?
Gay croptop hipster/drugdealer Keith and fuckboi Lance in highschool. The song the title is referring to fits well. It started small but I enjoy it so much!

Entangled by mackerelmademedoit (Ongoing) Words:65977 Chapters:10/12
Keith and Lance develop this telepathic bond and their journey filled with a lot more “bonding moments” is entangling you right with them.

The Quiet by MilkTeaMiku (Ongoing) Words:32000 Chapters:16/?
Keith can see dead people and one certain obnoxious ghost in the hospital can’t leave him alone?
While a certain bit of the plot seems very obvious, the story goes a lot deeper than that and leaves some bits unexplained, in a good way.

call me, beep me by safra (Completed) Words:85591 Chapters:10/10
Another very enjoyable and sweet “wrong number”-AU!

Ethereal by SylphOfBlood987 (Ongoing) Words:13644 Chapters:9/?
Surreal. Lance drowns and finds himself in a world like a dream inhabited by one person only, Keith.

Close Your Eyes by Linea14 (Ongoing) Words:2348 Chapters:1/?
Soulmate-AU and it started wonderfully so I can’t wait what’s next.

Just my type by Lonely_Ghoul (Ongoing) Words:6062 Chapters:4/?
Keith needs a new roommate and Lance finds him.

Dirty Laundry by Gibslythe (Completed) Words:85042 Chapters:9/9
A Klance classic everyone apparently knows. Very well written and oh, what a ride. Keith comes with Lance to visit his family as his fake boyfriend.

nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts and thebrotherswinchester (Completed) Words:50370 Chapters:1/1
This is one chapter, but it is as long as some multichapter things and the journey through it left me emotionally exhausted just like the multichapter ones do.
Keith works at a shit cafe (plus Shiro and Pidge) while being really good at making coffee as a hobby and Lance (plus Hunk, Allura and Coran) work in the shelter across the street. Keith finds kittens in a dumpster.

Alright so this was mainly planned for my (one) friend @i-ship-a-lot-of-ships on here, but I thought I might as well make it all fancy with links n stuff and post in publicly, because some of these fics are rather popular, but some also need some more recognition!

I’m sorry if the short descriptions don’t make the fics justice, I tried keeping it brief, if I were to properly sum up the plots and my feelings for it, it’d be way too long! Just know that I LOVE all of these a lot, so much that I upped my initially planned count of a list of 10 to 12 fics just so I could fit them all in!

Please also know that the fics are not listed in any order. I would never be able to compare them to list them chronically for their quality because each one is unique in its own.

I will be reading a lot slower from now on due to College, but I’m planning on doing another one of these, it was quite fun organising this somehow.
If anyone wants to recommend me some fics (multichapter or not!) to read, I’ll definitely have a look at it and it might be on the next rec list if I enjoyed it! Just drop me an ask or a message!

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Can you tell me abit about ghost lights? I've seen a bunch of your posts about it and I'm really interested but I don't really know much about it ;; please inform me!❤ Also you're amazing and I love your style, you're a huge inspiration! Stay golden✨

let’s see… ghost lights actually was just a short completed one shot (i call it prototype now) i did in early 2015. this is going to be a bit personal, but i feel i should add it

when i first started to take medications i had really vivid dreams. i often woke up and didn’t know where i am, and i was completely without orientation for a while after, still kinda stuck in that dream? i never dreamed of nice things, except for this one time. it was sad but also so so beautiful

the dream was like this: two boys walked down a dark forest path and the longer they walked the more they lost themselves and then… they remembered their shared past, and that they were closely connected. but not quiet human. when they returned they were so sad, as if parts of themselves were missing, but they wouldn’t really know why anymore. they just felt even closer to each other.

i just wanted to show others what i saw? so i drew it, and decided to print it. and the feedback was so positive i was overwhelmed ;; in the best way. i grew really fond of the characters, too…

so i decided to tell their whole story!! and that’s what i’ve been working on the last months. plot wise it got pretty complex and ngl i put even more stuff of my nightmares in it

it’s a story about two best friends who slowly discover more about themselves. strange things begin to happen in their life, or better said, happened all their life… and while they get closer and closer, they start to visit a place of their past in their dreams together, but would forget it once they wake up. the more they discover and actually remember the more their past comes haunting them, not only in dreams… they miiight fall in love, too. or might already be in love for a very long time. who knows! not me (it’s me). shit this is super vague sjdfhs

soo… of course i chose to tell this story as gentle as possible, but it’s not as cute as you might think even if it’s drawn by me ;; i hope to surprise you a bit with it!

i will upload the whole prototype in the next days on tapastic. and then i will begin to post completed scenes of the new, actual story which is in the making. 🌸 have some wips~

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I have a Scorpio rising, and I'm Pluto dominant, but I don't relate to anything that says I give an "intimidating" vibe. I think it could be because of my Cancer sun, do you think that could affect things a lot? Is there anything to Scorpio risings besides "intimidating"? (Sorry that this is long aaa)

Intimidating’s not the only description, but it’s a possible one. Scorpio and Pluto dominant people usually try not to get too much attention (they’re secretive) but they get it anyway… They have a magnetic effect on others because they make it so obvious that they’re hiding something, and people are just naturally curious… They wanna find out. Scorpio’s the same way ironically. With that magnetic effect, they’re also polarizing. Their presence naturally provokes people.

Peter Maximoff Smut

Requested by @trafalgarlau

“Hi there! Can I request some Peter maximoff smut? (Cause I’m trash) it can be any story you’d like. Please? c:

A/N: Of course! I’m glad to receive my first smut request especially for that silver speedster. :) I apologise if it’s a bit meh! I've written smut before but never extremely descriptive so hopefully I can improve the more I can write! Also, I’m sorry this has taken so long, I was away all weekend at a festival so I had no way of checking it and posting it sooner!

Word count: 1498 words

Peter had never known frustration like it.

He’d been laying there beneath a tree with Kurt and Scott, keeping out of the hot summer sun, when you’d happened to walk by with Jean and Jubilee. The three of you were heading down to the lake by the look of it, your towels in hand. Jean had a large floppy hat on, protecting her fair skin from the harsh sunlight. You were all lathered with sun cream, and the three of them had watched as you girls lay your towels out. Peter was focusing on you solely, the way your butt jiggled in your bikini bottoms when you walked, and how the oil from the sun cream made your breasts reflect the sunlight.

Peter couldn’t stop his shorts from getting tighter, as he felt his dick harden slightly at the sight of you. He watched silently, observing as you tested the water before slowly easing yourself in. The water was cold and once it reached your breasts, you shivered as your nipples hardened. Peter still watched intently, his dick twitching impatiently as he raked his eyes over your body.

He couldn’t stay here and continue to watch you. Already his erection was pressing against his leg, demanding to be taken care off.

You didn’t know of course, how bad Peter’s need for you was. But you liked to tease him, hence why you made sure to set your stuff up right in his line of view.

Peter continued to watch as you swam and splashed for a few more minutes, until he couldn’t help himself any longer.

“I’m off inside. See you later.” Peter muttered to his pals, zipping off fast before they could ask questions. He went straight up to his room and tore his shirt off, letting the cool room contrast against his hot skin. Still, not enough. Peter looked out of his window and was surprised to see he couldn’t see you down by the lake anymore. But thinking about you again, your little bikini tugged tight over your breasts and ass jiggling all for him, it made his head go dizzy. Peter sat on the edge of his bed, struggling to pull off his shorts until he was left in his boxers alone.

Slipping a hand inside his underwear, he pulled his erection free, feeling his hard cock throb in his hand. Letting it spring free earned a sigh from his lips, and Peter shut his eyes as he pictured you in front of him. He gripped his hand further around his dick, already a slight drop of pre cum sliding down the tip. Peter slowly began to rub his hand up his length, starting off tenderly to prolong his pleasure. Letting out a breathless groan, Peter began to move his hand along his cock a bit faster, with a nice rhythm.

As he did he pictured your hands, oily from sun cream, sliding over your body and toying around your little panties. He imagined what it would feel like to bury himself deep inside you, to hear the pleasurable moans escape those gorgeous lips. Those lips, he wanted them around his cock, taking in every inch of him and covered in his cum as he orgasms into your mouth.

“Y/N…” Peter moaned, bucking his hips into his hand desperately.

“Peter?” Your voice echoed in his ears and he opened his eyes. You stood in front of him, eyes wide like saucers as you stood with your hands on your hips. Peter realised what he was doing and grabbed a pillow to cover himself.

“Fuck…s-sorry.” Peter fumbled, his hand still wrapped around his yearning erection, begging for him to finish.

You just smiled coyly, kneeling in front of him and squashing your breasts together.

“Were you thinking about me?” You whispered, eyes wandering over his naked chest. He shook his head. You just tutted, reaching your hands out and tossing the pillow aside. You unashamedly looked at his hard dick, feeling yourself growing hot just looking at it. “Do you want me to help?” You asked huskily, running your tongue over your top lip as you locked eyes with him.


Peter removed his hand from his dick and rested back on his elbows, waiting to see what you would do. You ran your hands up his thighs, one of them keeping his hips pinned against the mattress and the other stroking its way up his cock. Peter loved the feeling of your hand touching him, and let out a hot groan. You gave it a few slow, test strokes, watching Peter’s reaction as he bit down hard on his lip to stifle the explicit words forming on his tongue.

“What do you want?” You mumbled, your tongue darting out to flick against the tip. Peter’s hips jolted, but your firm hand stopped him from thrusting his cock into your mouth.

“I want you to make me cum on you.” Peter hissed, his fingers gripping into the bed sheets. You smiled and obeyed his order, wrapping your lips around the head of his dick and moving your hand at the base. You took him deeper and deeper into your mouth, until his tip was almost hitting the back of your throat. Then you started up a quick rhythm, your spit dripping off your bottom lip as you bobbed up and down on his cock, your hand moving up and down in time. Peter couldn’t do anything but moan and throw his head back in pleasure.

His breathing became shallower and his hips tried to thrust up into your mouth again. You began to slow down, your eyes locking with his as you teased him mercilessly. Peter hated you for doing so, and denying him the opportunity to cum. So he sat up and wrapped a hand in your hair, securing the back of your head as he pushed your head down, his cock burying inside your warm, wet mouth.

“Don’t tease me.” Peter hissed, controlling your movements now, bobbing your head up and down relentlessly on his cock. He could feel his orgasm coming and pulled out of your mouth, using his other hand to stroke his cock with a faltering rhythm, until he finally orgasms. He let out a loud groan, hand still tangled in your hair as his cum spurted onto your lips and down your chin. You licked the cum off your lips, reaching your hand down to feel how wet you were for him.

“Peter…” You whined, slipping your hand into your bikini bottoms and rubbing yourself. Peter snatched your hand away and pulled you up off your knees and lay you on his bed.

“Don’t touch yourself.” He growled, sliding himself in between your legs. His dick was already hard again, resting on your stomach as he removed your bikini top and began to squeeze your breasts. He wrapped his mouth around your nipple and sucked on it, his tongue swirling around it until it was hard and throbbing. He copied this action with the other one, sliding your bottoms off as he did so.

You were a mess beneath him, your hands clenched in the sheets as you whimpered. Now with your pants off, Peter was able to rub his tip against your clit, sliding himself teasingly along your wet folds.

“Peter!” You cried desperately, begging for him to stop teasing you. Peter snatched a condom from his lowest drawer beside the bed and rolled it over his hard dick, rubbing himself against you some more. You snapped and told him to stop playing with you, moaning when he opened your legs wider and slid himself inside you.

His hands came underneath your ass and lifted your hips up so he could thrust into you easier. You cried out as he quickened his pace, burying himself deeper and harder into you, grunting slightly as he did. Your skin was slick with sweat and sun cream, and when Peter shifted to lean over you, your chests stuck together slightly. Peter moved a hand from your ass to shift between the two of you, his thumb rubbing on your clit as he continued to pound endlessly into you, the two of you shifting up the bed.

The knot in your stomach got tighter and tighter, until you felt it physically snap and your orgasm hit you. You clenched around Peter as he continued to thrust into you, until his hips jerked and he pushed into you with one large thrust, making him orgasm himself. He stayed still for a few seconds, his face buried into the sheets beside your head as he breathed heavily, his dick still inside you. Then he pushed himself up on wobbling arms and pulled out of you, pulling off the condom and throwing it away. Then he climbed up the bed and lay down beside you, turning his head sideways so he could gaze at you.

“Was that what you wanted?” You asked him, turning your head as well so you could look at him. Peter leaned over and kissed your mouth passionately.

“That was everything I wanted and more.” He admitted.

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You don’t belong here! (3)

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Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Mark Tuan x Reader Fanfiction
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Author: YoseiCosplay

A/N: Sorry it took so long to post this chapter. I wanted to make it longer because last chapter was really short. But I’m so happy for all the positive feedback! This is my first kpop fanfiction. I also write Anime fanfiction on under the same name, so please check me out there! Thank you and hopefully you enjoy this fic! Here’s chapter 3! (Also, I made it so you’re living in Chicago, so I apologize if you’re not from there. You can always change it in your head if you like :3)

Description:  You’re an American going to go visit your favorite kpop group in Seoul! But when you get there, you’re not exactly welcomed with open arms. What happens when Mark and the rest of Got7 notice how those sasaeng fans treat you?

Chapter 3:

You groan as you try to move your hands and feet. You can feel yourself covered in a blanket and on a bed. Confused, you slowly open your eyes. Everything is blurry at first but after blinking a couple times, everything becomes clear. You notice you’re inside a hospital room. You sit up against the wall, holding your aching head.

“Woah, there. Don’t move so fast, we don’t want you to pass out again.” You hear a voice speak to you.

You look around confused before your eyes land on the owner of the voice. You squeak very loudly when you realize who is talking to you.

“It’s alright. I’m sorry if I scared you.” Jackson put his hands up in defense.

You pull the blankets up to your chest. “J-jackson Wang, w-what are you doing here?!” you squeak out in shock.

Before he could reply, in walks the last person you thought you’d ever see. “Hey, you’re finally awake!” Mark smiles that sexy smile of his.

You shriek quietly and pull the blankets up further to your chin. “M-m-mark T-tuan, W-what are you d-doing here?!” you breathe out.

Before he could also reply, in walks…oh boy. You pull the blanket up even further as you see the rest of Got7 file through the door. “G-got7, w-what the heck are all of you doing here?!” you loudly squeaked out, half hiding beneath the blankets.

The seven boys looked at each other and laughed. JB walks up to you and smiles, saying something in Korean. You were only able to catch “hurt” and “meet”. Luckily, BamBam walks up to your other side and translates.

“He said, because you got hurt at our fan meet, of course we would be the ones to make sure you’re alright.” He gave you a smile that only BamBam could pull off.

Just then, Yugyeom speaks up in Korean, “You’re also really cute.”

BamBam goes to translate but you stop him. “I’ve learned enough Korean to know what he said,” you interject, turning as red as a tomato, which made all the members chuckle.

This time Jinyoung speaks up, after seeing him talking to the doctor. The group nods in agreement. You look over to Mark or Jackson for translating help.

“The doctor says we should let you rest for a little while longer,” Mark explains. “But, later tonight, the group and I would like to take you to dinner, to say sorry about what happened.” He smiles at you, making your stomach do flips. “You can also tell us more about yourself.”

You nod, not knowing what to say, considering the Got7 just asked you to dinner. The boys nod and say their goodbyes.

“We’ll be back around 9:30 to pick you up.” Mark smiles. He heads for the door. But before he leaves, he turns to look at you again. “Oh, and Yugyeom was right. You are very cute.” Mark winks, taking his leave.

You sit there for a moment, taking everything in. The fan signing, getting hurt, waking up in the hospital to Got7 being there, Yugyeom calling you cute. And finally Mark agreeing and winking at you. Oh man… that wink… And with that final thought, you faint once again, but with a very different feeling in your head.


“So, Y/N, where are you from?” Jackson asks as he sips his water.

‘I can’t believe I’m actually sitting here with THE Got7 at a Korean restaurant!’ You fangirl to yourself.

After waking up in your hotel room, you remembered that you had a dinner date with your favorite kpop group. Unfortunately, considering you weren’t in your hotel room, you only had the current clothes for dinner tonight. Luckily, you always carry some touch up makeup and a small brush with you. So you were able to make yourself look somewhat presentable and went to sign your discharge papers. By that time, the car was already out front to pick you up.

“Y/N?” Jackson says. You weren’t paying attention.

‘And now here I am, with Got7.” You sigh in happiness. “And Mark. I can’t believe it!”

“Hello, earth to Y/N,” Jackson waves his hand in front of your face. Instantly, you snap back to reality and notice the entire group staring at you. You whimper in embarrassment and cover your reddening face.

“O-oh, s-sorry everyone. I was in my own head.” You squeak out quietly. The boys look at eachother before busting out laughing.

“You’re so adorable, Y/N-ah.” BamBam cooed, making your face turn even redder. You puff out your cheeks in a huff at his words which in turn made Got7 laugh even more.

Shaking your head, you turn back to Jackson. “I-i’m sorry. What was your question?”

Jackson stops laughing but continues to smile. “I asked where you are from.”

You smile back. “Oh, I’m from Chicago.” Your answer brought a lot of oohs from the group members.

“You know, we were in Chicago a few months ago. Why didn’t you just see us then?” Mark asks.

You looked at the group of idols with a serious face, making them listen closely to your answer. Jackson is getting ready to translate to JB, Yugyeom, Jinyoung and Youngjae.

You take a deep breath as you begin your explanation. “Well, I live by myself. My parents passed away over a year ago due to a car accident. I didn’t really have many friends nor family in the area, so I had to start taking care of myself. I found a job I work well in. I found out you guys were performing in the city on the day I had an 8 hour overnight shift. I knew I wasn’t able to make it and I was really upset about that. I’ve been wanting to see you guys live for so long. So, I looked up to see if you were going to be in any other state I would be able to travel to. Just my luck, Chicago was your last stop.” You pause as you look at the group members. They nod in understanding, some with sad looks on their faces.

You continue. “After I scrolled through your tour dates, I saw that you’d be performing in Seoul AND doing a fan meet in a few months from that time. So, I found a second job to help pay for flight and hotel costs.” You then say your next sentence in broken Korean. “I took a Korean class too but wasn’t able to learn very much.”

The members look at each other before turning back to you. There was a combination of looks from Awe to sadness.

“Wow, that’s some story, Y/N.” Mark looks at you in admiration. You smile back at him.

“You came all here just for us?” Youngjae asks in broken English. You nod back at him. He runs over to you and gives you a tight hug, to your surprise.

JB says something to Jackson in Korean, who turns to you. “So, we all assume that you have tickets to see us in concert tomorrow?” You nod, blushing. “Well, we would like to offer you a better seat in the front and a backstage pass.”

You look at them in pure shock. Why would they do this for you? “R-really? You’re serious?”

The group nods. BamBam speaks up. “We like you. You really nice, cute and you flew all the way to Korean and worked so hard just to see us. We’re honored.” The group of idols smile. You tear up a  little and bowed your head in thanks.

The rest of the night goes by nicely. You ask them how the rest of their tour went and where they liked performing the best.

Just then, Mark speaks up. “So, Y/N, I wanted to say this at the meet. But I really like your shirt.” He smiles and wiggles his eyebrows knowingly. You look at him in confusion for a second. “So, I’m your bias, huh?” Your eyes go wide, now remembering that his name is on the back of your shirt. You blush like mad as he winks at you, his cocky but sexy smile grows wider.

“Y/N-ah, why don’t you have a shirt with my name on it?” You’re able to understand what Yugyeom says, making you and the rest of the group laugh. 

okay friends!

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also, the anon list has been updated! sorry it took so long!

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Hey so I'm 'hiring' volunteer voice actors

Yo! If you guys are interested,I’m looking for voice actors,currently for Jenna Wolf (and AndroTale with the voice mumble).
If you’re interested,either @ me or contact me at my email (
Here are brief descriptions for the voices I need the most (They’re my main girls) :
Jenna - High pitched,cheerful,energetic (Basicaly Pinkie Pie)
Kyle - Mature,soft,intimidating
Tamri - Gentle,caring,friendly (With a Norwegian accent would be perfect…Actually,it’s kinda required)
In advance,I’m super greatful!
Also,sorry but you won’t get paid if you do help out…It’s just volunteer work…
I’m sorry.

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You write for free!!!! Yay! Could I get a super sick rin?

This has taken a heck of a long time to get out! Sorry! It’s finally here. Short and shitty, but here! Also I couldn’t remember if Sousuke was on the top or bottom so I put him on the top! Feel free to correct me but the fic won’t change. 

I personally ship Rin with Nitori but I totally get all that Rin/Sousuke love so I wrote a SouRin (friendship) story!

Warning: descriptions of vomit under the cut.

Rin’s eyes shot open. The room around him was still dark. For a moment, he wondered why he had woken up. His head was feeling considerably better than it had been the night before. Sousuke was still sleeping soundly in the bed above him, and he didn’t seem to be tossing or turning.

Suddenly, Rin sat up; almost involuntarily, he was forced into a sitting position by the feeling in his stomach. A wet burp pushed its way out of his mouth. In his throat was a sense of foreboding, it felt cold, and wetter than usual. His mouth was so full of saliva it was almost dripping down his chin. He made a move to get out of bed and just as soon as it came on, it left. 

Keep reading