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I was tagged by @celebi88, there were no rules in her post? (I think) but I assume it’s just put whatever your music player is on shuffle and list the first ten songs

I’ll tag @noonicorn @clearsims @ayoshi @apricoto @moonfllwr @ridgeport @mochibunsims  @thecactus and @john-sims feel free to ignore this if you already did it/ don’t want to, (Except u john)

tfw you have many asks to attend to, but you have a thought that literally keeps you up at night due to the excitement of writing it the next day.

Bachelor/Bachelorettes during a zombie apocalypse!!! (made sure not to include gore btw!)

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Happy Accidents - Part 7

To celebrate finally finishing my SBB and the start of my mini-vacation from work I was finally able to finish Part 7! In which the word count got away from me a little bit, first dates finally happen and you guys finally get smut. So, you know, if you’re under 18 don’t read it!

Pairing: Sebastian x plus-sized reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: hetero sex, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, no condoms were used in the making of this smut
Word Count: 4.2K

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6
on ao3

“What are you doing tomorrow night?” he’d asked you, breathless, after you’d been making out on your couch like teenagers for what felt like hours.

“Well, I dunno,” you had started. “There’s this guy I’m kinda seeing - it’s all very new you know - and I’m hoping he’ll ask me on a date,” you had teased, a smirk on your lips even as your heart had threatened to thump right out of your chest.

Sebastian had pulled you close with an arm around the small of your back and looked down into your eyes, an amused grin tugging at the corner of his mouth, and said, “Well, if he doesn’t work up the nerve, maybe you could come by my place instead. I can make you dinner, dessert, we can put on a movie, maybe have some wine…” He’d trailed off, his hand coming up to cup your cheek.

“Sounds great,” you’d replied, voice just above a whisper. And then the talking stopped because he was kissing you again and holy shit can that man kiss.

After he left, you’d spent the rest of the night in a group chat with all your new female friends freaking out. Hell, you’d spent the morning freaking out. Your hands shaking, heart racing, barely believing this was all even real, you’d tried on at least ten different outfits and sent pictures of all of them, hoping their feedback would help. (It didn’t, they told you how amazing they all were and couldn’t decide which was the best.)

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We’ve stumbled on a view
That’s tailor-made for two
What a shame those two are you and me
Some other girl and guy would love this swirling sky
But there’s only you and I

What a waste of a lovely night

I just drew the characters, the background is from the poster of La La Land

I recently saw the movie and it’s fantastic (and it hurts) So here’s one with Aaron (as Mia) and Alexander (as Sebastian).

Also sorry I haven’t been actively lately as I’m working on my thesis project this semester.

  • <p> <b>Ciel:</b> *makes a sassy comment to someone else*<p/><b>Sebastian:</b> *smirks* Young Master is such a difficult person isn't he?<p/><b>Sebastian (internally, thinking to himself):</b> oooooOOOOOooooohhhhhhHHHHHH did YOU SeE THAT BURNNNNNNNNN THAT'S RIGHT YOUNG MASTER BURN THE SHIT OUT OF THAT PERSON JUST LIKE HOW THE FIRE BURNT YOUR PARENTS WAIT WUT<p/></p>