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Cuddles with the Allies please? Thank you!

I’ll do this as a pro/con thing! I love my babe America but sadly he has cons ;////

America (Alfred F. Jones)
- he’s super big so he can cuddle every little part of you and keep you nice and warm
- Has some softness to him (though he’s trying to work on it)
- Will play with your hair a lot
- loves to wear his jacket. He loves the damn thing so much. Gosh golly, the zipper is a bit (very…) scratchy
- Sometimes he can be a bit too warm
- Will make sure you don’t fall asleep but eventually falls asleep himself

Canada (Matthew Williams)
- Smells sweetly of maple syrup (he bathes in that shit probably)
- Will sing to you quietly some of the cutesy lullabies he remembers
- there are none
- He’s the perfect cuddle buddy
- Okay maybe he refuses to let go

France (Francis Bonnefoy)
- Also pleasantly soft
- Plays with your hair a lot. Will braid it and probably just smell it a lot
- Probably lubes up his body with lavender or smth so he smells like that and will hopefully help you relax
- if you’re cuddling face to face expect the stubble to just kinda scratch
- Then again if you’re spooning kind of a magical baguette appears,.
- he smel
- Bonus!!! His hands tend to roam to ~special places~

England (Arthur Kirkland)
- Despite having no taste his furniture is pretty damn comfy. Wanna cuddle on the couch? That shit soft. Bed? It’s all memory foam baby
- Back rubs….. a lot. Sort of like a massage
- Heccin™ good tea nd shit to help you calm down if it’s the result of a panic attack especially
- he’s a fucking grumpy old man and it’ll take him a bit to be convinced (but if it’s a panic attack he won’t hesitate)
- Literally. Never. Gets. Comfortable. Is always shifting around. Haha nope dearie that hurts my back. He has the comfy furniture so his partner feels comfy.
- When he gets in the calm mood he just won’t fucking shut up

China (Yao Wang)
- Despite being old he still trains sort of so his embrace is 😩🙌🏻
- Will play white noise/ASMR because whenever he’s cuddling he usually gets tired
- Gets comfy super duper easy
- because of the ASMR he kinda tends to drift off so if you’re expecting conversation I’m sorry
- Whenever he falls asleep he never lets go
- Maybe part of the reason he has back issues is because he keeps falling off the gotdamn bed

Russia (Ivan Braginsky)
- Super duper big. Keeps you all cuddled up better than Alfred.
- Super strong and safe embrace.
- also doesn’t let go (unless you ask, but he’ll probably tease you)
- Will sometimes smell of vodka
- If you’re not a fan of conversation don’t cuddle with him. He talks a lot and will never let you sleep


summer beach set pt. 1!

hello everyone i’m sorry for the huge hiatus i just got bored from making icons and recently joined new fandoms, but i recently just made these! i’ll catch up on the other sets i haven’t done (time travel, circus, happy party train, ice cream, tennis, some score match cards, & redoing tennis)

this is something new i’m trying so i apologize if it looks bad, it also took forever asasdfgfdgghl i think it looks too dark, but for now i’ll try some other effects and such. right now i’ll be working on requests (i apparently have like 4 rn?? i’m glad you guys requested but i’m not glad it took me about 3 months to answer them i’m SO sorry!!) i also have to work on my theme jeez its so bad i apologize for that also

Girl's Night

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Request: I noticed that you don’t have any Kathryn x reader things and I was thinking about like her having a girls night sleepover thing with Amy where they gossip and do face masks and such but then male readers like “yo can I join?” Not in a weird way but like boys can enjoy that stuff too and you also haven’t written much with male readers so yeah sorry it’s not specific or just Kathryn x reader I just thought it’d be cute

Summary: Male!Reader wants to hang with Kathryn and Amy while they’re having a girls night.

A/N: Hey guys, I’m so sorry for my little hiatus I went on these past 2 weeks :( As you all probably know by now, my cousin got married! Then when I got back home I had finals! It was awful and I’m v sorry but I’m here now ready to not be a shitty person. Also I’m actually typing this all up on my phone in the tumblr app (yay for manually inputting the code 🙃) so pls bear with me if the formatting is a little off from how it usually is. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this v short fic!

Wordcount: 333, this is probably my shortest fic ever IM SORRY

Requests are closed for now, very sorry friends!

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Hi ! I just wanted to say that you’re such a sweet and cool person and I wish I was bold enough to message you and I’d love to be your friend ! Sorry if I sound weird haha

oH JEEZ THANK YOU SO MUCH????? this is . so kind omg PLEASE DO NOT BE AFRAID TO MESSAGE ME im a big nerd who loves to talk about!!! cosplay and graphs and comics and boys!!!! ur so sweet omg bless u

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Hey my week’s been crap and I hurt my ankle pretty bad so I’ve just been limping everywhere so I hope your week is better than mine ANYWAY on a better note: Fedya Dolokhov, the hip hop teacher

oh jeez im so sorry. i hope your week improves. also. bless im crying

Magcon Preference #7: Your First Fight

Carter: “CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT UP FOR A SECOND?!” Carter yelled at you. Carter had forgotten your birthday, and you didn’t want him to go away with it easily. “WHAT KIND OF BOYFRIEND FORGETS HIS GIRLFRIENDS BIRTHDAY?!” you yelled back, Carter could be a completely dick sometimes. “I DON’T KNOW, BECAUSE I DIDN’T.” He yelled back. You were surprised, and could not yelled back. “But why did you say to me you forgot?” he sighed “I was planning throwing a surprise party for you, but I didn’t think you’re into that right now.” you covered your mouth with your hand “Oh Carter I’m so sorry!” you said directly and hugged him tightly. “Also, this was our first kind of fight ever.” he nodded and looked at you. “It wasn’t that bad.”

Aaron: “Aaron you’re really frustrating me.” you said pissed at him, all he needed to do was just leave you alone to work on your homework. “All I try to do is helping you.” he said pissed off at you. ‘Yes i know but it irritating me, i just want it to do myself.’ 'Okay that’s it, I’m so fucking done.’ he just said and walked out of the room. Jeez, he was doing weird. After a couple minutes when you were done, you walked down stairs and found an angry Aaron eating cereal at the kitchen table. 'Look Aaron, I’m really sorry bu-’ before you could continue he said quickly 'I’m sorry Y/N, it’s just i feel stressed out all the time.’ “Awh I’m sorry Aaron.” you said and wrapped an arm around you. 'If you want me to do anything, I will.“ "Just kiss me idiot.”

Jack J: 'No, i don’t feel like going to the studio with you.’ you simply said, that just wasn’t your thing. 'Why not? i thought you liked it to hear me rap.’ you sighed, he didn’t understand anything. 'Yes i do, but just not now.’ you whispered. 'WHY NOT?’ he said and looked angry at you. 'Johnson please lower your voice.’ 'Don’t call me Johnson.’ he said as sassy as possible. 'Jack i’m just on my period okay?’ you said quietly and looked down at your feet, blushing. It wasn’t really in you comfort zone to tell anybody that you were on your peroid. He laughed 'I’m sorry Y/N, i’ve should known.’ you looked at him and smiled 'No, i just need to tell things more often, you don’t even know who my besties are.’ you said ashamed. 'Wait Jack, i’ve got an idea, let’s play 21 questions.’ 'Only if you go after that with me to the studio.’ you both smirked at each other 'You mother fucker,' 

Shawn: “Shawn, I know you’re doing fucking amazing, but can you just please spend a night with me? Or go on a date god damn it?!” You snapped angrily at him. He just got home from 3 months touring, and just decided to hang out with his friends! “Why?” He said back and looked weird at you. “BECAUSE I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN MOTHER FUCKING 3 MONTHS AND I MISS JUST TO CUDDLE WITH YOU!” You yelled, and you weren’t done yet. “I JUST WANT TO SPEND SOME TIME WITH YOU FOR GOD SAKE.” All he did was just nod. You sighed and sat down next to him. “Just go.” You told him and tapped his shoulder. “No, you’re totally right.” He said and looked at you “I’m sorry, I guess I can’t hang out with them every second of the day.” He smiled a bit and kissed you. “I guess we better make some popcorn and watch a movie now, shall we?” You chuckled “Of course babe.”

Matt: “MATT JUST PLEASE FUCK OFF!” You yelled at him, and he looked shocked at you. You looked back at him, and before you knew the two of you burst out into laughter. “Y/N you-re you-re you’re so funny when you’re mad.” He said in laughter and wiped his tears away. I nodded and laughed even harder, just to see his face made it even funnier. After a couple minutes when you both settled down, you started talking again. “Okay I’m sorry for screaming at you.” You said to him and smiled, because you knew he wasn’t mad at you. “Y/N, you’re such an awful human being, i don’t want to be around with you.’ for a moment you thought he was being serious. "Omg Y/N I was just joking!” He said and laughed a bit. “No that was really the funniest thing ever, I don’t mind having fights with you.” And he winked at you “Oh shut up!”

Jacob: 'Jacob i really try to not be jelous, but it just isn’t a good feeling you holding hands with your hands.’ you said softly to your boyfriend Jacob. Of course that was a part of his job, but you just didn’t feel comfortable when he did it. 'Y/N THAT’S A PART OF MY JOB FOR GOD SAKE!’ 'Jacob just calm down, i don’t like you screaming.’ you hushed him but he didn’t listen 'I CAN DO WHAT EVER I WANT!’ he yelled back. 'Okay.’ you said quietly and leaved the room. There was no need to be in the same room with an angry Jacob where you don’t get a conversation with. After a good half an hour he came the living room in. 'I’m sorry that i yelled at you Y/N.’ he mumbled and looked you in the eyes. You smiled a bit 'It doesn’t matter, are you all calm down now?’ he nodded 'Okay, let’s go watch some movies now.’


5x01 "EscApe From New York" Gif Reaction Recap [SPOILERS]

Do you guys know how much I’ve missed doing my recaps? As always, strong language, shouting, spoilers, blahblahblah. This weeks theme for gifs is literally all of the same person and I’m not even remotely sorry about it. :)

DISCLAIMER[s]: Spoilers, profanity, shouting, a lot of gifs not made by me. Probably longer than it needs to be. Whatever.

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