also sorry if i messed up florences personality

Florence: Bring Ke$ha up to speed

Ke$ha: WAIT WHAT???????


Florence: Don’t worry she’s fine, sort of…

Ke$ha: ?????

Florence: Well long story short she’s a robot now…

Ke$ha: Omg are you fucking $eriou$

Florence: The details are a bit complicated but her soul is indeed in a robot as of right now.

Ke$ha: I $ee how it is then

Ke$ha: You guy$ are gonna all be buddy buddy and abandon me now huh?????

Florence: What? Is this because I’m the sylph? You don’t expect me to give her the Breath of Life or something do you?

Ke$ha: Ugh no girl im not an idiot you two are going to be be$tie$  becau$e of this all the $ign$ are there

Florence: Please elaborate.

Ke$ha: Duh, Florence and the Machine :(

Florence: ….

Florence: ….okay that was hilarious

So in other news Ke$hastuck is really really cool and I still like really really lame puns