also sorry if i got the details wrong

Okay, so there’s pretty much zero chance this theory is canon - to the extent that I wouldn’t even really call it a theory rather than like, a close-to-canon AU (also, it has been about a week since I beat the game, so sorry if I get a few details wrong) - but here goes. 

 (Spoilers for the entire game. If you’ve not finished and don’t want to get spoiled, be warned.)

 So, Yaldabaoth really wanted to win his bet, to the extent that he pretty much blatantly cheated: he took out the master of the Velvet Room for one and and gave Akechi his abilities more than two years earlier than Joker, meaning that, firstly, he gained the power when he was young, bitter and lacking a support system and, secondly, that Akechi got a head-start over Joker. 

 So, even after Akechi had all that extra time, why is it that we only ever see him use two Personas? Joker, by the time they actually square off, has likely amassed dozens of the things, after all. 

 One explanation is that Akechi never bothered forging relationships other than his Justice link with Joker, which is the only reason he has an alternate in Robin Hood - however, relationships only strengthen Personas and aren’t a necessary ingredient for their actual creation. Joker can still fuse Anubis, for example, even before he forms the Judgement link with Sae; or Atropos, even if he decides to pass on buying Chihaya’s shady holy stone. Akechi could have blanked out the world entirely and still be able to gain different Personas - though they would be weak, which leads to another explanation: he saw them as unnecessary. Loki was powerful enough with his extra, berserk-inducing powers; and he only created Robin Hood in order to fool the Phantom Thieves.

 However, what if Robin Hood and Loki aren’t actually his only Personas? And neither of them were his first one? (We never see Loki evolve, after all, even though we reach Justice Rank 10, and considering everyone else’s does, and the fact that was basically Akechi’s redemption scene - well, it’s a bit odd they never did anything with either Robin Hood OR Loki. And it’s not to do with the whole wild card thing, since Satanael exists.) 

 So, here’s my (probably off-base) theory: 

 (1) Akechi’s initial Persona is never actually shown 

 (2) His initial Persona is Galahad 

 (3) Galahad evolves into Lancelot when the Justice link hits Rank 10 - we just don’t see it happen because, unlike every other Rank 10 scene among the party, he doesn’t mention it to Joker - helped by the fact there’s a sheet of metal to keep the Phantom Thieves from seeing it 

 (4) Akechi is (maybe) still alive 

Galahad and Lancelot 

 So, who precisely are Galahad and Lancelot? Both are knights from Arthurian legend, more precisely a son and father, who are both related to the Quest for the Holy Grail. 

 Firstly, Galahad is Lancelot’s bastard son and the last knight to join the Round Table, filling the Perilous Siege, upon which only the one chosen to achieve the Holy Grail could sit. He stayed apart from other knights, a solitary figure who originally intended to set off on his quest alone, initally refusing to let others join him. He would surpass his father by achieving the Grail, after which he and the Grail ascended into Heaven. Camelot was then destroyed

 Secondly, we have Galahad’s both less and more illustrious father, Lancelot. Lancelot is by far the more famous figure between the the pair and was the most well-regarded Knight of the Round Table, though unlike his sinless son, he hid many shameful secrets behind his pretence of knightly virtue. The son of a powerful king, Lancelot was orphaned at a young age, unaware of his own heritage until later in life and raised by the Lady of the Lake, a powerful mystic presence who granted him some of her power in the form of a ring. Despite the adulation which was heaped on him for his deeds, Lancelot was a traitor from the beginning - since his very first quest, he had been engaged in an affair with the queen. 

 When his treachery was discovered, he killed the one he was closest to among the knights of Camelot, Gawain, and was forced to leave Britain, meaning he was not present at the final battle, Camlann, though he did retain a certain loyalty towards Arthur and killed several remaining enemies of Camelot upon his return. Due to his affair and resulting impurity of heart, he failed to achieve the Holy Grail and spent the rest of his life repenting for his sins in a monastery. 

 Normally, Galahad might be regarded as an improved version of Lancelot rather than the other way around - that’s certainly how he’s often described in Arthurian texts, after all. However, taking the characters in context of P5, this has to be reversed. The Holy Grail and the angels who guard it are the antagonists, while the saviour of mankind is, quite literally, Satan and the deadly sins. 

 Galahad is what the Holy Grail wished Akechi to become and who he was at the beginning - the Grail’s champion who would herald the end of the sinful Camelot; but Lancelot is who he truly became after he reached Justice Rank 10 - one who did not renounce Camelot in the end, despite having betrayed it.

 Another difference between Galahad and Lancelot is that Galahad dies, while Lancelot is one of the VERY FEW Arthurian knights who don’t die at Camlann. While this could also be a switch - with most of the P5 characters surviving and Akechi dying - this could also be a signal that he’s not dead, but just in exile - be it due to injury or unconsciousness or even something self-imposed - while the final battle goes on.

Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes/

My meta for this episode is, I’m not writing a meta. What’s the point? It was perfect, perfect, perfect and I hate the fact I can’t be fully happy, relax and enjoy it. Because we’ve been here before, right? When it was so close we could touch it - and, whatever those anons in my askbox say, it’s not about a ship, because (personally) I continue to have no interest in shipping whatsoever. This is people telling us a story, being elaborate and decadent and romantic as fuck about it, and I want to hope they’re not lying to us this time - I can’t see how they’re going to worm their way out of this, and why they would even want to, but - yeah. 

As I said, we’ve been there before.

So I’m not going to comment on how painstakingly the Banes mirrored the Winchesters - the queer, cocky sibling who doesn’t give a fuck, the other sibling who feels like an outsider in their own family, the parent who hunts alone and ‘hasn’t been home in a few days’. What’s the point? Steve Yockey went to great trouble to shove it in our faces, and, to his credit, he never hesitated - he went all out, killing off a character he’d created himself (I think we can all agree on the fact that Alicia Banes is, for all intents and purposes, dead) so that he could carve up a perfect parallel, because as it turns out, his Max can’t bear to live alone either, and would do anything, anything, to bring his sister back.


There’s also no point, I guess, to discuss Chekhov’s grenade launcher again. We know it’s there, we know it’s something Dean can’t have and can’t touch (but he really, really wants to), and it seems almost sure by now that the thing will have a prominent role in the season finale. 

(Which, yay, but also - a grenade launcher is not really a synonym for surgical strikes and level-headedness - are you ready for the bloodbath? I know I’m not.

And the question remains - what about the metaphorical grenade launcher? Will Dean get his hands on that too?)

No, I just - you know, a few months ago I actually embarked on the mad project of tracking down everything Steve Yockey had ever written - not out of a creepy, stalkery obsession, but simply because I was absolutely blown away by Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox and my entire frontal cortex was like, *grabby hands*. So, well - I sat through twenty episodes of Scream wishing I could be sixteen again (which was the whole point of that show, I guess), and when I finally got to Yockey’s episode - there was no difference. None. It was more freakishly thin girls running this way and that, more masks carved out of human faces, more meetings in video games stores instead of going to the police. And at first I felt a bit cheated, but now I’ve seen Yockey’s third episode for Supernatural, I suddenly realize this is actually good news - because Yockey is very, very good. He can blend in. He can write stuff that’s so indistinguishable from S1 canon he’s basically a House Elf (and is it a good thing or a bad thing when you don’t notice a writer is there?). And the thing is, he was very clearly told not to. Whatever Dabb’s goal - and, as I said, I don’t want to run in the streets with a confetti machine until I know for sure - Yockey is deliberately turning it up to eleven, because, again - I have no doubt a part of the fandom will start to shout OOC and whatever, but guys - Yockey can do the thing if he’s told to do the thing. But it’s now very clear he wasn’t.

So, well. This episode was tragically beautiful. What got me like a punch in the face is that Max Banes doesn’t, in the end, follow in Dean’s footsteps: Dean doesn’t allow him to make a demon deal, which means Max is forced to find that ‘other way’ the Winchesters are always daydreaming about. But, well - in his case that ‘other way’ is going home with a sort of golem sister - a thing that talks like Alicia and moves like Alicia and may have her memories and may even be able to be feel the sun on her face and the warmth of her brother’s love and the empty nothing of her mother’s death, but is not a human being. In doing what he did, Max condemned himself to a fake and hollow life, and that’s even more heartbreaking if we consider how open he used to be about everything. Living as a natural witch, a gay man, a POC in a world of monsters (hell, in Trump’s America) - Max was shameless about it. From the very first moment we saw him, he never tried to hide. But now, all of that is gone. And, sure, there’s a whole Big Question there - we could try and justify his choice, since that’s where we’re all headed, anyway - but to see him trapped like that - the burning body of his twin sister on his right, and a frankencreature wearing her face on his left - ouch.

I hope the Winchesters find a better ‘other way’ than that, but this is Supernatural - even if they do, they’ll likely get there crawling through a hill of corpses. 

[I apologize for my sombre mood. I’m still a bit feverish, maybe it’s that. In sunnier news, I’m working on a project that will make some of you very happy, so there’s that.]

prompto-cam  asked:

Skater AU. As a relationship is starting to form, Gladio finds that Prompto is suddenly backing off, cancelling plans and hardly ever around and Gladio is sure something is wrong or Prompto doesn't really want to be with him. He's at Iggy's place one afternoon and Ignis is watching a skating competition. Of course, Gladio very quickly spots his pretty blonde skater and realised that Prompto isn't ditching him; he's in the middle of one of the biggest competitions of his young career!

Budding relationship, check. Prompto suddenly and inexplicably busy, check. Gladio worried he’s done something to fuck up this…thing they have, check. The only detail I’ve changed is Ignis since he’s already one of Prom’s coaches. Instead, enjoy Gladio hanging out with his friend Noct, who also happens to be the son of the owner of the Insomnia Kings. *Thumbs up!*

Just a wee bit NSFW :3

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Loooong post under the cut! v v v 

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Byler - The Strangest Thing (Chapter Two)

If life is a game and Mike is ever given the option to customize his own puberty, he would certainly set the mode on easy. His body is out of control, his limbs extending at a speed beyond his comfort that at times he no longer knows how to work them.

Life goes on a little too damn fast as if it’s on a tight schedule and it pulls Mike along with it, dragging him without permission, not giving him a moment to spare for the little moments he wants to cherish.

The little moments like growing up with his closest friends, experiencing puberty together, sharing stories about unwanted hair growth or the girls having cramps and whatnot.

The little moments like El becoming Hopper’s adopted daughter, Hopper and Mrs. Byers getting married, and the inexplicable joy that El feels when Will becomes her brother that she wouldn’t stop crying until Will steps in to calm her down.

The little moments like Mike finding soft paddings on areas where he often bumps his head around his house and finding Will’s fingers with telltale signs of being behind the protective barriers. Those moments never fail to bring a soft smile to Mike’s face.

Still, life goes on far too quickly than Mike could ever hope to keep up with.

It goes from Nancy being the supportive mother figure their own mom ought to be to Nancy sending him letters and calling him every weekend from her university in Chicago where Jonathan is.

It goes from Eleven missing for a whole year to Eleven being within his arms as often as they desire.

And it goes from Will being within his grasp as often as he desires to Will merely existing because the world tells him to.

And that last thought makes Mike dizzy faster than life could ever attempt. It sends a shiver up and down his spine and drives him to untimely paranoia just when things had finally settle down. Because there are moments when he sees Will with his eyes but he doesn’t feel him, the light in Will’s eyes dimming with each passing day, the smile on his face losing the life it normally carries, the warmth of his fingertips cooling to a lifeless touch.

“Mike, you’re thinking too much. My brother’s okay. Didn’t you say you wanted to hangout?”

“Mike, dude, are you alright? You don’t look so good.”

“Will said he can’t make it. What? No, Mike. Nothing’s wrong with Will. He said he just really need to work on his art project back at school.”

Mike feels like he’s losing his grip on Will and the mere idea of it all makes him sick to his stomach, forcing him to an intangible madness that nobody else seems to understand. But it’s there! There’s something wrong with Will. Why can’t anybody else see?!

And one day, that something finally had a face. A name. A Richie Tozier.

One day, he shows up and claims that he’s going out with Will. Someone who’s allowed to touch Will in a way that nobody else could, see Will’s expressions that even Mike had never seen, hear a voice he’s never heard Will use before, a look that’s never been directed at him.

Someone who can kiss Will’s lips just because that someone wants to.

If Life is a game, it sure is a cruel one.

But cruel as it may be, it has some grippingly honest features made possible by an elixir called alcohol, allowing its user to expose their bare thoughts and have the privilege to forget about it the next day.

“I’m sorry, Mike. I’m sorry for loving you the way I do. Richie he… he said it’s okay if I think of him as you. God, Mike – I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. Please don’t make me leave him. He’s the closest I’ve got to having you for myself.”

The thing is, anybody else who doesn’t use the elixir has the misfortune of remembering everything with detail as clear as Mike’s realization that whatever was wrong with Will had been him all along. And such detail also includes the recognition that a forsaken love tastes like strawberry lemonade in the form of Will’s soft lips.

I’m so sorry, Will. I’m so sorry for not making up my mind any sooner. God, Will, I’m so sorry. I love you. I love you.”

And he is. Sorry for making Will go through his emotions all by himself. Sorry for longing for someone else right in front of him. Sorry for what he’s about to put El through.

If life is really, truly a motherfucking game, Mike has never been more determined to write his own story with his middle fingers up in the air for the creator to see how no one can take Will away from him and how no one will ever take him away from Will ever again, and if he loses half his awkward limbs in the process, then so be fucking it.

Chapter One

vorpalgirl  asked:

So, I have a plotbunny where what happens to the MC functionally = partial(?) Solitary Confinement, but it's a little odd so I'd like your thoughts to see if I'm on a realistic track? MC (16yo girl) voluntarily agrees to "give her life" to a supernatural being to save her mother. However, classic Fairy Logic applies - she THINKS she'll die or disappear, but it's actually "you must devotedly guard this isolated magical place". What this amounts to is a situation I'll detail in more Asks...?(1/7)

2/7) So, MC thinks then that she’ll be obligated to do this forever/rest of her life, in order to save/protect her mother. She’s compassionate/strongly attached to her loved ones, so keeping BOTH her parents from suffering from what would happen to Mom is “worth it” to her (note: effectively there is also another “her” who is their kid. The parents don’t realize a “version” of her is doing this, so they’re blissfully ignorant too). This gives her a Purpose automatically, but it definitely (…) (3/7) changes what she thought she was resigned to. The (humanoid) entity she’s serving does spend time with her each day, including gentle touch, and leaves its familiars (two very friendly big cats) with her always, but it does leave her by herself for long periods (hours at a time), and she is forbidden from leaving without permission and even when one of her friends winds up finding the place, she’s not allowed to admit to them it’s really her/have proper contact with them. However (…) (4/7) Shortly after that, she is told that it was never intended to be permanent - it was for “a year and a day” - a test, which she’s just passed. So, she is abruptly told she can/should “go home”, when she thought she would be there indefinitely. She winds up with a version of her family who have lost their version of her. They know she’s an alt-universe version, but to them, she’s so similar to their kid, and anyway, “biologically her twin”, that they feel emotionally attached to her (…) (5/7) + they empathize with/feel responsible for her, especially as she’s still so young + they’re horrified to learn she was apparently “alone” (or at least without her loved ones/normal contact) for so long. They immediately accept her as their kid, and she can’t help but see them as the “same” people, so she’s drawn to the idea of being adopted/with them but, obviously the whole thing is kind of traumatic and weird for her - and this is what I’m wanting to run by you? So far, I have her (…) (6/7) struggling to adjust to the sudden shift in routines (they try to send her back to normal school, which feels “noisy” and “chaotic” to her; she puts up with it b/c she “has to”, but winds up “spacey and distracted” [dissociating] during some of her classes, and struggles with focus on academic material); being twitchy/hypervigilant (she reduces her anxiety by always plotting physical exits and practicing kata every morning/evening); having poor sleep/trouble falling asleep/nightmares (…) (7/7) + suffering anxiety/self-doubt, questioning whether these versions of her loved ones really accept her or if they just feel obligated to pretend/secretly internally reject her or worse, see her as a daily reminder of the girl they lost and feeling pain that they’re hiding from her. She also tries to pretend nothing is wrong when they ask how she’s doing out of worry, b/c she doesn’t want to “burden” anybody. Plausible - yes/no/maybe? (Also - sorry for the length of this, wow)

I actually really like long asks. They tend to mean I have all the detail I need to give a proper, helpful answer. (They are a little intimidating but so satisfying once answered). Sorry it took so long to get this answered.

You’ve got a really interesting scenario here and I think generally speaking it’s really plausible.

I always link to Shalev’s Sourcebook when solitary comes up because it’s a brilliant free resource.

All of the things you’ve hit on are possible symptoms of prolonged (ie over a week) solitary confinement. And they’re symptoms that can persist for a very long time after release.

She should also show these symptoms while she’s in solitary. You could write it as though she had these symptoms but didn’t consciously notice most of them while she was acting as a guard. If she was spending most of her time alone or with animals she might not necessarily have processed her dissociation, anxiety or hypervigilance as unusual.

People aren’t always aware of the symptoms they have. Sometimes it takes interaction with others to realise that what’s happening isn’t ‘normal’. She may also have seen her symptoms as normal for her situation and expected them to stop instantly if she ever got out.

If the only human-like interaction she has is with a mythological creature (that from the sound of things doesn’t think or act like a human) well then she could potentially go a year without realising these are symptoms. She’d feel them and she’d feel ‘bad’, but she might not have the words to express them or think of them as something that’s caused by her circumstances.

The interaction she has with her ‘captor’ sounds as though it’s mostly positive and never violent. That would help her hugely.

The main negative factor is her going through this thinking that she’ll be stuck there forever. It sounds as though she made peace with that and accepted her fate. So suddenly being jerked out of that situation would be a helluva shock. And that would impact her symptoms.

Overall I think you’ve got a very solid scenario here, but there are two things I’d suggest adding to it.

The first is physical symptoms. Solitary does have a set of physical symptoms some of which may be caused by prison conditions but some are harder to pin down. The eye sight problems Shalev lists may be caused by the conditions in the average solitary cell, which isn’t similar to her situation. But the headaches, joint aches and insomnia are harder to pin down. They could be applicable to her situation and the physical symptoms of solitary confinement/isolation are rarely discussed in fiction.

The second thing is memory problems. Difficulty concentrating and learning are common in torture victims and can persist for years after torture. I’d expect a noticeable drop in her grades if she returned to school. I’d also expect her to find learning and remembering information from her classes more difficult, and for that to be frustrating and perhaps stressful.

It’s the kind of thing that feeds into a victim’s negative feelings about themselves, whether they ‘belong’ in their community and their self worth. And since you seem to be focusing on that through her other mental health problems I think including memory problems could add to your story.

It sounds a lot like you’re exploring the social isolation victims can feel, or at least as though the story could be heading there. I think that’s great because it’s not something we generally see in fiction. At least not from the inside. 

Instead social isolation tends to be something victims are blamed for: either because their symptoms are deemed socially unacceptable (and therefore their fault) or because they’re not ‘trying hard enough’ to interact. The way you’ve used her symptoms to show why she feels out of place and how that can lead to further isolation is really very good. And probably true to a lot of people’s experiences.

Some further points you might want to consider-

How well known is this sort of magic in your setting? If your character doesn’t have to constantly explain what happened to her and if this sort of situation happens often enough that she’s believed that will help her recovery a lot. But it will probably also affect how the people around her interact with her. Do kids at school pester her, point her out in the corridors, or want her to recount every detail of her ordeal?

Would the kind of sacrifice you character made be regarded as exceptional, or would it be an expected/proper show of familial devotion?

Would the people around her make any kind of allowances for her behaviour/experience? For example if she finds school noisy and chaotic would the other children talk more quietly if she asked? If they do make allowances would she be grateful or resent them as a reminder that she’s ‘different’ and doesn’t fit in.

Are there any other people who might have experienced something similar? Could she communicate with them? Mental illness is usually pretty scary but it’s a LOT scarier if you can’t recognise what’s happening to you. Being able to communicate with someone who could tell her that the anxiety, the hypervigilance, the (possible) memory problems are normal would help her immensely. It would put these symptoms into context and enable her to recognise them as symptoms rather than something fundamentally ‘broken’ about herself.

Being able to exchange coping strategies can also be hugely beneficial.

This is also going to be hugely stressful for her parents who are probably trying very hard to support her, but may not know exactly what to do. My own family has generally been pretty shit about mental health so I have rather more examples of things that don’t help than things that do.

One ‘normal’ thing that stands out which could potentially have a huge negative effect is how they respond to her falling grades and the way she’s struggling at school. Approaching it as though she’s not working hard or trying could be hugely damaging and feed into her doubts and anxiety.

I hope that helps. Generally I think it sounds like you’re doing really well. :)


anonymous asked:

If your not busy can you draw Connie and Steven 7 please ^^

I….I GOT SUPER CARRIED AWAY WITH THIS……AAAAGH. I know I said I was only gonna do requests as sketches but….WEDDING. Also, I apologize if I got details of Indian Bridal attire wrong. :”) Admittedly, I don’t know very much about Indian weddings, and I used Google Images for reference…..As always, please feel free to correct me on any cultural mistakes! Also I’m sorry for giving Steven the dreaded “man-bun”. I figure they’d at least TRY to tame Steven’s mane on the Big Day!


Here’s my report of the UraShimaSakataSen Beyond the Compass 2017 Tokyo Performance! There will be spoilers and the setlist (Which shouldn’t really be released until the Final is over, but I’m pretty sure noone going will be reading this so

My thoughts are still a bit jumbled up (I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I SAW THEM!! IN THE FLESH!!! AAAAAA IKEMENNNN) so the song order might not be quite right and there will be a lot of screaming

First up the line for goods was insane, I waited 2.5 hours to get them then another hour for the raffle;; If you guys ever go to a concert go at least an hour early so you’re in the queue and can get in the hall faster too

For almost all the songs the audience helped out with the chorus and stuff like ‘HOI HOI HOI’ -by the end my voice was GONE

It started off with a video of them backstage welcoming everyone -Faces uncovered! Wah ikemennnn- Urata kept pushing the camera down and then they did a little rp where Shima was the Shogun and forced the other members to do pushups ww
Then the audience cheered for the band and chanted URASHIMASAKASEN until the real USSS came on
1. Sailor’s High (They were all wearing pirate outfits they looked so cool and their singing has improved so much and the choreography was so good aahh and at one point the camera was right in sakatas face you could see his sweat wwww)
2. Kachoufuugetsu (Sakata took off his jacket bc he was hot and showed everyone how cool his outfit was underneath -Shima said ‘I like it’ really quietly and Urata said ‘I like it’ even quieter -uhh if you follow my twitter youll know i said it looked like a shrek cosplay anD IT DOES FROM THE ELBOWS UP IT DOES
3. We wrote a Idol-like song。 (for the beginning i cant remember what urata and senra said but shima said ‘be my girlfriend’ and sakata said ‘let’s get married’ )
4. Pathfinders??? or was it Mermaid?????? or both?????????

Video break - Watertop Fighting tournament! Like real pirates they had swords, and of course boats -inflatable ones- and picked paper from a box to select which boat
Ura: Plastic boat
Sakata: Banana (everyone laughed really hard)
Senra: Flamingo
To show the pairs to fight first (winners would then battle for the champion title)
urata had a notepad but he kept showing the camera blank pages ww It was Sakata vs Senra then Urata vs Shima and the winners would fight it out to take the title of champion
Sakata immediately fell off his banana which was the funniest thing ever and whoever edited it put in like a thousand instant replays so we had sakata fall into the water quite unphotogenically several times and senra couldnt stop laughing, he had barely gotten on his flamingo (on his belly with all his limbs stretched out like a spider ofc)
sakata begged for a second chance so he returned wearing his headband but he also fell off instantly -the banana slid up behind him so only he fell into the water without the boat wwwww (he was so confused ‘ISNT THIS IMPOSSIBLE??’), cue the slow motion replays and both senra and shima on the floor dying
the third time sakata managed to stay on for a good five seconds until senra poked his banana with his sword (uh) and sakata slid right off i was dead -SENRAS WIN

5. URATA SOLO: Rain and Petra (He came on with an umbrella (Parasol kind of thing, it had a green strip down it) and spun it around it was so cool)
6. SAKATA SOLO: Walking in the Centre of the World (He did the shoutyscreamy thing i like ww and he hit all the high notes it was so cool ah and he looked directly into the camera and smiled at some point aaaAAAA)
7. URASAKA: Kiss the Princess (Before the song: Sakata called for Urata who kept popping up from behind a prop, and Sakata pretended not to see him even though is made eye contact like 4 times; it was revealed that during Sakata’s solo Urata had been at the back of the stage, sleeping. Then Urata gestured to themselves and said ‘We are the princes so’ then gestured to the audience ‘These are our princesses’ and then Sakata said the name of the song really grossly then in an ikebo) (They kept blowing kisses gross i love them)
8. SHIMA SOLO: Gishin Anki (yall know how his cover has him making THOSE sounds? ya -and just before the first chorus he did this little sigh aND AGHH)
9. SENRA SOLO: Lamb. (god)
10. SHIMASEN: #AzawaraiPolaroid (Shima said ‘So… UraSaka sang a ‘purenshessh'y song.. We’re cooler huh’ and Shima showed us his thief-like costume and Senra showed everyone his gun and starting shooting some people in the crowd ww Also before the song ShimaSen showed us some actions they wanted, like swinging our penlights and making hearts during the ‘love love love love’ lines, and during the performance they kept winking and stuff it was amazing -Shima missed a line so he screamed instead wwwwww)

another video break: now for urata vs shima ww urata kept splashing water onto shima who at one point was like ‘AAHHHH MY EYESSS’
Urata pulled the blinded shima off his boat and won! I think they played the final round at this point too, Urata vs. Senra! They both had sturdier boats but kept using their swords to slap the water ww
In the end Senra tried to get onto Urata’s boat but was pushed off wwww Then 3S grabbed Urata’s boat and capsized it
But Urata was crowned champion! There was a little extra bit where the four of them were just messing about, we got a clip of Sakata focusing really hard on not falling in then it descended into chaos as everyone tried to get on other peoples’ boats and the last shot was of all four of them on Urata’s

After that they asked if we were tired and everyone was like ‘NOOOOO’ (i was so tired tho

11. USSS: Romeo (First verse Shimasen, Second verse UraSaka, Rest USSS -I think it was at this point they changed into normal clothes -Sakata wore that oversized black hoodie and Senra wore his green jacket, Shima wore a tracksuit top (?) but I can’t remember what Urata was wearing ∑(゚Д゚))
12. Saikyou Rival
They took a short break from singing at some point around now, and Senra showed us how much water he had to drink -Urata referred back to the Four the C crossfade where Senra almost died from dehydration ww
13. Dance Robot Dance
14. Dappou Rock
They said something like 'I’m tired of seeing our faces on the projection, lets replace it with something else’ so the Tv ver. of. for the StarMyu S2 OP was shown (After the first verse the projector switched back to their faces)
15. Show Must Go On!!
They introduced and thanked the band members which was super cute, then said thank you and left (a little anticlimactic BUT/////

ENCORE (one fan shouted ENCORE n suddenly the entire hall were chanting it too, it lasted for a solid five minutes but no drop in volume, crew members are scary, i think some people actually left -but they all came back out wearing the tour t shirts!)
16. Carry Forward
17. Middle Schooler Disease Outbreak Boy
18. Solar System Disco
(They were doing the actions it was very cute)
19. Shouter (Streamer cannons went off during the last chorus ww
Finally we took a group photo with the members and the band;; Sakata hugged everyone from behind ww and at some point Shima went to the highest point of the stage and revealed his grossest face ww

Towards the end the four of them turned off their mics and sat down with their backs to the audience and we had to shout for them to turn around ww They must’ve said thank you and bowed maybe five times, it was so sad to see them go;;

It took a few days to get this out, sorry yall but that’s all I can remember ww I’ll try to go next year too so (if anyone’s in the area hmu

Also sidenote does anyone want a stickersheet i got 4 lmao I might open up a trade for kuji merch from other livessss

anonymous asked:

Do you have some theories about how eren left the wall and joined the marley and why? Oh and do you think other people from levi's squad are there too or only eren?

My theory is that Eren was sent to Marley on a mission to retrieve information under the cover as a amputee. And that as the Survey Corps commander Hanji sent him there with detailed instructions as to what to do. And while I don’t think that this has a big chance of happening I’m hoping that Mikasa, Armin and Levi are there, given Mikasa and Levis’ strength and Armins’ intellect and I’m also hoping that the letter was for them.

I really don’t have much to say on this topic and I’m sure you were expecting a more detailed answer but I’m very shy and would be super embarrassed if I got something wrong so I’m sorry I couldn’t answer this better. 

I’m so sorry it’s taken so long, but finally: the last art raffle prize!

@spectralowl6 requested their OC, Victoria~ Hope you like it and I got the details right!

I also just noticed something...

When making my details it said 5 cards with 1 random… I totally interpreted it the wrong way XDD

After opening my CDs, you only get ONE card that’s TOTALLY random! Meaning that there’s 5 to collect! (from what I can see and by also looking on OtaMart too and some people are also selling them separate so I might have a chance of getting all 5 xD) Meaning that you could get the same or ones that are totally different!

I got 2 of the same in my DVD Version and Making Version, so after opening all 4 versions of the CDs, I have 3 out of the 5 cards that you can get! But that doesn’t matter as they’re so pretty! >///<

But if anyone gets 2 versions of a card that I don’t have and I have the one that you’re missing (as I have 2 of the same and I’m only trading that ONE Card), I AM WILLING TO TRADE WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS BROUGHT THE CDs ONLY IF THEY HAVE ONE THAT I DON’T HAVE! 

I’ll show the card in a separate post later on so then if I have one that you want, I will trade xD

The Circle of Life

A/N: this is for @cait-writes-stuff. Hey babe I am so very proud of you (you already knew that, but it is worth repeating) and I’m sorry if I got some of the details wrong as I didn’t want to spoil this surprise by asking you too many questions. I also might have made your comic hubby pansexual and I am not sorry at all. 

“So…… You never been attracted to someone before?” Dick asked slowly

“Well, yes and no. Romantic attraction is separate from sexual attraction. So I have been romantically attracted to someone like I want to date them I just don’t want to have sex with them.” Y/N explained a little nervously.

“So not even me?”

“……No, not even you.” Y/N said slightly afraid that she might have hurt his feelings.

But Dick just nodded. “Thank you for not lying. I wouldn’t want you to feel like you have to pretend to be something you aren’t just to make me happy.”

“You are being really understanding of this.” Y/N said with a little surprise.

“Why wouldn’t I be? When I told you that I was pan, you were really understanding and respectful. What kind of friend and boyfriend would I be if I didn’t do the same for you?” Dick said patiently.

“It is just this is something that I have been struggling to come to terms with for a while, pretty much my entire life, and I have just now been able to admit it to myself and you are the first person I have told and-”

“Hey, it is okay, just breathe. You don’t have to explain yourself to anybody. Almost nothing in this life is certain so don’t worry about having to figure everything out right now. Not everybody is going to understand, but that doesn’t matter as long as you do. I support you, okay? And you have other people in your life who will support you as well. You aren’t alone.” Dick said, gently cradling her face.

By the time he finished speaking, they were both in tears.

“Thank you. I knew that all of that, but it really helps to hear you say it.” Y/N sniffled.

“I’ll say it anytime you need to hear it.” Dick said, wiping his eyes.

“What are you two crying about, L/N?” came a voice from the doorway.

“Nothing, Damian, I’ll tell you later.” Y/N said.

“Fine, but right now we are going to go watch that movie about the lions.” Damian commanded

“NAAAAANTS IGONYAAAAAMA BAGITHI BABA.” Dick cried as he picked up Damian and ran to the living room



I have a comp sci midterm on Thursday, so naturally I doodled.

I figured I’d draw the twins one more time before they’re redrawn and I have to learn how to draw them again (i’m so pumped tho).

I was also stalking the my candy love tag and stumbled upon @chinomiko ‘s OC’s and had to draw them(i think their names are Lua and Doriann? I probs got tons of details wrong orz if you see this sorry chino-senpai) I’m in an OC drawing mood I guess, as the last one is Koizumi’s OC from the eldarya forums. I’m marveling at peoples abilities to make dynamic OC’s with good clothes, my default is T-shirt and jeans with hoodies thrown in when I’m feeling fancy… 

DO NOT WORRY @the-holiday-viruses, I GOT U COVERED

It’s Friday the 13th so here’s a shitty art of Friday the 13th

I had to wing it with the color scheme since he hasn’t been given one yet, so I basically slapped some red on him because underfell (sorry if I got some details wrong) also spearmint candy cane for reasons

conduiitz  asked:

Hello, infamous!Delsin in E1 pls :DD

Mister Evil!Smug coming your way! Thanks for the ask :D

(Also, I got another one with Del & Reggie in E1, so I either will do Reg separately or skip it.. sorry but I got so many more of these to make |’’D I hope you will forgive me!)

Fanart Monday!

Yes!! Back again with another fanart monday!! Thank you guys for submitting fanart!!! I love themmmmmm!!!

Let me remind you that I will only post fanart of the series c’: this goes for you, meme senders! I still love memes tho xDDD

Again, sorry if I forget to add someone’s work! I can only remember those drawings in my ask box, and sometimes I don’t even see them all because Tumblr is a meanie :c

Fanart of the week by @gigagoku30!!

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