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Hheyyy….so……yeah I kinda disappeared for 2 months haha. And I’m posting this summary….the 21st ahh..:’’) but it was important for me to post it.

This is my 200th post, and this blog is now a little bit more than 2 years old, and you’re now more than 5000 to follow it…..!!!!??(..SINCE…WHEN?????)(….I’

I’m not very good with words, but. I just wanted to say thank you, for being so kind to me, for your silent support, or just for taking a look at my drawings..!!

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anonymous asked:

I finally saw batman v superman today and I really enjoyed it and I honestly don't think it deserves all the criticism it's getting and there are plenty of marvel movies that are way worse but don't seem to get hate for it like this movie is and I guess I'd like to know your opinion on it

Yay! I’m glad you liked it! I loved it and it was everything that i wanted.

At this point I would like to personally tell all those critics that wrote shitty reviews based on shitty reasons, to suck my asshole. The movie wasn’t 10/10 but it definitely warrants at least a 70/100 imo. 

So my opinion on marvel movies:

The thing with marvel is that other than being a superhero movie it also falls into the comedy/adventure movie for me. It has a very obvious good guy and a very (poorly developed) obvious bad guy. The good guy needs to defeat the bad guy in some way (in this case usually in an action scene because superheroes). Along the way you probably have a love interest (that’s just a love interest) because reasons and probably the comic relief (if it isn’t already the Good Guy™, which general audiences ADORE lemme tell you). And because this is a superhero movie that marvel is doing, it has action scenes which aren’t bad, that’s their strong point. If you take everything out of context, their action scenes are probably the best thing about marvel movies. This whole formula was cute for the first few movies but after a while it’s like eating the same meal for a week. It gets boring. 

I totally agree with you about “there are plenty of marvel movies that are way worse but don’t seem to get hate for it”, and here’s my opinion why:

Marvel has established what it’s gonna be and that they’re sticking their guns to it. They don’t want to be “dark” and “gritty” (and have well written characters too iguess whatever). They’re meant to be fun and entertaining and exciting. I was somewhat pleased with the first captain america movie but i think they went back to funny and generic™ idk. This goes back to my thoughts on marvel movies also being part of the comedy/adventure genre (more comedy than adventure lets be real here its marvel). Now lemme ask you, when you go into a comedy, do you go looking for a cinematic masterpiece? I don’t, if it makes me laugh okie doke thats cool. But even if a comedy didn’t make me laugh, i’m not gonna be pissed about it because it’s just a comedy movie after all what do you expect. I think most people at least subconsciously know this. They don’t go into a marvel movie looking for a cinematic masterpiece, so the critics don’t leave pissed. a part of me thinks Marvel knows this. They could literally have iron man shit pieces of metal and random romance (ohO!) and no one could really get ~that bothered by it. No one is gonna royally shit on a comedy movie. They’re just happy that they made money off of shitty fucking one liners, action porn, and an abused recycled formula for a movie. If marvel wants to keep doing this go ahead.

I personally have never been a marvel fan just because it wasn’t something I was surrounded by like DC was ( Teen Titans, Justice League, the various Batman films etc.) if anything I liked the X-Men but idk much about it anymore srry. The main reason Marvel pisses me off is when it’s compared to DC. also when i see whitewashing and all that crap too. And that’s where my next point and the last part of your ask pertains to.

My opinion on the BvS reviews:

I think Marvel for some goddamn reason has established to critics what a “Good Superhero” movie needs to be. Why? I have no fucking clue. I’d rather watch grass grow than finish watching that terrible film, Age of Ultron. I literally closed my laptop during a Iron Man and Hulk fight scene, I think? I know it was during a fight scene but i could honestly care less about which wonder bread was slapping which wonder bread tbh. I fell asleep during the winter soldier, i couldn’t. sorry bucky. I think the critics went in thinking like, “well we trashed Man of Steel, maybe they learned their lesson” and then Snyder and co. said “lmao suck our dicks here’s BvS” I’m so glad the dceu is the way it is, i get so invested in these characters and stories and we’re only at the second film omg. But a part of me felt that this movie was gonna be put on blast. It’s been getting critiqued for EVERY LITTLE THING since the first teaser dropped. and i read somewhere that critics just don’t like snyder for some reason idk why?? someone tell me pls. While some reviews had merit, some where just finding a reason to give it a 30/100. I refuse to believe Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! is worth a 36% and BvS is a 29%. I don’t doubt sharknado’s score but BvS was not THAT bad. Really, critics?

ANYWAYS, sorry for my long ass essay of a post. I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for weeks and your post was my gateway to do that, so thanks for sending me this ask <3 sorry if my grammar sucks and stuff just doesn’t make sense, i’m kinda in a rush. but anyways, these are just my opinions soooo if ur gonna send hate i’m gonna probably reply with a gif or something.

and the best thing y’all could do is encourage your friends and fam to see this movie as much as possible. critics are one thing but box office numbers are something else entirely. i think it’d really help out the dceu if they continue to rank in numbers !!!