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Happy Birthday Babe//Grayson Dolan//Personal Requested Imagine

today its my birthday, can i have a grayson personal imagine please?

So I got her information because she didn’t say it. But Happy 17th Birthday babe. Enjoy this lovely imagine. Also this is a day late because I fell asleep last night..oops. Sorry babe! I hope you enjoy it.

Warnings: none

Requested by: iheartgrayson

Pairing: Grayson Dolan X Anthi 

“Happy Birthday babe.” A husky voice says awakening me from my slumber.

I smile rolling over to face a goofy smile plastered on Grayson’s face. I smile snuggling into his bare chest. 

“Anthi babe, get up I made you breakfast.” He says running a hand through my hair and placing a kiss onto my temple.

“I like food.” I mumble happily. 

“I know.” He chuckles. “Ethan helped too. He wanted to help so I let him.” 

“Ohh the twins worked together on something, how exciting.” I answer finally deciding to sit up.

“There’s my beautiful girl.” He announces. 

“I love you.” I smile pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“I love you too babe. Eat up. We have an eventful day ahead of us. I’ll be back.” 

I start eating my food and after 20 minutes I’m done and very confused on why Grayson isn’t back yet. 

I stand up when the door opens, but I’m surprised to see Ethan and not Gray. 

“Where’s…..” I trail off. 

“He’s busy. But he wants me to tell you that to go take a shower. I’ll clean up.” 

“You sure E. I can help.” I say.

“No, Anthi. I’m okay. It’s your birthday. Go take a shower you’ll need to be ready soon.” He smiles kissing my forehead. 

Ethan and I have always had that sort of brother sister relationship. So kissing me on the forehead is not a weird thing or something Grayson will get jealous at. Grayson a/”lways awes when the brother sister love between us comes out. 

I guess he’s just happy that we get on well. It would probably kill him if we didn’t get along. I really love him so if Ethan and I didn’t get along, I wouldn’t go anywhere, He means too much to me.

I take about 20 minutes in the shower then finally decide to get out. I turn the water off, opening the shower door, I step lifting my eyes to see the most gorgeous dress hanging on the door. Along with a gorgeous pair of Gladiator sandals.


I get dressed finish my makeup and go to leave the room when a see a sticky not on the back of Grayson’s door. 

Go to the place we met.

That’s easy. It’s the Starbucks in town. 

“Hey Ethan! Can you drive me to the Starbucks in town?” I ask running down the stairs. “Ethan?” 

“He’s already in the car waiting for you.” Cameron yells from the kitchen.

“Thanks Cam.” I yell.

“You’re welcome Anthi! Have fun!” 

I climb into the car and Ethan drives me into town and I get out walking.

“Hi. Are Anthi?” One of the Baristas ask. 

“I am.” I smile. 

“Oh good. I was asked to give you this and this drink.” She says handing me a sticky note and my favourite drink. “Also Happy Birthday.” 

I look at the note reading it. 

Second last one. Go to the jewelry store where you saw so many nice things in.

“I’m guessing you already know where to go, so just drive.” I giggle, He chuckles pulling out of the Starbucks parking lot. 

Once we pull into the parking lot and he stops the car, I jump out running into the store. 

“You’re Anthi right?” The jeweler asks. 

“I am.” I smile.

“Here. But read the sticky note throughly.” He says narrowing his eyes in a joking manner. 

“I will. Thank you.”

“Happy Birthday!” 

“Thank you so much.” 

Don’t open. I mean it Anthi!!! I’ll open it when you get to me. Also your last hint. Meet me in the park. 

I’ve been walking around the park trying to find Grayson but I can’t find him anywhere. 

I text Ethan again asking him if he drove me to the right park. He texts me back quickly saying yes, just keep looking. 

“Hi baby,” I hear a quiet voice say. 

I turn to see Grayson looking gorgeous as ever, giving me a gorgeous smile. 

“Wow. I didn’t think you’d look as gorgeous as you do in that dress.” He says slowing walking towards me. 

“Really?” I ask blushing. 

He chuckles pressing his body into mine and kissing me roughly.

“Mmm babe people are watching.” I mumble unattaching my lips from his.

“I don’t care.” He chuckles. I cough embarrassed pushing the far to obvious ring box in his chest. 

“Oh goody, you got it!” He says like a child. “Did you look at it?” 

“No. I swear.” I answer. 

“Good.” He says opening the box. I look down my eyes widening. “Now before you go all crazy, it’s just a promise ring. This is my promise to you. To be the best boyfriend I could be! I love you.” 

“I love you more Gray.” 


Hi, I meant to post this last night but I fell asleep haha. This is the Otherworldly Hanbok Dress (F). I wasn’t sure if I was gonna get it till I saw someone post a picture of it on the Mabinogi forums. I actually didn’t expect to get it so soon LOL so I used the tin pot from hot time. The seller was cool, he included the set gloves which I had been looking for but I haven’t seen anywhere (Sorry to the person who was also offering on the dress >.<). Its really cute when small but I hate that its hard to see the details so I ran Alby Adv looking for Tiro for an age pot. Of course after I used the age pot LOL didn’t seem as cute anymore but at least can see the details better. I took pictures when small just in case (glad I did). Some notes for anyone looking to get one:

- The Kite included when doing the Idle does NOT change after you dye the outfit, it is color lock. I was lucky mine came out pink (I’ve seen a couple with the same color kite as mine but I’ve also seen an orange x black version).

- The gold parts are not dyeable and neither is the red gem on the front bow. There is also 3 dyeable parts which is the frills/socks/top part of the dress and the bow on the back, the ribbons on the front and the small bow on the back, and the main part of the dress.

Okay think that’s all LOL for the gloves, only one part is dyeable and the middle part changes to a darker shade to whatever color you use. I also have the hat and shoes, don’t like the hat though cause it looks like it smushes my head and the shoes I haven’t finished dyeing so I wasn’t wearing them. It took awhile to figure out how I wanted to dye the outfit. Usually I like having the biggest part pink but when I dyed it a lighter shade, the little flower blossoms on the dress disappeared. So I decided to go with brown instead and very happy how it turned out. I also ran into Milk in Belvast last night and love how the new male wig looks. :D If anyone is selling the non eyepatch* version, Milk is looking for it!

Outfit: Otherworldly Hanbok Dress (F)
Headpiece: Brilluen Wig
Shoes: Ella Strap Boots/Traditional Wedding Boots
Gloves: Otherworldly Hanbok Sleeves (F)
Accessories: Pink Diamond Wings, Frozen Heart Balloon

No Angel

Request:  Can I get a one shot were dean hears the reader singing, & is amazed because in all the time they’re dating he has never heard her sing. Song suggestion: angel-the weeknd, Beyonce: no angel, Beyonce: jealous, or the weeknd- as you are PLEASE PLEASE P.s concerning the singing one shot. You can add smut to it. That would be great! by @kathyyyyy22

Words: 1033

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Beyonce - No Angel

Warning: Smut, unprotected sex

A/N: I’m sorry if this sucks and is not quite what you expected but it was hard getting into these songs and picking one :) Also Dean AND Reader point of view!

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My Odd Neighbour and My Odd Neighbour’s Boyfriend


Prompt from natasharamonoff: You know that neighbor in Magnus building with the on off relationship? Could you write Malec from THEIR POV? Like how they viewed Magnus and Alec’s life together and the first kiss and breakup?

It’s written as journal entries but I’m awful with dates and time scales so I decided to just leave them out. Also, the ending feels a little bit rushed so I’m sorry about that, but I did my best.

I’m very tired today, I almost fell asleep at work. Not good. Mr Bane had another party last night, that’s why. The noise was atrocious, the loud music, the thudding of all those people dancing and running up and down the stairs, people shouting at each other. Jamie said I should complain about the noise but I didn’t want to. Mr Bane is a very odd man, he makes me a little uncomfortable. Such outrageous dress sense, and those cat eye contact lenses he’s always wearing. Jamie said I was a coward and I shouldn’t be so judgemental but when I said maybe he should go and complain then he said he was too tired. Hypocrite.
There was another reason I didn’t want to go knocking on Mr Bane’s door, but I didn’t want to tell Jamie after he’d already called me a coward for feeling a little unsettled around Mr Bane. It’s his party guests. They’re a very threatening looking bunch. They all ride these very ugly, almost organic looking motorbikes. I passed a couple of the guests outside the building when I got home late from work and the way they looked at me was almost predatory. I’d rather not walk into a whole room full of them and start making complaints.

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can you write one where Calum is yn’so dead brother and one night she goes to his grave and tells him how her life has been since he left and she spends all night there until Ashton finds her and takes her back to Luke’s because she ran away when they got into a fight???? It’s a weird request I know

AN Wow guys, you like to make me sad, huh? Also, sorry for the lack of update these past couple days, I fell asleep writing my ATL one last night, but here’s this one, tonight, and I really hope you like it. Your patience makes me happy, and everything you do, whether it’s an ask, or a like, or a reblog, or a read, everything counts. So thank you so much. I love you guys xx

Warning: suicide mention

Your POV

“Hey, Cal,” I smile sadly at Calum’s grave. I hated having this place be the only place I could feel him. It was the only thing I had left since he had gone. I hated thinking that he was no longer there. It hurt to know that I’ll never hear his laugh again, or see his cute smile. I gave a heavy sigh.

“It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Life isn’t the same as it was when you were here. Luke’s been acting odd lately. I know you never really liked us being together, but you should know that he’s really gotten a lot better. Until, you know..”

I sat down where my brother was buried, and hugged my knees to my chest. I felt tears well up in my eyes and did nothing to stop them or push them away. I started to sniffle and bit my lip as it started to quiver. “I really miss you, Cal. It just hasn’t been the same. Mom and Dad mope around all day, hoping you’ll come back to us. I know you won’t. I know you can’t. That’s just how it is.

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I fell asleep in your arms
and woke up alone,
I knew you would
leave one day.

But did it have to be so soon?
Look! I’ve made room
inside of this red room,
it’s not like your bedroom
with a gorgeous view,
but I made it just for you.

I fell asleep last night alone
and I remember when
you used to let me hold you,
I never held you enough.

I hate that it’s my only regret.

Out of the blue was where we talked.
Inside the halls of lost souls
and broken lovers,
we managed to walk.

I’m sorry that we took separate paths.
I’m sorry that you couldn’t stay,

but I’m also glad that I didn’t
ask for you to do such a thing.

I woke up into a nightmare
and slept thinking about dreaming,
but sometimes these lines
we once crossed for each other…

It only reminds me of how
we should have loved
each other better.

—  i wanted to call you again,
but i didn’t, so i wrote
another poem instead.
how are you?