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Firstly I apologise for the truly appalling quality of the lighting in both pictures. This room just doesn’t work but it’s also my only full length mirror so I’m sorry it’s a bit rubbish.

So despite Christmas 🎄 this is my official five months progress photo. It’s actually one where I can look at this and start to feel happy about things. It’s going in the right direction and clean eating with regular exercise is completely changing my body. It’s all a bit excited. Is it ok to say I actually feel a bit proud of myself?

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Tragedy. It was a constant. Like the fading sun and rising moon, every new day seemed to bring on something more to break against her bones, something new to find purchase in her throat and threaten to choke her. It wasn’t easy – none of this was. Protecting everyone in Red Creek had always been what she’d wanted; but the spotlight growing hotter on her own coven’s back and the newly dead soon buried among those others before them made it difficult. The grass that grew to meet the headstones of ancestors irritated her skin, but she’d hadn’t enough power of will to move. She didn’t know what to do – and all she had was the strength that resonated from within the ground beneath her. Perhaps it was heartless of her, to have barely thought of the hunters – the people she knew, the people she’d shared this town with; but her heart didn’t bleed for them. She bled for her people. She could feel their very essence fade from the air around her. A loss to her coven was staggering, they’d come to learn to channel each other — to trust the powers each member held, and suddenly two were gone. Their power with it. Had they not already been weak in the face of a town wide magic ban – of which she had no part of voting it in – such a loss was devastating. A waning flower held between delicate fingers grew to bloom by the mere will of her power, uncaring to the ban – uncaring of much at this point in time. JD was still missing, Nolan was going out of his mind, and she didn’t know where to go from here  – how to help, when so many now saw the Fontaine Coven as something they never had been before. A threat. “White Carnations. Symbolic for remembrance.” She muttered lightly as the presence behind her became known, the flower soon laid cross the stone Savannah knelt before. “As if anybody could forget the things that happen here in the first place.–”

wcw/wce ~ Berenice Griselda Wolfe

Bless this woman, this problematic fave of mine.

Even though it’s frustrating, and hearing Hanssen say “she’s decided to stay” felt like the biggest slap in the face, I adore this woman and I ache over the thought of her being so hard on herself. Professionally she is in complete control, she is who you want in a crisis, she’s bloody good at what she does and she knows it! Professional Bernie is the ’Big macho army medic’ oh and how she’s made me swoon since day one. But personally? she’s so much more fragile than I ever would’ve expected and it’s kinda great in a way that the writers have given her that dimension, and flipped the old ‘lesbian/bi character seduces straight character’ on it’s head.Don’t get me wrong, she has seduced Serena and made her fall in love with her, but in terms of pushing things forward she isn’t the aggressor. Serena is the more confident,  she’s been completely open with how she feels- totally in keeping with Serena Campbell’s character, god love that woman! Bernie has so much guilt over hurting her family, Marcus and Alex that she denies herself the chance to even see where her love for Serena will take her. How sad is that? she’s convinced that all she’ll do is cause pain and suffering and that’s heart breaking. 

 No- one is tougher on Bernie than Bernie…“you stupid, stupid coward” -  I wish she spoke to herself the way she speaks to others, because she is a great friend, always very quick to show kindness to everyone but herself . She isn’t a coward, and I wish she believed that she deserves this happiness because she does, and so does Serena.

So come home Bernie and embrace being loved by the one and only Serena Campbell, because that is an absolute gift. 

Sleepy Kisses

Fandom: The Hobbit 

Pairing: Bard the Bowman x Female!Reader


Word Count: 4470 I honestly have no idea what happen im sorry

Warnings: Smut, fluff and tickles :)

Notes: To the anon that requested this, I really do hope you enjoy it. <3 I know it’s not exactly what you asked for, but hopefully it’s just as cute as you imagined it would be? I’m also sorry about the length, I think this is the longest one shot I’ve written in a looong time only because it’s my first smut bard fic. I have to admit, that I did get a bit carried away, haha. But I hope that you and everyone else who happen to reads this enjoy it even just a little. <3

Also, if y'all have the time to, I would love to hear what you thought about this! You definitely don’t have to, I’m thankful if you just read it. But it’ll let me know how I’m doing, and it makes me feel all fluffy inside. ^-^

Please and thank you! Now enjoy~ <3

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Undertale IF: Chapter 2 Side. A Tale from the another world - 2





Yes. still flashbacking ;-; God, I barely made it! I was overestimating my work speed. yes this update was supposed to have 1 more pg, omg ugh D;. i’ll add that in hopefully in next five days or so.. -v-) Also pardon the bad dialogues, i was half asleep writing them out :c as far as my schedule allows, i’m afraid the comics will stay this length :( Sorry guys! 

I’ll also update the links tomorrow. Thank you for the wait ! and for all the newcomers, welcome! :D 

update: I wanna just scream right now at how godforsaken my schedule has been. Sorry guys :’( I wasn’t even able to open my photoshop for the past days ! sorry for keeping you guys wait, I’ll try to get to this as soon as i can! 

The Teddy that came back from Oakland looked different to the Teddy that went there only a couple of weeks ago. Still short, still riddled with horrible tattoos, still bundled in dark clothes that made him look more sinister than he was, but there were noticeable differences. His hair, which grew abnormally fast anyway, was a little longer than he was used to and he planned to take a razor to it any day. He had a tan, his Italian blood made that easy anyway but there was a slightly golden tinge to his otherwise pale complexion that could’ve looked healthy if he wasn’t a little skinny from not eating properly, and if his eyes weren’t still a little hollow from lack of sleep. He looked like the Teddy that’d first stepped into Palmetto in freshman year and that was how he felt too.

He got back to the tower too late at night to go and say hello to anyone, so he quietly let himself into his room, left his suitcase on top of his bed, and went to the court. He’d been itching to see the place since he’d been gone, being away from Exy for this long was so alien to Teddy now that it felt strange not being near a court. Keys in hand, he let himself in and a warm feeling, like something settling inside of him, washed over him as he turned on the lights and he took the building in once again. He’d been here hundreds of times before but this was different because he’d missed it, it felt more like coming home than going back to Oakland ever could.

With no one around, he was free to pace about the court itself, following his own shadow as he traced paint lines and wooden planks like they were the most interesting thing in the world. He was tired, there was no denying that, but bed didn’t call to him yet. However, when Teddy decided to take a seat in the bleachers and just look at the court, his eyes started drooping, he curled up across a few of the seats (just to get comfortable, obviously), and fell asleep.

When he woke up it was daylight, the room was too bright and he was too tired for it and he groaned furiously at the disturbance. He pulled the collar of his jumper up over his face in an attempt to block it out and had to physically fight down the urge to snap at whoever’s footsteps he could hear. The urge won.

“Occupied,” he called, his voice rough with tiredness, “come back later. No vacancy. No room at the inn.”

From The Depths

Closed Starter || @violeteyedwarlock || Plot Based || Muse: Alice

What she thought was a world of wonder and beauty had revealed itself to be a new kind of horror. The isolation and boredom she’d escaped from had merely been replaced by terror and distrust. 

Only a year had passed, and Alice found herself repeatedly attacked. A petite and naive girl made a perfect target for all sorts; not having a place to comfortably rest her head had made it all the harder. Alice had never imagined struggling to survive the winter.

That had passed, but the pain lingered; the memories were there, haunting her, causing her to jump at every sound and sleep with eyes open. There was a way to escape, she decided, and to never feel that pain again.

Or so Alice thought as she stood at the edge, the steep drop downwards making her heart pound. She stepped off, her bare foot hanging over open air, and let go. The fall was quick; the force of impact with the water made her head spin, but that wasn’t the worst of it. 

An unseen storm caused the ocean to toss and turn, waves towering over her and pulling her deeper. Even as instincts took over, body begging for her to live, to try, there was no point in struggling for the top. Alice couldn’t swim, but not even the strongest would be able to withstand such a tide. 

The cold numbed her to the bones, and almost without her realising, the world faded away, replaced with an empty nothingness. Whether it was from lack of oxygen, the fall, or crashing her head into the cliffside, she didn’t know. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered anymore.

After the challenge, her housemates ( and house crashers ) all had the same idea to mingle with each other, making introductions. Aaryn had a different approach – logically, she knew she should be out there, forging conversations as if she cared about it. However, she’d opted for going straight to bed, and the next morning woke to finally, some peace and quiet – everyone had evidently had a late night, and was sleeping in. She dragged her half-awake body out of bed, an annoyed look at the camera following her, and slunk down to the kitchen.

What was already a messy house had clearly been further destroyed the night before, and as if that wasn’t enough to worsen her bad mood, she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. The last thing Aaryn wanted to do this morning was socialize, but she put on her best polite half-smile anyway as she began to make some coffee. “Want some?” she offered without even looking up, clearly not caring for the answer. “Seems like there was…” the judging look on her face couldn’t be hidden as she glanced at the living room, “…quite the welcome-home last night.”

Ariana sat under a tree, trying to somewhat shield herself from the sun’s rays while still enjoying its heat and light. She had gone up to the Overland often enough to visit her grandparents, aunts, and little cousins that she didn’t immediately burn as her mother would. Her skin was not translucent, merely very pale as these visits, though often enough to keep her from her mother’s state, were still rare. She thought about her family and the Underland. Cousin Nerissa was either worried sick or had a vision in which everything would be alright. Mom would probably be more worried about the fate of the kingdom than the fate of her own daughter. The only heir had gone missing after all. She took off her crown and held it in her hands, staring at it and pondering whether she would ever return home. The crown meant nothing outside of the Underland. To all these Overlanders the thin band of gold probably looked like merely a weird headband. She placed it back on her head and looked up at the sky through the tree limbs. Life was going to change, that’s for sure. But whether it was for better or for worse, she could not yet tell. She heard footsteps approaching and instinctively reached for her dagger, only to realize it was not there. “Who are you?” she demanded.

emilia was on such a natural high, as she usually was after completing a dance class. the brunette had moved to wilson five months prior and after very quickly running out of the last of her savings, she knew she needed a job. dance had always been a huge part of her life and it was pure luck that the only studio in town was looking for full-time instructors. teaching dance had become her escape from the real world and she felt blessed to be one of the few people who actually loved their job. as she headed down the street, making the short walk back to her apartment with her headphones plugged into her ears, she was too into the music to notice the person coming out of the store doors in front of her. running right into them, she lost her balance and fell flat on her butt. with her cheeks burning bright red, she glanced up and immediately started spewing an apology. “i’m so, so sorry!” she exclaimed. “wow, i really need to watch where i’m going. are you okay?” the brunette questioned as she picked herself back up.



Thomas adjusted the watch on his wrist, making sure it was facing the correct way so if he needed to contact the control center, he could. This was the very first time he was going undercover as a teacher to be a bodyguard for Brady, the son of the President of the United States. 

Brady insisted on taking public college courses, which Thomas personally commended, however the Secret Service wasn’t going to let the boy run about without any protection so a select few got to be the lucky ones who were stationed around the campus to keep an eye on the young man. Thomas didn’t think anyone would harm the president’s son, but no one was going to take that chance in case there was that one person who slipped through their fingers. 

Thankfully, Thomas was well educated in history since it was one of his favourite subjects and it made him a perfect candidate for an undercover agent posed as a teacher. Everything is in order… he thought to himself as he organized his desk, waiting for the first class of the day. Students began to file in hesitantly for they made sure it was the right classroom and in the middle of a small group was Brady. Thomas straightened up and adjusted his blazer. The last few students trickled in and he began his lesson, dark eyes always finding their way to the president’s son, Brady. 

The hour ended fairly quickly and once the bell rang, no one wasted their time on leaving. “Uh– Brady? Do you mind staying back for a second?” 

Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: wow wtf i didnt realise how long this is sorry ogm i think i got a little carried away btu i hope it makes up for not updating last week tally ho



Chapter Thirteen

Dan lets what Phil had said stick in his mind for a little longer than he’d wanted it to.

And by that ridiculous understatement, he means it had completely and utterly consumed every conscious thought sitting in his mind, making it immensely difficult to try and think of anything else that wasn’t Phil, Ryan, or those fucking blue eyes.

Not your best, Daniel.” Mrs. Rotherham raises her eyebrows, dropping Dan’s History test on the table with a condescending clatter. He sighs, picking up and letting himself be met with the bold letter C glaring back at him in fierce red ink, causing his stomach to drop with the realisation of how much it’d been starting to affect his schoolwork. Granted, he’s not, and never had been the most focused of students, and he’d admit to spending more lesson time with his eyes glued to the window at whatever was happening on the other side of the glass rather than whatever dull information was being plonked onto the board in front of him, but it’d never affected him this much.

He gulps, nibbling his lip and shoving the paper into his bag with a rushed crumple before anyone else caught sight of his embarrassing grade; especially considering if he reached anything below that, he could kiss Welfeather, and a secure chance of an Oxford University application goodbye.

Well, at least he could return back to Fernhaven if that did end up happening.

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For @timepetalsprompts drabble prompt “relief”. I also drew inspiration from this prompt on @otpisms:

OTP Idea #526
Imagine your OTP meeting because Person A has a panic attack on the train that Person B is on.

I changed it a bit, making it happen on the Zeppelin ride home from Norway.
Also, it isn’t anywhere near drabble length. (I’m sorry, so so sorry.)

Objectively, the Doctor knows exactly what is happening to him. His one heart beats rapidly, his breaths are shallow. Apparently even a complicated event in time and space isn’t immune to a panic attack.

The knowledge doesn’t make it any easier.

He’s on the Zeppelin, heading to an uncertain future. Jackie won’t stop talking and Rose isn’t talking much at all.

The Doctor’s one heart seems to be seizing in his chest, his breaths coming faster and faster, and he feels a bit dizzy. No respiratory bypass to help that out. It’s as if he’s still on the beach, only too close to the shoreline because waves are lapping at his feet.

First they’re small waves (Rose isn’t holding my hand), then they grow. (Rose isn’t talking to me.) Then they threaten to overwhelm him. (Rose doesn’t want me.)

And now it’s just like a tsunami (No TARDIS, only silence in my mind), and he feels as if he will surely pass out. A tiny part of his mind wonders if he should bother waking back up. He squeezes his eyes shut.

Then, there are hands holding his hands. They’re small, soft, and they fit perfectly in his. The vice grip on his heart eases slightly.

“Doctor. Doctor, are you okay? You’re having a panic attack. Listen to me, love, just focus on my voice.”

He focuses on the endearment. Already it feels better. He nods his head, still unable to speak.

“Take a deep breath, hold it, then slowly breathe it out. It’s okay. Talk to me when you can.”

As long as he focuses on Rose’s voice, he can do this. He takes the deep breaths because he knows she’s right. If he could think straight, he could have thought up the solution all on his own. It takes a bit, but the breathing helps.

“Is he okay? Is he sick?”

He really didn’t want to hear Jackie’s voice. It makes him remember that long ago Christmas when she was shouting her version of help at him.

“S'okay, Mum. He’s not sick. Did the breathin’, help, Doctor?”

He finds that his voice has returned, but he still doesn’t want to open his eyes. “Yes, thank you,” he whispers. Rose’s hands squeeze his and it’s the best thing he’s felt so far (other than that brilliant kiss).

“Oh,” Jackie breathes, like she’s in on some secret.

The Doctor’s face reddens. He can feel the heat on his ears. The last thing he wants is pity from both of them. Especially not from Jackie. He expelled a noisy breath and finally opens his eyes.

What he sees from both Tyler women floors him. No pity, just
understanding. And as he dares to hope, love. He can feel tears stinging his eyes. “I’m sorry, so sorry,” he murmurs in a rush.

“Oh, s'fine, Doctor. I’ve had a fair few panic attacks. They’re terrifyin’. If it hadn’t been for Mum when I first got here…..” Rose trails off, giving Jackie a grateful smile.

“Had ‘em when my first Pete died,” Jackie added. “Thought I was havin’ a heart attack that first time.”

“Mum taught me the breathin’ exercises,” Rose explained.

“Oh,” is all the Doctor can manage. It’s painful to think of what both women had to go through to cause those attacks. Surely they didn’t
need to be burdened with him. “You didn’t sign up for this, Rose. You didn’t expect to get stuck with me, in this universe, burdened with taking care of me because I can’t deal with it all.”

Before Rose can even speak, Jackie interjects, “Oh, don’t be stupid. Of course we’ll take care of you. S'called bein’ a family. You two need to do a lot of talkin’, but not tonight. You two need rest. Just relax, Doctor, we’ll figure it out.”

Then she’s heading back to her seat, and the Doctor is left with an unexpected feeling of lightness. If Jackie’s calling him stupid and speaking to him like that, she isn’t pitying him. She’s treating him like always. In a weird way, it’s comforting.

Rose sits beside him, letting his hands go, but putting her arms around him. “I’m sorry,” she whispers.

“Why? What do you have….” He’s truly baffled.

“….to be sorry for?” she finished, “other than ignoring your distress? I’m apologizing for being a right cow.”

“Don’t call yourself that. You’ve been asked…forced to accept something that you had not planned.” He hung his head.

She nodded. “Things turned out differently than I had expected. When has our life together ever been predictable? We’ll figure this out. Together. We’re stuck with each other, and…”

“Not so bad?” he sighed with a small smile.

“No, not at all. You promised me your forever, Doctor. And I want that.”

The Doctor feels another immense wave of emotion, but this time it’s relief. His knotted muscles finally begin to relax.

“Mum’s right, we have a lot to talk about but I think, right now…. I just want…need to hold you. Is that okay?”

“I think that’s brilliant,” he breathes, smiling as the tears shine in his eyes.

The Doctor opened his arms to Rose, and she seats herself on his lap. She snuggles against him, nuzzling against his neck. He chuckles when her hair tickles his cheek. As soon as she relaxes against him he can feel the tension leaving his body, and he thinks it’s left hers as well. He kisses her hair and she murmurs, “Feeling better?”

“Yeah. It’s better.” He is surprised that he really feels better, and he’s not telling her he’s always alright.

“Better with two, remember?” She kisses his lips softly.

He beams at her. “Always better with two, Rose Tyler.”

aro/ace/nb dr who quotes

here, have a fuckton of quotes that either confirm or imply aro-spectrum ace nb dr who

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@almostasunking here it is, my legacy

the arrangement || rosie & theo

{ taken from this au }

Theo was going to be just like his father, and just like his father’s father, and just like his father’s father’s father. The more he thought about it the more it made his head spin. And, on top of all of that, his mom wouldn’t stop badgering him about marriage. This was the 21st century, he was fairly sure of it, what use would he have in a wife? But with his mom getting to his dad and the two of them threatening to cut him off if he didn’t get his act together, he was kicked into high gear. That was why they had called him into the city. When he visited his parents he normally stayed in a hotel, not wanting to have to spend 24 hours, or sometimes longer than that, hearing them nag or drone on about nonsense. So after their conversation at lunch, he had spent the day walking around the city, pacing the lobby of the hotel, and now finally heading up to his room. 

He took out his key and unlocked he heavy door to his room, closing it behind him and sighing. Just as he continued to walk into the suite and take off his coat, he noticed someone in his bed. “And the reviews said the accommodations were sub par.” He joked, eyeing her suspiciously. “What are you doing?”



Shadowhunters, demons, vampires, werewolfs. It seemed that her world had been turned upside down in just a few brief moments. She’d found love, lost it, and found it again, her mother was kidnapped, put under a spell, returned to her and finally murdered by her fathers demonic plans, and her ‘brothers’ best friend  was the one used to execute her.

Of course Clary didn’t blame Alec in the least but it was still a lot to take in. Grabbing her tea the redhead wandered just outside the institute sitting on the steps watching people live their life through the warding. They were so oblivious to her world crashing around her, oblivious to the dangers that surrounded them day in and out.

She’d been happy for a few brief moments. Dating Simon her best friend, after Jace it had been easy. Exactly what she needed. Simon wasn’t what she wanted though. He’d made her happy, but only as happy as a best friend could. she wasn’t in love with him, his touch didn’t leave her feeling like she was on fire, kiss didn’t leave her breathless. Jace still owned her heart as much as she hated it since they were related. Shaking that thought from her mind the redhead sighed. As much as she wished things were different they couldn’t be. That was the sad truth, her feelings for Jace were wrong and she needed to lock them away. Though continuing her relationship with Simon would prove to be detrimental to their friendship as long as she couldn’t return his feelings. 

Taking a sip as she heard the heavy wooden doors open she sighed. “It’s crazy how much has gone on in the past few weeks, good, bad. I don’t know how you do it day in and day out.” She knew it was Jace, she could just feel his presence even before he spoke. 

“Everybody talks about how horrible Tsao and Clockwerk are, but nobody ever mentions Raleigh. What was his reason for starting crime? Not a Freudian excuse; like the thought process behind hate and jealousy with Clockwerk, but boredom. And his first way to stop being bored was to turn to piracy and he liked it. His storm machine sinks a lot of ships, and given the weather I don’t think too many members of the ship’s crews could save themselves, so the kill count of these ship wrecks is probably pretty high. Combine that with Raleigh’s comment about the raid on Sly’s house, which shows he has no qualms whatsoever with killing children. Raleigh is a pretty horrifying guy, when you think about it.”

Confessed by: Anonymous


(Also had to edit this confession a bit due to length, sorry anon.)

Famous Last Words

Summary: In a world where the last words your soulmate will say to you are written on your wrist, fearful and introverted Phil works in a bookstore. His greatest fear? The words counting down the seconds until he meet his soulmate, someone called ‘Dan.’ But it isn’t until he befriends a university student that he nicknames ‘Bear’ that Phil realizes that surviving through fear isn’t the same as living.

A/N: I was going to wait and post this more around the weekend but I don’t think I’m going to get a chance, hence the early update. Fair warning, for the next little week or two updates might be a little sporadic. Also, sorry for the length. I got a (little) carried away…

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Chapter Two

    Ink and Quill was one of the rapidly diminishing bookstores in London that was independently owned. It didn’t have the couches and cafes found in corporate bookstores, and there was just enough space for two floors, both crammed with bookshelves overflowing with books. The extent of its food stretched to the lone pot sitting by the counter that occasionally had coffee in it and the basket next to it filled with scones that no one seemed to know how old they were.

    Like most things in Phil’s life, it was hardly first class. He had been working at Ink and Quill since university, and while it might not pay as much as he’d like there was a sense of comfort and safety that he associated with Ink and Quill that was uniquely its own.

    It was also just around the corner from Starbucks, something else that he appreciated as the coffee at Ink and Quill was crap. Due to this, Starbucks had become his retreat for when he needed a shot of caffeine.

     Caffeine withdrawal found Phil sitting at Starbucks as far from the door as was biologically possible. His cup was sitting on the table, lid firmly fastened. His phone was held in his right hand, a game of Crossy Road loaded and underway.

    If Ink and Quill was his second home, Starbucks was like his home-away-from-second-home. A regular for over five years, he was on a first name basis with most of the baristas and most of the time they could anticipate his order before he had even made up his mind. The tables were artfully arranged in a manner so that he could sit at the back surrounded by people but somehow maintain his isolation at the same time.

     It was a good place to be alone with his thoughts, but today he was meeting someone.

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Arthur hadn’t been very excited when Vivi had brought up a new case to him, told him the details, and brought up the GPS to get there. He hadn’t been excited driving to the motel nearest the location. He hadn’t been excited when they stopped for nachos. He just- wasn’t excited. He never truly was for these cases. 

After getting Lewis back, he had become so honestly confused when him and Vivi agreed to continue doing cases. Why would they want to? That had been the entire reason they’d lost Lewis in the first place!! He had wanted so desperately to just be done- But of course, they weren’t having that. 

So, begrudgingly, he had agreed to go on this case with them, under the promise they’d all be safe. The drive had been long, excruciatingly so, and it was as such they all decided to pass out when they got to the motel. 

Arthur awoke at around 3 am, feeling- something. Something strong. He repressed a shiver, before standing up, peering out the window and- feeling a pull. A curiosity. It suddenly occurred to him- he was here for a reason. 

“Arthur? Are you alright?” Lewis called softly from the bed. Arthur silently cursed- he’d forgotten that the bara didn’t need sleep. 

“.. Will you come with me there? I- I think I need to go there now. We can leave a note for Viv.” Arthur murmurs softly, looking at his friend. 

Lewis was hesitant, but ended up agreeing, hastily writing a note for Vi, before walking out with Arthur. 

And, now, here they were- walking in a dark forest, the only light was the moon, and a small flame in Lewis’s hands.