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Do you think Clarke had already subconsciously fallen for Bellamy when she was with Finn and Lexa? It seems like both Finn and Lexa had questioned her about this in an indirect manner.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer:

The attraction has been there since season 1. That’s for sure. I mean look at her face. They were openly flirting in this scene.

And Finn saw that too.

I think she started having feelings (in a romantic sense of the word) for Bellamy in season 2. She asked specifically if Finn and Bellamy made it. Twice.  She put Bellamy on the same level as her love interest. (Did she ask for Monroe? Sterling? Octavia? No.)

She ran through the camp just to get to him and the hug… even Bellamy himself was shocked. Octavia noticed (”There’s something I thought I’d never see.” + her facial expression is also very telling) Damn just rewatch it. Pay a special attention to Clarke’s facial expressions. Compare Bellarke hug to Clarke/Octavia hug - that’s a massive difference.

Clarke still felt guilty for closing the door on Bellamy and Finn. That’s very evident in that scene by the fire in 2x05.  Bellamy offered her understanding. “It had to be done.” He made it very clear that he’s not holding it against her, that he understand why she did it. He reassured her she’d done the right thing. And that’s something Clarke needed at this moment. She was kinda on her own in the Mountain. She was suspicious and trying to get out while the other were trying to convince her they’re finally safe. Then she espaced with the knowledge she left them all behind in MW (which is not what happened but I’m pretty sure Clarke thought something like this). And then she reunited with Bellamy and suddenly she was not alone. She got her partner back. 

And then in 2x05-2x08, they were back in their co-leaders mode. They were so in sync…. Since this episode (meaning 2x05) Bellamy is the person she trusts the most. The person who understands the burden of being a leader and carries it with her. She started falling for Bellamy in these episodes. She still had feelings for Finn but she was not exactly “with Finn”. She wasn’t Finn with since the moment Raven’d landed on the Earth.

The narrative backs me up in 2x09. Clarke just killed Finn and one of the first things she said to Bellamy in this episode is “I can’t lose you too.” Again, Bellamy is put at the same level as the person she’d said “I love you” just a few hours ago.Later in the episode L/xa (sorry guys but thi will show up in the tag anyway since the anon used the correct name) and Clarke had conversation about leading their people and L/xa confided a story of her lost love to Clarke. Clarke needed to stop the pain. She wanted to become a strong stoic leader and make sure she will never have to feel this way again so she built the walls around her heart and emotionally shut herself off. “Love is weakness.” And what is the first thing Clarke did? She sent Bellamy away with the words “I was being weak. It’s worth the risk.” This is Clarke trying to be like L/xa - strong leader devoid of emotions. And what is Clarke’s last line in this episode? “Love is weakness.” Hmmm interesting. So yeah I think she started realizing she has feelings for Bellamy in 2x09 but that’s one of the reasons she sent him away. 

She realized her mistake pretty fast because basically all episode of 2b is Clarke being constantly worried about Bellamy (2x11 is a perfect example but it’s in every single episode). Yet she never stopped believing in Bellamy. She never doubted him. She always believed he’d succeed in this mission.

Even L/xa saw it and called Clarke out on her feelings for Bellamy. “You care about him.” “I care about all of them.” “Yet you worry about him more.” FUCK EVEN L/XA SAW IT.

“…besides, we lost contact with Bellamy.” she’s blinking the tears back again.

And their reunion in the tunnels in 2x16? Clarke is speechless, she’s just staring at Bellamy in wonder, blinking the tears back. She absolutely stunned and the relief is written all over her face.

Moving on…. she didn’t tell anyone else but Bellamy that she’s leaving (maybe expect for Monty). She didn’t even tell her mother. Anyways, did she kiss Monty goodbye? No, she didn’t.

Now for the second part of your question. I’d like to start by saying that Clarke probably spent plenty of time thinking about the delinquents and Bellamy in particular during those 3 months between s2 and s3. Now I’m talking about platonic Bellarke. She thought of him as her partner, friend, co-leader. Se thought of him as a person who pulled that lever with her.

And then she finally saw him again when he came to rescue her. He caressed her face and hair and she’s absolutely stunned. She just started at him with wide eyes. She begged for his life, her voice breaking and she’s do anything - even sacrificing her own life for him (don’t forget that she didn’t know Roan is taking her to Polis, she thought he’s taking her to Nia who wants to kill her). This scene kills me every damn time because it’s the least platonic shit I’ve ever seen. And Roan noticed (and as the season went on, he kept on noticing).

Then everything had changed because Roan brought her to Polis and Clarke was forced to play a role of Wanheda, She became a political figure. War was about to happen and Skaikru was in danger. She didn’t trust L/xa (for a good reason because obviously L/xa betrayed them before) so she had to stay to make sure L would keep her word AND SHE WASN’T READY TO COME BACK. NOT YET. That’s why she decided to stay in Polis in 3x03. If you watch the scene closely, you can see that the conversation with Bellamy wasn’t easy for Clarke. When he walked away, she had to take a moment to blink back the tears and take a deep breath before she was ready to turn around and play the role of wanheda again.

Since 3x04 she was falling for L/xa. But at the same time, she never stopped having feelings for Bellamy. It is possible to love two people at the same time. But I believe Clarke didn’t realize the true nature of her feelings for Bellamy.

One of my scene is definitely their argument in 3x05. I analyzed it in details so you can check that out. Clarke was stunned. She was absolutely crushed. But that scene also kinda woke her up. She was on her own for 3 months, she was isolated from her people in Polis (which is the main reason I’m always saying she was a terrible ambassador) and this argument finally showed her the reality and the consequences of what’s been going on in Arkadia in between 2x16 and 3x05. She realized she’s not the only one who’s hurting. She saw how broken Bellamy was. And she believed her they could fix it all. Together. But she said a few words that triggered Bellamy and he did what he did (again, I talked about it in detail a few months ago).

After the debacle in Arkadia, she focused on playing the role on wanheda again in order to keep her people safe. She was getting closer and closer with L/xa and eventually she fall for her…. and we all know how that played out. Clarke lost another person she loved. At that time, that was all she could think of. Everything happened so fast and then there was the flame, Titus, Murphy… she didn’t have time to think about her feelings. She was overwhelmed. Her feelings for Bellamy were still buried inside of her though without her realizing it.

The Bellarke reunion in 3x11 is interesting for many reasons. Clarke expression can be interpreted many ways but I think she’s also shocked she saw Bellamy, relieved he’s alive and relatively well (she had to blink to make sure he’s really standing there in front of her) and she was also scared. She didn’t know where they stood because the last time they saw each other he handcuffed her and she tazed him.

3b was about finding their way back to each other and Bellamy realizing his feelings for Clarke. Yes, I think that at this point Bellamy is aware of his feelings for Clarke. Clarke on the other hand is not but the feelings are definitely there and have been since season 2. Those feelings never disappeared and I hope we’ll get to see Clarke bringing these feeling back on the surface and becoming aware of her them.

Superstore ramble

I guess the best word to describe the last episode of Superstore for me is - bittersweet. 

I loved it, i honestly loved it. I think it was amazing season finale, gracefully walking the line between fun and serious.

A few comments before I’ll turn into my Amy x Jonah ramble:

1. I just want to say that I really love Glenn. When I started this show he was annoying the hell out of me, but with time he found a way into my heart. And I just can’t help to find it really endearing how much he cares about his employees. Bless his kind soul.

2. Garret wants Dina to care about him! And Dina actually listens to him, which I find quite surprising, since Dina don’t listen to anybody. I don’t know if I ship them romantically yet, but damn I dig their relationship.

3. Sandra helping everyone to hide and closing the doors right in front of that bitch’s face! Good for you, Sandra!

4. I lost it at the scene where “The Final Countdown” was playing while tornado was hitting and dude with razors. Superstore customers wee at their best this episode.

5. Don’t even tell me that Brett is dead, find him show! Don’t joke like that.

Now let’s talk about Amy and Jonah, kids. Because damn this episode was so good for us.

Okay so first of all Garrets face when Jonah was telling him about all that wedding incident is so me. I also had that stupid smug grin on my face, when Jonah was trying to explain himself. And when he was trying to make ‘sexy’ work as casual word. Ahhh, classic Jonah, what a cute idiot.

But of course it was not what made me go all ADVNSJVDFLBJDGLKBJ during this episode and it was not even the kiss (even tho i was internall screaming during it). What I loved the most in this episode was that little shift in Amy and Jonah relationship, that was shown to us. Let me explain myself here.

From the very beginning we were shown that Jonah cares about Amy, he wants her happy, he suports and respects her. And I’m sure Amy’s aware of this too. Now she even knows for sure there is an element of attraction in all that (lmao how did you missed all that heart eyes he was sending your way all the time, amy?). But before this episode we always saw Jonah being there for her when, theoretically, she could handle situation by herself. He was her support (very welcome, but not not necessarily needed), but he was never the a crutch to lean on. Not untill now. 

Correct me if I’m wrong, guys, but this was the first time when we saw Amy reaching for Jonah both physically (taking his hand,when she’s afraid; kissing him) and emotinally. Maybe the emotional part wasn’t so prominent, but I read all this “We’re gonna die here”, “- So I’ll just keep talking? - Okay”, “You suck at being comforting” as “ Reassure me”, “Please talk, this will calm me”,  “No, you’re doing it wrong, do it the right way”. Amy was losing it, Amy was affraid and she needed someone to be there for her, to keep her sane. She needed someone who could at least pretend that they are calm and make her believe that everything gonna be okay.

And here comes the scene, that ended me

They way he said that, the way his voice sounded at that moment. So confident, so calm, so promising, so intimate, so… dare I say… sexy. (Ben Feldman what are you doing to me?) I think Amy actually believed him her. YOU GUYS, I THINK HERE IN THIS MOMENT WAS THE FIRST TIME WHEN AMY SAW JONAH NOT AS ‘COLLEGE BOY’ BUT AS A  MAN. She finally saw a partner in him and trust me, she won’t be able to unsee it now. THAT was the shift I was talking about. 

As gentle and silly and cute he is most of the time, now Amy also sees Jonah as someone who can protect her if she needed that, if she ask for that. He pulled her to his chest to hug and hide from tornado, just saying! And I think this is one of the reasons she kissed him. She finally snaped, she finally solved her Jonah - puzzle. Now she sees the whole picture and what she’s looking at is exactly what she needs and what she wants.

But they will take their time, getting there, right?

Because, even tho Amy was sure her marriage is over during last episode, we know it’s not exactly tru. Not yet. This kind of things don’t end so quickly. In this episode we saw that she and Adam still care for each other. They do, and it’s perfectly fine. I think they’ll always care for each other in some way, that kind of bond don’t just disappear, espesially when you have a child together. So I can easily see Amy and Adam giving their relationship one more chance in s3. For the sake of their family, for the sake of Emma. 

But now it would me even harder for Amy. Because it may have been okay to live in a marriage without love before, but it would be so much worse to do it, while falling for someone else.

And Jonah. Oh my poor Jonah. He now has his heart officially broken. because just for a second he held everything he wanted in his arms and that he had it swept right back away. But hang on there, buddy. She’ll come around.

                                            “I’ll come around
                                    If you ever want to be in love
                           I’m not waiting, but I’m willing if you call me up
                                 If you ever want to be in love
                                           I’ll come around”

                                                                                   - Jonah Simms, probably

The Problems with Malec

I decided to make a post solely about the problems Magnus and Alec have in the show that makes them not work as well as they could. Why? Not because I love complaining, but because it’s so important everyone is aware of what is going on. And sadly, what is going on simply isn’t all roses and justified. So let me explain what it is that is making this couple and these two characters not come to their full potential: 

1. Lack of storyline

Both Magnus and Alec are currently suffering from a “What the hell do we do with these characters”. Unlike the core three, there isn’t much book material to go on. Which means the team behind shadowhunters has to come up with a storyline themselves, and apparently that is really hard to do. 
Or well, I should say, it’s hard to do properly. 

Alec doesn’t really have a storyline of his own this season. Almost everything he does is playing second fidel to someone else’s storyline. He’s either attached to Jace’s his storyline, to Izzy’s storyline or even to Luke’s storyline. But he doesn’t have one of his own. Malec is not his own storyline. You could say him being the head of the Institute is his storyline, but he didn’t get the position as a result of his storyline, he didn’t even get it because he had earned it. And with his new position he hasn’t done anything that didn’t have ties to other things. It’s been connected to Luke’s storyline in which he tried to kill Valentine, and sabotaging Sebastian’s plan. The new role also restricts Alec as a character from having his own storyline or even being involved in other people their storyline. Even Matthew admitted to this. For Alec’s well being as a developing character he shouldn’t be a head for long. Not that he is doing a good job at it, since for the sake of “equality” he spents his nights with Magnus at his home. Which is totally in character, and totally normal to do when you have just been appointed. 

Originally posted by of-mice-and-men-19

Magnus has his own storyline one would argue. He is dealing with his past and trying to find some sort of balance between being a warlock and dating Alec. 
But how much have we seen from that storyline that was actually good storytelling. Everything we saw in S2A was always in connection to someone else and now in S2B Simon his heartbreak get the priority of good proper screentime over a character with severe childhood traumas. In what universe does that even make sense? Yes Simon his heartbreak is understandable, but why introduce such a heavy topic as childhood trauma only to treat it like a secondary issue with a screentime of less than 8 minutes combined with flashback scenes and the “i’m fine moments”. 
Though mind you this is not the first time the show has taken a very serious topic only to treat it with the least amount of care in the world, remember Alec’s suicide attempt and the promise we would get back to that since it’s so important. I haven’t seen it anywhere, have you? 

2. Lack of screentime

If you’re not a malec fan or simply don’t care enough about them to want equality for them, the go to comment is; “this show is not about Malec”. Granted you got me there. But that doesn’t justify the lack of screentime. Now Todd has planned himself in the corner that tough choices have to be made:

They only have so much minutes bla bla bla, BULLSHIT. Todd simply has different priorities. Every ep in S2B has started with “My name Clary Fray”- 

Let’s be real, that is atleast a good minute of airtime that gets spend on shit the episode doesn’t need. Not to even mention the unneccessary scenes, such as Jace making out with Kaelie in the bed half naked (precious golden scene? Sure Jan).
He can’t say he believes screentime should go to Clary, Simon and Jace even if the episode could easily miss the scene since it adds nothing, so the answer is even golden scenes have to be cut. Don’t get mad please, it’s a hard job….
Ehum NO, it really really isn’t. It’s about pacing, which sucks in this show, it’s about priorities which in this show don’t focus on Magnus, Alec, Luke or the rest. It’s about not adding more characters to an all ready full show. 
They make the weirdest choices when it comes to malec, the scenes are short even when the moments are important, because everything else is apparently more important, hey not my words anymore, they are officially Todd’s now.  

3. The equality issue

I guess this is more personal. As a proud member of the lgbtq community, to me equality is absolute. I know what shows look like that give it to their viewers and thus i know Shadowhunters isn’t one of these shows. Arguments like “but they have more than in the bookserie, so stop talking”, are annoying as hell and not even correct. (Which you can read here)
Arguments like “this isn’t the malec show” are fucking rude. Equality has nothing to do with turning Shadowhunters into the Malec show. If you believe this to be case, then you are not an ally and are (sub)conciously homophobic. Some lgbtq+ people even believe this to be true and honey, sorry to tell you but that is some internalised homophobia you’ve got going on there. 
Equality simply means an equal treatment. Not give them 50% of the show’s time and Clace the other 50% cause well, there is also Izzy, Simon, Luke and Maia. This is not about some weird ass division of time. It’s about the Quality of the time they getting and the imbalance compared to the heterosexual pairings. 

The fade into black from 2x07 was homophobic as fuck. Malec not getting their first time shown, no intimate scenes. No real, well-written conversations. All of that adds up to this unequal treatment the couple gets, I’m not counting the stray scene they actual do right like the balcony scene in 1x06.
Why does Magnus love Alec? I don’t know. Why do I not know this? Because the show never bothered to explain it to me, to show it to me. Why does Alec love Magnus? I don’t know. Because he was the first guy to notice him, but surely there is more to it. I’m just not sure what that more is. Why? They don’t bother to show me. 
It is these small things that make the show fail epicly when it comes to Malec. 
Most of the fandom is happy when they get one minute, because we have successfully been brainwashed into thinking that is what this couple deserves and that this is what we should be grateful for. 
Everyone is over the moon with the morning scene in 2x15 in spite of the body language that shows discomfort, in spite of the OOC behaviour of Alec; this is not something the new head of the institute should do and definitely Alec, sorry. They are catering to you, with the bare minimum because well, you will accept it, praise it, maybe complain but hey we’ll watch again next week, cause TODD keeps making promises it will be better. Will it though? No really? Cause if you keep watching, you keep defending the show, you keep having a whiplash from going between “OMG I CAN’T EVEN” to “WHAT IS THIS SHIT”  why do they have to change how they treat Malec. Equality is a serious issue, but an issue this show doesn’t take seriously. And apart from a tweet, nothing indicates this will change in the future.

4. Lies from TPTB

If there is one thing I’m not fond of it’s lying Showrunners and boy does Todd have a track record in that. Just have a look at the first round of interviews they did. Remember how they agreed with the fandom that Malec went too fast in S1, that they needed to pull it back, because why the hell did they even like each other…… Well here we are Ep 15 and they’ve had sex and we’ve had an I love you, three even. If anything the new showrunners are going even faster. Much of what they promised to do with Malec, flew out of the window somehow the moment they started writing. Why? God knows why, I guess. Some people think they want to establish the couple as fast a possible, so as little as possible screentime has to be spent on them and they can still say, but hey look at this couple and the progressiveness, they are the OTP of this show, never will they break up. Stop complaining about the screentime and just appreciate that they are still together and going strong, here have another I love you, now shut up. I’m not part of that team, but I also don’t see enough evidence suggesting they are completely off. In fact the willingness of the team to have Malec adopt Madzie actually proves these fans might have a point.

If only the lies had stopped there, but then there was the MalecMania. Oh Boy was the fandom hyped and with good reasons and Oh Boy was it a big let down to the point the fandom roared with anger. Then he promised he would work on it, this was during the filming of 2x13/2x14. Not all scripts had been written yet and they definitely weren’t filmed yet.

So why is he tweeting that he’s working on it now not three weeks ago. Don’t you mean you worked on it, keep a look out for this improvement? That is what you promised in the first place. But now this promise seems to have been moved to S3. And when S3A doesn’t deliver will he move the promise to S3B? He is a master at baiting the fans with Malec and for some reason the fans seem to not comprehend that they are being baited. So he can problably move it forever and nobody would object, cause he promises too change people! Give the show the benefit of the doubt….
Okay? But seriously for how long?!
And how many lies does he have to tell before he loose his credibility. Mind you a lot of tweets ended up being deleted from his timeline as well, things spoken without thought and no intention to realise these comments.

What needs to change in my opinion?

First of All, Malec needs to take a step back. Breath, take things slow. Realise they know very little about each other and that they are going way too fast.

Alec needs to give his position to someone else, I love Alec as the head of institute, but I don’t want him to be restricted by it. He can always earn it fairly around S7. I personally think Alec would prefer that too. That he is the head of the institute or hell even inquistitor because he was chosen to be by his people, not by Jace because the latter isn’t one for following the rules. Show us just how special and good Alec is, don’t have others tell us. Cause you haven’t shown Alec to be a great leader, you’ve shown the exact opposite before appointing him this position. Even Alec has his doubts, which he really shouldn’t have if he was sure of his position. 

Magnus needs a different role. Whatever he is currently, it’s not working as it give the character very little meat and no connection to the rest of the characters, thus isolating him. Especially if his current problems/storylines are treated as secondary. The show needs to address serious issues with the gentle care they deserve instead of using them for drama plotdevices. Alec’s suicide was a big thing, but thrown aside just as easily. Magnus his traumas are also pushed aside somewhat for storylines that require less screentime and care but are given double of it. Even Izzy who tried to kill her brother hasn’t really dealt with what drove her. The show touches on a lot of things with the other characters only to never really expand on it, for the sake of drama. And it needs to stop doing that. 

The show needs to start showing things instead of telling me things. I don’t want to hear Izzy went to meetings, I want to see her there, so I can hear why she felt the need to take Yin Fen and I can see her struggle.The same goes for Alec and Magnus, a lot is told but never shown. I’m tired of hearing about it, I want to see it. If I have to see every single thing about Clary, Simon and Jace, why can I not see these important moments from the other main characters. Especially if they are so linked to the storylines they are suppossedly telling us. 

The last comment also would increase the quality of their storylines, and thus create a more equal feel to it. But Equality needs to happen. For a show that won the Glaad award, it saddens me to say, they did not deserve it. Compared to their competition the show underdelivers and I think the show should become one worthy of that award. 

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hi! i'm sorry if this is something you've covered before, but do you know how time passing within each season works? i was thinking about dean's age - 26 in the pilot, so if we assume one season = one year, then he should be 38 at the end of s12. but between s5-s6 he spends a year with the braedens, so how does that factor into things? shouldn't he then be a year older than he is? or is this something that's already been explained away? sorry if my math's wrong - numbers and my brain Do Not Mix.

This is something we’ve been scratching our heads over FOR YEARS. Because there’s also the year he spent in Purgatory over the s7-8 hellatus.

The superwiki sometimes lists the approximate time frame of episodes when it can be determined with some accuracy. Sometimes it’s via specific dates (such as 12.19 The Future, which lists the timeline as “April 2017″ because we know that Kelly’s baby was due on or about May 18, 2017 and they extrapolated back because of Sam’s comments about that estimated due date).

I think the prevailing theory is that each season (and whatever they’re doing in the gaps between seasons) averages out over time to equal approximately one year.

For example, there was no time jump between 4.22 and 5.01. We returned immediately to that scene of Sam and Dean standing in the Ilchester Convent and watched them get zapped onto the airplane, and the next morning they were at Chuck’s house. Sam and Dean didn’t experience the five months or so that we did between those episodes. So every few seasons they throw in a time jump to make it all even out. Like having leap years balances out the calendar.

The gap between s1 and s2, and again between s2 and s3 was nonexistent as well. There was only a 4 month gap between s3 and s4 (while Dean was in Hell), So by the time 5.22 rolled around, they had more than a year’s worth of gaps to catch up to.

The narrative timeline is sort of like an accordion. Sometimes it stretches out for weeks (or months) between episodes, and sometimes episodes follow one right after the other, and what we see over a month may have been a handful of days in-universe.

The attitude most of us assume is an extremely casual, “eh, it’s close enough to our timeline to assume they’re pretty much always near-current, or within a few months of our timeline.”

It works if you don’t think too hard about it. *magical woo woo fingers dot gif* :P

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Hi! Would you mind listing the ways klance has been hinted at? I saw it in your post about s3 and would just like to know what hints youre talking about. Im a big klance fan so the more content the better!!

okay, so all of the things in s2 i saw were small, and you may not agree with me, but taking what the creators have said about have well-developed, slowburn relationships because none of them have had the time to actually talk to each other on the ship and how jeremy shada said that they’re dropping small hints throughout both seasons, I honestly think there’s like a 90% chance of klance being canon. Imo, they basically set-up all of the relationships that would develop in s1. That being said, let me go into the analysis.

1) The season one hints at klance were… overwhelming. All thoughts aside about the actual scenes that lead up to them becoming more comfortable around each other (i.e. the food scene, bonding moment, “Lance, I got your lion back, etc and so forth), the vld team not only decided to make them red and blue and then revealed that red has fire powers and blue has water powers in the same scene, which they later do in s2 as well. While this probably means something a little more and probably relates a little more to the actual plot of their relationship, I honestly think what we can take from those scenes are that they work well together, as we’ve already established

2) They made it a point in both seasons that Lance and Keith work well together as a team. You have the “We make a good team scene” and all of the moments where they work well together. (Side note: I’m almost 100% convinced that when Shiro is gone, they’ll end up co-leading voltron, but it’ll take a while for them to stop going at each other.)

3) Throughout s2, you have all of those small pining Lance moments. “Keith is so cool!” (rambles on ab how Keith does all of these super cool things). sorry, that’s gay tm

4) “You don’t think Keith and Allura are…. sitting in a tree.” The thing is, Lance was never worried about when Allura was alone with anyone else. All of this flirting w her… he knows that it’s going nowhere. All of the team categorize it as, “oh it’s just lance being lance.” Allura doesn’t even take it seriously to be completely honest. That scene in general just doesn’t add up tbh.

5) Okay, we know that Lance cares for Keith. I think the vld writers established the fact that when someone one of the characters care about greatly (i.e. Keith with Shiro) are in danger, they’ll exhibit great concern and they’ll be the ones to ask how that character is doing etc and so forth. Which Lance does. The whole of Lance in episode 8 was him being worried about Keith. 

Also, every time Keith is in danger, Lance is the one to call to Keith. That’s not something the vld writers do by coincidence. 

6) That pool scene… they really didn’t have to put that in there, I’m seeing that as a sign to hang on

(Feel free to add anything you’ve noticed to this)

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Do you think Hannibal can apologize to Will, or even to anybody, and mean it? I suppose the corresponding question is: Can Lucifer apologize? Can Alpha Males apologize? I would like to think that he is evolving in this regard, esp. after episode 2.13. Will has changed, has Hannibal also changed? It would be less obvious, but I hope so. What do you think?

Did you think that Will could change Hannibal, the way Hannibal changed Will?

He already did. (:

Hannibal has apologized at various times in the series, but without a doubt his most sincere moment of apology was in “Ko No Mono,” when he and Will were talking about Abigail. 

And just look at this sad cannibal face after he watched Will’s eyes fill with tears. 


We know Hannibal is sincere in this apology for two reasons.

One is that he invoked the teacup metaphor when he obliquely promised to bring Abigail back. The teacup thing is and always has been about Mischa, whom Hannibal had talked about in this scene as well. He understood Will’s feelings of loss and related to them because of the loss of his sister, which informed so much of his own interactions with Abigail. He didn’t say he was sorry just to placate or mollify Will—in fact, his response later, when he said that God answered Will’s prayer to see Abigail again by allowing him to see “a part of her,” indicated that he doesn’t take pity on Will at all. He said he was sorry because it was true.

The other reason is that he promised to bring Abigail back at all. 

Hannibal has determined that he is going to make this up to Will in the most meaningful and powerful way possible, by reuniting them all in that beautiful and romantic surprise he had planned for when the moment was right. 

That is the essence of a sincere apology: to mean it to the marrow of your bones and then do your best to right the wrong. 

As for what’s upcoming in the next season, it’s hard to say with any certainty, but if I were writing it, I would be exploring how Hannibal will change as a result of learning to regret. 

Hannibal says to Will in “Shiizakana” that he very rarely feels regret, though it’s not entirely outside of his experience. It’s both a new and natural place for his character to go. However, to get him there, he’s going to have to get past the idea that Will wronged him in a way that was greater than he wronged Will, and I don’t know how long it will take him to do that. I doubt it could happen overnight, or without some gesture on Will’s part to meet him halfway. But Bryan Fuller says he has surprises in store for us about Will’s motivations in the upcoming season, so I’m sure whatever they are will have us all feeling gutted. The show will no doubt give them the opportunity to talk about it all later, since most of what they do is talk, and Hannibal will eventually be behind bars with little else on his daily agenda. 

Hannibal is not just Lucifer: he is also a man, with a man’s needs and desires and fears. Of course he can learn and grow, just as any man can. Yet the devil is the essence of who he is, and I don’t think that can change—he can’t be truly saved or redeemed, not any more than Will could be completely corrupted. But being a man is just as much a part of him as being the devil is.

Murasaki says to Hannibal, near the end of Hannibal Rising, “What’s left in you to love?”

The answer to that question might well be the point of the entire series.

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What do you think about MM?

oh man

oh sweet anon

normally i’m pretty meh about snow but today i’m  

aka very very done with her

the thing is, i haven’t been happy with snow’s writing since halfway season 2? and through s3 we saw this charming x emma bond blooming which was absolutely PRECIOUS and AMAZING but i believe it was done by pushing back snow x emma’s, which was a shame. and then we had winter season finale which was heartbreaking and then… snow… didn’t seem… to give… a single fuck.. about emma? she was all NEW BABY! NEW BABY! NEW BABY!!!!!!! but emma wasn’t mentioned or even referred to as being missed/snow struggling with her loss and henry’s through any flashback until she was needed so she could save new baby???? so yeah, not happy about that. at all. (at least in 3x14 we saw charming with phantom!emma and how the decision of sending her through the wardrobe and their losing her again was affecting him and his confidence in being a father. jesus, regina even showed more emotion about missing henry????? 

forever mad)

and then it was allllll the same? new baby new baby new baby? i try to be rational and reasonable about the whole thing (aka including a pregnancy knowing ginnifer was expecting, + snowing wanting to experience being actual parents) but it still bugs me, and i’m not gonna apologize for feeling like it was very selfish of them to do so, especially when they had not fixed their relationship with emma yet. (she hadn’t really accepted storybrooke as her home until the baby was already born, so…) 

(don’t even get me started on ‘hey let’s name the baby AS MY 29YO DAUGHTER’S EX WHO SENT HER TO JAIL WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT!! WITHOUT EVEN CONSULTING HER!!!!! I’M A GENIUS!!!!!!’)

and now, during s4, we were promised to see snow struggling with how, even if they were trying to adjust to being new parents, the fact that they had missed emma’s childhood still haunted them. we saw excited snow about emma’s date, snow’s face when she saw young emma in that video - which were exactly what i had wanted.

and then suddenly they come up with this crap (exactly like what they did to emma’s character in 4x05. awful writing, AWFUL WRITING just for drama’s sake/fan pandering). i understand the need to have drama thrown the characters’ way, but it is so ooc i cannot even deal with it. i mean, even ashley smiles as soon as emma explains she has been practicing magic. snow could have at least tried to ask her if she was feeling okay, reach out, not, you know, pull away from her like she had the plague or something. the first time i watched it i tried not to be too harsh about it, thinking ‘well, hey, she’s kinda traumatized about all of her kids being taken away from her, it’s normal for her to try to protect him, but damn, was she a dick about it’…

…and then the second scene happened with that ‘EMMA!!!!!’ and i swear to god i have no words about it because every time i hear it i want to punch something. so no, i don’t think i can rationally explain my thoughts about mm right now because i just think her writing is being inconsistent as fuck and played with for drama’s sake. (i mean i’m sorry - giving regina every damn chance under the sun? blaming herself for what happened with daniel again? sure! go ahead! trying to be understanding towards her own daughter? nah) (i’m sorry but no. just no.)


I assume Katrina dies, but . . .

I can’t decide how I want it to happen. Watching Abbie beat the ever holy shit out of her while raging about all the murders Abraham and Henry committed would be hilarious. But on the other hand Katrina’s ridiculous, thrall-like influence over Ichabod turned him into such an entitled ass for so much of S2, it would also be super satisfying to watch him do it. Preferably by beheading her as she’s about to kill Abbie. Though when you get down to it I don’t care if she falls and breaks her neck or dies of infection from an ingrown toenail, as long as she’s a non-issue for S3.

I will be a little annoyed if she “comes to her senses” at the last minute and dies a martyr–but I’ll consider it a small price to pay for the bottom line. I’m a horrible person, so I’ll be chugging celebratory wine and twirling my noisemaker through the whole scene no matter how it plays out, I’d just rather she not be portrayed sympathetic or justified in any way for trying to “save” two psychotic mass murderers to assuage her own guilt.

What do you guys think? Should Abbie get to kill her, or Ichabod?