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meeting brent in my data cosplay has been a dream of mine for a few years and now it is a dream come true!!!

more about my experience meeting him under the cut

so first i went up to get his autograph on my star trek jacket and a booth picture since it was early in the day and my photo op wasn’t until 5pm

i walk up and he says i look great and the staff lady who was there with him told him i got a picture and an autograph and he says to me “oh yeah of course, baby” just really casually and i was sweating shduejkgsd

so i asked him to sign the jacket and he sighs and says okay, kinda joking, so i was like sorry you don’t have too! and he just told me he doesn’t mind he just doesn’t want to ruin a sharpie lol so he signs it with a silver sharpie and looks at it for a bit and goes “you know what, i really don’t like how that looks. i’m going to sign it again if you don’t mind?” and of course i’m like “i don’t mind, you can do whatever you want!” lol so he asks me to hold the bottom of the jacket tight so it’s easier for him to sign. so he’s right next to me and im holding out the jacket and our hands are touching and my hand it like against his stomach because there wasn’t a lot of space and idk y’all it was just . .. .  amazing .. .  he signed it with a black sharpie and goes “yeah that’s much better! look at that, now you get two for the price of one!” 

he also joked and asked if i’ve ever washed the jacket, which i mean, he’s got me there, but like it’s not at all dirty. i take good care of that jacket so its not smelly or looks gross or anything. also i’d have to take off like all the pins in order to wash it and i have well over 20 pins on that jacket lmao

we then take our booth picture together and after he asks me how old i was lol and then said it was great to meet me yadda yadda 

amazing, dreamy, wonderful!! everything i could’ve hoped for !!!!!! here’s the picture together and of my jacket:

then at the photo op i walked in and he goes “hey lady data!” as i walk up and he wrapped his arm behind me and we took the picture and told me again it was very nice meeting me yadda yadda and i walked out of the tent and took a deep breath and just !!!!!!!!!! freaked out inside!!! he is just so sweet and nice and funny and warm! just a very very good man!! 

i will cherish this experience for the rest of my life lol im just so happy :-)))

Bit of an out there theory but...

At the end of 209 of Wynonna Earp Widow Mercedes has decided to go after Nicole (pls don’t hurt my love) and while I also theorise that it’s to get to Waverly to get to Wynonna to get to Doc’s ring, I do have another theory. What if Nicole has the third seal and Doc’s ring is just a red herring? Throughout season 1 there are many shots of Nicole wearing a ring

As seen in the first scene we get of Nicole, and the first WayHaught scene (<3)

It’s also seen in the episode where she tells Wynonna that her ass is top shelf (So if Wynonna’s ass is top shelf, what about our dear Waves?) but I couldn’t find a decent picture to show (it’s the scene where Wynonna is asking Nicole why she’s at the station instead of being social like everyone else)

And there it is again

And again (sorry for the poor quality)

So basically more or less throughout the whole first season she’s often seen wearing this green ring. Last year so many of the Earpers were questioning why Nicole ALWAYS seemed to be wearing this particular ring. I was in the party of she just simply likes the ring and a part of me still thinks that but now I’m having a what if moment.

Now we know that Doc’s ring is believed to the last seal but, like I said, could potentially be a red herring. What if the last seal was Nicole’s ring? It is a little bit of an out there theory but it would be one hell of a plot twist, eh? Also has anyone else noticed she hasn’t been wearing it (as far as I can see) at all this second season? What are your thoughts? 

I just really, really want

The theory about Keith unintentionally hiding his true appearance to be true. I mean, it would make a lot of since. Look at all the other half galra.

(I’m sorry this is the only pic of all of them I had on my phone and I’m to lazy to find another so bare with the poor quality pls)

All of them have clear galra features. The most obvious being Zethrid and Narti.

Ezor, although she’s and orange-red color and that kinda throws you off at first, also looks pretty Galra.

(Pic is not mine. I found it on tumblr sonewhere while looking for reference on the extra altean markings. Thank you too the lovely who posted it.)

Look at this purple family. I am, like many others, going to asume they are galra. For one, dreamworks seems to keep purple as the color for just the galra, probably to avoid confusion and to make a clear distinction. Also the yellow eyes.

Anyway, so lets asume they are galra. Ezor looks alot like them in terms of face and body structure. If it weren’t for her long head thing and her skin color she’d look perfectly galra (unless of course they aren’t full galra but I’m not going to get into that here)

(I gave up and started googling pics aren’t you happy?)

Now lets look at Acxa.

She look a lot less Galra, yet she still has the head ridges many Galra have, the purple skin, and the yellow eyes. She is also pretty tall compared to humans or Alteans.

Lastly, Lotor.

Lotor is probably the least galra, actually. He looks nothing like a galra. He’s tall compared to humans and Alteans like Acxa (but they are both still ‘little’ to the galra). His skin is purple, but that’s about it. You could even say his white hair color is galra (as we’ve seen a few galra with white hair) but his long flowing locks are clearly Altean. The only thing that’s undeniably galra is his eyes (which are actually pretty similar to what Zarkon’s use to look like. At least when you look at them close up. There is a post about that somewhere…)

Anyway, what is my point your asking? Well, my point is that, even the half galra who don’t really look galra, still have some traits of a galra. Keith, however, has no traits.

Nada. Nothing. No Galra traits visible at all. This wouldn’t seem weird if you didn’t look at this closely. After all, at first you look at Ezor and think 'she’s half galra?’. Based on the 'rules’ that seem to follow a half galra, he should at least have yellow sclera. Out of all of the halflings (thats what I’m going to call them fir now) only Narti doesn’t have this trait, and that’s because she doesn’t even have eyes, but I’d say if she did have eyes, they’d have yellow sclera like the others. Ezor is not purple, but she has the structure of a galra. Zethrid is large a strong like a galra but has big fluffy ears (that kinda look like the ones on the video Pidge was examining in the first episode of season 3). Narti kinda resembles the type of Galra Zarkon is. If you zoom close on both of their mouths you can see the similarities (okay, yes, that sounds a little weird. But still) and well… you get the idea. From what I can gather, each halfling has at least two traits that are galra and not to mention obvious.

So why does Keith get to be the exception? While it is possible that a) Keith was hella lucky and his human traits beat the odds and won out against the galra ones, or b) Keith’s mother (or father cause really we don’t know at this point if we can trust his little vision) was only half galra themselves, I personally don’t think either of these are very likely.

'What do yoy mean, Star?’

Well, for one, I think its physically impossible for Keith to not have some traits of a galra. Yes, I know some people have talked about how his muscle structure and stuff is probably more galra, and that’s why he’s such a fast fighter and stuff, and I agree. However, like I said, I think he would at least have the yellow sclera. The only exception to that is Narti and she HAS NO EYES. He’s also tiny. All the others are at least bigger as a result, even if they aren’t the size of a galra. Keith, however, is just human size.

I’m not exactly an expert on genetics, but to me it doesn’t make a lot of since for Keith to look like he does.

Unless he’s hiding his appearance.

'I see what you’re saying, Star, but how could he be doing that? And how would he not know? How could he keep it going?’

Okay, yes. I know. I also know people have talked about this before. However, I’ve never seen anyone mention this before.

Yup. Loki. He is actually a frost giant. Upon being picked up he changes his appearance to look like an asgardian (how do you even spell that?) And his whole life everyone but his parents are fooled. Even Loki had absolutely no idea. It’s only after a frost giant tries to freeze his hand and it just turns blue does he suspect anything

You know what that kind of brings to mind?

While it is totally possible that this is a burn and not his skin changing as such, but still. It’s pretty similar, don’t you think?

I’ll admit the hand part is a little flimsy but still. My point of comparing him to Loki being that, Loki hid himself without even knowing he was doing it. I’d say something simiar is happening with Keith. He’s hiding what he really looks like without behind conscious of what he’s doing. I’m not saying he’s full on fluffy with a tail and stuff, I’d say he’s not far off of Acxa or Lotor.

But who knows.

(I know people have talked about this before but I wanted to put my own thoughts into it I guess?)


i call this set

“gon git that man” & “man acquired" 

Can we talk about pirates for a second?

There are so many undiscussed great pirate related whump scenarios that no one has really talked about! 

First of all sword-fights, there’s so many potential injuries that could come from that! Plus you know those swords aren’t hygienic to be stabbed by,… And pirates just replace whatever limbs they lose. Peg legs, hooks, wooden eyes. 

Seasickness! Maybe a beginner pirate or a captive held aboard the ship?

Gun wounds? People shot each other then too but it was V DRAMATIC 

Drowning! When you’re surrounded by water there’s many potentials for drowning or almost drowning. 

Slipping and falling/getting knocked out- everything on a boat is wet and slippery. I’m sure this happened often, plus pirates are drunk and wobbly. 

Getting whipped- remember that scene from Pirates of the Caribbean 2 where Will Turner gets whipped aboard the Flying Dutchman? Good shit. 

Being generally drunk- pirates are drunk a lot of the time! This leads to drunken fist fights, and also I just think drunk people are really good in a whump. It sort of adds delirium to the whole thing without that person needing to be sick. 

Also an opportunity for ocean related whump like JELLYFISH STINGS! So underused but so promising

terriblesquid  asked:

-Immediately follows- wish I saw this blog before XD. Love your stuff fam, it's fucking funny!

(War voice) Put your face back, brother


Clearly the same person!

But seriously I’m super excited that Sean saw my art and even goofed around with it which made me smile as big as he did in the the first gif. It’s great to know that him and thhe other people who watched saw my art :D @therealjacksepticeye​ 

 (Also sorry about the poor quality had a tough time compressing the video)

Star Prince Lord | Part One

Request: First of your writing and fanfics are amazing (also I love the shit you write about). But I was wondering if you could possibly write a star-lord fanfic? I know you write more Marvel related things to the X-men and it’s okay if you don’t want to because it’s not your thing. However, I was thinking maybe he finally meets his match in a sense of another half terra human or something not quite fighting bc that’s really similar to Gamora, your decision. Sorry for the ramble and bland request x

Summary: Meeting Peter Quill wasn’t meant to be long term, not even more than a one night stand. However, when the two of you are flung into a situation that forces you to work together, the truth comes out with the realization that maybe there’s something more than just frustrated kisses and bad Earth-references. 

Words: 5.2 K +

Warning: None

A/N: Sorry this took me so long. I love GOTG-Thank you so much for the request! I’ll be breaking it up into parts if you don’t mind. Also, I apologize about the poor quality, I’ve never written for Peter/Star Lord before ^-^


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Welp, it’s been a long ride! Season 2 has ended, and now I am sad. It went by waaay too quickly, and I hope season 3 gets to be longer. For now, have my finished version of that Yumikuri wedding👌 It’s my first time drawing almost every one of these characters, so trust me I KNOW the features are off. Also, this is for my story on wattpad, hence why some things seems off. (link is in my aot tag, but the chapter isn’t even out yet so don’t bother, I posted this to celebrate s2) God I broke my back too while making this, I was slunched on a chair for 7 hours in total like j e s u s

Thats all i got for now sorry about the poor quality idk why but it keeps happening. Well theres not much left to say other than may snk fandom lay at rest once again!!!


*Sorry about the poor quality lighting, the weather didn’t want to cooperate*

I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday because I was busy, but my pins arrived yesterday! (perfect timing with everything that happened) I ordered them from @i-am-bleu ‘s etsy page (same name just without the dashes) and they’re super cool! They’re great quality and they arrived rather quick too (Netherlands to Australia). I’ll be putting these on my backpack with all my other pins for sure! The package they all came in was also really sweet! I’m so happy with how these turned out! 

Lookit, a shrine :D

No, not really xD But yes, a little while ago I printed out a whole bunch of Tamlen’s (and a few other faces :D) some of you awesome people have drawn me over the last couple of years! Most of the time totally out of nowhere, unprompted, some others as part of fandom events and/or giveaways, one a gifted commission ♥. Just looking at them all still makes me so happy like the first day I saw them ;_; And it’s not even all, you might notice if you compare these with the ones in my “tamlen by others” tag… because I underestimated how many there were and I only had these two sheets of black paper xD I will add the rest in the future though :D

I did this during an afternoon where I felt like total shit - about my art, my life, my OCs, everything I touched seemed to fall apart.

So yes: I printed these out, glued them on the paper, and ever since they’re hanging above my desk, so that the first thing I see when I come here to sit down and draw is a wall of art of my favourite fictional son. As a reminder, a little, why I’m doing what I’m doing, to keep going; keep telling stories with my art and writing and sharing them here with you, keep wanting to talk about our OCs and interact, discovering new things, and keep wanting to hear and see your stories too :D You guys are all wonderful and brighten my days a bit everytime I see these drawings now!

Sorry for the poor photo quality XD and just because I can I’m also tagging everyone who’s drawing(s) is/are featured (because yes, there are instances where people doodled Tam more than once! crazy :D): @cherrypikkins, @mlp-micoo, @prismavore, @ethanscribbles, @merwild, @splinterstaff, @iio-in-thedas, @freya-theirondragon, @awesomonster (who did the first drawing ever of Tamlen that I didn’t do myself :D), @anneappelschnut, @ananjolee, @sunshinemage, @slugette, @becausedragonage, @numinlavellan, @americanbeauty-americansidehoe, and @eristhenat

Thanks so much again for taking the time to draw something that’s now on my wall, a constant reminder and source of motivation ♥

Interesting POTO find!

So I lurked around my local chain bookstore (which is also the publisher too) and found that they have The Phantom of the Opera book! Complete with artwork and even the audio CD! It’s a graded reader book (aka books made specifically for foreigners learning English or other languages).

I’m not sure which translation is this. It said the author and artist are Louise Benette & David Hwang. Since this version is created to help Thai readers (mainly young ones) learn English, it is quite unique with vocabulary and grammar explanation and rather cartoon-ish artwork. Plus, you won’t find this anywhere outside of Thailand.

(sorry about the poor quality of the pics because I took it from my so-so backup phone).

However, the artwork inside is what caught my attention! It’s the true Leroux!Erik, corpse-like and yellow skin. And even Blonde Christine. 

It was 50% off on the online store but it’s already sold out T-T (and its cover looks different, perhaps it was different edition). I hope it will get any discount soon so I can buy and scan the artwork for any fellow Phans to see. 

I think it’s rather interesting the publisher chose to include this story to their graded reader collection since POTO is not as popular in Thailand as other stories (seeing that ALW POTO musical had only toured here once back in 2013, unfortunately at the time I had not discovered about POTO yet). And any Thai translation of this novel is rare and out-of-print. So it’s kinda great to see I actually can have some physical POTO things other than 2004 movie (yes, my sister found the VCD of the movie in our old movie collection and Thai DVD is no where to be found yet).

Don't buy from So Aesthetic.

For the love of all that is good don’t buy from them… all in all their stuff is cute but extremely cheap. Some of my things came in a take out bag (Which I unfortunately no longer have, my cleaning people threw the packaging out)… and I ordered their banana shorts (that are no longer listed on the site.)

Do these look like Bananas to you? And their Iridescent Windbreaker:

Looks cute right? Made out of plastic and not at all itchy… but it looks way different in real life. 

It’s mesh, not plastic.

Next one is a skirt I bought, they didn’t have a model wearing this on the site. I would show you myself wearing this but it would show my butt… There’s no extra fabric on the end of it like on most skirts. The next skirt I thought looked super cute!

Looks cute right? I thought so too!(Once again no model wearing this on the website either) Especially with that button hole on the right…

Which mine didn’t come with… when I emailed them thinking it was a product defect this is what they said:

Uh… okay…? Even I thought this was a bit strange… but then I emailed them about their numerous spelling errors on the back of their lazy hoodie. Which is actually pretty high quality and nice, until I noticed the spelling errors.

‘Wathching TV’, ‘Engrgy’, ‘Eat Potato Chip’ (that ones more grammar-ish but still), and ‘dependind’. I thought this was an error so of course I e-mailed them! This was their response:

Oh yea I guess it is-

So they showed a photo of it but no where in their description do they say anything about misspellings on purpose. Their return policies are even worse… (I realized this after the order.)

So sorry if your stuff is too small! Can’t return it. Don’t like it? Can’t return it. Luckily I go a hole in the banana shorts mentioned earlier so I emailed them in which they asked for a photo which I happily provided…

They also wanted a video… which of course I provided and I haven’t gotten a response back yet… 

Just don’t buy from them… it’s not worth your money… just a scam. Poor quality and all too expensive… (Seriously that skirt was like $50 and you couldn't cut a button hole in it?)

Please reblog if you can to warn others and feel free to add in your own experiences with this shop.

undetektable-extension-charm  asked:

do u have any recommendations for any "behind the scenes" funny yes videos?

Unfortunately there aren’t too many out there, but here’s a list of Yes videos I love, both behind the scenes and others!

Directly Yes-related:

Outtakes from the Yes Documentary (unsure which)

Yes  Acoustic Rehearsals, Narrated by Rick Wakeman:

Yes in the Studio, Going for the One Sessions:

YES - Before and Post the Gig - Documentary - 1984

Jon Anderson at the 1994 Yestival

Chris Squire at the 1994 Yestival

Yestival 1998 - Steve Howe and Chris Squire Interview

Chris Squire speaking about all of the belongings he has in his pocket (Just watch, it’ll make sense)

Yes - Friday Night Videos Profile 06-84 (Chris Squire interview)

Yes - Keys to Ascension Launch Special, 1996

Yes - YesYears Interview Outtakes, 1991

Yes - Words and Music 1997

Yes - After Breakfast Show, New York City 10-29-96

Jon Anderson - The New Music, Toronto, Interview 1982

Yes - Entertainment Tonight Profile 1983 

Non Yes, but with Yes members:

Chris Squire - Bass Master Class

Alan White’s cameo in Herman Rarebell’s “Wipe Out” (Skip to 0:58 for Alan, sorry for the poor quality)

The Other Side of Rick Wakeman show, 2006

Steve Howe at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1979

A Week in the Life of ABWH (mini-documentary)

ABWH Live: An Evening of Yes Music Plus, 1989

Greg Lake telling a story Chris Squire told him about Yes

GTR - MuchMusic Interview, Toronto 04-30-86

GTR - The New Music, Toronto, 05 -10-86

GTR 1986 Making of documentary

Here’s also a great link to a playlist full of Yes content, both on and off stage. There’s far too many for me to watch at once, but I trust they’re some good ones!

If anyone has any others that I’ve missed, feel free to add onto the list. And sorry for the late reply! This was a long one coming but I wanted to make sure I dug deep enough to compile as many videos as I could!

Day 2- Musical Fairytale World

Scarlet Cape and Bigby Wolf are two misunderstood characters to their respective fairytales, Bigby is often described as a big brutish wolf who blows down houses, eats grandmother’s, and is an all around baddy. The village prides itself on having bared the most beautiful daughter in all the land, Scarlet. The village coos about her beauty, mannerisms, and how delicate she is. Like that of a flower. But what the people don’t know is that they are both quite the opposite.

A Song of Ice and Fire

Have some Gray and Natsu everybody. I know the picture quality isn’t the best; sorry about that. I didnt realize that I wanted this drawing to be a legit thing until I finished it and saw that I made it pretty poor quality. Anyway, hope you guys like :3, and happy early halloween. Oh also, Natsu with pony tail for all those pony tail natsu fans XD