also some that could be but aren't actually

  • People in the Youtube comment section: Do you actually think Lucas Steele should've won or is just because he's hot?
  • Me, not sure they actually watched the performance: Lucas is literally dancing the jig, playing the violin and singing some tenor notes that my first-tenor boyfriend can't hit on most good days. He does it eight nights a week, works an amazing set that I can only imagine could easily trip up an actor if they aren't careful. Might I also mention that he's literally been in the cast since 2012 which is the literal beginning for the show? He is Anatole. Being hot is just a nice bonus to this triple threat that definitely should've received the Tony.

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Maybe this is way overboard but.. If this is the explanation of the trailer: Sana sends the screenshots from Noora's email, which affects Vilde (becauSe they are about her) which affects Eva and Chris somehow, and this all leads back to it being Isak's conversation? Then the roles AREN'T REVERSED in the trailer. EXCEPT for isak and Even. Why would that be? Why is Even bleeding and getting hit while it actually happens to Isak, when the rest of the roles in the trailer aren't reversed?

Linnéa you have just blown my mind here oh my gosh

my answer is going to be way out there but I hope somehow it makes some sense but what if…

The nose bleed and the hitting in the face happened to Even instead of Isak in the trailer because… Even is Sana’s mirror after all and it happened to him because like a mirror…it is reflecting what actually happens to Isak…. who is always by his side like a mirror…(also in the trailer…Isak was looking right at him..meaning it could be him looking at the reflection of what it going to happen to him) 

Even is Sana’s mirror because what is happening with her right now happened to him and he ended up dealing with the isolation and confusion and all his feelings in a way that led to a lot of pain…just like Sana he ended up using social media in a not ideal way that led to more mess….I know it’s different because of his illness but I do think it mirrors this. 

Sana feels like she doesn’t belong and never will be able to fit in because she is different

Even felt the same way

Sana wants to take it in her own hands and fix it herself

which is how we know Even used to feel about things and he did try to do according to Yousef…tried to fix things.. :( 

but instead it’s just going to create that mess… 

so maybe Even was in the trailer because although it doesn’t have anything to do with him…it does because he is Sana’s mirror and his story connects to this which is why he literally reflected the events that happened to Isak

is this totally crazy? haha

that was such a wild guess oh my god

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Why aren't blueberries blue?

They actually used to be, until one day a witch was eating some, and choked to death. Then her sister, who was also a witch, cursed them to no longer be blue, so that the could not fulfill their purpose, which was to guide travelers. It is a little known fact that there was once a famous saying ‘follow the blue berries’ because travelers would plant bushes of them beside trails. They were easy to recognize because of their neon blue color. However this saying is no longer used, because after the witch cursed the berries, people soon realized that the statement was misleading and dangerous.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: shadowhunters might actually be the show that gives us a range of poc and lgbt characters. it could be the show that finally says the word bisexual for their canon bisexual character. the actors care deeply for their characters and have addressed that they understand how important the characters are for other people. shadowhunters is already showing girls who are confident with their bodies whilst also showing girls who actually break down and cry when they're scared. they're showing teenagers being teenagers who lie to their parents and wind up their siblings. in the first two episodes there were more poc characters than some shows have in entire seasons. there are girls looking out for each other instead of fighting over petty things like beauty and boys, and there's friendships between females and males that aren't romantic and there's plenty more that could come!! shadowhunters has the potential to be an amazing show and people are already demanding it be cancelled after two episodes because they don't like clary's hair colour.

I’ll take that cool expression of yours… and make it hot.

picture taken by [x]

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Dear LadyBlog, Did you ever wondered that one of your friends would be Ladybug

I mean, I wouldn’t consider Chloé a friend, but that theory was disproven a while ago. There could be someone else, though…


yay, more messy texture experiments that i cba to clean up :) I’ve never liked how the NSMBs series looks so i attempted to fix what i hated about it.


  • More harmonious colour scheme (less oversaturated colours, less colourless whites/blacks, more monotonal backgrounds).
  • less bad-90’s-cgi-look more modern-mario-with-pixel-art i.e fix the weird shading of highlights/shadows.
  • less obvious tile repetition (which was very hard to do because of the way they used their textures .___. )
  • better readability i.e clearer delineation between foreground and background, higher contrast boundaries on mario, enemies and collectables (so readable in both light and dark environments), less distracting non-interactable foreground stuff. clearer contrast between actual walkable platforms and non-interactable ground below them.
  • more throw backs to the older games (mainly the SNES ones) i.e less naturalistic (less fences,flowers, tress etc.) more surreal (more weird hill things, clouds w/ eyes etc.). hybrid colours between newer and older (i.e mushroom is closer to the white/red colours of SMB1). less blueish-green foreground stuff.

think it worked our pretty well considering how limited i was by only being able to change textures. I wish I could totally change the floor tiles though. straight lines are boring but the wavy lines repeated too much. boo. (hell i wish i could revamp pretty much the entire artstyle but…)

i was so happy when i changed to the SMB3 bricks tho :’)

will post some comparison shots later (and i’m considering writing up how i improved readability + how i’d improve it even more because maybe some indie peeps might be interested in that?)

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I'm not anti-nh, but i don't like their development in the movie. First, SP invented some fills that aren't nothing to do with the manga, when naruto met hinata as child, they could be friends, Naruto was alone, then met hinata and they could be friends, so it would change the story, also the tenseiga, they invented a new power just for the movie, and naruto fell in love cuz the genjutsu, and he fall in love too fast with someone who he knew for a long time. what do you think about the movie?

1) Kishimoto actually drew Naruto and Hinata as kids with those same clothes and everything in the Retsu no Sho book. The movie is also 100% Kishimoto approved (he said it takes place between 699 and 700, wrote some of the script, and also MADE the staff involved re-write the scripts so many times he said they probably thought he was annoying, attended the screening, commented on the kiss, picked his favorite scenes of the movie, scarf plot based on his personal experience because his wife gave him one, designed the characters, wrote and drew a NaruHina date that has the title “AFTER THE LAST”, etc). Toneri is a canon character as Kishimoto created him, wanted to reuse him in the mini series and explained his history. This isn’t SP filler.

2) Just because they had an encounter as children doesn’t mean that Naruto and Hinata were friends. The movie DOES NOT suggest they remained in contact aside from being in the academy together, just like the manga. All the movie does is show a scene where Naruto protects Hinata from some bullies. That’s it.

3) In the movie Naruto’s end is dealt with his obliviousness, and the genjutsu’s point was to make it loud and clear for him what was Hinata’s intent with those 2 manga scenes in which she tried to convey her feelings to him. Also, the big point of my essays was to show why it was plausible for Naruto to fall in love with Hinata given what they have in common, which he did. With his own obliviousness, Naruto couldn’t even place if his feelings were romantic or platonic. In sum: It’s not about him actually falling in love with her. It’s about him realizing he did.

Hope this answers your question! :)

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You're just as big a fan of Warehouse 13 as the rest of us, aren't you? Ahaha!

Well, I’m a fan of Warehouse 13; I’m not a fanboy, if that makes sense.

Actually, when I first stepped onto the set of Defiance, I’d never seen anything that any of the cast had been in, outside of Stephanie Leonidas on MirrorMask (which I loved), and Graham Greene on Dances with Wolves.* Since Warehouse 13 was on Syfy and streaming and had Jaime Murray, I thought I’d give that a watch so that I could actually speak knowledgeably about something else the cast had been on, and also fill in some gaps in my knowledge of Syfy programming. This was during the mid-season hiatus of season 4, so when the second half of that season aired, I was all caught up.

I love the show, because at the outset, it doesn’t take itself as seriously as a show like Battlestar Galactica or Defiance or even Stargate. It can be really kooky, but it’s supposed to be, so that makes it fun. I think it’s also the general sense of fun that gives the serious moments of the show extra weight, like Pete’s struggles in “What Matters Most” from season 4. Since I basically just got into the show when I heard it was going to be canceled, I was disappointed, but I’m glad that (a) it’s had a good run, and (b) Syfy gave it a last half season to wrap up. I think in most other circumstances, the last episode of season 4 would have been the last episode.

Being familiar with the fandom before the show, though—especially as it applies to Jaime Murray—the following things surprised me when I started watching the show:

  • H. G. Wells is barely in the show. I kind of assumed with how much attention she gets in the Tumblr/Twitterverse that H. G. Wells would be a part of the main cast that was added late—basically what Steve is—rather than a continuously recurring and referred to guest character.
  • The H. G. Wells/Myka relationship is fairly well established. I know this may seem counterintuitive, given how much WH13 fans write about how their relationship isn’t canon, but given the nature of ships in fandom in general (I’m thinking of Jeff/Annie all the way back during season 1 of Community), I assumed the connection would be tenuous at best. Given how overt the references are, I think it’s solid enough to call it canon, even if we haven’t seen anything blatant. To me it’s something that should be in any general synopsis of the characters and the show.
  • I was surprised to see there was not only one male character on the show, but several—and that the lead was a male character! I mean, you’d think it’d get mentioned once, at least…
  • I was also surprised the show didn’t get higher ratings. I think if Warehouse 13 had come out when Stargate did, it would have done much better. People interact with live television differently now, though, and that has had a deleterious effect on all scripted shows (well, excluding Two and a Half Men, for some reason I really don’t want to hear).

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the last season. It’s just six episodes, but that’s six more episodes than Twin Peaks got after its season 2 finale (though it did get a movie, didn’t it? 4.5 seasons and a movie, WH13 fans…?). And, love it or hate it, 4-6 seasons seems to be the regular lifespan of successful scripted shows, nowadays; 0.5-2 is, unfortunately, the norm. It’s going to suck that there won’t be new WH13 (or a WH13 theme park that has rides inside the warehouse based on the various artifacts used in the series and the plots of episodes), but we live in a strange time for television. 15 years from now, it’ll be completely different.

* Oh, and just a note, of course I’m not saying that serious shows are bad (I mean, I work on three such shows right now). It’s unfortunate, though, when serious shows do things that are unintentionally wacky and intend them seriously, like that silly martial arts scene in Star Trek: The Next Generation, or that silly martial arts scene in The Prisoner).