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My beautiful babies ❤️

(Georgiana is the white one, Daisy is brown and black, Mabel is the cream one you see briefly, Daphne is the black one, and Phoebe is the tan one)

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why is my 2k banner shittier than my 600 banner

thank you all so much for 2k!! ♥

y’all,, i couldn’t even imagine getting to 1k,, let alone 2k,, i dont even know why any of you follow me but !! tysm ily all :((

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Ask meme- Voltron style

(I just wanted to make one of these ok)

Sacrifice: if u had to die for any given Voltron character, who would it be?

Race: Would u rather be galran or altean?

Painting: Which three Voltron characters sum up your personality best?

Black paladin: Assuming shiro doesn’t return, who do u think should be the black paladin in his place?

Acquaintance: If u could meet any given Voltron character, who would it be?

Lion: If u were a paladin of Voltron, what lion would u pilot?

Body swap: U now switch places with any given Voltron character, so they live ur everyday life, and u live theirs. Who would u choose?

Motherhood: U now have to adopt and raise one of the Paladins as ur own child. Which would it be?

Face: If u could take the appearance of any Voltron character, which would it be?

anonymous asked:

Hi Sarah, I hope this isn't too much to ask but I just had a bad day so can I have some otayuri head canons?

Ahhh, I’m sorry you had a bad day, nonny! :( You caught me just after I finished watching Ex-Girlfriend Club with my floor-mates, so have a rewritten scene from the show:

  • Otabek and Yuri are fake dating for ~some publicity reason~, and they’ve tried really hard to line their stories up and whatnot, but they still get thrown when someone, probably Victor or JJ because they have no tact, ask about the first time they kiss. 
  • This is not a thing they’ve discussed beforehand, because it’s not a question they figured they would get from the press, and Yuri fumbles around for an answer that will sound the perfect combination of vague but true for quite some time until Otabek cuts in with…well, not exactly a lie.  
  • “Three years ago, when we weren’t exactly in a relationship, there was an instance where we were separated for three months. He wasn’t around, he wasn’t picking up calls, and I missed him so much, so I went to find him. Without a plan. It took me two hours by car to get to him, just so I could see his face even just for a while. He was…being set up with another boy, when I found him that night.” // “And then? You just left? You can’t have just left!” // “That’s right. If I just left, we’d remain forever as friends. So…I entered the bar mindlessly. Yuri was surprised to see me. He was without words, so I, too, without words…kissed him.
  • Yuri is sh00k, because he doesn’t remember telling Otabek about that night, doesn’t remember telling Otabek about anything that happened in the three months break he took from skating to try to get over his feelings for Otabek, but it did happen. And the only way Otabek would know is if Otabek’d actually been there, like he said he was. 
  • They have the why didn’t you tell me? // how could I when you looked like you were so happy? conversation later that night, when they’re finally alone. It results in angry confessions of love being blurted out, and both of them making out.