also small spoiler in here

No player characters died beyond Scanlan’s activation of death ward and the half second he was out before getting healed back to consciousness. He was then very swiftly getting boosted back into the triple digits. 

They successfully locked away a would-be god with only two of the trammels, one of which was the fragile one. 

Nearly everyone still had a decent amount of resources left - Scanlan and possibly Pike were running low on spell slots, but otherwise the group was still okay overall. 

They survived three Meteor Swarms. 

They did….really stinking well all things considered. That battle couldn’t have gone much better than it did. 

“Experts” (Sam Drake x Reader)

Note: Okay, so this is a pretty short one and I’m sorry if it doesn’t have much substance, but I’m still really ill with gastritis and I’m trying my besT, OKAY?! Also, small spoilers(ish) for Lost Legacy!

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“Right, so let’s go over this one more time, okay, Sam?” Chloe says, stopping the car and handing you and Sam a gun each.

“Me and Y/N trick your guy into thinking we know how to get to the Tusk in order to find out a little more about it, blah, blah, blah. We got it, can we just get on with it?”

“Okay, okay, I was just making sure. Now, he’s already expecting you, so all you two have to do is knock on the door and not get killed.”

“Can’t make any promises.” You smile.

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Full offense, but if anyone spoils The Punisher for me before I get the time to start it, I’ll fight your entire family.

New ML episode, Jackady, more like;

  • Gabriel Agreste red alert!!

but more importantly…


anonymous asked:

What's your head cannon's about Human Morgana? How old is he compared to the rest of the PT crew, etcetera? (P.S. Reading through this, you have some really nice writing!)

Hi! Thank you for taking an interest, and thank you for your amazing compliment!  ♥

A couple of my headcanons for Human Morgana have been made from the ideas of the AU I have created for him, which is written about on the ‘Verses’ tab and detailed slightly in the ‘About’ tab of my blog. I may refer to those a little in my answer, so sorry if some details here are a little unspecific! Also there will be a couple of small spoilers in here because of the nature of Morgana’s birth, so please be cautious anon and readers!

So in my personal headcanon I have Human Morgana appearing around the same age as the protagonist (I’ll call him Akira for ease here) for Persona 5, which would be 16 / 17 depending on where in the timeline of the game we’re talking. His technical date of ‘birth’ I have provided is March 22nd, as I believe the game hints he was created before Akira’s arrest in his home town.

His appearance heavily resembles Akira’s, but not entirely. A couple of noticeable differences would be in his blue eyes, lack of glasses, shorter height, slightly messier hair, and different style of clothes. The reason he resembles Akira’s physique otherwise is because he was originally created specifically for the protagonist, so I suppose I like to imagine there was some form of reading into or using Akira’s heart to create him, which reflected in his appearance.

Personality and combat skills would carry over from his life as a cat - there would be no real change there. Though I do like to headcanon some of his cat-like traits would stick with him as well; such as hating baths, loving sushi, and liking a gentle scratch on the head. He would also still be able to travel of his own free will into the metaverse just like in the game, though as he is no longer a cat by form or cognition he can no longer transform into the well-loved cat bus.

I’m not really sure what else to add here… I hope I answered some of the questions you had at least anon! If you can think of anything else I would be more than happy to answer anything else in another ask!  ♥

I’m going to go off on a small tangent here really quick… This also includes a smallish SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen Suicide Squad.  You all probably didn’t know this about me but I’m a fairly big movie buff and I really enjoy looking into the actors and what they do to make the audience really feel what they are feeling and how they put the audience into their own shoes.  Anyways theres a scene in Suicide Squad that really inspires me to follow my dreams and to become an actor.  After the Joker gets shot down and to our knowledge  “Killed” we see Harley sitting on top of a car in emotional distress as she cries and takes off her Puddin choker collar (I think thats what its called).  That short minute or so is what literally made the movie in my eyes.  I was launched right into the feels of what was going on in that instance.  I felt her loss.  I felt her distress.  I felt every. Single. Emotion. It was absolutely mind blowing the connection that I felt with her, and that I’ve never felt with any movie I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.  AND WHEN FUCKING DEADSHOT (Will Smith) CAME OUT AND SHE IMMEDIATELY FLIPPED HER FUCKING EMOTIONS AND HID EVERYTHING FROM THEM WAS FUCKING AMAZING BECAUSE IVE LITERALLY FELT THAT, IVE LITERALLY HAD TO HIDE MY EMOTIONS LIKE THAT IN AN INSTANCE AND I FELT THAT MORE THAN EVER.  The absolutely best part about that emotional flip was when Deadshot saw right through the massive wall that Harley built so quickly.  Now I don’t know much about Deadshot’s background but from the movies standpoint I assume thats how he felt about his daughter when he lost her from being put in prison.  Its just that little snippet of the movie that really inspires me and just amazes me that someone can make me feel something like that through a screen.  If you made it through this I applaud you and thank you for reading!  Have an awesome day!!