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So i made this fancharacter based in @pickleepunks​ comic.
A Pride Demon, his horns are Echeveria Elegans or Mexican snowballs, my favorite plant. At first wanted to draw a Wrath Demon because, in some point, i can relate them but i already have many irascible characters hahaha..ha…..ha :T  Embryu’s Pride Demons are so interesting and the idea of plants or fungus as horns it’s brilliant, also Lust and Sloth Demons have awesome designs tho.
It’s male, yeah, long story.
Anyways i hope you enjoy it.

OC: Erraday
Pride Demon concept: @embryu

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which of the seven deadly sins do you think the ros are most aligned with or most likely to be consumed by?

When I wrote the characters/their arcs, I used the Seven Deadly Sins as inspiration;

Calypso - Pride: The negative version of pride is the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins: the perversion of the faculties that make humans more like God—dignity and holiness. It is also thought to be the source of the other capital sins. Identified as dangerously corrupt selfishness, the putting of one’s own desires, urges, wants, and whims before the welfare of people. Overestimation of one’s abilities.

Santiago - Greed: Greed (Latin, avaritia) is, like lust and gluttony, a sin of desire. As defined outside Christian writings, greed is an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs, especially with respect to material wealth. Like pride, it can lead to not just some, but all evil.

Saint- Sloth: Sloth has also been defined as a failure to do things that one should do. By this definition, evil exists when “good” people fail to act. Dante describes acedia as the failure to love God with all one’s heart, all one’s mind and all one’s soul; to him it was the middle sin, the only one characterised by an absence or insufficiency of love. Some scholars have said that the ultimate form of acedia was despair which leads to suicide.

Adonis- Lust: Lust, or lechery (Latin, “luxuria” (carnal)), is intense longing. It is usually thought of as intense or unbridled desire. Lust, if not managed properly, can subvert proprietary, and lead to greed and gluttony.

Sage- Wrath: People feel angry when they sense that they or someone they care about has been offended, when they are certain about the nature and cause of the angering event, when they are certain someone else is responsible, and when they feel they can still influence the situation or cope with it. In accordance with Henry Edward, angry people are “slaves to themselves”

Avery- Envy: Envy (Latin, invidia), like greed and lust, is characterized by an insatiable desire. It can be described as a sad or resentful covetousness towards the traits or possessions of someone else. Bertrand Russell said that envy was one of the most potent causes of unhappiness,bringing sorrow to committers of envy whilst giving them the urge to inflict pain upon others.

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omg Lori is definitely the coolest but I wanna know more about that cutie Vaamal! <3

Vaamal past Pilot of the Green Lion

Is the tallest and fastest in the squad. Pretty chill for her species having long life spans.

species design a mix of owl/gorilla/sloth. known as one of the most intelligent species. Her home planet is covered in extremely huge thick forests (like 70%). So imagine huge skyscrapers buts as trees, which are also used as buildings. The branches and leaves are so vast and thick, that its mostly dark all the time below (gets darker to pitch black as you get closer the ground).

High intelligence, strong curiosity and adventurous, if anyone suggests to check out a mystery, she’s the first to volunteer.

also loves her shorter teammates

just the

most intelligent



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This is that same anon who has only seen the anime. I may look into the manga more! It's on my bucket list. And you're welcome! I really enjoy your stuff ~ What do you think about Kuro x Mahiru x Sakuya? I'm curious about that!

Yayyyy!!~ Hope you do and hope you enjoy it!!! AHHHHHH hearing that makes me so happy every time~ 💗💗💗

andddddd about KuroMahiSaku….

IT’S A GUILTY PLEASURE OF MINE. I’ve been torn between SakuMahi and KuroMahi since I started Servamp soooo yeah. But just know I’m all for it. Been awhile since I’ve drawn this ot3, have a sketch. :>


GIF BATTLE: the PT squad ver

with @nanssagajii​ ♡ @ayoshidae​ ♡ @ye-rims

round 3: seven deadly sins + monsta x

Why are sloths so slow?

Giant ground sloths flourished for millions of years, but around 10,000 years ago, they started disappearing along with the Western Hemisphere’s other megafauna. Researchers think that ground sloths could have been pushed out by an oncoming ice age, or competition with other species, maybe humans, who arrived in the region around the time most of the sloths went extinct. Some of the smaller sloths did survive and migrated to the treetops. Today, there are six species left living in the rainforest canopies of Central and South America. 

Hanging out in the trees is a good way to avoid predators, and there are plenty of leaves to eat. But this diet has its drawbacks. Animals extract energy from food and use that energy to move around, maintain their body temperature, keep their organs working, and all the other activities necessary for survival. But leaves don’t contain much energy, and that which they do have is tough to extract. Most herbivores supplement a leafy diet with higher energy foods like fruit and seeds. But sloths, especially three-toed sloths, rely on leaves almost exclusively. They’ve evolved finely tuned strategies for coping with this restricted diet. First, they extract as much energy from their food as possible. Sloths have a multi-chambered stomach that takes up a third of their body, and depending on the species, they can spend five to seven days, or even weeks, processing a meal.

The other piece of the puzzle is to use as little energy as possible. One way sloths do this is, of course, by not moving very much. They spend most of their time eating, resting, or sleeping. They descend from the canopy just once a week for a bathroom break. 

When sloths do move, it’s not very fast. It would take a sloth about five minutes to cross an average neighborhood street. This unhurried approach to life means that sloths don’t need very much muscle. In fact, they have about 30% less muscle mass than other animals their size. Sloths also use less energy to keep themselves warm because their body temperature can fluctuate by about five degrees Celsius, less than a cold-blooded reptile, but more than most mammals. These physical and behavioral adaptations minimize the sloth’s energy expenditure, or metabolic rate. Three-toed sloths have the slowest metabolism of any mammal. The giant panda is second slowest, and two-toed sloths come in third.

Moving slowly has allowed sloths to thrive in their treetop habitat. But it’s also made the sloths themselves a great habitat for other organisms, including algae, which provides a little extra camouflage, and maybe even a snack. Sloths may not be giant anymore, but that doesn’t make them any less remarkable.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why are sloths so slow? - Kenny Coogan

Animation by Anton Bogaty

Servamp: No Worries

Hey guys! This is something that I wanted to do for a couple of friends and another anon who gave me this cute example that made me think of this fic (x). @akumanonezumi and @the-floofinator Sorry it took so long guys, I was just really busy planning other fics out! I really hope you two and that anon like this! So without further ado, please enjoy! <3

                       “Oh my god, he’s so cute!”

                       “I know right?! Here kitty kitty! I’ve got cookies!”

                       “Hand me some! I wanna feed him too!”

           Mahiru rolled his eyes slightly as he heard his fellow classmates gushing over the cat Servamp that was currently resting on his head like he always did. Kuro yawned softly, and opened one lazy red eye to glance at the squealing girls. Crossing his arms, the teen sighed, and reached up to pull the sleepy vampire down. Cuddling him to his chest, Mahiru felt Kuro’s ears twitch lightly as he pressed his lips to the Servamp’s sensitive cat ears.

                       “Do you mind Kuro?” the Eve asked, pulling away slightly so that he could look his partner in the eyes. Kuro blinked at him slowly, before he sighed and nodded. Smiling softly, Mahiru gently scratched under the Servamp’s chin in thanks, before gently handing Kuro to one of the girls. “Okay, play nice Kuro. I’ll just be cleaning the chalkboard, and when I’m done, we can leave. Have fun!”

           Watching his Eve walk away, Kuro turned his attention to the cooing girls. This shouldn’t be too bad, besides they had cookies! Everything was going fine until one of the girls decided to begin scratching at the sides of his furry belly. Feeling his fur fluff out, Kuro tried to twitch away from the invasive fingers, but when another pair began to scratch behind his eats, the Servamp clenched his eyes shut as he tried to hold his cat form. Weird sensations were flying throughout his tiny body as the girls giggled and scratched at his furry parts. Opening his eyes, Kuro tried to send Mahiru an SOS signal through their bond, but the brunet was too busy dusting off the eraser to notice his predicament. Feeling one of the girls fingers suddenly scratch near his lower tummy, Kuro finally had enough and let out a scratchy sounding meow.

                       “Hmm?” Hearing the sound his Servamp made, Mahiru turned around to see Kuro giving him a pleading look. Furrowing his brow, Mahiru put the erasers down, and held out his arms. Seeing this, Kuro squirmed free of the confusing, yet invasive touches, and flung himself at his awaiting Eve. Once Kuro was in his arms, the brunet brought the trembling cat closer to his chest, and frowned. “Kuro? You okay?”

           Shaking his head, Kuro clung to the brunet harder when he heard the girls whining and wanting to hold him again. Hearing Mahiru mumble something, and the teen’s hold tighten a little more, Kuro swallowed and looked up to see Mahiru looking back at him with a soft gaze. Noticing that the whining had stopped, the Servamp loosened his hold, and peeked around to see that the loud teen girls were gone.

                       “Sorry for leaving you with them Kuro…I should’ve watched over you,” Mahiru sighed out, as he rubbed Kuro’s back softly with his thumb. “I’m done cleaning up now. How about we go home, and I can start an early dinner. How’s your favorite ramen sound?”

                       “Okay…” the Servamp mumbled out, slowly climbing back on top of Mahiru’s head as the teen went to fetch his backpack. Once they were out of the school, Kuro slowly lowered himself until he was lying on his Eve’s left shoulder. Turning to look at the other, the brunet jumped slightly when Kuro rubbed the side of his face lightly. “I can practically hear you thinking. Don’t worry about what happened. It wasn’t your fault.”

           Blinking slightly, Mahiru thought over what Kuro said, and then looked towards the ground, feeling a small blush begin to rise on his face. He couldn’t believe his lazy neet of a Servamp was trying to cheer him up. Shaking the thoughts from his head, the Eve turned to his head to face the black cat again, and pressed a small, shocking, kiss to the Servamp’s furry cheek. Smiling his one hundred watts smile at the other, Mahiru scratched behind Kuro’s ear. Glad that he was in his cat form, or else Mahiru would see the pure flush he knew he had on his cheeks, Kuro muttered his usual ‘what a pain’ and looked away shyly. Seeing this, Mahiru snickered, and quickened his pace so that the two could get back to the apartment quicker.

                       “Thanks for that Kuro,” Mahiru told the Servamp, once they were at the door. Kuro sighed, and jumped down from his Eve’s shoulder. Once inside the dark apartment, Kuro shifted to his vampire form, and toed of his boots. Mahiru shut the door, and did the same with his shoes. Placing his backpack towards their shoes, the Eve slowly walked away from his Servamp, obvious heading towards the kitchen to make their dinner. Kuro watched this, before scratching the back of his head, and slowly followed his Eve’s form. Seeing Mahiru enter the kitchen, the Servamp creeped into the living room, and flopped down on their couch, picking up the discarded game device that the vampire had placed on the floor the night before. “Kuro? Beef or chicken?”

                       “Uh…chicken I guess…” Kuro lazily called back, and Mahiru chuckled lightly at the Servamp monotone voice. Even with food the Servamp sounded bored. Setting the pan down to boil, Mahiru opened the packages, before leaving the kitchen, knowing a watched pot takes longer to boil. Hearing Kuro’s game device playing, the Eve rolled his eyes with a soft smile, before he made his way over to the Servamp. Noticing Kuro laying down, Mahiru tried to hold his snickers back when he saw that Kuro’s feet were dangling off the couch, meaning the Servamp was too tall to actually fit that way on the furniture. “Are you going to stare at me all day? Or are you going to come over here?”

           Blushing at being found out, Mahiru sighed, and made his way over to the Servamp, who was still playing his game, but now he was looking at his Eve. Sitting down lightly near the other’s legs, the Eve gently tapped at Kuro’s legs, and the Servamp placed them in his Eve’s lap. Rubbing soothing patterns into the vampire’s legs, Mahiru turned on the television with his free hand, and put on an anime the two usually watched together. Kuro shut his game device off, and turned his attention to the TV once the anime’s opening began to play. Glancing at his partner, Mahiru smiled softly when he saw the interested look in the other’s red eyes. He was just like a little kid in a candy shop. Looking down at the Servamp’s legs, a thought suddenly occurred to the Eve.

                       “Kuro?” the brunet asked, gaining his Servamp’s attention. Kuro blinked at the teen’s tone of voice, before noticing that it looked like something was on the Eve’s mind. Once he had the full attention of the lazy vampire, Mahiru bit his lip as he tried to think of what to say. How was he going to put this? Shaking his head, the teen decided he should just be direct, so he glanced at the confused Servamp with determination in his hazel eyes. “What made you react the way you did when my classmates were paying attention to you. You usually love getting their food and attention, so…what happened?”

                       “U-uh…” Kuro mumbled, feeling shocked from the Eve’s question. He knew Mahiru was going to ask questions, but to do it was that much determination had the Servamp flustered. Seeing the expression on his partner’s face, Mahiru frowned slightly, and looked at his hands, which were still gently rubbing at his partner’s legs. Kuro swallowed slightly, and glanced back at the anime. Damn. Mahiru knew he wasn’t good with his words and emotion. Sighing, Kuro gently bumped Mahiru’s belly with his one leg, gaining the Eve’s attention once again. Seeing the unsure emotion now flowing through the brunet’s sparkling eyes, Kuro swallowed the lump in his throat, and cleared his throat. “Um…I guess…I didn’t like where they were putting their hands…it made me feel weird things…”

                       “Weird things?” Mahiru muttered to himself, thinking over what the other had said. Glancing down at Kuro’s legs, the Eve began to tap a gentle rhythm around the Servamp’s knees, noticing the way the vampire’s legs twitched slightly when he tapped over the left kneecap. Blinking, a sudden thought made its way into the teen’s head, causing a small smirk to rise on his face. Noticing the change of expression on his Eve, Kuro shifted, feeling a little nervous. Looking at his Servamp, Mahiru noticed the hesitation in the other’s face, and quickly erased the smirk from his lips. “Kuro…could it be that your ticklish? Where were the girls touching you?”

           Hearing this, the Servamp bristled slightly. Ticklish? Why did that sound familiar? Shaking the sudden uneasiness away, Kuro looked his Eve in the eyes, and noticed a small twinge of curiosity in them. Licking his lips, Kuro glanced down at his hands, which were trembling lightly. Flinching slightly, Kuro felt his eyes widen under his fringe when Mahiru had reached out, and laced their hands together. Feeling the warmth of his Eve, Kuro relaxed completely, and slowly looked into his Eve’s face again. There was no judgement in the teen’s face, and Kuro felt himself relax even further. Feeling the tenseness soak away from the other, Mahiru smiled softly at the vampire.

                       “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, okay Kuro?” the Eve asked, getting ready to get up to check to see if the soup water is boiling yet in the kitchen. Seeing Mahiru getting ready to get up, Kuro fumbled slightly, and reached out. Feeling the Servamp’s sudden hand around his wrist, Mahiru let out a yelp of shock when he was suddenly pulled down. Landing on the other, the Eve reached for anything that could hold the impact, but when the teen’s hands grabbed at Kuro’s side, the Servamp flinched harder than before, causing Mahiru to literally fall face first into his chest. Hearing the slight hitch of breath, the teen quickly leaned up, and looked into the blushing face of his partner. “Kuro? I’m sorry! Are you okay?”

                       “Mahiru…y-your hand…please move it…” Kuro shakily let out, confusing his Eve. The brunet blinked owlishly, and let his eyes wander down to where his hands rested on the Servamp’s sides. Cocking his head to the left, Mahiru gently squeezed the vampire’s sides again, making the other twitch, as he let out a small breathy yelp. Staring into each other eyes, Kuro shook his head as Mahiru grinned mischievously at him. “Mahiru. N-no…”

           Nodding his head, the Eve quickly wiggled his fingers down the Servamp’s sides, smiling when the other let out a squeak before breaking down in adorable giggles, unlike what the Eve expected. Hearing the childish laughter rise out of the neet vampire’s mouth, Mahiru watched as his partner squirmed, and tried to stop his hands from reaching anymore tickle spots. Smiling at the sight of Kuro’s now flushing face, Mahiru gently dug his fingers into the Servamp’s tummy, laughing along with the other when the vampire let out another high-pitched giggle. Kuro could not believe this was happening. Shaking his head, the Servamp gave up trying to catch his Eve’s hands, and just clenched the couch cushions with his hands. Seeing Kuro giving up trying to fight the tickles, Mahiru slowed his fingers down until they were just swirling around the shallow belly button of his giggling partner.

                       “M-Mahihihihrruuu!” Kuro whined, feeling his giggles beginning to quiet once the tickling slowed to a stop. Looking at his Eve through his teary red eyes, Kuro let out a few more bubbly giggles when the teen gently scratched the spot underneath his cute belly button. Mahiru smiled softly at his partner when he heard the childlike giggles, before finally moving his hands up until they scratched lightly under the Servamp’s chin. Shaking his head, Kuro wrapped his hands around the teen’s wrists, but did nothing else as more giggles spilled from his lips. “P-plehehehehease! N-no more!”

                       “Alright, I’m done,” Mahiru sighed out, taking his hands away to gently rub through the Servamp’s blue bed head. Kuro closed his eyes as he felt this and breathed out a small purring sound through the last remaining giggles that were stuck in his throat. Once the Servamp’s breath evened out, Kuro opened his eyes, and looked at the soft expression his Eve had on his face. Letting out a sigh, the Servamp relaxed more into his Eve’s hold, with his usual ‘what a pain,’ falling from his lips. Hearing this, Mahiru snickered, and Kuro blushed at the wonderful noise. “Are you okay Kuro? I didn’t go too far did I?”

           Shaking his head, Kuro glanced at the television, noticing that the anime they were watching was over. How much time did his Eve spend torturing him? Frowning, Kuro glanced towards the kitchen when he heard the sounds of flames flickering. Blinking, the Servamp looked at his Eve with a confused look, making the Eve confused as well until their fire alarm went off. Hearing this, Mahiru remembered the boiling pot he left on the burner before the tickle attack he unleashed on his lazy partner. Getting up fast, Kuro heard the Eve curse before tearing towards the kitchen as quickly as he could. Hearing a shout, Kuro let out another sigh, before sitting up. Unknowingly, the Servamp had a smile on his face as he got up off to couch to check on his freaking out Eve.

I need to stop drawing a certain furry grandpa with a ponytail and his small wife with poofy hair.


— give me a sense of human life. 


I lost my graphic tablet stylus, broke down, cried myself to sleep, watched Servamp, felt better and then found my stylus the next day on the bus.

So I’m very happy now so I made this mini-comic. Thank you Servamp for cheering me up.

Based on @enchantingnanami ‘s incorrect Servamp quote! (x)

When You’re Sick (MONSTA X)

this isn’t a req but i just wanted to try writing an mx reaction to see if i could do it!!! sorry i have been absent:(

(all gif creds to original owners)

I think most people might think he’d be like ????? But I think he’s actually cutely attentive. He’ll be super cautious with you, give you loads of cuddles and get your favourite food. He’ll do that lil’ cute grin whenever you say thank you or that you feel a bit better and honestly if that doesn’t cure you, nothing else will. You may have to be quite blunt with this bear, instead of drop hints, because it’s probable that he’s waiting at your heel for you to tell him what you need. Nonetheless, he doesn’t make or fuss or moan and just takes it all in his stride. He’s worried but and expert at not showing it, placing you first.

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He’s naturally just a ray of light, so just by him being by your side while your bundled in blankets, helps a whole bunch. You guys would watch movies together and eat lots and lots of food. He’d also let you be super clingy, you’ll just be resting your head on his lap whilst he gingerly strokes your hair. Unlike Shownu though, he just has this knack for sensing when you need something. Before you can ask, he’s running out the house to get you that medicine you needed. It just shows how worried he is.

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(and suddenly world peace was found, world hunger was cured…)

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Geralt and Yen for the shipping meme? :D

*cries* thank u. 

  • falls asleep on the couch- Geralt, probably. “I was just resting my eyes, Yen.” “Uh-huh. That’ll be why there’s drool on my favourite couch cushion?” 

  • makes friends with the neighbors- Actually I want to say Geralt does this but like…Accidentally? Yennefer is quite happy to keep things private and she isn’t like rude or cold or anything she just doesn’t go out of her way to mingle. Geralt is like Tall and Strong looking so people will approach him and ask him for favours carrying heavy things or like “my cat is stuck in a tree could you??” and he’s too nice to say no? So he just gets roped into doing all these things for their neighbours and of course they insist on thanking him so he gets invited over for like tea and cake and stuff and he really just wants to keep himself to himself and live a nice, chill life with Yennefer but that ain’t happening. Yennefer thinks this is hilarious and accepts every single thank you invitation and teases Geralt while they’re there because “what a hero,” and he’s just like ¬_¬ 

  • is the adventurous eater- Probably Yennefer tbh. Geralt just eats meat off a stick and is happy with it. Yen has slightly more Refined tastes and any time anywhere new opens near them she insists on going and trying it out. Geralt is just…Baffled by it all. Like it’s small and there are tiny dots of sauce like he needs more sauce than that, ‘are they afraid they’re going to run out Yen??’ She rolls her eyes and watches him have an aneurysm trying to decide which piece of the 15-set cutlery he’s been given to use. ‘If you just use your hands to make it simple I am going to murder you with this knife, Geralt.’ 

  • hogs the covers at night- Definitely Yennefer. She’s not even sorry about it and she’s not subtle about it either. Geralt will like…raise his eyebrows at her and she’ll just shrug at him like “Yes, is there a problem??” And he just smirks and “No, not at all, carry on.” And she just…Yep, fine then, and tugs a little bit more over to her side. 

  • forgets to do the dishes- Hmmm, probably Yennefer is the one who genuinely forgets about them. Geralt “forgets” because he hates doing them but it never works. She boycotts all kisses and cuddles until he’s done it, it’s his night, he agreed. He complies with a lot of grunting and grumbling that they should just buy loads of disposable paper plates and plastic cutlery and save this nonsense. 

  • tries to surprise their partner more often- Geralt tries. Tries being the operative word. He’s very rarely successful. Somehow Yen always rumbles him and knows what he’s planning ahead of time and he’s just like ??? How do you do this!? But on the rare occasion he does manage to actually genuinely surprise her (usually with little, impulsive things he just does in the moment) she really loves them. And even when she knows what he’s up to she appreciates the effort and makes sure to let him know of that. 

  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor- Yennefer. It probably drives Geralt insane but she’s not stopping any time soon. 

  • stays up til 2 AM reading- Yennefer again, I think. She just gets Absorbed and is one of those like “one more chapter” that turns into the entire book type people. Geralt knows better than to try and encourage her to come to bed and has learned that he must never, ever kiss her and try and distract her in that way when she is reading. It will not end well for him. He just leaves her to it, mostly. Sometimes he’ll read to her too if she can’t sleep and she loves that more than just about anything else. 

  • sings in the shower- I want to say Geralt for hilarity reasons but Yennefer insists that it isn’t singing because he sounds like he’s being murdered and it’s just downright alarming. Geralt scowls at this assessment of his singing but honestly…She’s not wrong. 

  • takes the selfies- Yennefer. The concept would probably just confuse Geralt tbh. Like when Yen shoves her phone into his hands and tells him to take one of both of them because he has longer arms and it’s easier for him he inevitably ends up with like his thumb or finger covering half the lens and it’s out of focus and blurry and honestly just a disaster. Geralt doesn’t picture well he blinks at the wrong moment or is looking in the wrong direction or just looks utterly glaikit. Yennefer has given up on him and announces it’s a good thing she’s good looking enough for both of them. 

  • plans date night- Yennefer. Geralt’s idea of date night is just…”We have dinner, then sex.” To which Yennefer rolls her eyes and informs him that, “That’s every night, darling.” To which Geralt shrugs and grumbles something along the lines of “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” But he knows Yen likes getting dressed up and going out and doing nice things and he doesn’t have any real objection to it. Dinner and sex tends to be in her plans anyway so he’s good with it. 

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What's up with the odd "rods" beneath Glyphtodon eye sockets? Some hang down to the base of the lower jaw!

[image source]

Those weird rods are actually downward-extended cheekbones! They’re attachment points for huge powerful jaw muscles, specialized for the way glyptodonts chewed their food with a forwards-and-backwards grinding motion.

Similar structures are also seen in some sloths and diprotodontids.

i’m still waiting for someone to reply to my message so we can settle the date but, in the meantime, here’s the blog:

since this is my first time doing something like this, i’d be happy to know if you have any kind of prompts in mind. i think it’d be more fun that way!! (you can send them to the blog or my main)