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Why can't you just accept that Sitwell's a bad dude?

//You know I’ve thought about this a lot.  A LOT. a lot. 

First and most jarring is the contrast to his character in the comics which has an unwavering and unmatched loyalty to SHIELD and Nick Fury. Seriously, this isn’t just assumed.  He gives speeches. So the guy I love becoming a traitor to all of that on the big screen is hard for me, honestly, too hard for me to swallow. I LOVE Jasper Sitwell.  And a guy who turned on SHIELD, that’s not Jasper Sitwell.   That’s why I won’t have a single verse where he’s actually HYDRA, and to be honest I can see the appeal of them for others but for me, if you make Sitwell someone who betrays Nick and SHIELD.. I have no idea who he is anymore. 

Second, and there a lot of people around here who can speak to this a lot more eloquently than I can, but I’m going to take a risk and talk about it.  It matters that they hired a Latino to play Jasper Sitwell.  It actually matters quite a lot. Max is about the sweetest cinnamon roll you’re ever going to find, and he’s talked about, and diplomatically not talked about the characters he gets offered.  Jasper wasn’t at all stereotypical … until he was. Would it have still happened if he hadn’t been played by a Latino? Who knows.  But I do have to wonder if it would have been played the same way. 

And that brings me to my third point. I have another Marvel blog with a character I love that had a surprising face-heel-turn. The Contessa.  Why will I accept hers, and not Sitwell’s?  Shorthand: because it was interesting. 

I don’t know if I would accept a Sitwell turn even it was interesting because Sitwell but I never got the chance to find out.  With the Contessa, …  heck with Ward, Garret, Pierce, Rumlow, we find out WHY.  Whether or not it’s a good enough why whose to judge, but Sitwell never got a why.  We have exactly zero idea why he would betray his teammates and friends.  And that bit pisses me off. 

Look Joss Whedon is problematic in oh so many ways, but with Coulson he took the ten seconds at a time he was on screen and made people care when he died. Yes i know he was in movies before (so was Sitwell which hopefully the rest of tumblr will stop being surprised about soon) 

I believe the Russo’s are talented enough to have made people care when Sitwell turned coat, but they didn’t.  He was a walking information dump. And he’s hated by the fandom at large.  

I have a lot of feelings about why Jasper Sitwell isn’t HYDRA, but my actual biggest reason is that’s just really shitty writing.