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That One Special Hug

A/N: Muse burst out of nowhere and before I knew it, I was jotting down this blip. Based off of the AnimalSet from SIF. Semi-crack(?)
Words: 4,782
Ships: Kanan x Dia, implied You x Riko
Summary: In which the popular body pillow Panda went on a journey to find her one night stand the mysterious stranger who shared her bed.

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An High School Abusive Boyfriend #1

Summary: The RFA+V+Saeran are in high school and they have a crush on MC, however, she has a ‘perfect’ boyfriend, only one day they find out the abuse behind it all.

This contains; Physical Abuse, drug use, emotional abuse, manipulation, broken RFA hearts, a lot of hugging, crying, cussing, and angst.



Zen was no doubt the popular one, everyone knew him. Everyone seemed to want to date him. Well, almost everyone did at least.

The one Zen was in love with, MC, was already taken. She was in a perfect relationship with some… guy. God, it pained Zen to see them together. He was selfish when it came to her. He wanted her smile, her laugh, just her all to himself. But, he couldn’t have any of that, she gave it all to him, Jin Soo.
Being the actor Zen was, he buried all of his feelings he was. He played the role of the supportive guy friend for MC. He acted out all of his support for MC’s relationship. He acted that his feelings weren’t there. Maybe, if he acted it out long enough, it would come true. If he just lied to himself, he would start believing it. Right?


He couldn’t ever get over MC. It was like a curse. Every time he thought he was finally getting over her, she would smile at him or laugh and he would be in love all over again. It was so painful to his heart to be so in love with her, only for her to be in love with Jin Soo. He even tried dating other people, only for him to break up with them. Fuck, was he turning into a masochist?

Dropping his script on his bed, Zen rubbed his eyes. He couldn’t focus on his script.

“Shit…” Zen muttered, running his hand through is bangs. Zen starts looking around his room, from his ceiling to his bed to the clock.

9:32 pm… 

Stretching, Zen sighed. He should go on a walk to take his mind off of things. Grabbing his jacket and putting it on, Zen headed for the door.


It was quite chilly outside. Zen could feel his nose freezing from the cold, to attempt to keep in warm, Zen snuggled the half of his face into his jacket. Shoving his hands into his pockets, Zen continued his walk.

After a while of almost pure silence, Zen heard a faint noise. Was someone…crying?

Looking around, Zen’s eyes quickly landed on..her, MC. She was just… sitting there on the edge of the sidewalk. Holding her legs to herself with her face buried in her legs. Something was wrong.

Quickly, Zen walked up to her. Looming over her, hearing her sobs just broke his heart.

“Hey,” he said, scaring her. She quickly looked up at him, with fear written all over her face. Her cheeks were soaked from the tears and her eyes red from crying so hard. But what got Zen’s attention the most was the hand print on her cheek. Oh, fuck no. MC quickly stood up and covered the mark, looking at her feet. 

“H-hello Zen… I-I need to g-go” she manages to stutter out, attempting to turn around and leave, only for Zen to grab her arm.

“No, you’re not going anywhere until you tell me what happened.” Zen proclaimed, showing his stubborn side.


“Yes, jagi?”

MC slowly turns around to face Zen, only for her to start crying again. Zen springs into action, he pulls her into a hug and in an attempt in calm her down, he rocks her back and forth.

“Shhh… It’s ok… I’m here now… I’m here for you..”

MC pulls back to look Zen in the eyes and roughly rubs her eyes, then she takes a deep breath.

“Jin Soo… hit me.“ 

Zen felt his heart stop.

"I caught h-him doing drugs a-and I tried stopping him…”


“He s-started yelling at me, saying it was my fault that he w-was like this an-and… he hit me…” MC takes a shaky breath and very quietly mumbles “..again.”

“Again? You mean this isn’t the first time?" 

MC looked down at her feet and slowly nodded. Zen felt his blood boil. Zen stared at MC for a moment, then he nodded. Zen needed to bash his face in.
"Where is he?”

MC looked back up, looking confused for a second only to come to the realization on Zen’s intentions.

“…I won’t tell you”

Zen sighs, rubbing his face, he starts walking away.

“I know where he lives anyways. Since I dropped you off there before.”

Shit. MC starts panicking, quickly she ran in front of Zen and grabbed onto his arm.

“Zen! Please don’t! It’s not his fault!”

Zen stops dead in his tracks. Not his fault? Who’s was it then? Zen looks down at her, she looked so weak, he felt his heart break into two. He couldn’t leave her like this. Zen pulls her into a hug.

“…It’s not your fault MC.”

MC slowly wraps her arms around Zen, feeling the tears following again, but this time she is with Zen. The thoughts of what happened to MC truly shattered his heart, he felt his own eyes produce tears. 

The two just stood there, in each other arms, in tears. Enjoying each others warmth. Breathing in each others warmth, feeling the hair of the other on their faces. 


After what seemed like hours, they pull apart. Sniffling, MC smiles weakly at Zen as she rubs her eyes.

“I’ll go home now…” she mutters.

“I’ll walk you home.”

“Ah, no no. It’s ok, I already caused you enough problems tonight.”

“Jagiya, it okay. I’ll feel better to know that you got home safe.”

Offering a warm smile, Zen took off his coat and slid it on MC. She looked up at him, giving a confused face. “Don’t want you getting a cold now.” Zen smiled once more before following MC home.

“Well, here it is,” MC muttered as she stopped walking by a small house. She started taking off his jacket. “Thank you for.. everything you did tonight. Thank you.” MC gave a stronger smile than before and handed Zen his jacket.

“Ah, your welcome. Though, it really wasn’t anything much.”

“Well, good-bye Zen” MC started walking towards the front door and walking away from him.

What the fuck was going on? This is the time to say something, the time to confess. Just say it. Say those three damn words. 

“Um, MC?”

Turning around, MC looked Zen straight in the eyes. “Yes?”

I love you.

“Have a good night.” Zen was truly a masochist.

Author’s Note; This was my first fanfic that I am ever putting online, so I apologize if there are any errors in my writing. I’ll accept any constructive criticism. 

Tagging @serensama for inspiring me to write this, also because she wanted to be tagged.

I’ll write and post the others later since this will be a series. If anyone wants, I’ll write a happy ending for any of them since I already have ideas.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!