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“You can’t post/ship xy because it triggers me/it’s unhealthy”

To anybody at all that writes things like this… let me just…

Okay so I get it, u want fandoms to be a safe place for you and kids and all.
I’d understand if you don’t want nsfw stuff to be tagged as something kids might find or whatever. 
I get that.

But do YOU get that you have literally NO right to forbid or harass people for posting/shipping something just because it triggers or squicks you or displeases you?

“But people shouldn’t post triggering stuff bluh bluh whatever”
Haha well slow down kiddo!

So what if I told you that I have been abused and due to the way the person behaved or anything at all I am now triggered by your favorite character and also your favorite color.
And now because of that I go INTO those tags, harassing you for being a basically just shitty person because HOW DARE you post things that trigger ME.

“But that’s not the same as unhealthy thing xy!”

Well DUH, it triggers YOU not me.

You think ship XYZ is unhealthy?
Guess what, any kind of really pretty selfie with captions like “so beautiful” is “unhealthy” because it further spreads the need to look like some kind of idol.
Every picture of sugary food is unhealthy, since it promotes unhealthy eating habits.
You would literally have to forbid mentally ill people from writing personal posts because they can trigger other mentally ill people.

But you still wouldn’t want those forbidden because guess what?
Even though these CAN be seen as unhealthy, they don’t trigger you, which is why you don’t care.

And that is the same with ships and posts.

Also yes, I know that fiction can influence the way people behave in real life.
But… there’s a difference between
1. apologizing the behaviour and normalizing it (like saying that Hisoka is not creepy for staring at boy butts)
the unhealthyness being so subtle that it easily adapts into real life
AND it being so openly “wrong” that there is no way that you’d adapt the behaviour.

Christian Grey is abusive but for a lot of people that behaviour is so subtle that it is normal. It is easily mistaken as romantic etc. and therefore dangerous.

The Joker , perfect example of “mentally ill” people in movies etc. that are just so over the top you’d never ever get the idea to follow their example (unless you are so far from neurotypical that you would but… honestly I doubt that there are many)

It’s a thing about whether the people that read/watch it KNOW that it would be unhealthy in rl and trust me in most cases they do.

So what ARE you doing when writing someone hate over a ship you don’t like etc.?
Well you are bullying them and invading their personal freedom.
Their freedom of speech, their inner and mental freedom, their outer freedom 
You are literally taking away someones freedom just to be a whiny asshole that can’t deal with the fact that others are allowed to like something you don’t.

Or to make it clearer: You are the person that throws down the glass of coke someone drinks just because you like another drink better or are on a diet or live healthier.

So the next time you want to post hate in tags you dislike just remember that you are being an asshole.

Yours sincerely, a billdip shipper that doesn’t want others to have problems with antis.

It’s been 2 days since Tanabata, but well! Something that is a little bit longer (and probably cleaner) than usual revolving around Tsurumaru as always, so i’m keeping it under the cut.

Posting on tumblr too for the sake of better readability than twitter and high resolution (……hope tumblr doesn’t resize it ><;;)

Aside from inaccuracy and grammatical error, hope you enjoy it! 

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SouMako AU; Coach!Makoto & Student!Sousuke.

I’m blaming miss-m-muses and our RP for this idea.

To the anon who sent me the shota/loli ask:

Well, I think it’s not necessarily so but depends on the environment instead. I won’t use these words in real-life conversation, but typically in fandom and even manga/anime/LN they are widely used just as a way to call little boys/girls.  

And as you can see, I mainly post about manga/anime/games, etc, on my blog. As how I see these words are usually used in tons of anime/manga/doujin, they are typically regarded as harmless. I am sorry for having disturbed you, but I do not see the point to stop using them in this environment.

“Nii-san. Last night I had a dream. There were little me and little you. It was a weird dream, but somehow, it felt… so nice.”

I don’t even know why but I want to draw shota Shiroba and shota Sei. Also, this is a little late, but I want to draw them. I feel bad for Ren to not draw him tho.

DMMd Rare Pair Week

Day 1: | Mink/Koujaku |
Day 2: | Mink x Everyone | Noiz/Clear |

not to mention that the moment rape fic became a point of contenion the panelists were all completely devoted to the disingenuous portrayal that their rape fic was not meant to be sexy and was written to be subversive despite the fact that i know full well that at least one of them has a tag entirely devoted to how much they love shota and also openly said that they were into any and all “fucked up shit” without abandon at earlier points in the same fucking panel