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A collection of all the FFXV phone wallpapers I’ve made 

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shoutout to homestuck for having girl characters who arent solely like..Powerful and Strong or whatever theyre also super shitty and make stupid jokes and have actual depth. anti-shoutout to the majority of homestuck fandom who still only portray them as perfect beings


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otp aesthetic || zutara

You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.


We're going down down in an earlier r o u n d
and SUGAR, we're goin down S W I N G I N G

【I'll be your number one with a bullet】
A 〖loaded〗 god complex
c.o.c.k it and pull it

Music Headcanons

Prompto: Listens to whatever with Noctis, loves shitty pop songs, Also listens to the Dreadnoughts when he works out.

Noctis: Has a thing for late 80′s metal, denies how much he listens to Nikki Minaj, doesn’t understand what’s wrong with him when MCR makes him feel things.

Ignis: Classical music is the only thing anyone ever catches him listening too, but he’s got a library of Johnny Cash, Attila, and electro-pop albums.

Gladiolus: Loves Credence Clearwater Revival, Nordic/Viking metal, Attlia (He showed them to Ignis), knows ever Adel song by heart, and secretly listens to Kesha.

They all get quiet when Lorde comes on the radio until Prompto can’t help it anymore and he starts belting out “I’ll be the class clown” *points to Noctis* “You be the beauty queen” even though it’s not even the song that’s playing. Lorde is what they listen too when they fight over the radio.

mcknighty9  asked:

Looks like the comics are dead.

Yeah, I’ve been seeing information about this situation floating around and it just most likely seems the comics are being cancelled, especially since last year’s delay ended in March but this one is still going with no end in sight 

IF this is actually going to happen and we’re not just assuming the worst, I can tell you that I’m sad and pissed off that this had to actually happened. Not only was the comic nearly about to reach 300 issues (a record breaking milestone for licensed comics) but the Reboot hasn’t really gotten to start (what with having to adapt Unleashed, which was a huge mistake for a variety of reasons in my eyes), the comic was keeping many of the world building and tone from the games 1999-2009 relevant, and the comics are the only major thing making use of the extended cast (that is, everyone except Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy). It also appeared that the comic was FINALLY going to have Cream fucking contribute after having her do nothing of actual worth for so long, but of course this shit put a stop to that -_-* Poor girl just can’t catch a break at all, can she?

*Sigh* I suppose this was just inevitable though, all things considered. The Archie Sonic comics have always been a relatively obscure part of the franchise, with only dedicated fans knowing much about it, and so this no doubt caused sales to be not be good in the first place, a problem exacerbated by people showing scans of entire issues and no effort at advertisement being made whatsoever (with the exception of Mega Drive for whatever reason). Archie is also overall a shitty company, what with LOSING important documents that allowed Chicken Tenders and Snot FulOshit to make petty lawsuits damaging things even more, and then putting a lot more focus on the Archie series, which just had to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for SEGA 

I just hope that this is only the end of the Sonic Comics being published under Archie and this series just moves onto another, hopefully better comic company, if only so the tone of the franchise before Colors remains alive and especially the extended cast remains relevant. I’m optimistic this could be the case since SEGA ought to be aware that the comic series has a HUGE fanbase and the last thing they’d want is to piss off dedicated even more after all the shit they’ve done to the franchise…

Being Friends With Tracer Includes:

Requested by anon!

Thank you, anon. Tracer is the love of my life. <333


  • This woman is a precious gift to the world with a fiery soul
  • I love her that’s not a headcanon I just love her with all my body and heart
  • She’s the most outgoing, friendly, big-hearted, sweetest lass ever and just about everybody loves her
  • Sometimes you don’t even know why she chose to be friends with you
  • But she has a sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth sense all dedicated to emotion (or at least it seems that way)
  • Like you show the tiniest inkling of not being yourself and she will jump on that shit
  • If you’ve been bullied/abused, she’s ready to hunt whoever hurt you down and d e str oy  them
  • If you’re insecure she will lather you with the most genuine, if not a bit outrageous, compliments known to man
  • And some compliments that only a dork like her could ever come up with
  • If you lost someone important to you (death in the family, a good friendship broke off, a breakup) she’s already at your doorstep with movies and blankets and candy and video game and ice cream before you even mention it to her
  • This woman is an angel, I swear
  • While her romantic relationship with Emily is in progress, that will never get in the way
  • Tbh, Emily’s a sweetheart too and will probably help Lena stuff everything into an overnight bag so she can stay the night at your place and comfort you
  • She’s insecure and sad about her own stuff but it never shows
  • You can ask Emily though; she’ll tell you all about it
  • If you confront Tracer about it, she’s a terrible liar and will probably crack like an egg
  • It’s fine though, then ya’ll can just chill out and talk about everything together
  • She doesn’t dwell on sadness or the past very long and you guys often end up going to amusement parks, to the regular park (competition to see who can swing the highest anyone?), to carnivals, to those stargazing dome places which name I can’t remember
  • She also loves the beach
  • Squirt gun fights
  • Who can get more sunburned faster?
  • Who can hold their breath under water longer?
  • Collecting pretty stones and shells and things to show each other
  • Water wings because Lena isn’t actually the best swimmer
  • She’s decent though
  • Also she will probably make you go shopping with her
  • She tries to buy you little things that think will look good on you
  • She’ll ask your advice on gifts for Emily
  • If you live far away, she’ll use it as an excuse to take a trip with Emily and sometimes all three of you will just hang out
  • She gets so excited when you two get along
  • Like Tracer stop jumping around plz you’ll disappear in time and space just calm down
  • She might leave you and Emily alone, then hide somewhere and eavesdrop to see if you talk about her
  • You usually do
  • Mostly about how she’s a dork
  • She’ll give herself away by giggling so hard that she snorts and knocks whatever she’s hiding behind over
  • She’s also a shitty prankster because of this
  • But she tries
  • She’s high-key into dubstep and your weekends will probably consist of listening to it while screaming into your headsets during video game sessions
  • These are usually against D.Va and Lucio
  • They usually win
  • It’s fine though because it’s all just good fun
  • She’s just a puppy of a woman tbh
  • Ya’ll are like siblings
  • Sucks to be you if you have a crush on her HA