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Image displays a series of self portraits of a person. In one of them they’re holding a sheet with text on it, which says the following: 

“The idea is self-love, learning, encouraging, practicing it together. The idea is to help and accept help. To love and support and restore on all fronts. I’m rooting for all of you. We all deserve love. Most of all (in Caps-lock:) ‘our own love’ ”

Note: I feel like self-love is deeply linked to relating to others and understanding them. Reflecting on others can help in a lot of cases. A lot of times relating to people makes us understand certain conditions better. Also, a lot of times, we’re more understanding towards others than ourselves. Let’s show the same understanding towards ourselves that we show others. Let’s consider ourselves a friend and treat ourselves in the same understanding, supportive way we would treat a friend

Thanks for making such a great blog and allowing me to submit photos :)