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[daily-deino mod] oh gosh, your style is so cute! Would love to see a victini x deino fusion? :3c

(I’m not gonna lie, I think this is one of my top favorites that I’ve done! Because of that I included shiny ver as well!)

Meet Deinini!

This Pokemon is actually very affectionate. It’s small size makes it very cuddly and it likes to hug the legs of its trainer. Just watch out for that mouth! If if doesn’t have anything to chew on, it might just bite whatever’s nearby! Chewy toys are highly recommended…


happy holidays \o/

this was apart of the @christmas-shou exchange for @lilpea !

Genyatta Week Day 1: Firsts

Me: what should i draw i can’t do sappy or serious stuff

@cactusluv: first time catching a shiny pokemon

Me: ok cool this is literally genji then


The YOI AU charms and past designs (3rd pic) will be in stock on my Tictail tonight at about 11pm (Saturday, Singapore time) (: 

The doggo charm will come free for those who buy 2 or more AU charms! Also used shiny gold keyrings for the AU series because……..Gold………….is AU     ………./leaves the room

Didn’t think about it too much, but Ursula doesn’t appear in episode 5. Since the Sorcerer’s Stone was stolen and they can’t use magic power any more, she’s probably stuck in her room.

I mean, if we can assume some things from the OVAs to carry over, then:

She uses magic to keep her hair blue, which is pretty much the only thing covering her past as Shiny Chariot.

I’m kinda only into this holiday for the chocolate so I don’t have anything cute for you today, here’s another dead thing instead! This is a gold foil print from my show at Gallery Nucleus, beautifully printed here in Minneapolis by Studio on Fire. It’s very very shiny and also has a slight emboss that’s lovely in person. Signed & numbered limited edition of 175, available at