also she's wearing jeans and a button down and her hair is wavy and

Halfway, Chapter 3

A/N: Hey guys!💕 It’s been awhile and I’ve been ITCHING to get back at writing this! So, the rest of the story is going to be a more modern/everyone-has-an-actual-job-and-life AU, unlike the first two which were inukag childhood AUs. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!  (ノ・ω・)ノ ❤ ❤ ❤

[Ch. 1] - [Ch. 2]  

The birds were loud. The birds were so goddamn loud. They woke me up before I even had a chance to attempt to sleep through my alarm clock, let alone come up with a lie to my wife about why I had to call in “sick” for work today.

Neither would’ve worked anyways; she’s always on my ass about stop being lazy and you have to go to work today! Or sometimes she wouldn’t say anything at all. She would just give me this look that made me both grunt and shiver at the same time. I hated it.

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Brat Pack Things

Featuring Rose Weasley, Albus Potter, Lorcan Scamander, Scorpius Malfoy, Dominique Weasley, Alexander King, Beckett Finnigan, and Marissa Thomas, the ultimate press magnets.

Rose Weasley: tea instead of coffee, mittens, laying in the rain, flowers (as long as they aren’t roses), being literally the loudest person in the quidditch stands, overcrowded but still perfectly neat bookshelves, freckles, animals, threatening the girls her boys date, coming through on those threats, sweaters with foxes on them, perfectly made bed, flying kites, feeling most calm in the middle of chaos, the smell of books, bad days spent in the library where said smell is strongest, finding the most remote castle nooks and crannies to disappear into, being the only one who can fit into the smaller secret tunnels and having to report back in great detail where they lead, always being the shortest one around, frowning whole concentrating, mimosas, eternally pushing her hair out of face, using her wand to hold back her hair, cute sidewalk cafés, lemon drop candies, ridiculously neat and detailed notes, archives of old notes, transfiguring tree branches into floats while taking nightly swims in the Black Lake, playing with the giant squid, white wine over red, naming the giant squid Pablo, sunny days, hats, braids, torn jeans that didn’t come that way, fluffy white clouds, climbing trees, threatening to fight everyone, worn down leather ankle boots, super sassy facial expressions, begrudging mom figure, bookstores, polka dots, organic tea, getting the whole class out of assignments by getting the professor off subject, walls covered in photographs and posters, always being the one to have to kill the spiders, calling the boys “her boys”, reading the newspaper front to back, puppies, freakishly neat everything, water slides, regular slides, playgrounds, seeing muggle airplanes fly overhead and having to stop and watch, cute laughs, angry tears, hair ribbons, always being ready in five minutes and having to wait another twenty for the boys to do their hair, water balloon fights, regular balloons, birthday cake, Christmas Eve mass with the whole family, sweet perfume, summer wind, dancing like nobody’s watching, holiday sweaters, loud laugh, laughing when the boys do stupid things, never being afraid to send out a few hexes when needed, muffins, surprises, messy ponytails, too many sweaters, brightly colored rain boots, ivy covered walls, muggle music, endless witty replies, fresh snow.

Albus Potter: caring for his broomstick like it’s a family member, constant eating, falling asleep everywhere, way too many Gryffindor shirts, Cherry flavored lollipops, always at ease, secretly idolizes Krum but would rather die than admit it, low key arrogance- like his father, fireworks, flying above the Dark Forest, long walks, home cooked meals, terrible at lying, serious family time, being nocturnal, harboring an above average hatred for reporters, eternally messy hair, always running a hand through said hair- especially when nervous, put out, or flustered, autumn, when cold wind stings your cheeks, nightmares and cryptic dreams, never sleeping, serious caffeine dependency, super enigmatic, spending more time with Rose’s dog than with Rose, girls with brilliant smiles, privacy, comfortable silences, left handed, banter, never being seen without Scorpius, making sad people laugh, storms, cliff diving, risks, Montrose Magpies, sucking at articulating emotions, tea at Hagrid’s hut, lemon pie, always seeing the good in people, laid back parties, laughter, quidditch, struggling under all the pressure, long naps, being super charming and charismatic without even trying, loyal to a fault, messing up Lily’s hair, defending his name constantly, facial expressions as sassy as Rose’s, family dinners, contagious laughter, flying, being a really good test taker, open air, surprisingly super neat, finds almost everything amusing, zero temper, contagious laugh, hating how he looks on his Montrose posters, pushing Rose off of Scorpius to hug him, neatly rolling up his sleeves to do something stupid with Scorpius, sneaking Lorcan and Beckett into Gryffindor Tower, making Lily request the invisibility cloak at least two weeks in advance, sitting in an empty diner at 2 AM to sober up before sneaking back into the house, always sneaking out late at night to practice on the quidditch pitch (he thinks no one notices but Harry or Ginny always find footprints or his broom in a different place), being super good at pool- but never being able to beat Scorpius, being low key protective af, never trusting anyone, probably being a little bit more like Sirius Black than his namesake would like, dreamy/swoon-worthy eyes, graceful, almost always landing on his feet, pretending to hate James’ super affectionate hugs and kisses, giving Lily piggyback rides (and later Rose when Lily is the tall one), a lot nicer than people might assume, being ridiculously lucky (quidditch is actually a really dangerous sport but he’s only had one concussion), taking quidditch way too seriously, allowing nobody in the world to touch his broom except maybe his parents and Nina Krum, getting annoyed when people ask if he ever has to wear glasses, lots of coffee, being comfortable in even the most wild situations, somehow always knowing when someone needs silence and when they need advice, pretty much hiding under the invisibility cloak forever after he loses a quidditch match because it isn’t just a game, unofficial brat pack leader, being really dedicated to not caring, total fangirl material, always rising to the occasion when Aiden Dolohov challenges him, protecting people- even complete strangers, self sacrificing idiot.

Lorcan Scamander: loose fitting button up shirts that are never buttoned up all the way, hot chocolate, star gazing, baggy sweaters- especially ones knit by Grandma Molly, literally never being phased by anything, dimples, cute (failed) winks, curly/wavy hair that everyone wants to touch, cheeky smiles and comments, hopelessly adorable (but also smoking hot like), floating carelessly in the Black Lake, sunbathing with Dominique, cool rune tattoos, always being down to hang with anyone’s grandma, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, lots of butter beer, pretending not to see embarrassing things, hand carving pumpkins for Halloweeen, pouting when he doesn’t get his way, freezing cold showers, guitars, girls with long hair, being super low key awkward, forehead kisses, always grinning, helping lost first years, reading glasses, always falling off his broom/down the stairs, distracting McGonagall with genuine conversation while his friends do something stupid, helping old ladies cross the street because why not, friendship bracelets, new books, kittens, always rescuing stray animals, sending low key hexes and never being suspected of anything, never starting fights but never backing down, smooth talking the riddle keeper in Ravenclaw Tower, clean sheets, extra fluffy pillows, that one quilt grandma Molly made for him, stupid puns, not so subtle note passing, too many t-shirts, candy, always being called a womanizer in the tabloids- kind of is one, is also an old fashioned gentleman, kids, calling Molly gran, holding back laughter, taking care of Luna when she goes a little extra crazy, perfect hair flip, always whistling, amazing singing voice, pumpkin patches, jelly beans (the predictable muggle kind), making passive aggressive threats towards anyone who considers picking on his less popular twin, carrying out said threats in an agressive agressive way, super audacious but is never suspected of anything ever, sleeping in class, massive dork, definitely has synchronized dances with each pack member, always chewing gum, super adorable bright smiles, being the person in the group to always make eye contact with the person trying to talk when everyone else isn’t listening, protecting his little brothers like they’re his cubs, clumsy, super sexy cinnamon roll, not being afraid to cry if something shitty happens, probably worrying a little too much about what haters think of him, being the chill to Dominique’s crazy, not necessarily believing in every single crazy magical creature but totally going along with anyone who does.

Scorpius Malfoy: neat hair, ridiculous jawline, razor sharp cheekbones, platinum hair and bright blue eyes but a perfect golden tan, animals, tea over coffee, rubbing the back of his neck when he’s nervous, ditching Rose to play wizards chess with her dad, being a bit of a tea snob, strangled emotions, eating way too much at the Burrow because Grandma Molly cooks so much better than house elves, confronting anyone who tries messing with one of his own, cheering for Albus when they’re in a match together, candy canes, noticing literally everything, probably wearing matching sweaters with Albus, always “forgetting” the names of Rose’s boyfriends until he was the boyfriend, fire whiskey, trampolines, taking things apart and rebuilding them, peppermints, very pretty girls, getting tongue tied around Rose, study dates that are never actually study dates, helping Beckett spike Alex’s pumpkin juice with veritaserum because he’s the nicest person ever when he’s honest, having the cutest smile, always being amazed at the Weasley brood’s dynamic, overbearing family, seriously loves girls’ hair, can read Latin, can go from cold aristocrat to Dom’s partner in crime in .2 seconds, hating whipped cream, totally has puppy dog eyes, taking a few years to realize that nothing coming out of Uncle George’s mouth is to be taken seriously, being that really overprotective brother, family dinners (esp at the Potters), always staring at Rose, relentlessly teasing Dominique and vice versa, being more like Ron Weasley than Rose would like to admit, secretly amazing piano player, hating exploding snap (always loosing at exploding snap), perfectly tailored clothes, biting his bottom lip, being protective of his little sister when boys are interested in her because he knows exactly how boys are and has hear too much locker room talk, starting out as a shy eleven year old, was a major handful by seventh year, learning to fight anyone who says a bigoted thing towards him or his family, amazing piano player, might have a thing for redheads.

Dominique Weasley: fire whiskey, making a scene to save another person from humiliation, low key good guy, in denial about being said good guy, no bullshit faces (really it’s a family thing), muggle music, secretly loving romance novels, surfing, trying to ride the giant squid, sunbathing, pretending to be a bitch- secretly a huge dork, always equipped with really random facts about the most random subjects, tapping her quill during class and annoying the hell out of Rose, cultivating the Gryffindor-Slytherin rivalry, reckless flying, empty alcohol bottles stowed beneath her bed (as well as a second wardrobe), kittens, befriending all the animals wandering Hogwarts and naming each one, wild parties, mini skirts, sneaking out after hours to go to the library while it’s empty (and there are no witnesses), animals, orchids, macaroons, croissants, red wine all the way, really old buildings, drinking champagne straight from the bottle, quidditch, Weasley sweaters, leather jackets over sundresses, storms, midnight swims, gravelly voice, swimming when the surf is super rough, fireplaces, uncharted secret passageways, smudged eyeliner, day dreaming, glitter eye shadow, band shirts, having several articles of clothing from literally everyone’s closets, flirting with everyone, winking suggestively at everyone, as enigmatic as Albus, totally mysterious, killer eyebrows, camping, muggle music, perfect lipstick, Weird Sisters concerts with Beckett, self sacrificing, espresso at four am, cheering up anyone without trying, gravelly voice, unknowingly changing hair colors, table dancing, streamers, confetti, sea salt, naturally wavy hair, sitting in the bathroom for thirty minutes with the door locked to make Victoire angry, blasting music to make Victoire angry, eating all of the macaroons in the house to make Victoire angry, being an amazing dancer, having an awesome sense of humor, skipping class to get lost in the Forbidden Forest, playing super dirty in quidditch, smirking, leaving everyone in awe, always climbing into everyone else’s beds, cuddling with everyone, baby animals, beaches, The Beatles, festivals, fireworks, old fashioned romances (flowers, taking things slow, cute dates, chivalry, basically Lorcan Scamander), anything chocolate, being super ticklish, the Simpsons- and always watching it with her dad and siblings even though Fleur can’t stand it, grapes, great adventures, mischief of any kind, roller coasters, birthdays (or any excuse to throw a party), secret random acts of kindness, carnivals, religiously following family traditions, eating the last piece of desert, perfect pancakes, having a trick-or-treating strategy, lemonade, snow angels, Lorcan’s hair, bare feet, lacy bras, warm sand.

Alexander King: razor sharp jawline, probably comes off as a total dick, sometimes is a total dick, cute smiles, henley t-shirts, tailored suits, straight firewhiskey, going to bat for literally any of his friends or their family members, being loyal to a fault (even if he doesn’t seem the type), originally being confused by physical affection, starting off as the scourge of Gryffindor house, eye rolls, using his Slytherin connections to get inside information for pranks, “blackmail is wrong?”, half smirks, black coffee, cold air, having an even more overbearing family than Scorpius, actually having a serious sweet tooth, totally owning the spoiled aristocrat thing, sneaking out of society parties with Scorpius and a bottle of anything alcoholic, long hugs, having seeker-like reflexes, sparklers, neck kisses, charming grins, literally makes the funniest jokes, 100% committed to rebelling against his family, began idolizing Sirius Black after the great Harry Potter told him a few tales, can swing a beater’s bat without even looking but didn’t join the quidditch team until seventh year (Albus made him), up for whatever, definitely up for whatever if it’s illegal, not good with words or feelings, actually being especially bad with feelings, super claustrophobic, Rose Weasley is his baby sister and he would literally fuck up every idiot in the Ministry of Magic for her, pretending to be a dick to hide the fact that he’s more like a bunny, failing at hiding that fact, literally being able to push anyone’s buttons (he has the Blair Waldorf gift for sniffing out weakness), definitely being really arrogant about everything- mostly looks, being really annoyed with everyone’s bullshit, tapping his wand when he’s bored, Christmas trees, holidays with the Weasley brood, can def read Latin, always appearing to be in a relationship with Mari Thomas (”what do you mean friends don’t make out?”), secretly crushing on Lucy Weasley, not wanting to overstep by dating Albus’ baby cousin, cuddling, challenging rules to challenge his father, definitely being fascinated by muggle stuff, has a soft spot for baby animals, is strangely good with kids, really high tolerance to alcohol, definite snob.

Beckett Finnigan: firewhiskey, walking along rooftops at night, taking stupid risks, being allergic to the library, challenging people to duels over stupid things- like drinking all the coffee, rough housing with Rose because she also wants to fight everyone, mercilessly pelting bludgers at Albus when Gryffindor and Ravenclaw play each other, always always always breaking his bats, also always getting hurt during quidditch matches (he has his own cot in the medical wing), getting way too excited over fireflies, baseball caps, being a low key man whore, showing off, always jumping into Albus’ arms (and vice versa), giving Lorcan piggyback rides, sun tans, always having a problem with authority, sharing his father’s propensity for setting literally everything on fire- including Rose’s hair on several occasions, seriously though- having a real issue with authority, digging up a copy of the rule book to make sure each rule has been broken, coming up with the stupidest plans and somehow always succeeding, mocking Lily when she gets super serious about something, actually loving her concentrating face, fighting anyone who says a word against werewolves (after the whole thing with his mom), baseball t-shirts, smoldering expressions, leather necklaces/bracelets, getting distracted by Lily walking on to the pitch and being knocked off his broomstick cause he’s a dork, lots of scarves, literally always having candy on person, smells really good, taking stupid risks that always seem to pay off, probably the most arrogant, milkshakes, roller coasters, cheek kisses, carnival dates, hates the fact that he wears glasses, waking Lorcan up at midnight ‘cause he’s hungry and can’t sneak out alone because that’s boring, probably being a dumbass half the time, taking an entire year to fully get over the fact that he was sorted into Ravenclaw and not Gryffindor, has a really sexy voice, might have the occasional dumb jock moment, actually an amazing photographer, using Lily as his muse, propensity for ginger jokes, not sure how to handle serious feelings, never being in a relationship for more than five minutes, clearing the whole roster for Lily, dyslexic.

Marissa Thomas: cotton candy, throwing a party ever single time the parents go out of town, chokers, black nail polish, having a big mouth, lemon slices, bags covered in patches and pins, never having a bad hair day (like ever), probably coming off as Alex’s girlfriend most of the time, always being at the center of the dance floor, paint fights, table dancing, mini dresses, ripped jeans, definite nose piercing, always drawing on envelopes, pretending to be annoyed when Frank calls her “Issa” instead of “Mari”, canvas bags, converse, anklets, quote tattoos, over sized jackets, sweaters, chewing gum, big scarves, cucumber, organic tea, fashion mags, mystery novels, Italian ice cream, way too many leather jackets, plaid shirts, putting EVERYTHING in her diary, reading glasses, being like BFFs with her dad, definitely getting super annoyed with her little sister, also loving that little sister more than anything in the world, playing a mean game of quidditch, polaroids, being the best at mixing drinks, exploring the Dark Forest in the middle of the night, aviators, eye rolls, being underestimated by pretty much everyone (esp her mom), pretty butterflies, coming from an artistic family but sucking at anything to do with art, too many bracelets, pretending to be annoyed by Frank Longbottom’s pining, having several drawers of beauty potions that have several uses left, hating mornings, putting more cream in her cup than coffee, getting drunk on school nights and going to class with a hangover, getting boys to do her schoolwork, cramming the night before a big test, taking YEARS to realize that Frank Longbottom is actually the guy she’s been looking for.

Whole Pack: strange dynamic that nobody else gets (do they love or hate each other?), taking no bullshit from anyone- ever, hating everyone’s exes without question, setting the potions classroom on fire like five times a year because secretly sabotaging the Slytherins’ potions can be risky business, everyone sleeping in Albus’ room at the Burrow, pizza, killer nights in, spending ten minutes trying to fit everyone beneath the invisibility cloak, unusually good looks, always getting caught under the invisibility cloak because everyone’s shushing each other and stepping on everyone else and more often than not they take a tumble down the stairs (Scorpius once broke a wrist), spending sleepless nights in the library figuring out the magic behind the Marauders Map and then using that magic to make party invitations, concerts, turning the Hog’s Head into their personal dive bar because people frequent it less more often and privacy is super important to all of them, 100% total honesty about everything, no secrets, always showing off, water fights, not breaking the rules to rebel (like Teddy, James, and Fred) but breaking them because they forget that the rules actually apply to them, matching pajamas, synchronized Halloween costumes, endless ginger jokes directed at Rose, endless short jokes directed at Rose, looking like Burberry models %110 of the time, slip n’ slides on the Hogwarts lawn, eternally guilty expressions, probably always greeting each other with cheek kisses, always being on the verge of hysterical laughter, getting blackout drunk together, perfect synchronization, karaoke, sharing everything- especially desserts, constantly slinging arms around each other, cuddling, being ultra melodramatic, being so comfortable with each other that they literally couldn’t care less if everyone thinks they’re gay- even though they aren’t, making endless jokes about being married/in a complicated group relationship- especially around Alex’s super homophobic pure blooded parents, friendship bracelets, being really dedicated to appearing not to care about anything, if one person accidentally does something embarrassing everyone else does it as well because why the hell not, not talking to each other for weeks after intense games of exploding snap/scrabble/quidditch, banning Rose from playing scrabble with them because she’s way too good at it, super dramatic high fives in a variety of inappropriate situations, getting kicked out of the library at least once a week, lying for each other without question, hanging out in bakeries and at ice cream parlors, cultivating badass reputations even though really all they do is eat ice cream and hang out with Albus’ parents, sneaking out in the middle of the night to go get food, could most likely achieve anything together, breaking into Filch’s office and helping themselves to his archives of confiscated goods, the whole world being a tad bit suspicious when one shows up without the others, stupid bets, totally encouraging each others’ awful ideas (at first Rose tried to intervene but eventually learned to just let those things happen), always stealing each others’ sweets, deep but strange conversations at 2 AM that always leave Rose wondering what the fuck goes on inside the male brain, being BFF’s with Hagrid and having weekly tea at his hut, broken wands, getting angry when every person ever assumes Lorcan to always be innocent when really he’s the worst, unspoken total trust in one another, nonstop banter. 

*Sorry this ended up being super long..but enjoy!!

Forced Relation(ship)

I’ve considered sending this for a while, but finally got around to it. It happened last year, in 2013, but it still sticks out. It might be kind of long, sorry about that. For anonymous sake I’ve changed the names to just letters.
Me: K
Weeaboo: N
Old friend: A
Best friend: L

Alright, so, N was a huge, and still is (though I don’t ever talk to her) a huge Weeaboo. Now, I’ve been in fandoms for a very long time, but never this bad. I’m only thankful she never got into Homestuck and ruined that for me too. She constantly referred to herself and others as characters from Hetalia, made annoying references to our History class that nobody understood, etc.
Any time we were out it was a ‘SuFin’ date, because she referred to me as her “Kawaii Finn-chan” or “Australia and Taiwan” because she insisted I was Taiwan too. Honestly, I don’t even know why I hung around her, other than the fact that I felt a little bad. She had latched onto me and refused to let go.

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TITLE: Healers Song


AUTHOR: Nikorette137

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are one of the medical staff at Stark tower. Its been a long night patching up the team. Before bed, you are chilling in the staff kitchen and listening to music. You are dancing and humming along with the tune when you are startled by Loki tapping your shoulder. “I need your help, healer”




Cass got up and started her day like any other Saturday. She showered and dressed and then made herself a big breakfast. French toast done just the way she liked it with a large stack of bacon and hashbrowns accompanied by a grapefruit and hot chocolate with just a little sprinkle of cinnamon. She bobbed around the kitchen to music as she made her meal. Although she appeared happy and carefree, she was completely freaking out. She had no bloody idea what she was going to make for dinner that night. It had occurred to her that she didn’t know what Loki liked, nor did she know what kind of foods were common on Asgard.

Then it occurred to her that there was another Asgardian in the vicinity she could ask. So she went in search of Thor. She ran into Steve along the way to Thors rooms. “Do you know where Thor is?” She asked the Captain.

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anonymous asked:

☯ the ot5

come off anon so i can fight you/love you. also I’m adding bonus Kavinsky because fem!Kavinsky is my soul

☯ : Genderbent headcanon

  • Gansey: lover of pleated plaid skirts, white button downs with peter pan collars, knee highs and penny loafers. long brown hair that she keeps loose and wavy (because who has time to style when there’s Glendower??). probably wears old fashioned 60′s cat eye glasses. girl’s crew team captain (”Whoop Whoop, Gansey Girl!”). paints her nails the colours of canon!Gansey’s polo shirts. forgets to brush her hair literally all the time/it’s always adorably messy. still chews mint leaves/obsesses over Glendower/is a fuckin nERD (also she still goes by Gansey) 
  • Adam: quiet, dusty, freckled. has long hair like Gansey but always wears it in a ponytail or tight, controlled braid (she needs it off her face to work at Boyd’s). wears random assorted t-shirts (soda brands, superheroes, bands/artists) and light jeans or leggings. more assertive than canon!Adam (she needs to be, as a girl working as a mechanic), and less likely to take shit. never wears makeup (a luxury she can’t afford). sometimes gansey will paint her nails, but they’re almost completely chipped away by the next day. 
  • Ronan: Wild, rebellious. Half of her head is buzzed and the other half is an angled black crop that falls just past her shoulders. chipping black nail polish. the thickest, blackest winged liner there is. tight black tank tops, ripped black jeans or cargos, combat boots in a variety of patterns (her favourite pair is black with white skulls). leather jackets and studded iron jewellery (cartilage piercings, nose rings). same tattoo. wears her Aglionby skirt too short and undoes the top three buttons of the shirt, plus those knee highs with stuff like ‘BACK OFF’ on them. still a racer and the best in Latin. the most raven of the raven girls 
  • Noah: Soft and silent. Went by Czerny when she was alive. Pop punk as hell and probably has a bubblegum pink skateboard with black skulls or something. Soft white-blonde hair left in an eternal cropped bob from the day that she died. she either had the whole thing dyed pink or had pink highlights in it. glitter enthusiast (it isn’t uncommon to see her wearing glitter eyeliner or just glitter on her cheeks. Gansey once bought her a set of glitter bath bombs for her birthday. her Insta account is full of them. also it’s probably called sk8rgurl or sk80rdie like. ffs). always and forever a beautiful cinnamon roll too perfect for this earth 
  • Blue: idk I can’t really see her as a guy?? but CONSIDER NONBINARY BLUE. on her masc days she’d tie back all her hair (or just have it cropped extra short) and wear hoodies with obscure logos and ripped loose jeans or sweats and probably cOLOGNE SHE MADE HERSELF OH MY GOD (*Gansey and Adam both*: NICE)
  • Kavinsky: Bulgarian street princess. Wears her hair long, dark and loose in messy buns and ponytails. white tank tops and loose white sweats or jeans, baseball hats and her trademark red lipstick. switchblades and guns. iron rings that cross four fingers and piercings galore. to-die-for long lashes. wears her skirts even shorter than Lynch. has all the boys whipped, but only kisses the girls. tattoos of flowers and tattoos of knives. you’ll find her on the streets

send me a symbol and a character/ship and i’ll give u headcanons 

Bad Feeling Part 2

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: You wake up one morning feeling great and realizing this is the best morning that you and the boys have had in awhile, until its all ripped away. You should know if its too good to be true, it probably is.

Part one got more attention than I was expecting! I want to thank all of you that took the time to read it and I’m glad you liked it. I hope you guys keep enjoying it! I love to hear from you so feel free to ask me anything. I’m still new at this stuff, not just writing but tumblr itself so you might have to be a little patient with me. Thank you guys! You guys are Awesome!

Your POV

“Garth? What are you doing here?” Sam froze, staring at the man that we weren’t expecting to see. At this point I think Sam was starting to get the same feeling that I’ve had all day.

“I called Dean to come get me and he never showed. I waited like almost four hours for him. I tried calling him and he wouldn’t answer, so I figured I’d try to find you guys. Which wasn’t fun by the way. He told me the general area of the bunker once, but I suck at directions man. But hey, I finally found it. So where is he?” I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breath.

“He went to go get you. Four hours ago.” I could tell Sam was starting to panic. Garth stood there for a minute in slight shock. Then he grinned.

“Oh, nice one Sam. Nice one.” Garth passed by us and headed into the bunker. “Really, you almost had me. Almost.” He turned and shook his finger at Sam. “So seriously, where is he?” Garth looked at us with a huge smile. Sam and I made our way closer to him, stopping a couple feet away from him.

“No seriously, he went to get you. You really telling me he never showed up?” Sam has officially hit panic status. Garth shook his head.

“Garth, please tell me your joking! Please tell me hes outside somewhere. Jokes over okay.” I don’t know how I found my voice. But I’m guessing my panic level hit the surface and burst.

“I wish I could, but hes not. He really never showed up!” I think Garth has now realized the situation. I ran into the library and grabbed my phone. Deans number was still up from when I was going to call him minutes ago. I already knew he wasn’t going to answer, but I guess I had some sort of hope that helped me hit the call button.

“Come on Dean!” I waited through the rings. Sam and Garth are now by my side. Voice mail. “Son of a Bitch!”

“Okay, Garth. Where was he going to meet you?” Sam asked.

“At a office building that’s under construction, about an hour into town.” Garth sounded guilty.

“Do you remember the address?” I see where Sams going with this.

“Yeah.” Garth looked between Sam and I.

Sam looked at me with wide eyes “Lets go!” I was ready to get out of there.

Deans POV

I felt heat. Warmth. Almost like the sun was hitting me. Sun? Theres no windows in the bunker. Feeling confused I slowly opened my eyes. Nope, definitely not the bunker.

“What the…..where am I?” I sat up. I was laying on a nice black leather couch, a coffee table sits in front of me, also black with a granite top. In front of me was a white fireplace in bedded into the wall. A flat screen TV mounted above it. To the left there was a black leather love seat that sat in front of the window. To my right, a recliner and behind that, a slight archway that led to a dining room.

“Seriously, where am I?” I moaned to myself. This place doesn’t look familiar. I was about to get up and investigate my surroundings when I heard footsteps above me. I turned to look behind me, there was a staircase, about ten or so feet away, a little hallway separating me from them. At the base of the stairs there was about five feet till you hit the front door. The footsteps were getting closer to the top of the stairs. I reach down to my pants looking to see if there’s anything useful in my pockets. Nothing. I’m wearing sweats, with no pockets and a large grey shirt. I look over at the coffee table. Nothing to defend myself.

I look back at the stairs. I hear who or whatever it is take on the first couple of steps. Then after a couple more steps I finally see……boots. Black dress boots with a slight heel. Definitely female. Then I see jeans, dark blue jeans. Then a black tank top. Then….then…Y/N? I let out a sigh of relief. I would relax but I still don’t know where we are or how in the hell we got here.

She was almost to the bottom of the stairs when she turned her head towards me. Her Y/H/C hair had a beautiful slight wavy curl to it. I’ve never seen her hair like that before. God she’s gorgeous. She shot me a smile and then sighed.

“Did you sleep down here all night?” I just stared at her, a little confused now. Why isn’t she freaking out? She shook her head slightly. “Anyway, you better get up and get moving. We need to leave soon sleepy head.” She smiled and headed down the hall to the left. Somethings going on.

“Where are we going?” I was almost afraid to ask but I needed to know what was going on. Y/N stopped and turned back towards me. She looked confused and a little hurt.

“Really?” She stared at me for a second, probably waiting for me to admit I was joking. When she realized I wasn’t she continued.

“Sams birthday party.” She almost sounded a little irritated. “Now come on, get ready. We have to be at mom and dads in an hour. Get moving.” She headed down the hall.

“Mom and dads?” I mumbled to myself. I got up and headed to the fireplace. There’s pictures on the mantle.

The first picture was of Sam, Y/N and I in what looked like a bar. Sams left arm was around my shoulders, he was looking at Y/N and I with a huge smile on his face. I stood in the middle, looking a little annoyed but I also had a huge grin. My left arm was wrapped around Y/N’s waist and my right was reaching up tom my head. Probably trying to take that ridiculous hat off. Y/N had her right hand holding the hat in place and her left reaching over to stop me from taking it off. She was laughing so hard. The hat said Birthday Boy on it. I couldn’t help but smile. That was a great picture. To bad I don’t remember that night, let alone have any memory of that at all.

The next picture made me freeze. On the left, I stood behind Y/N with my arms wrapped around her front. She was holding onto my hands. To the right was Sam…holding none other than….Jessica. She was holding Sam from his front, and she was turned slightly to look at the camera. For how much of a shock that is, that’s not why I froze. In between Sam and Jess, and Me and Y/N was… was mom and dad. We all had huge smiles, moving boxes lay at our feet. We all wore worn out jeans and loose t shirts in front of a beautiful two story white house. I can only assume that’s the house I’m in right now.

I was hesitant but I moved to the third photo. I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. It was of Y/N and I. We were outside in front of a willow tree. I was in a tux, facing the camera with my hands in my pockets, but I was looking to my left. A couple feet away from me, Y/N was walking away in a beautiful white dress. Her head tilted to her right, towards the camera and slightly looking down at the ground with a smile.

“We’re married?” I mumbled quietly to myself. As I’m trying to take in this information I heard footsteps approaching from behind me. I turned, they’re coming from the top of the stairs. When did Y/N go back upstairs. I didn’t hear her. But wait. These steps seem lighter. My eyes widen as a little girl came bouncing down the stairs. Y/H/C hair bouncing along with her.

“Hi daddy!” This little girl can’t be more than two or three.

“Hey” I didn’t mean to sound scared or confused, but this is a lot to take in. I’m trying not to panic. Then I heard Y/N come from down the hall again, or at least I’m hoping it’s her.

“Eli, can you please pick up those toys in the kitchen? I don’t want us to step on them and hurt ourselves okay sweetheart.”

“Okay mommy!” With that Eli…my daughter… went down the hall. Y/N watched her go into the kitchen, then she turned to me. She sighed

“Dean, baby, seriously! I promised your mom that I would help set up before Sam shows up. Lets get a move on please. It’s sad that a 2 year old can get ready faster than you.” Still has her sassy come backs going for her I see. I couldn’t help but grin a bit as I headed for the stairs.

At the top of the stairs was a bathroom, I turned left. The first bedroom I passed  was obviously Eli’s. Little girl bed, stuffed animals, toys on the floor. I kept walking, passed another room, probably a bedroom but it’s being used as an office by the looks of it.

At the end of the hall there was one last door. It was cracked just a tad. I’m going to take a stab and say that’s the master. I enter the room and I immediately wished I could come home to this everyday. Large king sized bed to my left under the window. Nice wide open space.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts. I need to get ready and back downstairs before I really piss Y/N off. Plus I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious to get to mom and dads.

I know this isn’t real. This life. Even though this is all overwhelming, I’ve been having bits and pieces of me back at the warehouse flash through my head. Especially when I saw those pictures. I know that it has to be a Djinn that put me here. I know I’m selfish for this……but I don’t want to leave. At least not now.

I walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of jeans and a black T shirt. I got changed real quick, and for how much I really want to keep looking around, I need to get back downstairs.

I just make it to the bottom of the stairs as Y/N is coming out of the kitchen. Her hands are full with a couple of food trays in one hand and a couple of bags with soda and beer in the other.

“Hey babe, can you take these for me just so I can get Eli in the car seat?” I nod and she starts handing them over. As I’m making sure I have a good grip on everything I look back up into her eyes. Shes staring at me. No. No, shes checking me out. I know that look. I invented that look. God, why can’t the real Y/N look at me like that. I tilted my head a little so I could get her attention.

“What?” I asked with a smirk. “Should I change?” She snaps her head back up to meet my eyes with shock.

“No! No, it’s nothing. There’s just…just something about you in jeans and that black shirt that I love.” She looks me up and down once more. “You look great.” She looks at me with a smile of admiration. Then she turns towards the door.

“Nice choice of clothes Dean.” I mumble to myself quietly and I still can’t get this smirk off my face. I wonder if the real Y/N likes this outfit just as much. I’ll have to test that out when I get back. I thought to myself.

Y/N was holding the door open for me, I stepped outside, it’s gorgeous. Suns shining, fresh air. I would tell myself to not get too comfortable, but I think it’s a little too late. And I still have yet to see Sam….or my parents. Y/N locked the door and passes by me and grabs Eli.

“You okay?” She sounds concerned. Shes probably not used to me moving this slow. I shoot her a smile.

“Ya, just a beautiful day.”

“Ya, it worked out perfect for our BBQ huh.” She let out a cute giggle.

A BBQ? When’s the last time I’ve had a freaking BBQ? As my brain is still trying to adjust to this normal life, I got pulled from my thoughts as I saw Y/N and Eli make their way to the car.

“Oh my God.” My heart races at the sight in front of me. That’s my car….It’s Baby. Just sitting there in the driveway looking just as good as when I left her.

“I have to be in heaven right now.” I say to myself. I head towards the car. Y/N pops the trunk and helps me load everything. I shut it when we’re finished and I turn to head to the drivers seat when she grabs my arm. I turn to her and she gives me that soul melting smile, then gets up on her tiptoes, wraps her arms around my neck, and gives me something I’ve been dying to do to her for god knows how long now. A heart stopping, mind melting, passionate kiss. God I’ve wanted to do this for way too long. She pulled away way too soon. I moaned and whined a bit from the loss of her arms around me.

“I know.” She smiled and then leaned up to my ear and whispered. “I promise I’ll make it up to you tonight.” She pulled away with that gorgeous grin still on her face. She moves to her side of the car to get in.

“Oh I am so screwed.” I groaned to myself. Well I mine as well enjoy it while I’m here. We slide into Baby and I start her up. Eli screams from the backseat.

“Yay! Grandma and Grandpas house!” Shes kicking her legs like crazy. I smile at her through the rear view mirror. Y/N replied with a smile. “Yep, here we go!” And we were off to the next heart stopping journey.

Your POV

We took one of the other cars in the the garage. Thank god for those. I was riding shotgun with Sam and Garth took the back. I think Sam knew I was in no shape to drive. I’d probably end up running us off the road.

The ride was quiet for the most part. Except when Garth was telling us about what happened. I was trying to listen but I couldn’t stop thinking about Dean. I kept trying his phone, but of course there was still no answer. I could see Sam glancing over at me out of the corner of my eye every time I put the phone up to my ear. I don’t know if he was hoping I would finally get an answer, or if he was silently telling me to to stop.

I sighed putting the phone back in my lap, finally surrendering…..for now. I keep thinking about how this morning was perfect, and how it was all ripped away with a simple phone call. I’m not blaming Garth, I’m just worried about what happened to Dean. Where is he? Is he okay? Is he dead? Or worse? I felt Garth lean forward as he bumped into my arm.

“We’re getting close.” He sounded excited as if we were going to find Dean there. I kept my thoughts at bay as I looked around at the surroundings hoping to see the Impala at the diner, or in a parking lot at some bar. Nothing. Not one muscle car to even give me false hope. I guess that’s for the best though.

We pulled up to the office building Garth was talking about. It was pretty secluded. Standing alone. The three of us got out of the car. No sign of the Impala or Dean anywhere. I released a defeated sigh as I shut my door.

“He could be anywhere.” I mumbled to myself. Garth and Sam already heading towards the building. We didn’t check the whole building, didn’t have to, we knew Dean wasn’t there. There was no sign of him and absolutely no sounds at all in this building, except for our footsteps. 

We were heading back out to the car knowing that there is nothing else here that is going to help us. I was staring at the ground as I walked, trying to think of what to do next. I felt a hand grab my shoulder. I hope it’s Sams cuz Garth is already almost to the car. I stop and turn to my right. There’s Sam looking at me, of course concerned since I’m so silent. I give him a sad smile and he returns it.

“We’ll find him.” I think he was trying to convince the both of us.

“I know.” my smile dropped. “But what state will he be in?” I stared at him for a minute. He just looked at me, same sad, concerned expression. Then I saw him swallow the lump in his throat. I know somewhere in there he was thinking the same thing I was. Were we really going to find Dean, the way we want to find him? I turned and went to join Garth in the car. Sam following a little after letting out a sigh.

Part 3



Henry is an adorable moose person. He is 6’7, and a cross between a scarecrow and a bean pole. He has short curly red hair, and is covered in approximately one million freckles. He has very strong and sharp facial features, and a massive beak of a nose. He has oval shaped blue eyes, and thick rimmed glasses. At work Henry usually dresses in slacks, a collared shirt, and a sweater vest (of Mabel’s making!) When he’s at home, Henry usually wears ratty jeans, one of three or four well-loved flannel shirts that are as old as he is, a t-shirt, and his work boots with steel toes.


Acacia is the shortest of her siblings at 5’10, much to her dismay when she was younger, and has a very stocky and curvy build. She has the curliest hair of the three of them, and her red curls form a cloud around her head that goes down to her shoulders. She has Henry’s sharp featured face and blue colored eyes, but her nose is like Grunkle Stan’s and her eyes are round like Mabel’s. Like her dad, she too is covered in freckles and needs glasses. Acacia loves formal wear, and usually has on a button up vest and skirt, with a collared shirt and either a tie or a bow tie. After she loses her right eye at 19, she always wears an eye patch as well, which is usually decorated. She also still wears her glasses most the time over the eye patch because she is a precious dorkus.


You thought Henry was a moose? No, Hank is like, super moose. Hank is 6’9, and for the last time, he does not play basketball. He has Mabel’s hazel eyes and cutie nose, and his father’s sharp features, red hair, freckles, and oval shaped eyes. Hank keeps his hair somewhat short, and has wire framed glasses. Like Henry he has a propensity for work boots and flannel shirts, however, he has a thing about his jeans always being ironed and mended, and his shirts run towards the geeky/nerdy gamut. There is an inch scar on his left hand from when he was eight and ran into a tree (long story.)


Willow is 6’0, and a beanpole like her dad. (Please refrain from any comments that she is ‘willowy.’ Willow has heard this approximately one million times already). Unlike her siblings, her hair is more wavy than curly, and goes halfway down her back. It’s still red though. Willow’s facial features are a little softer than Hank and Acacia’s, but she still has Mabel’s cutie stub nose, oval shaped hazel eyes, more freckles than Dipper can count, and glasses. Willow usually wears one of Mabel’s sweaters, albeit comically oversized (she likes them baggy and almost dress like), leggings, and Doc Martens that go up her shin.