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for the lovely @wishuponabluebox who requested it “i’m coming, just sit tight!”. It’s not angsty at all. Well, a tiny bit, but mostly it’s just pure crack. Seriously, the crackiest thing I’ve ever written. I got inspired by the abundant and utterly wondrous social media AUs that are circulating around the Jily side of Tumblr and decided DW needs some as well. <3
Summary: Group chats and suspicions. Sort of high school, sort of social media AU. John and Rose and up to something and there’s no hiding that.
Pairing: Ten x Rose (a bit of side Mickey/Martha)
Rating: T


Jack Harkness to Defenders of the Earth: heyyyyy everyone

Mickey Smith: are you drunk

Rose Tyler: yeah mickey what else is new

Jack Harkness: is that Rose!

Martha Jones: What, capitalization of a name? Punctuation marks? Is that a Christmas miracle?

Martha Jones: … Although that exclamation mark does make me uneasy.

Jack Harkness: !!

Jack Harkness: Rose i’ve been thanking

Jack Harkness: thinking

Rose Tyler: that actually happens?? i’m impressed

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I never got to talk about Caroline much back when PMD-E was a thing because I was saving her character development for asks/when she made a team.

Caroline is the daughter of a father living in the West and a mother from the East. She is quite enthusiastic about her mixed heritage, especially in regards to its traditional music. She left home to become a minstrel and traveled the world collecting and learning to play musical instruments from all over. Her two favorite instruments are a kokyu and a reed flute she received from her relatives in the East. She also has a Scottish accent.

"Group Therapy" - A summary of the Doctor Who Q&A Panel featuring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con

(credit to @aboleyn on Twitter)

Okay so Matt and Karen’s panel was earlier today and it was absolutely amazing! I documented pretty much everything during the panel for you all to read at your enjoyment! There was A LOT so I’ll be putting it under a read more, read at your own risk/pleasure/whatever you prefer.

(Some highlights- Matt and Karen doing the drunk giraffe, as if they were “star-crossed lovers”; Matt’s socks; their mothers; Matt being slightly jealous of Peter Capaldi; Matt and Karen singing the Doctor Who theme song, and encouraging the audience to join in; a lot of sass on Karen’s part; and Matt’s inner Doctor coming out.)

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