also she's in my favorite shell

@gifsourcefed made a little post detailing about how she felt about all the hosts and I thought it would be a good way to show my appreciation as well! 

My story is pretty much like every others, I started way back in 2012, right around the time of the fall, and from then on my life was forever changed. SourceFed has always been my home, some place I could leave for a bit and then come back and things were a little different, like the furniture had changed around and maybe we got some new members, but it was still home, it still had the heart and the love that I always remembered.

Lee Newton, the sweetest, funniest, dinosaur loving woman I’ve ever seen. I connected with her Make-A-Wish story and being sick and having surgeries all the time as a kid with my own past being similar, and from then on she felt like a new mom, one complete with hilarious voices and a bright smile.

Joe Bereta, the dad I wish I had, so athletic and fearless, and Joe knew how to tell a story like nobody else, I always wanted to learn how to tell a story like Joe Bereta, even if he did almost die in half of them.

Elliott Morgan, the dry humored, silly guy who had the tendency to go a little dark, Elliott was filled with endless talent and entertainment, there truly was nobody like Elliott Morgan, and never will be. 

Steve Zaragoza, this silly, joyous, funny, fantastic man. I love Stee, even when I disagree with him, because Steve is so magical, so special in the way he exudes happiness. Zabagoobler has always been the kind of guy I wanted to be friends with.

Trisha Hershberger, this small, dramatic, tech loving woman. I love Trisha Hershberger. Trisha reminded me of myself, in drama and wanting to be an actress, and so very tiny and optimistic and loved games and technology. Trisha is the sweetest little lady, and I know she’s going to be a fantastic mother.

Meg Turney, this red haired force of nature. Meg was hot and quick and full of life, so casually cool and fun it almost hurt. Meg seemed so effortless in everything, like that being that amazing was just easy. She made being a nerd girl in a t-shirt be hot.

Ross Everett, although far from a favorite of mine personally, always added a little spice. I actually did come to miss him when brought up the last few days, missing the dynamic he had, and I think that’s how Ross shined: he was good with people, good with bouncing off of them, good at creating a fun energy and a good time. I could only hope to have that much energy as Ross.

And then came our first round of newbies. Admittedly, these are probably my favorite hosts, ones I connected with the most.

William Haynes, the unpredictable, creative, wild Naruto Shippuden loving boy. I had a crush on Will when he first popped up on Anime Club. Will was awkward, but well spoken and characteristic, and funny? Will was so funny. And he changed, right before our own eyes, Will went from this awkward boy, to this amazing, cool, funny man. Will showed me that even in the void, you can always find the light at the of the Tunnel (Vision). Speaking of Anime Club…

Reina Scully, this small, beautiful Asian woman. God do I love Reina Scully. Reina was small, just like me, and loved anime, and was actually pretty disgusting and lewd, in the best of ways, things that I was afraid of showing, but Reina brought me out of my shell. Reina is by far my favorite host, coming into her own from sitting quietly at TableTalks to yelling to my favorite soft chicken boy. Never did I have to think about liking Reina, because she was so likeable right from the moment she popped up. Somebody else that brought me out of my shell?

Sam Bashor, meek and sweet in the beginning, now a still sweet, but amazing man who is so full of ideas and passion that he seems like he’s going to burst. Sam was also somebody I had a crush on, the old Doctor Who outfits were so charming, and the privilege of seeing Sam (and Will) grow from boys my age to these incredibly talented men who are living their dreams and their passions, has always given me hope and something to strive for, that you can change but still be yourself at heart, especially if deep down you’re actually just the Flash.

Matthew Lieberman, this boy! God I love Matt. It was so popular to dislike Matt, but I loved him. I love the crazy stories Matt always brought to the table, and he always knew how to tell them, the details and specifics, and in story reactions almost unbelievable and amazing. And cooking! The man can cook. Amazingly so. I’m so upset we never got to see more of Matt’s skills, and that SourceFeed is never going to happen now. And on top of that, an actor and a writer? Matt is so talented, and I especially loved him on Nuclear Family.

Around late 2014 early 2015 I fell off SF, but not for long. I came back home, just like always, and there were even more new hosts. 

Bree Essrig, this feminist fireball, Bree is everything I wish I could be. Talented, outspoken, funny, beautiful. Bree is the complete package, topped with hair just as fiery as she is. Bree’s skills were brought to the forefront on Nuclear Family, and not getting to see those anymore makes me so sad. God damn do I love Bree Essrig. Know who else I love?

Maude Garrett. Maude. Fucking. Garrett. When Maude Garrett enters a video, enters a single frame, this is Maude’s show now. Maude brings the light to the room, draws all the attention in with that tall blonde Australianness that only she could exude, somehow contained in a Star Wars dress. Maude is so ridiculously funny, you might as well just sit back and let her go at it. The dynamic with Sam is so amazing, so perfect, lightning in a bottle that could never be recreated. I can’t wait for the Smaudecast.

Steven Suptic. This soft chicken boy. This boy grew on me. I watched SPF for Reina, she’d always been my favorite, and now she did games? Full time? Hell fucking yeah I was in. But then this boy came in. This weird white boy with greasy hair who said all the wrong things. I don’t know how long I wouldn’t watch a video that didn’t feature somebody else that involved Suptic. But somewhere along that way, that boy got a haircut, and I’m pretty sure some new glasses, and eventually found his voice and his stride, and GOD do I love Steven Suptic. Suppy is a grower, somebody that’s so bombastic you’re off-put by him. But then you watch more, and you realize that boy that jokes around all the time? Is sentimental, and kinda sweet, even if he still says the wrong things sometimes, but now it’s a little bit endearing, especially if his dick is just, y’know. Out.

I was pretty consistent with keeping up from now until the end, and luckily, I’d already been keeping up with a few of the new hosts.

Ava Gordy, a sweet, funny, short haired lady with legs more bendable than I thought possible. Ava’s been somebody I knew since 2012 as well, I saw a video she did for Taylor’s Swift’s “RED” album reviewing it, and had been watching “HALT, I am Ava.” ever since. Seeing Ava here was a surprise, a good one, Ava’s talents finally having the coolest of platforms I could think of to be shown off. Ava is funny, her timing and storytelling impeccable. Ava Gordy is a masterpiece.

Mike Falzone, this sweet, funny man was also somebody I knew, having been around the YouTube block, knowing of Tonjes and Gunnarolla. Mike was like Steve, hilariously funny, always doing something to get a laugh, and this man is so genuine it seems almost impossible. Mike is so sweet, so good to this world, and so funny on top of it all. The world does not deserve the Calzone, but we get to enjoy him anyways.

Candace Carrizales. Oh Candy. Candace is someone that took the most to grow on me. Her humor is so different from the others, her demeanor so unexpected from this office that’s known to be out of this world loud and exuberant. Not Candy. Candy’s just hear to be here, and have a good time, and to give a laugh. I wish I could’ve appreciated Candace sooner, seeing her grown more comfortable and more into her voice and comedy has been amazing, and I wanted nothing but to see her more, considering she’s made me laugh so much in the last few months than I ever expected.

Yessica Hernandez-Cruz, God damn do I love this lady. Yessica and Will were dynamite, bouncing off each other, feeling like the PBL duo to SFN’s Maude and Sam, it was impossible to not smile seeing these two do magic together. Yessica on her own, is even more magical, proud of who she is and unapologetic, and holy shit can Yessica make me laugh. I’m going to miss Yessica, but I have hope for the PBL trio, considering John’s promises. Speaking of…

John Ross, I love this man. John is somebody I want to hang out with, to teach me all that he knows about food and camera work and everything he’s familiar with. John has such an aura about him, so friendly and positive, John is the calming member of this amazing trio, just wanting to spend time with his friends and have a good time and make amazing content. John Ross is a gift.

Whitney Moore, another gift, was the perfect person for Nerd. Whitney was a slightly familiar face, and she felt just so right to be there. Whitney brought a cool meal edge to the channel, her slightly darker tones of interest so contrasted with her bright and bubbly personality. I always smiled when Whit was on screen, so funny and cool, ready to take on the world. 

Filup Molina, the biggest surprise for me, was just on Nerd one day. Just hanging out. And I’m glad that he did, that hat wearing, funny boy. Filup’s always been slightly out of place for me, in the best way, his references falling on deaf ears because they didn’t make sense to others, jokes that the viewer caught going unnoticed by others, I loved him. Filup was a breath of fresh air for the channel, a sparkling gem that I feel not many noticed.

Aside from the hosts, I wanted to note a few BTS staff:

Rickey Mizuno, handsome, talented Rickey boy, beautiful behind the camera and in front of it. This man exudes charisma, and we didn’t get to see him nearly enough. Dani Rosenberg, the HBIC, funny and badass, Dani was one of my favorites to see. She really made SF what it was, and I want to see her do more awesome shit. Sophia Lorena, that curly haired beauty, dealing with Will’s shit every day was truly a lot for her to deal with, and I think for that alone we should be praising her. Also, have you seen her blog? Sophia’s amazing. Starline Hodge, the beautiful, talented graphic designer, Star’s vlogs and art have never not caused me to smile. Star was always subtle in things, but I always wanted more of her. And Audrey Davy, hearing Reina scream her name in SPF videos was always hilarious, and seeing her in Phil’s vlogs and in the Drunk Co-Workers series confirmed that Audrey is a dime a dozen, hardworking and sweet, Audrey was one of my favorites always.

To all of those in this list, and on staff, thank you for these 5 years. They were wonderful, and funny, and God, I will never forget them or the people that made them. And I will never forget the amazing community that thrived from it. I love every single one of you. 

See you, you hot little daddy’s.

Bullet Points: The Fog Clears

A Wondrous Place-part 6 (part 1-5 here, here, herehere and here)

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

1. When the scene opens Emma is sitting watching Regina and Snow shoot pool with the Vikings. 


I mean I get that she said she wanted to be distracted and didn’t want to talk about Killian leaving but at this point she could get more support in a crowd of strangers than she’s getting from Regina and Snow.

At the risk of repeating myself, the contrast between the Regina/Emma/Snow interactions and the Killian/Jasmine/Ariel interactions is both striking and intentional.

Emma is on her own here. Facing an emotional maelstrom and just trying to hold on. (more on Emma’s state of mind a little farther down)

2. “I tried to write my own story but it just kept coming out with talking animals and canned morals.”

Even though in retrospect we know the bartender wasn’t really Aesop this is a nice little piece of foreshadowing to the troubles of an author coming in the next episode.

Well done!

3. Aesop/Gideon carefully crafts his tale of woe with his relationship to mirror Emma’s and evoke an emotional response from her. He’s manipulating her and in her current emotional state she’s not clear headed enough to see it.

4. So let’s talk for a minute about Emma’s state of mind and how she got there. 

Leroy reported he saw Killian get on the Nautilus. He wasn’t being shanghaied. He wasn’t at the point of a sword. He was alone and appeared to be acting of his own free will. Emma has no reason to disbelieve Leroy and Leroy has no reason to believe the story goes any deeper than what he saw. There’s a whole lot of incomplete information here but none of it is malicious and there’s no reason for anyone to suspect the situation is anything other than what it appears to be.

The Nautilus is not a place of danger for Killian. There’s nothing about his going there that should raise a red flag. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. It is THE place Killian would run if he needed to think and seek the counsel of a friend (Nemo) and the connection of family (Liam 2).

Emma is the one who told him if he wasn’t ready to trust her they needed not to talk for awhile. So in her mind she sees his leaving as him doing exactly what she suggested. Why should she assume there’s anything suspicious about that?

Her packing up his things and moving them to the shed is less about trying to get over him and more about getting some very painful reminders to a place where she doesn’t need to see them constantly.

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chibimonkey  asked:

What does the precious bb Noodle eat?

Noodle eats most types of seafood! The natural diet of snowflake eels is shrimp and crabs! They have cone-shaped teeth meant for crushing and cracking open the shells of crustaceans! 

Noodle’s favorite foods are octopus, squid, and krill. she also loves mussels and clams. sometimes she eats scallop and shrimp and she gets silversides if i’m out of everything else. 

Basically every month or so I go to the fresh seafood section of walmart and buy a bunch of random stuff. I usually tell the person working at the seafood section that i’m buying dinner for my pet eel so they don’t think i’m some kind of weirdo who orders like 6 shrimp, 2 scallops, and a whole octopus for dinner.

then I cut up the food into bite size pieces and freeze it until it’s dinnertime.  

Since it’s “mermay” I thought I would draw Ophiel as a mermaid because, let’s be honest, she would be a most adorable mermaid. 

I am! Quite happy with how this turned out! And funfact: her little red shells are known as “Strawberry shells.” If I recall they’re kinda on the rare side? Anyways, since Ophiel’s favorite food is strawberries, I thought it would fit :3 

I am. Really enjoying drawing lineless. Can’t say all my art will end up lineless in the future, but it sure is fun. 

Also! There’s a NSFW version under the cut (Hint: it just frees The Titty): 

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Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Roman Reigns/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Ohhhhhhhh @tox-ambrose and I are terrible people who spend most of our days musing about huge buff dudes being super awkward and shy around their crushes. A little change of pace for Thirst Party Saturday, but hopefully enjoyable all the same! Tagging @hardcorewwetrash for the Thirsty Crew!

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anonymous asked:

I'm feeling a little down because of all the Erina hate lately, so I was glad I stumbled upon you! Can you tell me why erina is your favorite character and what you like about her?

I’m glad you stumbled upon me too, anon! ^^ I haven’t really checked any of the SnS tags so I guess I haven’t seen the hate, but from some of the forums I’ve lurked I’ve actually seen the opposite. The anime has really changed a lot of hater’s opinions about her, or at least helped them see her in a different light.

For me personally, I’m not even sure if I’d say she was my favorite character. She is certainly my favorite female character, but I think Souma might be my fav. ^__^

As for why I like her, I think this will be difficult to grasp if people are anime-only viewers, but I think she’s actually someone who’s kind of a pushover lol. It’s actually pretty hilarious considering her position, and how she tries to act most of the time. ^-^ And I’ve discerned this from her relationships with different people, which I’ll break down right now.

*warning* Spoilers ahead for those not keeping up with the manga, including the recent chapter which is still not translated just yet.

I like her relationship with Hisako, because she does truly see her (and TREATS her) as a real friend. She does things for and with Hisako that she doesn’t do with anyone else. She respects and genuinely likes her, and if Hisako says something, she is more likely to heed her words, which is ironic, because Hisako is supposed to be her “secretary” but Erina clearly never wanted that kind of relationship with her from the start, She just simply wanted a friend. ^__^ When Hisako lost in the Fall Election, she left without a word to Erina, because she thought she wasn’t worthy of being in her presence anymore, and Erina’s distress at her departure showed that Erina could care less about Hisako’s loss, and she just wanted her dear friend back. She was genuinely LONELY without her, and envied Souma who was surrounded by others. 

Erina’s relationship with her cousin Alice is HILARIOUS. Alice teases the crap out of her lol. And we see through their relationship how easy it is for her to get under Erina’s skin, and also exposes Erina’s naive side. Their relationship shows someone who doesn’t really find Erina intimidating, and instead just finds it fun to push her buttons haha. Not only that, but again, Erina envies her cousin. She wishes she could easily show her emotions, and cry openly the way Alice does. And yet, despite all the teasing from Alice, she still is up for hanging out with her. They really do get along and are friendly, despite not wanting to admit it to anyone lol!

And then there’s Megumi! I’m really happy about this one. Megumi suffers so often with confidence issues, and yet, Erina spoke up for her, gave her a gateway to getting through Stagiaire Week and said some truly nice things about her and her talent as a chef, while also telling her to have more confidence in herself. Erina seems to genuinely like and respect Megumi, and sees the talent that many of her Polar Star Dorm friends also see. This is so important, because it completely goes against the perception that many Erina haters have of her. Megumi was someone who so many others have looked down upon throughout the series, and yet when Erina was given the opportunity, she encouraged her, rather than try to knock her down. There’s only one person we’ve seen her truly turn her nose up at, and that brings me to my favorite of her relationships. ^^

Erina and Souma! Their dynamic shows more than all the others that her “ojou-sama” shell is actually quite easy to crack through haha. The thing about Souma that both annoys and intrigues her, is that he treats her JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE. ^^ He doesn’t see her as the elite “God’s Tongue Nakiri Erina-sama” She’s just his peer Nakiri. And from all her other relationships, I think his treatment of her is something she’s always secretly wanted. To just be a normal girl, without that pressure of carrying on the Nakiri name, and living up to the expectations she assumes people have of her. 

Souma is probably the only person so far who has interactions with Erina that aren’t accompanied by expectations. Even Alice I think has certain assumptions about Erina, and views her as “above” her in many ways as she wants to ultimately be in her place within the family. Souma, however, just sees her as an exciting challenge, and when she does display her immense knowledge and talent, it’s something he’s surprised by, rather than in awe of. 

Because Souma doesn’t view her as someone to be put on a pedestal and admired. Instead he sees her as this girl who’s (supposedly, since he hasn’t tried her food) a great cook, knows her shit when it comes to cooking, and someone who’s palate he has faith in, and even ventures out to seek advice from. Yet, despite all her attempts at contempt, he remains quite impervious to it, and still treats her very good-naturedly, which again, just throws Erina off even more lol. 

And yet, Erina didn’t need to help him out by tasting Souma’s beef stew in the Fall Election finals. She is a professional taster, and normally gets an enormous fee for her tastings, but she did it for some shoujo manga. If she REALLY hated Souma, she would never have agreed under such a condition, regardless of how badly she wanted the manga. And in the newest raw chapter, Erina again ends up tasting Souma’s food to help him out against his challenge with Kuga, and this time for free. And not only does she do this, but she ends up agreeing because Hisako gave the go-ahead without even checking with her lol. But she doesn’t chastise Hisako, because Hisako is her friend, and again, she listens to her.

That’s what’s so delicious, because if Erina and Souma weren’t going to end up together, why spend the time developing a relationship between Souma and Hisako, and Megumi and Erina? Basically, the author is breaking down the walls between them, and instead opening up a gateway to something more. Without Hisako being antagonistic towards Souma, and actually genuinely liking him now, Erina, too, has to reconsider her position on him, because again, Erina really depends on, and respects Hisako as her friend, so she’s being forced to see Souma differently, since Souma is also the reason she now has her friend back at her side.

Likewise, Megumi is the person Souma is currently closest to, and both Souma and Erina share the opinion that Megumi is someone of value, and encourage her to have confidence in herself. So, there’s an amicable and mutual feeling there, because Erina also genuinely likes Megumi, and I’m sure Megumi also genuinely likes Erina. 

Plus, unlike the beef stew situation, in this newest chapter not only did Erina taste Souma’s dish, but she gave him a ton of info that could help him out (which she realized a bit too late, and to her distress lol). She also earlier warned Souma about the expulsion rule associated with losing money at the school festival, when in the past, she might have kept the info from him, in the hopes that he’d be kicked out. PLUS, she tried to initiate a conversation with him when he sat down next to her (and got upset when he wasn’t replying lol!). 

Basically, it’s as Souma said, whether intentionally or not, and whether grudgingly or not, Erina is ironically a big part of the reason he’s still in Totsuki. She’s helped him get through quite a few challenges at this point, and she’s beginning to be someone who’s opinion he values. And on the flip side to that, Erina, too, has seemingly stopped being intent on seeing Souma kicked out. She sees his value, because as she said to Megumi, making it so far in the Fall Election is something to have confidence in, but her pride still is too strong to admit to anything at this point haha. 

So, the manga keeps giving us bits of insight every time she has some spotlight and every time we learn more about who she is beyond the “ojou-sama” persona, we see that she’s not really the person who was originally introduced to us. Instead, that’s just the person she TRIES to be, because she feels like it’s expected of her.

And the more she interacts with Souma, the more that charade comes crumbling down. ^^

Also, she thinks Souma’s dad is her favorite chef, and his food is what she feels is the epitome of good cooking, and I too love Souma’s dad, so you can’t fault her taste. She is “God’s Tongue” after all lol. 

So, yeah, anon, don’t let the haters get you down. Erina is a fun character. She’s just a super tsundere, and I always have a big soft spot for tsuns. ^^ It’s just somehow so much more satisfying to see that slow thaw on their personalities like what’s currently happening with Erina. Not to mention the enjoyment I get from seeing those blocks of development being built towards Souma and Erina finally learning that “taste of love.” ^__~

Ghost in the Shell & Scarlett Johansson

I’ve been reading all of the casting debates about Ghost in the Shell and noticed that people have been pretty much, universally, tiptoeing around criticizing Johansson herself.  There has been a lot of “I love Scarlett Johansson but…” talk, criticism of the filmmakers, and so on, and I’m kind of uncomfortable with this.

Let’s get this straight: I love Scarlett Johansson.  She portrays one of my favorite characters in the MCU, and she does it with depth and emotion and nuance.  She’s also said some amazing things about feminism, about equal pay, about body image in Hollywood and outside of it.  She’s been a great role model and has cultivated an important and usually feminist voice.

But if we don’t criticize people we love, we’re holding them up on pedestals without acknowledging that they’re also, like everyone, flawed people.  And Scarlett Johansson, in this case, is a white woman who is also an actress who is ALSO to blame.  

She accepted this role.  No one made her take it.  She is one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, and has the plum choice of roles in films, as far as women are concerned.  She’s become a go-to headliner for action movies starring women.  She could very easily have turned down this role, and could very easily have made a public statement about the fact that Kusanagi should be played by a Japanese woman.  

She has an elevated voice that is heard by a lot of people.  And she’s used it before to speak on issues of equality.  She failed to do that here.  She took a role that should have been used to elevate an actress who, because of her race, has very little opportunity for leading roles in Hollywood, when she’s someone who can take more or less any role she wants.  

It’s somewhat telling that she was also cast in Lucy, which I know a lot of people found distasteful because of the way it cast Asian actors. This is clearly not an issue that’s important to her, and it should be, because when you fight for equality, you need to fight for equality for the people who haven’t yet reached parity with you, not just for you to reach parity with someone else.  Otherwise, that’s fighting for self-advancement, not equality.  

Does this mean I don’t love her?  Nah, sure, I still do.  But she shouldn’t be excused in the same breath that the folks who cast her are being criticized, because she’s someone who is more than familiar with issues of equity in Hollywood, and someone who has the power to create change, and she chose to take the role anyway.

Every couple of nights, after I clean and change the water and food and everything, I’ll hear somebody in the food dish. If I happen to be passing by, I’ll sit down and watch, and no matter who it is they panic and try to scuttle away. Krayshawn, you look like you’re embarrassed, and you should be. Who do you think put that food there???
Possums will always be nature’s assholes in my heart, but you guys are approaching second place pretty fast!

Stealth Weeb "Iso" versus Scary Girl "Galaxy"

I attended Girl Scout camp for many years, and when I finally aged out of the programs I decided to become a counselor. However, I was too young for any of the paid counselor jobs, so I applied to the month-long “Counselor in Training” program and got in. Basically we were still considered “campers” by safety standards so we still had to go around in lines of two (buddy lines) and all that junk, but we could lead songs and help out, and during our fourth week we were assigned to other program units to help out with the younger campers. We didn’t have the authority of paid counselors but the little girls looked up to us since we were older and had “camp nicknames” like the counselors. I was Pepperkat, and the weeb in the story is Iso. There was also one horrible, horrible girl called Galaxy, who comes into the weeb story also and made my life hell besides. And a strange girl called Shell who was a little bit “special”. Some other girls were there too, but they aren’t so important. We were all fifteen or sixteen.

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irinakins is one of my most favorite models. She’s insanely sweet and we have the best conversations while were on opposite sides of the lens. She is a truly genuine person and also an insane musician. Total package right? Daaaang.