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N.A.T. club killed Bethany.

This is a mini theory of mine. Call it crack if you will. But remember the time Jason saw Melissa and Cece in his backyard the night Alison “died”?

We now know that Cece didn’t meet up with Melissa That Night. But Jason did remember a girl in a yellow top, so who was she? I have a feeling it was Bethany they saw That Night.

Jason, Ian and Garrett were members of the N.A.T club who basically shot child pornography. They weren’t just shooting the Liars, maybe they preyed on other girls. Bethany could be one of them, we know how twisted she is so she could even have done them voluntarily. 

Bethany flipped out when she found out that her dad was having an affair with Mrs. D. But how did she find out? Maybe she saw in one of the N.A.T videos the proof of the affair. When Pastor Ted returned the N.A.T memory stick to Ashley, she destroyed them after watching it. The reason she gave Hanna was that the club didn’t just film the girls but also their parents. So there’s dirt on it about the parents on it too.

Bethany having intermittent explosive disorder was enraged and went to confront the N.A.T club. She must have threatened Melissa that would go to the police and report them for shooting underage girls in various stages of undress. We know she’s unstable so in her moment of fury she probably blamed the club too for being friends with Ali and her family.

When the Liars find the N.A.T. video, Melissa only says “Where is she?”. She never mentions Alison by name.

Melissa, Ian, Garrett and maybe Jenna were distraught so they planned to kill her That Night. They made a big show of pretending to solve the problem by inviting her out. But none of them knew how to deal with the dead body and that’s when they noticed the gazebo in the Dilaurentis’s backyard. If the body was found there, the Dilaurentis family would be under suspicion because of Jessica’s affair with Bethany’s dad. For the cherry on the top, Garrett and Jenna went so far as to send this note to Jason.

They knew Jason wouldn’t approve of killing Bethany since he was already growing out the club and distanced himself from them. So Ian and Garrett doped him up with drugs so he would be an unreliable witness if the crime was put before a jury. 

Melissa, Ian and Garrett killed her and buried her. I find it really hard to believe that Melissa wouldn’t check for her pulse or even see her face before burying someone, as she suggested in her confession tape to Spencer. That was fake. As also Mona’s admission that she killed Bethany. Didn’t see her face, really Mona? I mean, this is the girl who confessed to killing Wilden too, for what purpose who knows!  Both Melissa and Mona’s account seem fake to me.

There must be a reason why Uber A (not Cece) killed Ian, Garrett and blackmailed Melissa and Wilden. We know that Wilden is corrupt and covers up murders in his free time so why not Bethany’s murder? That’s why he was so ready to pin the murder on the Liars, to save his own ass.