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Our Little Corner of the World - Part 3

Yet another continuation of my Gilmore Girls AU for Bellarke, in which there is yelling and kisses (and dare I say, nakedness). 

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Home was the first thing that Clarke thought of when the golf cart pulled up to the inn. The large, two-story building was old but welcoming, the open windows and porch overflowing with plants of all kinds cheerfully greeting its guests right from the minute you walked up. It looked lived-in, worn but cherished, a perfect destination for a quiet getaway.

Right now, though, the inn was anything but quiet—arriving friends-turned-guests were exclaiming loudly at the loveliness of the place, Kane was squawking at the contractor about several safety violations he had already noticed, and the muffled sounds of hammers and drills echoed from the barn. Given the stream of workers carrying doors from the barn to the inn, Clarke guessed everything wasn’t quite as finished for the test run as Bellamy had hoped.

Her pulse fluttered as her thoughts turned to the man of the hour, and she clutched the books she had brought for him as a gift just a little bit tighter. Reaching up, she tucked her hair behind her ear and then tugged on her dress to adjust it. She felt ridiculous at being so dressed up, because today of all days Bellamy wasn’t going to be paying attention to her, or what she was wearing. Still, she had hemmed and hawed over her outfit, trying to convince herself it was because she wanted to look nice for the opening of the inn, and not for the owner of said inn.

“Clarke, you made it!”

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