also she should wear her hair down more

They talk about you in Korean, not realising you understand Korean Reaction:

‘You’re hired to teach Perf Unit English and they talk about you in Korean not realising you also speak Korean reaction.’

Today was the first time you’d wore your hair down around your new friends/ students Seventeen. You were busy writing out some words on the white board when you heard Jun say, 'Wow, Y/N looks so hot today!’ But he said it in Korean, not knowing you also spoke the language. You froze for a few seconds and then continued writing. 'She should wear her hair like that more often it’s kind of sexy…’ You hastily turned round and looked at Jun through squinted eyes. Joshua who was sitting next to Jun quickly realised that you had understood what Jun had just said. 'You understand us don’t you?’ He asked in Korean with a grin spread across his face. 'I do.’ You replied with your eyebrows raised looking at Joshua and then to Jun, who had realised what had happened and had began to laugh uneasily. 'Sorry Y/N… but it’s true!’ He laughed causing you to just shake your head and laugh at him.

'Do you think Y/N is single?’ Your ears pricked up hearing the Korean conversation happening behind you. 'How would we know just ask her!’ Your heard Minghao say. 'I can’t just go and ask her that she’ll think I’m coming on to her!’ You quickly looked up to see Hoshi, Minghao and Mingyu sat near you as you were busy reading some paperwork. 'That’s exactly what you’d be doing…’ Mingyu said. You looked down and giggled as you continued reading. 'Well… I still can’t just go, Oh hi Y/N are you single?!’ Hoshi groaned rolling his eyes at his band mates. You stifled your laugh and decided to respond. 'Oh hi Soonyoung, yes I am single.’ You replied continued to stare down at the papers in front of you. You heard both Mingyu and Minghao erupt into laughter and decided to look up. You were met with an awkward red faced Soonyoung hiding behind his hands…

'Take a picture, it’ll last longer…’ Chan jumped out of his daze hearing your voice. 'Sorry I didn’t mean to stare… I was just day dreaming…’ He said awkwardly avoiding your gaze. Seungkwan who was sitting beside Chan started to laugh to himself, 'Yeah he was daydreaming… day dreaming about Y/N!’ 'So what if I was she’s pretty!’ Chan replied defensively. 'Aww are you in love?’ Seungkwan asked him whilst fluttering his eyelashes. 'Was it love at first sight?’ Chan rolled his eyes, 'and if it was?’ He replied innocently. You turned your body to face Chan in the chair in front of him and simply said. 'I don’t believe in love at first sight.’ Chan and Seungkwan’s mouths both dropped, 'wait you speak Korean?!’ Seugkwan gasped. 'Yes I do, so watch yourselves!’ You joked sticking your tongue out.

You pointed to the sentence wrote on the board. 'Okay, so what do you think it means if I said to you, I am infatuated with you?’ 'Does it mean you think I’m fat?’ Seungkwan replied with a silly expression on his face. 'No nothing like that…’ You replied shaking your head at him. 'It means obsessed with or captivated by. If I said I was infatuated with you, I’m saying that I’m very interested in you.’ You told the group of boys before you. 'I’m pretty infatuated with her…’ you heard Minghao mumble quietly in Korean. 'Why? Because you think imma good teacher or you think I’m pretty?’ You responded, shocking him with your fluent Korean. 'I err…’ He started to say before placing his head down on the tables and groaning 'pretend you didn’t understand that…’