also she is greek

guess who ;)

Annabeth Chase is totally that overachiever (we all know one of those) like whenever she’s brought up a demigod always has something new to say about her such as,

 “Yea, she came to Camp when she was only seven.” 

“I heard she was part of two major prophecies.”

 “Her cousin is also a demigod, but not a Greek or Roman one.”

“She defeated Archane all by herself.”

“…and she managed to do all that and still graduate high school and college.”

The Melody Itself

Psh, I forgot to post this! It’s just a small Shallura sick fic with slight background Klance. 

What to expect: Shallura, Bg Klance, Bg Broganes, Sick Shiro, Unsure Allura but she triES. 

*Shrugs* Uh, enjoy? Also, YES PEOPLE AGAIN WITH THE GREEK PETNAMES. Let me live. (Translation: Agapi means love, so “Agapi Mou” means My Love. And for the ones who don’t know me yet, Asteraki means Little Star and I love Allura and Lance Brotp.) 

Guys, these are rough rough translations, don’t kick my ass, ok? Anyways, I’m done rambling. 

Ps. I wrote this like so long ago but I didn’t had a chance to edit so plz excuse any cringy typos or grammar errors.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

Lance twist the small towel in his hand above the bowl before dropping it gently on Shiro’s forehead.

“Sh.” Lance shushes gently when Shiro winces at the cold cloth and tries to shrugs it off him, “Stop, Shiro, please.” He reprimands softly, sighing when the sick leader whines in discomfort but stop trashing against him.

The brunet leans back a little to get a better look of Shiro and bites his lip in worry when he notices that he doesn’t look that much better since they started treating him.

“You just had to be a brogane and hide these things, huh?” Lance mumbles, sparing a quick glance to the slumped sleeping body of his boyfriend on the chair behind him, “It must run in the family.”

“It must, I’m sure.” A new voice answers him and Lance jumps in surprise before he turns to meet Allura’s eyes, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stratled you, asteraki.”

Lance shakes his head, smiling softly at her. “It’s okay, I was just distracted.” He shrugs, humming when Allura pushes his hair back fondly.

“How long have you been awake, Lance?” She asks gently but stern, smiling amused when  the teen groans, looking away from her.

Lance limits himself to shrugs helplessly, “Not as long as than that mop of black mullet over there, that’s for sure.”

Said mop of black hair mumbles in his sleep just in time, making both Lance and Allura chuckle softly.

“Please, go rest up for a bit.” She says gently, patting him on the cheek, “I can watch over Shiro, don’t worry. You still gotta take care of yourself, alright?”

“But -” Lance tries to argue but Allura shushes him in time.

“Please, asteraki.”

Lance sighs, “Alright, fine. Keith needs a bed anyways, if not he’s going to be moaning in the bad way tomorrow.”

Allura rolls her eyes fondly as she watches the brunet walk over his sleeping boyfriend, easily gathering him in his arms and carrying him out of the room, giggling to herself when the brunet mumbles sweet words to the sleeping paladin’s ear.

“They have come so far.” Allura whispers amused as the door of her bedroom closes behind them, “Unlike someone who still thinks he needs to put up a strong face for everyone every single tick of the day.” She says, her eyes falling on Shiro in her bed.

“We’re having a long talk after you get better, agápi.” Allura promises, taking seat on where Lance had been seated on the edge of the bed besides Shiro, “But you need to get better first, alright?”

She doesn’t get an answer and she suppresses the feeling of disappointment inside her even though she had expected it.

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tbh one of my favorite concepts in ace attorney worldbuilding is the idea of apollo meeting franziska and he expects her to be her usual insulting, whip-wielding self that he’s heard horror stories about

only for her to do a 180 on him and treat him decently, whether it’s because she’s aware of all the shit he’s been through or if she’s doing it as a roundabout way to screw with pheonix’s head or some combination of the two

and at first apollo wonders if the stories were exaggerated, only to see her pull her usual acts with other people, leaving him very confused

Ah yes, a great time to remind everyone that Artemis (goddess of the moon, the hunt, and childbirth) is one hundred percent asexual and one hundred percent aromantic! She’s also one of the most venerated Greek deities and is still widely worshiped to this day! 

So Artemis is personally looking out for every ace person out there, and will gladly turn bigots and abusers into stags and set her dogs after them! 

The Importance of Leto’s daughters wrecking utter havoc on the world has never been lost on me….

She’s violated by Zeus in animal form - raped, all the poets agree - and her twin sons conveniently die Young.

Her daughters… whoo. Her daughters. Both marry paragons of Greek heroism and masculinity, chosen faves of Zeus and all the gods. Helen betrays Menelaus or is kidnapped, either way igniting the Greatest War Ever in Greek Mythology. She plunges the world into a 10 year epic battle. Then waltzes home, tbh, like nothing happened. The world is bleeding but Helen is Fine.

Clytemnestra murders her husband in the bath and takes a different lover. Granted this fucks up her own kids’ lives, which is shitty, but she’s also dealing with the fact that Agamemnon “sacrificed”, ie. slaughtered their eldest daughter for No Reason.

Then HER daughter, Elektra, goes ahead and fucks up MORE SHIT, fortunately righting a lot of wrongs and just generally being a sympathetic badass.

I just…. Leto was ready to screw Zeus’ entire legacy. You wanna rape me, you furry jackass? I’m gonna destroy all you hold dear and MY LEGACY will be watching my daughters and granddaughters fuck up all your favorite heroes and kings.

Amazing. 👌👌👌


Modern Day Greek Gods

This is the girl who grew up feeling insignificant in the light of her twin brother’s infinite creativity and curiosity. The girl who found solace in the quiet of the forest, who wished to run among the trees, swift as the deer, ferocious as the wolves. The girl who picked up a bow at the age of six and taught herself to hunt. The girl who walks barefoot through dewy grass, who takes her homework into the woods because she likes the quiet and the simplicity. She swore off boys as a pre-teen, and she fell for a girl only a month later. The science-savvy girl hungry for knowledge. She wants to be a midwife, she wants to document nature, she wants to fight for the conservation of wolves and other wildlife. The wild girl tamed by a gentle silver flame of a girl, who is more than willing to spend hours in the damp autumn woods with her. This is the girl who can’t wait to grow up so that she can make a difference in this world.

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While I’m happy that spring is finally here, it’s another reminder that Hades and Persephone are now going to be separated from each other until September 22nd😭😭😭 My poor myth ship. Thank god Eros & Psyche will never have to separate from each other again. Gotta make some strawberry lemonade donuts in honor of Persephone and Demeter now, though, since mother and daughter are reunited. #GreekingOut
But, meet the newest member of the Benson family: Cerberus Kai Benson! Cleo is still uncertain about him, but I’m sure they’ll be the best of friends in no time.


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Goddesses and Wicca

Artemis - (Also known as Diana by the Romans). She is a virgin Greek goddess, beholden to no man. Known as the goddess of witches, she is represented by the bow & arrow, hare, the cat and the moon. She is best evoked for protection against unwanted male attention and to help you settle into your craft.

Gaia - hello Mother Earth. Best known for connections with nature and ecological issues. A globe or picture of the earth is best to represent her. You can look upon Gaia to help you with any ‘green issues’.

Demeter & Persephone - goddesses of the seasons. Demeter (represented by corn and poppies is the goddess of summer and the harvest (autumn/fall) and is the mother of Persephone who was captured by hades of the underworld and made queen. Legend says that Demeter was so upset by her daughter’s absence that land became barren. So Zeus ordered that Persephone be returned for six months of the year. So spring and summer are when the two are reunited and autumn and winter is the time when Persephone returns to the underworld. You can call upon Persephone for protection against unwanted male attention, independence and Demeter can be invoked for abundance rituals. Call upon them both for any family issues.

Athena - goddess of wisdom and the arts. Her symbol is the owl. A virgin and war goddess, she can be called upon in times when you need to 'feel the fear and do it anyway’. If you are faced with adversity call upon Athena for her help and wisdom.

Hecate - you may have heard her mentioned in such TV series as buddy the vampire slayer. She is strongly linked to witchcraft and the mysteries of the universe. Can’t help thinking she has something to do with cosmic law or karma if you will. She is the spinner of fate and destiny, in charge of life and death. She is symbolised by the cauldron. She is depicted as riding a chariot pulled by dragons. She is known as the queen of the night (sorry Whitney) and a powerful mistress of divination. She can be called upon for protection of any kind, especially discrimination. Hecate will protect you from harm whilst you improve your skills in the craft.

Aphrodite - a Greek goddess (or in Rome she is called Venus). She is known for love and beauty, represented by honey bees, frogs and honey pots. Consider calling upon her for love spells or help with any relationship in general. Legend has it she was born from the foam of the sea so if you are drawn to mermaids or sea shells, you could also feel a strong connection with her. She may also be able to give you a boost if you’re looking to feel sexy and attractive towards a certain crush?

Isis - unfortunately as we know, lately her name is being used and in my opinion not in a good way. THE REAL ISIS resembles all that is good about being a woman and she is our Egyptian goddess. This is a goddess of life, death and rebirth. Her symbol is the serpent and can be used for any spells involving women’s issues. She is a great guide if you feel a connection to Egyptology.

Guinevere - a goddess of independence and free spirit. She is a strong woman that connects us to our home soil and feminine wiles! You can invoke her if you are in a troubled relationship and need the courage to break free. She can also help with finding new love. She comes with an important message to be true to yourself - something we all must learn in our lives. She was lancelot’s love.

Morgan Le fay - as you know both Guinevere and Morgan le fay are both connected with Camelot and the Knights of the round table. I believe people call it 'Arthurian times’. She is a very strong presence in witchcraft and originally portrait as evil but she was only a follower of the 'old ways’ and a priestess in her own right. She is the one who wanted things to be kept as they were and not embark on the Christianity train. So when she did not adhere to the new rules she was deemed an evil sorceress and that’s she is depicted today. She was Arthur’s half sister. She is connected with night and winter. Call upon her for justice, retribution and protection. She is a strong source of power so do not invoke her if you are fly by night or experimenting with the craft on a whim.

I have now explained all aspects of goddess but they are all as one. Goddess is multi faceted.

The triple goddess - this means the three aspects of goddess and the three phases of the moon. There are also three phases of a woman’s life

Maiden - new and waxing moons
Mother - full moon
Crone - waning and dark moons.

All goddesses represent one of these aspects. Eg. Hecate and morgan le fay would be crime as they fall under the dark side. Isis and Gaia are mother goddesses, while Artemis and Persephone are maiden goddesses.

Altogether they are the triple goddess.

The maiden (new and waxing moons) - youth, new beginnings, dawn. The colour is white for purity

The mother (full moon) - summer, full moon magic, Mother Nature. The colour is red for fertility and blood of life.

The crime (waning and dark moons) - the night, death and transition, autumn and winter. The colour is black and purple which symbolises protection and rest. She is the strongest, known for wisdom and release, prophecy and the guardian of all witches.

We all have power inside us as women and the goddess lives in All of us too. We all have a spark of magical power we can tap into. We are strong, nurturing and alive!

Greek Tragedy Hogwarts Houses


  • Oedipus (three theban plays)
  • Odysseus (ajax, trojan women)
  • Creon of Thebes (three theban plays)
  • Creon of Athens (medea)


  • Hecabe (trojan women)
  • Andromache (trojan women)
  • Antigone (three theban plays)


  • Ajax (ajax)
  • Cassandra (trojan women, agamemnon)
  • Agamemnon (agamemnon)


  • Medea (medea)
  • Jason (medea)

Percy’s accent is probably all over the place omg

more Sonic Skyline designs!

for blaze and for silver i still have no bio … but yes a sort of stereotype…

Blaze the cat: isnpired on Curry :D hhaha she looks so adorable.. but..heh.. do not dare to get close to her.. she might burn you into ashes XD

kinda inspired on one of her concepts..  plus kinda Hindu clothes.. i love that culture ^_^  

also.. i assigned her Artemisa as greek godess… because she was kinda similar to blaze.. she never allowed anyman touched her.. she was a warrior godess and she was very friend with Apollo..(Silver here ;D )

Silver the hedgehog: Inspired on one of his early designs plus Master Ix design (Sonic chronicles) ..

he represents Apollo.. i find Silver it has many things from him..  he made the man take conscience of his sins ans stuff.. also being the god of the reasoning..

plus he was good brother of Artemis.. they fought together with other greek gods.. XD

Sticks the badger: I tried to make her similar to the boom one.. but tiny and kinda likes to hide her body with that poncho..

she is one of those persons who acumulate old items.. that can’t fall on wrong hands.. she knows about prophesys… and she thinks the Sky will fall someday..

but only thanks to some visions she receives..

(like a sort of Oracle ^_^ )

Sonic will teach her that she can’t live with fear.. she barely gets out of her house.. so Sonic and Tails told her all the things she is missing for being incaged like that..

that even if the world ends tomorrow..she could not had the chance to see the beautiful of it before the end comes…

no god asigned to her.. (i guess… XD )

hope u like it

Bellarke AU

High school senior Clarke Griffin attends a college frat party with Octavia Blake and happens to run into her older brother, college senior, Bellamy.

She runs into the tall, dark-haired boy and stumbles, mumbling her apologies. Once her eyes meet his, she loses all of her words completely, because either she’s had too much to drink (which is possible), or this guy looks like a Greek God (which she assumes is also possible). Clarke sees his mouth moving, and has to snap herself out of the reverie before his words finally click.

“You’re cup is empty —- looking for someone?”

So, she missed a few words, but she got most of it. “I was – but I’m sure she can find me later.” Her eyes followed the length of him, so gorgeous, and once their eyes met again, he was giving her this smirk that made her cheeks boil. After clearing her throat and looking away, Clarke raises the red cup, “drink?” She turns on her heels and continues talking, hoping he’ll follow. “My name’s Clarke,” she answers the question he never asked.

“Bellamy,” his voice is barely loud enough for her to hear over the music. It doesn’t click that she’s heard her best friend speak that same name.


When finally runs into Octavia hours later, she’s head over heels (but that could be from the copious amounts of beer her and Bellamy had). Octavia is noticeably irritated when she asks where Clarke has been, but as soon as the blonde mentions the Greek God she ran into, it’s school girl giggles and Octavia wanting to know all of the details.

“But wait, I have pictures. Look.”

It’s completely silent between them for far too long. Octavia’s eyes have grown the size of golf balls, and her teeth are gritted together. “Clarke, do you remember what my brother’s name is?” She’s still staring at the picture, and somehow, her words aren’t fumbling together anymore.

“Yeah, Bell – oh no.” She gives Octavia her best, apologetic smile. “You should probably know that he’s supposed to meet up with me later.” She tries to suppress her laugh as Octavia groans. It’ll be awkward later when they’re sober and they both remember how Clarke explained in detail how gorgeous her brother is.

With her Greek tutor, Konstantinos Christomanos, a great admirer of ancient Greece, Sisi becomes not only perfect in the language, but she is also introduced to Greek mythology. The home of mythology becomes the “home of Sisi’s soul.” The ancient world is highly regarded at this time not only by the restless Empress, but is generally quite popular. Classical virtues greatly influence the mature empress’ worldview.

tbh @ pjo fandom once again it’s really not that much of a shock that calypso cursed annabeth, i mean was it shocking when we found out in hoh, yes it was that was a crazy moment, but it’s not like her character did a full 180 in that moment

i want to remind everyone that as much as calypso is rick’s character, she herself was also a person in greek myth and rick probably considered her character as such, so she has her soft spots but she has her hard spots too and i could see her cursing annabeth in a fit of rage, obviously not thinking that girl would ever make her way down to tartarus

'Batman v Superman' Wonder Woman Gets Her Own Statue (Exclusive)

Diana of Themyscira, who you might know better by the nom de hero Wonder Woman, is not just a super-powered crimefighter; she’s also a daughter of Zeus. So it’s only fitting the Amazonian demigod has been immortalized with her own statue.

Hers, however, isn’t going in some remote temple or far-flung museum.

Feast your eyes on this new sculpture of Gal Gadot as the star-spangled warrior princess in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from DC Collectibles. 

The 13-inch resin statue, by James Marsano, features the updated costume — with new-look tiara, armor styling, sword, shield, bullet-deflecting bracelets, and her trademark golden lariat — and will be available for $150 in March, pegged to the film’s March 26 release.

MORE: See the Kick-Ass Barbie Version of New Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman joins DC’s previously unveiled Superman, Batman, and armored Batman statues based on, respectively, Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck’s alter egos in the film, which unites the Big Three characters in the DC Universe and lays the groundwork for the creation of the Justice League.

Watch the ‘Batman v Superman’ trailer: