also she is greek


have some Greek mythology doodles featuring different versions of Artemis!! 

Blonde Artemis and Siproites are based off @shanastoryteller ‘s gorgeous fics!! Here’s the specific one it comes from~

guess who ;)

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If u could draw bts in greek gods au, what would they be?

((sorry haha im getting impatient so i’ll posts these now but pls do not come to me and say “oh this person should’ve been this!!” like no dont do that ok))

Namjoon: So can we get out of these costumes now and go back to bed??

Hobi: No we still got one more left

Yoongi: I feel naked

Jin: Shut up, all of you

marina interviews
  • the family jewels: FUCK pop music. god that shit is awful.........dr luke and all those pop producers are trash. check out my cool corn on the cob outfit :) im hungover for the fourth time this week!!! i hate my dad
  • electra heart: oh um,,, i was jk abt dr luke he produced two songs off my new album...but its all for the irony and sarcasm cuz its a conceptual record n stuff. my hair ISNT A WIG! (it is) also stop asking me stupid fucking questions bc im dressed like a pop star GOD u idiots are why i hated this era (ps im greek)
  • froot: my boobs are real!!! im greek and welsh :) im happy so happy happy happy. better than that is about ellie goulding--i mean it ISNT whoops. im greek!!!! also im doing a repackage of froot......wait nvm. i wrote the entire album by myself and produced it too so thats really cool and rare :') oh also did u know im greek???

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diana w/ a baby? she was so excited to see one and she never got to hold one it was so Sad


  • Diana canonically loves children and is Good With Kids, but I can’t find many comics where she gets to interact with a baby tbh? Which is heartbreaking because babies would love her.
  • Part of the whole demigod thing is that she can literally stay still for hours without her limbs falling asleep, which is an ability she can and will use any time a baby or small child falls asleep on her. 
  • I feel like babies can kinda tell??? what kind of person you are??? It’s like puppies, they have a sixth sense for who is a Safe Person™ and who isn’t. Babies and puppies both love Diana.
  • Her hair is the perfect length for grabbing in little fists, and she’s often wearing some very shiny headgear, so babies get distracted by her very, very easily.
  • It becomes a running joke among the Justice League that one of Diana’s lesser known powers is the ability to instantly calm crying infants. If a crying baby is handed to Diana, they will without fail quiet down in a matter of seconds.
  • 100% guilty of Baby Talk, but only in Ancient Greek??? She gets so overwhelmed by the cuteness that she reverts back to her native language. 
  • She also knows a lot of really cool Themysciran lullabies (also in Greek) which have babies and nearby adults alike totally captivated on the rare occasion that she sings.
  • Extremely protective of any small child that comes within fifty feet of her. This goes double for infants who aren’t yet capable of defending themselves. No, Wally, you can’t have a turn with the baby, Diana doesn’t trust you not to break it. 

Les Amis Demigods AU (4/?): Feuilly - Child of Hephaestus

Hephaestus is the Olympian god of fire and metal as well as that of the craftsmen, artisans, sculpturs and blacksmiths. He is the son of Zeus and Hera but was rejected by his mother and thrown down to earth although he later regained his place alongside the gods. Almost every piece of metalworking with divine powers in greek mythology is said to have been made by Hephaestus in his forge on Mount Olympus including Hermes’ winged helmet, Helios’ chariot and Eros’ bow and arrows.

So here’s a design for kamidere!Kizana I came with 

Since now she thinks about herself as a divine figure and not royalty, I changed her theme too. (Happily) got back to her albino color scheme. Instead of roses, she now wears a laurel wreath in her hair (that’s now stylized in greek way) and a small necklace in sun shape (for irony). At first I wanted to make a sun print on her socks, but it looked odd and unpleasant, so instead I just put a greek print on them. 

Yeah as you may see I changed her theme more to greek. I like to think she associates herself with some greek goddess. She also now mostly practices classicism, with Homer being her favorite author. 

Speaking of personality, it didn’t change drastically (at least in view of my headcanons i think?). She’s intelligent, cunning, and charismatic. Probably the only big difference between her and original is that kamidere!Kizana can be dangerous because of her charisma that let’s her manipulate other people easily and her lust for power. She’s like, idk, more vicious version of Kizana? :”D I think I could compare her to Gellert Grindelwald from Harry Potter series.

I think she won’t be the third rival (i mean, kamidere being that easy to beat? ://) so probably I’d have to change to order of rivals, which can then affect their designs (excluding Megami since her design will have to go back to black anyways) and personalities…maybe I can turn it into another big AU but I don’t know about it yet…Tell me what you think!

(also probably I should change her name too since it…doesn’t really fit her anymore…)

Annabeth Chase is totally that overachiever (we all know one of those) like whenever she’s brought up a demigod always has something new to say about her such as,

 “Yea, she came to Camp when she was only seven.” 

“I heard she was part of two major prophecies.”

 “Her cousin is also a demigod, but not a Greek or Roman one.”

“She defeated Archane all by herself.”

“…and she managed to do all that and still graduate high school and college.”

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Do you know what would be the daily duties of a priestess of Athena in Ancient Greece? (Or just general info about what their lives would be like, any major holidays/events etc)

Hello there nonny! What an interesting question! To answer it I’m going to rely on Joan Brenton Connelly’s Portrait of a Priestess. You have one particularly interesting Athenian priestess in Chrysis. She, and her descendants, were granted special rights and privileges.[1] You may try and find out more about here or her descendants or, of course, make up your own fictional priestess.

First of all, there were other priestesses than the priestesses of Athena Polias, but there are a lot of detailed resources left with names and images (painted on vases) that makes the Athenian priestess easier to research. She also had a very prominent place in the Greek world as holder of “one of the most distinguished offices”, as Connelly puts it. [2] It was a hereditary position, not something any woman could hold. It was the privilege of the Eteobutad family and only available to married women within that family. To be a priestess of Athena Polias was a position she then had for the duration of her life. [3] There is evidence suggesting that around twenty-five priestesses between the end of the fifth century B.C. to the end of the second century A.D., all of the above mentioned family. [4]

Now, duties. Well, the belief was that “’all agree in regarding women as the chief founders of religion and it is the women who provoke the men to the more attentive worship of the gods, to festivals’”. [5] Basically, the priestesses were in charge of worship. So if you want your main character to be the priestess of Athena Polis, you have indeed a very powerful figure to work with! Women were central to the religious life and the priestesses linked the people with the deities. [6] A priestess, of course, would have duties during rituals. They were also, however, responsible for the temple and its inventory; they had to make sure nothing went missing or was damaged. During processions it was also her responsibility to carry things that were considered to be holy. The route was either from the center of worship, in this case the Athenian Acropolis, towards some outer region, or the reverse. Whichever it may be, the priestess would be at the very center of attention and very visible to the citizens. [7]

Examples of rituals:

  • Sacrifice: there are several iconic evidences that in Athena, a ritual of sacrifice was common. This was a procession where the priestess led the worshippers (there would be singing and dancing and pipes being played rather than a quiet solemn affair) to a burning stone alter upon where a bull or ram (or both) would be sacrificed. A statue of Athena were likely to be present – there are images showing Athena sitting down behind the alter.
  • Prayer: while it was certainly possible for worshippers to prey directly to a deity, a priestess could also lead the worshipper in prayer. She would do this, for example, at the end of a procession. It is also mentioned several times in the Iliad how priestesses pray in times of common crisis. For example, Theano offers a “richly woven robe upon the knees of Athena´s statue” before praying. (The position of someone praying would be arms raised skywards with palms upturned. It was only in special occasions that one would kneel and it would almost always be a woman kneeling.)
  • Libation: to reinforce prayer, liquid offerings were often used. It could be poured on an alter or the ground, using a bowl or jug. It could be used with a blood sacrifice or instead of one. At times the liquid would be poured directly onto the flames and the reaction would be interpreted as a way for the deities to communicate. Whine was the most common liquid but for some rituals milk, oil, honey or water would be required instead. Liquid offerings were most closely connected to death and funeral but also hero worship and to honour the deities.
  • Ritual feasting: sacrificing rituals ended with eating the meat, after having cooked it, in a celebratory fashion. Vase paintings show scenes of women feasting and drinking together in this way.

I want to focus a bit more on the sacrificing rituals, since animal sacrifice was one of the most important parts of Greek worship. At the end of a procession “the formal rites of dedication and consecration took place”, then lustration and prayer. The animal to be sacrificed would be slaughtered, the priestess would look for omens, the meat would be cut and placed on the alter. Anything inedible was given to the deity while the worshippers and divinities shared the rest. [8] It seems that women generally did not slaughter and cook the animals; rather this was something a butcher would be hired to do. It’s not to be understood as the butcher having any significant role in the sacrifice, however. The priestess would initiate by placing the raw meet on the alter, after which each worshipper (man or woman) might place their share. [9]

I also want to include a submission by @sisterofiris, which has some more information about daily life of a priestess!

All in all, nonny, a priestess is a important character. One with a lot of duties but also one with a lot of influence and who has a lot of agency. Hope you have fun writing your character!

Signed, Captain.

While I do work at a University, I am also still a student. I am a resource, not a professor as of yet and I only get a symbolic pay. Buy me a coffee and help a poor student out?

[1] Joan Breton Connelly, Portrait of a Priestess: Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece, (New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2007), 1.
[2] Ibid., 59.
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The lesser-known day jobs of the Twelve Olympian gods
  • Besides their better known responsibilities (eg Aphrodite as the goddess of love), here are the slightly more obscure roles of the main gods of the Greek pantheon.
  • Aphrodite: Pleasure, procreation
  • Apollo: Plague and disease, healing
  • Ares: Masculine valour, civil order
  • Artemis: Childbirth, protecting girls below the age of marriage
  • Athena: Pottery, heroism, mathematics, good advice
  • Demeter: Bread, the codes of morality, the cycle of life and death
  • Dionysus: Vegetation, ritual madness (bakkheia), religious euphoria
  • Hephaestus: Sculpture, masonry, fire
  • Hera: Women, marriage
  • Hermes: Thieves, trade, diplomatic relations, farm animal husbandry, astrology, astronomy, travel
  • Poseidon: Drought, horses
  • Zeus: Law and order, weather

Modern Day Greek Gods

This is the girl who grew up feeling insignificant in the light of her twin brother’s infinite creativity and curiosity. The girl who found solace in the quiet of the forest, who wished to run among the trees, swift as the deer, ferocious as the wolves. The girl who picked up a bow at the age of six and taught herself to hunt. The girl who walks barefoot through dewy grass, who takes her homework into the woods because she likes the quiet and the simplicity. She swore off boys as a pre-teen, and she fell for a girl only a month later. The science-savvy girl hungry for knowledge. She wants to be a midwife, she wants to document nature, she wants to fight for the conservation of wolves and other wildlife. The wild girl tamed by a gentle silver flame of a girl, who is more than willing to spend hours in the damp autumn woods with her. This is the girl who can’t wait to grow up so that she can make a difference in this world.

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WW was sculpted from clay and Aprohdite gave her life while the Greek gods gave her superhuman gifts. But in recent years, it's been changed to Zesus being her father and Hippolyta raising her. Imo WW is Greek and follows the Greek pantheon. Just because an actor who is Jewish is playing her doesn't make the character Jewish. Especially when she follows the Greek's way more. There's been no evidence to prove whether she is Jewish or not but there is evidence to prove she's Amazonian maybe Greek

Also the Amazons were in some depictions followers of Ares. They held him in high respect.

1. Again being Jewish isn’t just about following a religion there are Jewish people who don’t practice Judaism. Say it with me. Being Jewish is both a religious identity and an ethnic one. One can exist without the other. There could be modern day Jewish people that worship the Greek Pantheon. Doesn’t make them not Jewish.

2. Pretty sure there were Jewish Greeks. 

3. Amazonian does not denote race or ethnicity or are we gonna say the Amazonians of color are not actual WoC and are simply Amazonians?

4. It is still possible for WW to be Jewish. 

5. I have no idea what Ares has to do with this.

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Goddesses and Wicca

Artemis - (Also known as Diana by the Romans). She is a virgin Greek goddess, beholden to no man. Known as the goddess of witches, she is represented by the bow & arrow, hare, the cat and the moon. She is best evoked for protection against unwanted male attention and to help you settle into your craft.

Gaia - hello Mother Earth. Best known for connections with nature and ecological issues. A globe or picture of the earth is best to represent her. You can look upon Gaia to help you with any ‘green issues’.

Demeter & Persephone - goddesses of the seasons. Demeter (represented by corn and poppies is the goddess of summer and the harvest (autumn/fall) and is the mother of Persephone who was captured by hades of the underworld and made queen. Legend says that Demeter was so upset by her daughter’s absence that land became barren. So Zeus ordered that Persephone be returned for six months of the year. So spring and summer are when the two are reunited and autumn and winter is the time when Persephone returns to the underworld. You can call upon Persephone for protection against unwanted male attention, independence and Demeter can be invoked for abundance rituals. Call upon them both for any family issues.

Athena - goddess of wisdom and the arts. Her symbol is the owl. A virgin and war goddess, she can be called upon in times when you need to 'feel the fear and do it anyway’. If you are faced with adversity call upon Athena for her help and wisdom.

Hecate - you may have heard her mentioned in such TV series as buddy the vampire slayer. She is strongly linked to witchcraft and the mysteries of the universe. Can’t help thinking she has something to do with cosmic law or karma if you will. She is the spinner of fate and destiny, in charge of life and death. She is symbolised by the cauldron. She is depicted as riding a chariot pulled by dragons. She is known as the queen of the night (sorry Whitney) and a powerful mistress of divination. She can be called upon for protection of any kind, especially discrimination. Hecate will protect you from harm whilst you improve your skills in the craft.

Aphrodite - a Greek goddess (or in Rome she is called Venus). She is known for love and beauty, represented by honey bees, frogs and honey pots. Consider calling upon her for love spells or help with any relationship in general. Legend has it she was born from the foam of the sea so if you are drawn to mermaids or sea shells, you could also feel a strong connection with her. She may also be able to give you a boost if you’re looking to feel sexy and attractive towards a certain crush?

Isis - unfortunately as we know, lately her name is being used and in my opinion not in a good way. THE REAL ISIS resembles all that is good about being a woman and she is our Egyptian goddess. This is a goddess of life, death and rebirth. Her symbol is the serpent and can be used for any spells involving women’s issues. She is a great guide if you feel a connection to Egyptology.

Guinevere - a goddess of independence and free spirit. She is a strong woman that connects us to our home soil and feminine wiles! You can invoke her if you are in a troubled relationship and need the courage to break free. She can also help with finding new love. She comes with an important message to be true to yourself - something we all must learn in our lives. She was lancelot’s love.

Morgan Le fay - as you know both Guinevere and Morgan le fay are both connected with Camelot and the Knights of the round table. I believe people call it 'Arthurian times’. She is a very strong presence in witchcraft and originally portrait as evil but she was only a follower of the 'old ways’ and a priestess in her own right. She is the one who wanted things to be kept as they were and not embark on the Christianity train. So when she did not adhere to the new rules she was deemed an evil sorceress and that’s she is depicted today. She was Arthur’s half sister. She is connected with night and winter. Call upon her for justice, retribution and protection. She is a strong source of power so do not invoke her if you are fly by night or experimenting with the craft on a whim.

I have now explained all aspects of goddess but they are all as one. Goddess is multi faceted.

The triple goddess - this means the three aspects of goddess and the three phases of the moon. There are also three phases of a woman’s life

Maiden - new and waxing moons
Mother - full moon
Crone - waning and dark moons.

All goddesses represent one of these aspects. Eg. Hecate and morgan le fay would be crime as they fall under the dark side. Isis and Gaia are mother goddesses, while Artemis and Persephone are maiden goddesses.

Altogether they are the triple goddess.

The maiden (new and waxing moons) - youth, new beginnings, dawn. The colour is white for purity

The mother (full moon) - summer, full moon magic, Mother Nature. The colour is red for fertility and blood of life.

The crime (waning and dark moons) - the night, death and transition, autumn and winter. The colour is black and purple which symbolises protection and rest. She is the strongest, known for wisdom and release, prophecy and the guardian of all witches.

We all have power inside us as women and the goddess lives in All of us too. We all have a spark of magical power we can tap into. We are strong, nurturing and alive!

Percy’s accent is probably all over the place omg