also she has great taste in everything!

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Do you know any good day6 blogs to follow? I recently made a day6 blog and I don't know much about the fandom here

oh yaaaaayyyyy for more day6 blogs on tumblr!!!! 

since there have been quite a few new day6 blogs and some people’s urls have changed since the last time i had one of these asks, i’m going to answer this properly lol

so uhm idk if you’re looking for purely day6 blogs but tbh most day6 fans have quite multifandom blogs. Here are some you should check out (i’m going to exclude fyeah blogs bc i’m guessing you’ve already come across those): 

  • @jaechicken - nicole makes day6 gifs and tries to keep her blog purely day6 so makes thousands of sideblogs but occasionally fails lol and she likes making nicknames so don’t get confused when you read her tags hahah she has a really nice voice as well so go check out her day6 covers on her blog!!! 
  • @everyday6 - cree makes fanarts when uni isn’t being a btch. her blog’s probably 50% day6 and 50% bts so her blog’s heaven if you’re a bts fan as well. one of the nicest people in the fandom tbh
  • @theday6 - text posts master tbh!!! I love reading her thoughts about everything day6. she also makes gifs and edits. she has a great taste in music so you should check out any of the music she recommends!! 
  • @youngk - aka lifesaver liz lol translates and subs day6 content and also makes gifs
  • @its-youngk - is liz’s husband mae also makes gifs and her tags are gold and always make my day. she also posts a lot of got7 so you’ll love her blog if you’re a gotday fan
  • @dowoonerie and @professional-kangaroo - gifmakers and two of the sweetest people in the fandom
  • @bryankang - og senpai and always makes quality gifs
  • @w-onpil - pretty much has every important day6 post on tumblr. very nicely curated blog
  • @day6sbum - posts anything and everything she likes but when she’s in the mood for day6 (which is quite often lol), you can count on her to spam your blog with day6 content. also knows all the tea in every fandom
  • @kimwonappeal - makes veeerrryyy nice edits!! 
  • @so-na-gi - go check out krisztina’s fanarts!!!!
  • @sungchims and @kwonshinji - just started making gifs. yaaaayyy for more day6 content on tumblr
  • @daysixdreams - has been slightly mia BUT she’s writes day6 fanfics/scenarios/etc. and they are so good please go check them out!! 
  • @saracho and @notbrian - gifmakers
  • other day6 fans: @won6pil, @kangswang, @seoulhite, @ftday6, @wonismypil, @wonfeels, @got67day, @dowoonscookies, @deisikseu, @thejaedream

I’m sorry if i forgot someone TT

Jumbo Village

Welcome to Jumbo Village, and good luck chasing down the Chief.

Jumbo Village was the offline village in Monster Hunter 2, and is possibly my favorite location in MH.  It was a tiny, dilapidated coastal town just west of the Telos Jungle before the events of MH2, in which the player character helps to build up the village into a proper trade port and defends it from Kushala Daora.   Besides trading in monster parts, Jumbo Village is also known for it’s delicious food. (Many Japanese Monster Hunter comics have been made about Jumbo Village hunters becoming too fat to hunt. XD)

MH2 was the first, and only, MH game to include the concept of seasons, (as well as the first MH game to include a daylight cycle) with certain quests only being available at certain times of the year.  Jumbo had three seasons: the warm season, the cold season, and the breeding season.  In the warm season, carnivores were more active, and thus a good season for hunting most large monsters.  The cold season made monsters more aggressive due to shortage of food, and thus rewarded you with rarer materials for your trouble.  The breeding season was the season of herbivores, and thus the best season for gathering materials and supplies from the field.

Jumbo was also the first to feature an Instructor with his various tutorial and arena style quests, and the Peddling Granny (or Granny Go-To as she was called in MH3U and onward.)

Jumbo also has a famous hero, just like Kokoto, although Jumbo’s hero is long gone.  He was famed for slaying a Lunastra, which the Jumbo Chief also tasks you with slaying as your final test for the village at the very end of the offline game.  The hero’s sword resides in a cave in the village, waiting to be pulled from the stone by someone worthy and reforged by a blacksmith of proper skill.

The Villagers

Jumbo is pretty much a town of underdogs, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much.  Almost all the major NPC characters have overcome, or are still fighting to overcome, some great disadvantage or hurdle in their way.

The Jumbo Chief

I’ve already given Mr. Awesome-Shnozz an entire post to himself, as he is one of the only NPCs in the franchise with enough story to him to warrant an entire post all to himself.  So feel free to read all about him here.


Patti is Jumbo’s resident Guild Sweetheart. (Most of the Guild Sweethearts have actual official names, making them among the very few named NPCs in the series.  However, these names are never mentioned in the games themselves, only in supplemental material published by Capcom, such as the various art books and Encyclopedias.)  She makes an appearance in MH4U in the DLC episode “Sweetheart Square Off”, along with Becky, the Minegarde Sweetheart, and Konoha, the Yukumo Sweetheart.  She is possibly the youngest Guild Sweetheart in the series.  Her actual age isn’t given, but the other sweethearts say she is the youngest of the three, and she would appear to be in her early teens.

Patti’s main job is to give out quests to the hunter.  However, she also serves as the bartender in the village, and assists the Chief with secretarial work.  According to the Jumbo Chief, Patti’s great at everything she does… except cooking.  She loves to cook and experiment with recipes, but she is oblivious to how disgusting her food actually tastes, and nobody has the heart to tell her, as she is far too sweet and innocent.  In the 4U DLC, she mentions wanting to try a recipe for vanilla pudding… made with carapaceon brains…

The Jumbo Blacksmith

The Jumbo Blacksmith was both the first human and first female blacksmith to be shown in the games.  She is a very small, elderly woman, who has spent her entire life devoted to the art of blacksmithing.  As stated in my previous posts, Wyverian blacksmithing is generally considered to be too difficult for non-wyverians to learn.  She overcame this by a combination of sheer determination and genius, as well as learning from the best: she is a disciple of the Legendary Artisan himself, and is his only human pupil. She has the ability to determine the quality of metal simply by touching it, and thus she always wears her rathian-hide glove to protect her hand from the hot metal while working.  As one might expect from her background, she can be quite feisty.  The Chief warns never to make her angry, for she may be small, but she has a big hammer!

The Shipwright

The Shipwright is a bit of an oddball character.  Nobody really knows what he is, he has completely webbed hands and feet and a two-toned complexion. It’s said that he comes from a race of people very adept in the water (obviously) but nothing else is known about them, and he is our only example of this mysterious race.  In the early stages, it was planned that the villagers of Moga from MH3/3U would belong to the same race as the Shipwright, but this was scrapped in the final game, and so should not be considered canon.

As the title implies, the Shipwright’s main duty is to handle cargo from ships coming in and out of Jumbo Village, as well as to repair and build new ships with his crew of workers (which you can then use to visit Kokoto Village in MH2 after completing the Jumbo Village story line.)  Originally he was a hunter of sea monsters, and had his own ship with which to hunt them.  His weapon of choice was a hammer, created from a modified ship’s anchor.  But he was severely injured one day when hunting a gigantic plesioth, which resulted in the huge scar running down his left arm and the loss of his right leg.

However, unlike some other hunters in the series who were forced into retirement and spend their days lazing under trees talking about the good ol’ days, the Shipwright became… well, the Shipwright.  Now he spends his days building the ships instead of sailing them, and his former ship’s crew are now his dock workers.  Despite being an amputee, his prosthetic leg allows him to get around quite well, as he can even be seen dancing in the ending cinematic to MHP3.

He was also the beginning of the arm wrestling mini-game in the MH series.  If you could beat him, you could receive various items, including materials to make the Shipwright’s own hammer.  He arm wrestles with his right hand, presumably made stronger by the fact that he cannot use his left as well anymore.

The Wyverian Lady

The Wyverian Lady works for the Elder Dragon Observation Center in Dondruma.  She is an old friend of the Jumbo Chief’s, and came to the village to aid them with Kushala Daora.  Her claim to fame is her ability to drink just about anyone under the table, and she’s usually depicted holding a giant sakazuki filled with sake.  (She even out-drank the Shipwright… and he’s a fish.)  Because of this, she also had a mini-game, like the Shipwright’s arm wrestling game, where she and the player would have a drinking contest.

It’s hinted at, although not confirmed (especially considering she’s wearing a different dress), that the Wyverian Lady in the Elder Hall in MH4U is this same Wyverian Lady from MH2.  She offers you a drink, and then commends you for being responsible when you refuse.

And that’s all for Jumbo!  If there’s a particular topic you’d like to see in a future post, feel free to drop me a note.  Thanks for reading, and may you never be forced to eat Patti’s cooking!

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Could you recommend some modern poetry books or blogs? I'm obsessed with everything in your poetry tag, so if you have any favorites I'd love to know.

The ones that spring to mind are less…focused on modern poetry as a happy hodgepodge of all different types of poetry.

I swear by from the Academy of American Poets—it’s a great pleasure to browse their archives by topic and stumble onto random gems. Poetry Foundation is also good, but I seem to find more poems I enjoy on

Most of my poetry tag comes from eros-turannos’ poetry tag. She has exquisite taste. I also follow apoemaday, and a couple other general poetry blogs.

Garrison Keillor actually did a great anthology just called “Good Poems.” It was the first poetry anthology I ever bought and read all the way through. As anthologies go, it’s very approachable and unpretentious; the selections were made with a casual reader in mind and the result is very warm and sentimental and delightful. I think that was the first time I read Lisel Muller’s Romantics, which remains one of my favorite poems.

Otherwise I would suggest checking out the particular poets that interest you. While the cost-to-pages ratio can make poetry seem pricey, there’s something really lovely about having those little slim books of poetry lying around the house.

Okay something i have been thinking about a lot lately is possible careers for the Marauders&Co if The War hadn’t been a thing and they didn’t all join the Order straight out of school and then die. (I’m not bitter. I swear.) But I have grown particularly attached to the idea of Lily running a potions business. 

I think it started at Hogwarts. I have written about this before, but I imagine that she unwittingly stumbled into running an illicit, underground potions trade where she used her potions skills (and access to slughhorn’s stores bc he loves her) to make tricky potions for people in exchange for switching prefect shifts with her or doing transfiguration homework etc. ((Sidenote: when someone asks her for Amortentia she goes ape and gives them 45 minute lecture on consent.)) But anyway, she kind of wants to make something proper of it after Hogwarts, but most of her teachers tell her that starting up a business straight out of school probably isn’t the best of ideas, and she kind of agrees. And so she gets an apprenticeship at the Prophet and she starts off fetching people cups of tea and making copies of things and going on ink-runs, then progresses to editing articles, and then she gets her own tiny column where people write to her about their issues with potions-making and she tries to offer some solutions, but she’s also hugely into activism and she eventually gets to write about blood-status/muggle-culture etc, and she really, really likes her job, but she still has her potions-business on the back burner. 

Her evenings are commonly spent in a heavily-fumed kitchen over a boiling cauldron, surrounded by ingredients, brewing up a potion whilst scrawling instructions and notes and amendments into one of her many over-filled potions journals. It isn’t until after Harry has gone off to Hogwarts that her years of work come to fruition. 

It’s a team effort, really. James is, and has always been, a constant source of support- bigging her up and raving about her achievements, and always trusting her enough to test her new concoctions, even if its a bit of a putrid shade of green. Sirius…. well she isn’t quite sure what Sirius does, but it involves a lot of pep talks about ‘destroying the competition’ and table-slamming whilst yelling about cost-effectiveness. He is also pretty adept at potions himself so he occasionally helps to add a little bit of flare to her mixes. Remus is pretty good with numbers and helps her with the accounting side of things. Peter is surprisingly good with making things look pretty, so he helps with packaging. 

It starts small. She has a stall in Diagon Alley where she sells her creations- mostly helpful, every day potions that she has either invented or improved from the standard recipe. Light sleeping draughts that promote good dreams, calming draught that sharpens your focus so you can calm down without becoming dozy, pepperup potion thats particularly good at curing hangovers, potions that temporarily allows the drinker to speak in a different language. She quickly becomes known for her high quality, decent priced, ingenious brews, all of which are easily identifiable by their rustic, hand-crafted packaging, and thus- Lily’s Elixirs is born. 

She ends up launching multiple different lines- There’s a fun line for children: bubble mixture that produces bubbles that you can climb inside of and float around in a few inches above the ground, a potion that distorts your voice to make it sound funny (like helium except better) and one that makes everything you eat for the next ten minutes taste like chocolate so that kids will eat their greens. There is a toiletry line- self-soaping shampoo, bathbombs that change colour and have calming effects when you breathe in the fumes, soaps that repel dirt for the next 24-hours. The business grows and grows until she is running a cosy little shop on Diagon Alley and has made enough money to hire staff to help produce/package and sell everything. She spends a lot of time in the shop but also occasionally guest-writes for the Prophet. Everything is great and did I mention, she isn’t deAD. 

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could i request how companions would cook things+maybe their eating habits?? i have this headcanon that hancocks a fantastic cook (rly good with mirelurk roasts) but idk about the others. also happy holidays! hope you have a wonderful day/night :>

Preston: Mainly good at stews. They don’t take much effort, and everything has to be boiled to hell anyway. Presentation isn’t that great either, you can’t be a five star chef in the field. Also eats like a wolf and horfs it down, even when relaxing.

Piper: Not the greatest cook, honestly. She’s average and can cook decent meals for her and Nat, but it’s mostly mutt chops. Queen of seasoning though, and while it may not look the best, but it tastes good. Messy eater, gets it’s all over her face.

Cait: Grille radstag. She can cook that like nobodies business but, hey, it’s about the only thing she can cook. Tender and juicy, she knows exactly how to cook it. Messy eater as well, but mainly because she eats with her hand.

Curie: Sometimes, you swear it moves on the plate. Mirelurk meat that’s sligtly undercooked, and well, it worries you. Very tidy when she eats, takes small littl bites.

Codsworth: Can cook literally anything if you put it in front of him. Doesn’t matter, he cooks it and buzzes with delight at everyones faces.

Danse: Cooking isn’t his strong suit. The mess hall on the Prydwen took care of that, and he had military rations on the field. He tries, however, but it’s mostly burnt. Also wolfs down his food, ignoring the taste and just keeps moving.

Deacon: Depends if you’ve pissed him off that day or not. He can make a fantastic meal, or it’ll taste like garbage. You don’t actually know what it looks like when he eats because he always disappears.

MacCready: Grew up with cave fungus as a main diet staple, so he’s not the best cook. He can throw together a soup and make it taste pretty good, but other than that, he prefers you to cook. Eats a little slower than the others, and he actually wants to savor the food.

Hancock: Mirelurk roast. He gets the munchies enough to know that he needs to learn to cook. Only issue is that half the time, he makes way too much so it ends up getting passed out to the people in Goodneighbor, which isn’t a bad thing. Eats like there’s no tomorrow, but he savors it.

X6-88: Doesn’t really cook or eat, the coursers weren’t programmed to eat, so he’s just kinda there.

Valentine: Has a few old word recipes in his memories, and he uses them with the ingredients he has now. Loves cooking food for Ellie and you, but he can’t really eat it himself.

Strong: Uhm…it’d be best to avoid him when he eats.

Dogmeat: Will never judge any food. Loves it all. Feed him.

i have reached 300 followers so here is the list of people you should follow

 of my absolute favorite people, don’t take it personal if your not on here

anti-fem-anti-stupid, great post and great arguments that are fun to watch

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darkenedgamr, really funny, also some good agming post. don’t follow if you’re a casual

durkin62, long but great post, also he is a fellow anti-liberal. According to some he is sexy, i don’t see it :^).

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minority-privilege, one of my favorite people that i have been following forever, good arguments and post come from her.

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tabbitcha, i like here criticisms of anti-sjw and she also has a great taste in film

tarantinowned, hd gifs or tarrintino films and other great movies

tenaflyviper, even though i think she is gone, she runs my favorite blog, also she was the one that revealed the lifting community

the-eagle-atarian, a shitposting god

the-pietriarchy, some great gaming post

theclockworkcrow, one of the few intelligent teenagers but he is a disgusting brit that doesn’t snip his post

thedankestpinkyoshi, Nintendo stuff, but she is great

thisisspinaltapprivilege, she is one of my favorites and she is losing followers so follow her

vikinglibertarian, photoshops, memes, and manliness

walressia, someone i really enjoy talking too even though she is a boring straight edge

wheel-skellington,  good arguments and some of my favorite post

John Green on Augustus' Pretentiousness

Anonymous asked: I feel like the only person in the universe that doesn’t understand the cigarette metaphor. Can you explain it? And perhaps the implications of having a character so concerned with metaphor and grand Romantic images over the reality of their lives?

Right, so there are a lot of ways to answer this question, I think.

The very straightforward way: If you think of symbols as “enchanted objects,” Augustus associates the unlit cigarette with taking control over his health, which often feels (and is!) out of his control. So he puts the killing thing in his mouth but denies it the power to kill him.

The less straightforward way: Augustus is a very performed character, right? He delivers monologues, for God’s sake. He’s one of those kids who is super self-conscious and always assumes that people are watching him and/or listening very closely to him. So this is one of the ways that we see him performing the role of Augustus Waters instead of just being authentically himself. (This changes over the course of the novel; even though he clings to the IDEA of the cigarettes to the very end, it’s worth remembering that he never actually GETS them in that scene at the Speedway.)

3. There are even less straightforward, metafictional ways to read Gus’s obsession with symbol and metaphor (like, he’s a character in a novel that’s about how fiction is important and ‘real’ even though it is made up and not real, etc.), but I find that stuff a bit much, personally.

Read here.

semperbi asked: So, do you think that Augustus the manic pixie dream character of this novel?

Not really. Augustus’s way of imagining a good and heroic life is really problematic for Hazel, and she thinks that he is completely wrong. That’s very different from the standard manic pixie dream interaction, in which a character appears whose worldview the protagonist finds wholly convincing and totally revelatory. It’s true that Gus helps bring Hazel out into the world, but she never really buys into his wanting to live a big life crap.

Also, Gus’s obsession with living a kind of performed life can be really off-putting (like when he makes everything just so at the funky bones with all the Dutch things, except the conversation is bad because he just wants to deliver his memorized lines and the food is also bad because food chosen for metaphorical resonance does not tend to taste good).

Hazel is conscious of these immaturities, but she has some immaturities of her own. Their great gift is that they’re able to put that stuff aside and care for each other while also not backing down from their convictions.

Read here.

Thoughts on 518 (Gleecap...ish)

WARNING! If you love Blaine, Sam or Klaine DO NOT read!

So here is what you missed on glee: Rachel´s opening (Wanky)

Tonight on glee: Hubris and sadness, so much sadness.

The big, obviously emotional episodes that are made to make us feel sad, manipulating us into having all the feels, those don´t affect me, what did, was Santana´s sad eyes during this whole episode. But let´s start with Rachel, she should consider herself lucky that she still fits through the doors…

Keep reading

I’ve noticed lately some backlash against Meryl in her tag for her relationship with Vera Bradley. I think it’s very unfortunate, though I understand the frustration. I just want to encourage people to think twice about it.

1) Meryl has dedicated years of her life to training for ice dance. After winning the gold medal at the Olympics, she has made the most of the opportunities that have come her way, which are MUCH LESS than elite (mostly male) athletes of other sports are afforded. Additionally, those athletes are PAID to play their sports, while figure skaters pay for the privilege of participating in theirs. While they do win some small prize money for competitions and receive some funding from their federations, these costs only offset the cost of training and do not really pay the skater. The way skaters make money is through endorsements and sponsorships.

2) Meryl has always used social media to communicate messages about her sponsors. Interviews always mentioned sponsors. Don’t forget the great Puffs tour of NYC media shortly after DWTS :) So really this is nothing new, it’s just a more exclusive relationship with Vera Bradley.

3) WHICH IS AWESOME. While Meryl undoubtedly gained more fame doing DWTS, the fact that a figure skater is the first and exclusive brand ambassador for a brand is amazing. This is good news for figure skaters. I know some people are Meryl fans and not skating fans, so you don’t realize what dire straits the sports is in. It’s really important to attract more young talent to the sport. The more people see Meryl and skating, the more likely we are to get more people into the sport, more people skating, more talent, growth in the sport. This has also always been a passion of Meryl’s, and I have no doubt it plays a part in her decisions. 

4) Meryl is hardly only posting about her sponsors. I personally think all of her  posts have been very tasteful, but she is also giving so much of her life to other things–so many great and important worthwhile causes. She also shares about her life.

5) It just frustrates me that there’s an expectation that people should always give freely of themselves without any personal gain. Meryl shares her life, she has shared her life and her art with you, is it really so bad to have to see the occasional Vera Bradley post? Perhaps the reposting on tumblr of everything she posts makes it seem like much more than it is.

Long story short—Meryl deserves this relationship with Vera Bradley and it’s overall a good thing for figure skating and ice dance so please try to give her a break.

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Any good phan blogs you suggest? :3

too many! but here’s some of my faves:

gigglyphan shes really sweet ans shes basically perf at everything, my shit head i love her <3

phanscuddles shes helped me a lot and is great with advice and is generally a lovely person! also shes great at convos over posts etc

nekophilip is so so lovely and a great person her blog is rad af tbh (also atl posts = perfect)

innuendohowell is just generally amazing and stuff so yh rad af

philplster is like amazing and has really rad music taste and amazing posts

dailyphan makes sure that you dont miss anything in the phandom!

bloodsexandrocknroll ok lana has the best attitude to everything and her opinions give me life (so do her comments)

nerdlester is literally a bowl of sunshine and is reaslly nice and has helped a lot (well all of the people i follow have)

kaleidanscope has been an angel since the start and was one of the first blogs i followed also her fics are rad af

northerndanpour same as lauren, rad af with amazing writing skills ^-^

this has been really hard as i only follow like 150 people and like 100 of them are phan (feel special if i follow you) sorry if i missed anyone!!

I think Emison is cute. I mean, they have a great chemistry and we can see they care a lot about each other. Alison is Emily’s first love and we all know first love can’t be forgotten and that we’re always gonna feel something strong for our first love.

But… I want and I think Paily is endgame. Paige has been Emily’s love interest since season 1. They spend 5 seasons together. Like Ezria, Haleb and Spoby. Emily and Paige know each other, understand and support each other, they have been through a lot a things together (Nate situation, and don’t forget Paige is the only one of all her girlfriends to know about A because Emily trusted her enough to tell her), their love have grow together, they had fights and break ups, but they always come back to each other, they have history. Just like the obvious endgame couples.

I see Emison as a midgame couple. I think Emily still had feelings for Ali the whole time she was with other girls, and now that she’s back, she can finally express this unresolved love for Ali and maybe be with her for a while. But I see that as a way to closure these feelings before she came back with Paige.

I know lots of people doesn’t find Paige attractive (everyone has different taste, in my opinion she’s beautiful, I just don’t like her straight hair), or doesn’t think Lindsey and Shay have chemistry (which its bullshit because they have great chemistry but hey, different taste again) or hate her because she try to drown Emily in season 1 (hum, you forget Caleb was spying Hanna so he breaks her heart, that Toby was part of A Team and break Spencer’s heart before make her believe he was dead, also Spencer accused him to have killed Alison the whole beginning of season 1, and we all know Ezra was a bastard because he knew everything and was spying on Aria and the girls since the beginning which breaks Aria’s heart. And don’t forget Ali, who play with Emily’s feelings and was a bitch with all the girls before she disappeared, also Paige didn’t wanted to kill Emily for fuck sake, it was just to scare her), but you can’t deny she has like, one of the best character development of the show and  is the best girlfriend ever, and  that she is always protecting Emily, and that Emily has true feelings for her. 

I have no problem with Emison happening. I think Emily need it and its good for her to finally talk about it with Alison, and I know its a popular ship so I’m happy for the Emison shippers :D

But in the end, I want Paily, and I really think they’re gonna be back together this season.

Its gonna be interesting to see this triangle interact and be developed :)