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10 (anti) parallels of Emma / Hook

Dedicated to my amazing BFF @devilishly-handsome-pirate

That was actually the second part of the other request (the regular parallel), and it was a much harder one to make. They parallel in so many things, that it was harder to find the anti parallels for them.

But all the same, while being so alike, they also have things that they are different from one another. It in the fun stuff of having lived at different realms, but also in more fundamental stuff, like Emma has this huge fear of commitment that he doesn’t have, and she is more of an impulsive person while he take is time to process what is the best way to approach things. I guess in a way he is sometimes more of the adult and she is more the child in this relationship, which I love very much because they balance each other.

Send me a parallel/anti-parallel and I will turn it into a 10 parallels gifset

the 10 parallels project  

diagnosiswriter  asked:

Hi. I don't have a question but I want to appreciate and express gratitude that you're still here, that you are offering the resources you have to writers like me, and that you aren't cowed by people's anger. I want to be more like that. Also, I think it's pretty clear that you're just giving writing advice, and you aren't claiming to be some expert on animal welfare. Sending support and hugs, if desired.

Thank you so much for this, I’ve been beating myself up over that question and I never should have answered it in the first place. As for my personality… That comes as you get older and more mature. It took me many years of bullying and being afraid of people to realize that I can not give a flip and have a helluva lot more fun than to be worried what names somebody is gonna call me next.

I started this blog saying I was a student with many personal outside interests in the field of biology. I am still learning, I want to be corrected as long as it’s still respectful, and I would encourage it because I can’t know everything and I don’t have the time to do super in-depth research for every ask I get. This is first and foremost a writing help blog and I’m glad that most people(seeing as how Ive got nearly 600 followers) seem to realize that.

And yes I will take those hugs, thank you. uwu

senshiofmom  asked:

Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)


Pixel Pride

In order to practice pixel art I’ve been making these cute little gems for each of the LGBT+ flags. These are only the first eight so far, but I thought you all might enjoy them.

Feel free to use them on your blog w/ credit, or you can get them as stickers and stuff from my store. Also, I’d love suggestions on which flags to make next, so don’t be shy 💖

anonymous asked:

hi! do you have any headcanons for jack and bitty and their days off and how they spend them ? or how they relax around each other idk

Yes v good, this is very soft and I Like It. 

  • So Jack and Bitty are both very, very busy people with very little free time. Jack’s a professional hockey player and Bitty is a full-time college student and athlete. Even when one of them has some kind of break, it rarely overlaps with when the other one is free and there’s rarely enough time during mutually free moments to warrant a trip to see each other in person. 
  • So when they do get days to spend together, they are both determined to make the absolute Most of them. This means a lot of things. 
  • It’s partly Jack wanting to spoil Bitty as much as possible. You know those sugar daddy!Jack headcanons? Those are totally lowkey happening. 
    • Jack hates that he’s not able to be around Bitty, to be able to hold him and talk to him and see him everyday and do all the small domestic things that they both want but neither one of them has actually brought up yet because everything feels too… fragile. As complicated as things are they’re also kind of perfect and Jack wouldn’t trade his relationship with Bitty for the world, but he wants to be able to give Bitty so much more than he’s able to at the moment. (The skype sessions are great and Jack loves them, but he loves being able to see Bitty sitting across from him so much more when it’s in person and not on a screen.) He likes thinking that whenever he gives Bitty something it’s like his boyfriend is able to carry a piece of him around, and he knows it’s not the same as actually being there but it does make it easier for him. 
      • Bitty lowkey has figured this out and makes a deliberate effort to wear the stuff that Jack has bought him when Jack is around because Bitty knows how much he likes it. 
      • Also, talking about carrying pieces of each other around, Jack totally leaves vicious hickeys on Bitty. Bitty returns the favor. They’re both chirped by their teammates for it in their respective locker rooms.
  • Right now, while Jack’s career is still in its developing stages, their days together mostly consist of cuddling in Jack’s apartment and pretending like the rest of the outside world (*cough* homophobia *cough*)  doesn’t exist. 
  • Bitty uses his bf’s lack of pop culture knowledge as an excuse to curl into Jack on his (non-toxic and tasteful) couch while cinematic classics like Legally Blonde and Clueless play in the background. 
  • Jack really likes giving Bitty forehead kisses. Bitty likes receiving them. 
  • Bitty is teaching Jack how to bake. Jack mostly uses this as an excuse to cover his boyfriend in baking ingredients sometimes they eat said ingredients off of each other whoops
    • Jack is secretly taking cooking classes. He wants to be able to woo his bf by impressing him with his kitchen skills. After he feels confident enough with his abilities, he surprises Bitty with a home-cooked candlelit dinner. Bitty swoons.  
  • Jack will insist on tutoring Bitty in French when he visits because he cares about his boyfriend’s success and wants to support him. Sometimes he successfully helps Bitty understand topics. Sometimes Bitty distracts him by making out with him. Sometimes he just calls Bitty cute in French. 
  • One time Jack wants to be Romantic™ so he decides to take a little risk (they deserve it, they play it so safe most of the time) and he takes Bitty on a date to a carnival. 
  • They walk around the booths of carnival games and ride on the ferris wheel (they have their bucket-compartment to themselves so they hold hands the entire time) and Bitty convinces him to cheat on his meal plan and try funnel cake with him and it’s unbelievably adorable.
    • Jack has never been more tempted to just come out, critics be damned. 
    • At the top of the ferris wheel Bitty is laughing and blushing a little and he can’t even meet Jack’s eyes because of what Jack just whispered in his ear and that’s when it hits Jack that he kind of really wants forever with Bitty. He realizes he is absolutely desperately in love with Bitty and wishes they weren’t in public so he could kiss him senseless. 
  • Jack knows that winning your significant other a prize from a carnival game is a Thing™, so he takes one look at the oversized rabbit plushie hanging over the ring toss and is like “I should get that.” 
  • It turns out that Jack has terrible aim. 
  • He is awful at any non-hockey physical activity. 
  • He has spent a truly horrifying amount of time and money trying to win the fucking plushie and has resorted to trying to bribe the guy managing the station by the time Bitty finds him again. 
    • Jack blushes and kinda stutters out an explanation of what he’s doing because he really wanted to seem cool and chill and like he was good at the dumb fucking ring toss. 
    • Bitty just kinda shakes his head because this boy.
  • Jack is ready to leave, but he has forgotten. He has forgotten that Bitty grew up with summers full of State Fairs and County Carnivals. There isn’t a carnival game that Bitty can’t beat. 
  • He wins the giant rabbit and only spends like five dollars on rings. The booth manager has never seen such grace and skill. He’s almost brought to tears. 
  • Bitty gives the rabbit to Jack. 
  • Jack keeps it in his apartment and gets dreamy heart-eyes for his boyfriend whenever he thinks about it. 

she couldn’t find a scarf small enough but she’s still rockin’ it
(happy fall btw!!)

got tagged by @kimbachan for this new hiatus game where you draw your favorite sw rebels character in your fav/current outfit, and I’m always for the challenge of the latter because Kanan in jammies? crop top and boxer jammies??? the best thing ive ever drawn (also I gave him my pengiun sleeping mask because of reasons.)


haikyuu!! valentine’s day cards ➨ thank you for 250+ followers

I decided to make some simple Valentine’s Day cards which are practical but still punderful all the same, in case you want something more than the standard Comic Sans cards. Feel free to use, but don’t claim as your own!

This is also thanks for 250+ followers, something I’d never expect on this lame sideblog… ily all ~ ! (つ﹏<。)

I’m not taking requests at the moment, but if you want one of these cards in another color, please send me an ask. Have fun and spread the love ♥

b a c k  (in case you actually want to print these)

b o n u s



So it’s 2016, and even if it’s about ten years late, i finally uploaded my first tutorial video on Gumroad! so if you want to hear me talk about my process, here’s the 30 minute video, as well as the PSD file with all layers.

oh, and do not hesitate to follow me here:

I had a LOT of fun doing this, and i will do more. please do not hesitate to send me feedback. the goal is also to have these being worth the money!


make me choose:
gingerwerk asked: speirton or baberoe

l’homme de radio (m)

word count: 11182 we’re sorry but also not

a/n: co-written by my mom best friend @yoongguksx! this was honestly so fun so except more from the yoonmin duo ;)))) we literally finished in less than two days and that HAS to be a record somewhere. let me tell you how many times i got so fucked up i couldn’t type. the next part will be posted on rissa’s blog. anticipate.

|| All she wanted to do was pass her classes, run the morning radio station, and get herself together. She never expected to fall for - not one- but two very different boys; shy sweetheart Park Jimin and the flirty pain-in-the-ass Min Yoongi.


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Here’s the first finished request that was done in exchange for a Trekstock donation. Harry Styles for artificiallysweeter. I hope you like it! The hair was a lot of fun. 

For the rest of you, deal still stands, Request a drawing in exchange for a donation to Liam’s Trekstock campaign. If you want to help me earn more chances to meet One Direction, please donate 5$ to the campaign using my link and kindly share my story and link. I get an entry for every donation. Should you be in a giving mood, you can also send me money (via Paypal at to donate, because I get another chance for every 5$ I donate!

It might help to imagine my face if I win, and the little dance I’ll be doing in my chair. 

Thank you.

hsinful  asked:

prompt: kandreil and someone getting hurt (like physically, like during a game or something idk)

I CAN’T BELIEVE I LEFT THIS UNANSWERED FOR SO LONG by the way you are kind of like one of my favorite writers can i just say. your hcs give me life 

  • so get this: kandreil has been well-established for at least over a month. one of them can never be seen without one or the other or both
  • andrew is the least carefree among the three of them aka he is the biggest worrywart of The Century
  • he can’t get past the mentality that neil will get murdered because the midget’s a goddamn murder magnet
  • “Kevin, you’ll have to trail Josten all the time if I can’t be there to do it, or he’ll get himself murdered the moment we both leave him.” 
  • “You know, both of you could at least trust me to walk to class alone.”
  • “If I had it my way Neil, I wouldn’t burst a vein over you either. Come on, I’ll walk you so that Andrew will shut the fuck up.”
  • kevin, while being less worried in general, goes along with the set-up because he and andrew have this weird mentality that neil is the most fragile bean ever
  • (with him paying a guy $100 to knock him out back all those months ago, you’d think neil’s already attained Hardcore Status, but NO)
  • renee thinks the whole thing is very adorable but also suggested she teach neil how to fight
  • andrew immediately soured the first time renee mentioned this and said something along the lines of no one will so much as harm a strand of neil’s hair because i’ll end the life of whoever does
  • kevin’s face stoned at the idea of neil fighting because he’s a striker renee, he needs his fucking hands 
  • anyways, in the biggest plot twist ever, it is andrew that gets hurt first. damn

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                                  Tohru Adachi | male | 27 | ♒  | Japan

Egalitarian, anti-feminist, anti-special snowflake. I work as a detective in a small ass town trying to have fun however I can so if you want to send me hate go make my day, your tears fuel me. You think you know more about the world than I do? Well I’m ready to prove you wrong, this world is more unfair than tumblr would have you believe and I’m here to give you the cold-hard truth. I’m also single and available, looking for a woman who would take care of a poor guy like me, knows how to cook and has basic decency unlike most women these days. Age is not an inconvenience ;) bonus points if you’re shy and timid. send me a fanmail if you’re interested.


zachariiee asked: hey, if you’re interested and up for a bit of a challenge with sprite edit requests, do you wanna try amber with long hair, or a ponytail or pigtails? she’s my favourite bachelorette! :D

Once I started I couldn’t stop

Amber looks adorable in Every Haircut